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The SIP School is a SIP Training and Certification organisation with support from a whole host of organisations including the

Telecommunications Industry Association Endorsement of The SIP School

"TIA has officially endorsed The SIP School as the training provider of choice for SIP. Along with the training program, you (or your personnel) can now become officially recognised as a SIP expert by passing the SSCA® certification test."

The full list of partnerships can be found at

Training courses available - click for details

SSCA® SIP training + on-line access to the SSCA® Certification test (TIA endorsed)

SSCA® Certification test access only (no training material) TIA endorsed

Networking 4 VoIP + 'on-line' SSVP™ certification test

SSVP™ Certification test (no training material)

SIP Trunking for the Sales and Marketing Professional + Sales Center access

The SSCA Certification is the industry standard and to read about why the SSCA, then click here to read the Blog entry from CEO, Graham Francis




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