The Receptionist Console

The Receptionist Console for Asterisk

The Receptionist Console (or switchboard) for Asterisk provides a user interface for receptionists to take and direct calls.

The console has been designed to minimize the amount of time it takes to handle each call. The console allows the receptionist to use a mouse or their PC keyboard to dispatch a call. When used with a headset the receptionist can perform all operations without touching the phone.

The console is a desktop application that runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

The console provides the ability to dispatch calls to staff and external parties using a built in phone book or by directly entering the phone number or extension number. When looking up internal extensions the status of each extension is displayed (e.g. Busy, Available, Do not disturb) saving the receptionist time as they no longer have to dial the number to determine if the party is available.

In cases where the extension is busy the receptionist can place the call into a special mode referred to as 'hold and transfer'. If the internal extension becomes available the system will automatically transfer the caller through to the extension.

The console comes with its own database for storing phone book entries or it can be connected to virtually any other database if your company has its own internal directory.

The Receptionist Console for Asterisk was developed by Asterisk IT the same team that created AsterFax.

The Receptionist Console is written in Java 1.5 and requires a small number of changes in extensions.conf.

You can download a copy from here

Support forums are available at

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