Thirdlane Multi-Tenant PBX

Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX is a reliable, feature rich, scalable IP PBX and unified communications software platform capable of hosting multiple virtual PBXs on a single server or a cluster of servers. It enables Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), telephony resellers, and VoIP entrepreneurs to offer a fully-featured hosted PBX to their customers, providing them an economical alternative to premise-based PBX hardware.

Thirdlane Multi-Tenant PBX provides an easy-to-deploy, hosting-ready solution. The software is provided as a complete package, ready to install with all the components needed to build a powerful PBX hosting platform. With Thirdlane’s field-proven technology, you can offer great value to your customers by providing reliable hosting services and a customizable set of advanced features at a very competitive per-user cost compared to equivalent solutions.

Thirdlane also provides system administrators tools for easily provisioning and managing PBX tenants, and the ability to provide each customer their own customized feature set to meet virtually every need. Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX boasts an open architecture and an extensive API (application programming interface) to provide interoperability and ease of integrating with third-party components such as service provider portals, billing systems, CRMs, and other applications.

Thirdlane Connect adds unified communications including private and group chat, voice and video conferencing, integrations, screen and file sharing to the latest version of Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX platform.

Thirdlane Connect is available on Google Play.

Key Features:

  • High- Availability: Redundancy, geo-redundancy, automatic failover, and clustering capabilities are built into the core of all Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX solutions. The high availability features can be configured during installation or added later to address your requirements
  • Auto-Provisioning: Thirdlane PBX is available with templates for auto-provisioning of devices such as Cisco,
Polycom, Snom, VTech, and Yealink phones and ATAs. This allows you and your customers to easily add phones and devices, individually or in bulk. Templates can be customized or added to support new devices.
  • Fine-grained permissions: Allow your administrators or customers to easily control each user’s call permissions per user or per group as appropriate, and to configure dialing rules on a per-route basis for operational economy and flexibility.
  • Customizable for your Company and Users: Upload your company name and logo to rebrand the PBX, select from Communications Manager GUI themes and languages, add language translations, and even customize GUI menus and configuration files. Since scripts are built in as part of the Thirdlane architecture, you can easily add custom scripts to support customer-requested features.
  • Retain Full Control of your Server: Unlike other solutions, Thirdlane doesn’t deny you root access to your server for troubleshooting, integrating with third-party components, and performing system maintenance and customization. Software updates are managed by a Thirdlane repository and are easy to install, to keep your system updated with the latest security features.
  • Industry-Standard Components: Thirdlane employs CentOS® Linux, and doesn’t require custom patches. This allows you to easily update components of your system if needed.

Why take a chance wasting time and money on an expensive custom solution, or an inferior system that your business or customers will soon outgrow? With Thirdlane, you can quickly roll out reliable hosted telephony services with powerful features, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness to ensure satisfied customers, reduce churn, and provide a steady return on your investment.

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