Thomson ST2030

Technicolor ST2030 an IP Phone for Enterprise Market

Phone presentation here!

Latest SIP firmware release version x.78 (x=1 for normal, x=8 for new "secure" version). Downloadable at Direct Link (might not work if out-dated)

Features available in both SIP and MGCP versions

The contemporarily-designed ST2030 will be enjoyed by your end users.
It offers all the features of a professional phone:
  • Full graphic display 128x64
  • 3 softkeys for intuitive navigation
  • 4-way conferencing
  • Powerful and High Quality handsfree mode
  • Call forwarding, call parking and transfers
  • 10 flashing line keys for speed dial and monitoring extensions.
  • Embedded Ethernet switch with VLAN support and Power over Ethernet for easy connection
  • Multi-codecs for interoperability with other VoIP equipment

ST2030 benefits from the Thomson/Technicolor expertise in telephony (23 000 000 units sold per year) and network (Leader in DSL gateways and routers).

Additional detailed information:

ST2030 MGCP Features

ST2030 SIP Features

  • including Asterisk BLF HowTo

ST2030 SIP Firmware Versions

ST2030 Tips and Tricks

ST2030 Where to Buy

ST2030 Configuration HowTo

ST2030 APS HowTo

ST2030 non-working features

ST2030 feature wishlist

ST2030 FAQ

ST2030 Remote Phone Book

Upgrading the firmware (manually) thru the web interface

Flexible and powerful autoprovisionning system (DHCP + TFTP or HTTP).

Auto provisioning with TFTP for ST2030

Auto provisioning with HTTP for ST2030

Downloadable RTTTL melodies for ST2030.

Test and reviews

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