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All-Inclusive Inbound, Outbound, Blended, Multi-Channel
  • Predictive Dialers, Intelligent ACD, IVR Systems
  • Toll-free, Local, & Vanity Numbers + Extensions
  • Automatic call distribution
Vonage Business Call-Center
  • No hardware, software or up-front capital costs
  • Carrier-class architecture with built-in enhanced features
  • 100% scalable to fit your needs

12/11/2016 - Thirdlane Connect for unified communications using voice, video, private and group chat, with integrations, screen and file sharing, and the new version of Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX platform are available.

Thirdlane® Call Center is a highly-reliable, cost-effective Asterisk®-based IP Call Center software platform that delivers an integrated and flexible solution for on-premises or hosted multi-tenant contact centers. Thirdlane Call Center provides comprehensive management, monitoring, and reporting for operating contact centers, as well as traditional PBX functionality.

Among many advanced features, Thirdlane Call Center allows supervisors to monitor agent and queue performance in real-time according to configurable policies, listen to and assist agents during calls, and record calls. Historical reports including key performance indicators and SLA metrics are available in tabular and graphical form for Call Center managers, based on analysis of Call Detail Records (CDR) and queue log data. These monitoring and reporting features allow managers to optimize their operations for maximum efficiency. Each agent, supervisor, or administrator can work either locally or remotely, configured with a customizable set of advanced permissions and features.

Thirdlane provides system administrators with the tools to easily provision and manage Call Center features and core PBX functions, and gives managers and agents highly-configurable web-based portals for superior productivity. Thirdlane’s Call Center boasts an open architecture to provide interoperability and ease of integrating with third-party components such as service provider portals, billing systems, CRMs, and other applications. Call Center functionality is integrated into and can be used with either Thirdlane’s Business PBX or Multi-Tenant PBX, enabling traditional on-premises call centers or hosted virtual call centers in a cloud-based environment.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic Call Center Management: Allows supervisors to easily manage agents and queues, assign and move agents between queues, and configure fine-grained permissions for live call monitoring and historical reporting.
  • Live Monitoring: View dynamic graphical displays of call center operation, grouped by queues or agents, including the calls in progress, calls answered, wait times, and agent and queue status. Configurable alerts highlight potential problems in call center performance, allowing supervisors to rapidly address changing call loads.
  • Historical Reporting: Call Center provides detailed reports highlighting call center metrics and performance, including: data on answered and unanswered calls (with summaries by queues and agents); average, minimum, and maximum wait times over a given period; and performance vs. requirements in Service Level Agreements (SLAs). All reports can be exported to PDF or CSV formats, and easily imported into other applications.
  • All the Features of Thirdlane’s PBX: Thirdlane Call Center is integrated with both Thirdlane Business PBX and Multi-Tenant PBX, providing call center operators with core PBX functionality as well as advanced features such as templates to easily add devices, a real-time database driven engine, fine-grained permissions, full root access to the server, and deep customization capabilities.
  • High- Availability: Redundancy, automatic failover, and clustering capabilities are built into the core of all Thirdlane PBX solutions, including Call Center. The high availability features can be configured during installation or added later to address your requirements, and allow your system to grow as your business expands.

Why take a chance wasting time and money on an expensive proprietary call-center solution, or an inferior “free” system with third-party add-on “metrics” packages that are difficult to deploy, integrate, and maintain? With Thirdlane, you can quickly roll out a cost-effective integrated call center with powerful features, flexibility, and reliability to ensure satisfied customers and managers, and provide a steady return on your investment.

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