Tello Zero Cost Routing (TM) for Asterisk PBXs

Register with Tello and Make Free VoIP Calls with your Asterisk PBX

Tello, a Digium Premier Solution Partner, provides a Zero Cost Routing(TM) service for Asterisk PBXs that enables free VoIP calling over the internet between registered members. This service is offered at no charge to the Asterisk user community.

Join other Asterisk users who have registered their Asterisk PBXs with Tello and enjoy these benefits:

• Free VoIP calling for your Asterisk PBX across the Tello community
• Stop dependence on expensive PSTN calling
• Easy-to-use graphical Administrator Interface for your Asterisk PBX
• and more

How to Register:

Visit and register your Asterisk PBX for free.
Please note: Quality of service and connectivity will depend on your internet bandwidth, specific system environment and other considerations.

How It Works:

Tello maintains a database of registered E.164 SIP endpoints that can be reached at no cost by other members of the Tello community. By registering with Tello and appropriately configuring their dialplan, Asterisk users can interconnect via SIP peering with other registered Asterisk PBX systems and route calls over IP instead of relying on PSTN calls. A simple configuration in your dialplan will enable Tello to perform a lookup in its database for the endpoint you are trying to reach. If successful, Tello returns the SIP address of the recipient and your Asterisk PBX can then route the call over the internet. Additional information, system requirements, and call flows can be found under the Frequently Asked Questions section on

Key Capabilities

• Can connect multiple offices quickly without extensive multi-site dialplan configuration
• Parallel searching through multiple ENUM or ENUM-like directories such as,,
• Compatible with Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, and many other SIP VoIP systems
• Real-time fail-safe dialing during network problem intervals

Easy Setup and Configuration

• No binaries or compiling required
• No special dialing codes, prefixes, or other user training required
• Fall-through routing - calls pass to your "normal" PSTN or other call path if no valid route
• Non-disruptive to existing IT and telephony operations

Secure and Reliable

• Secure, web-based provisioning and administration
• Spoof-free network - reach only verified numbers

For additional information on Tello, please visit

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