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Tiger Netcom is a manufacturer and distributor of competitively priced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) equipment. Tiger NetCom was founded in 2004 with a vision of providing VoIP products that would become an affordable commodity. With the emergence of the VoIP Telephony industry, Tiger NetCom has evolved into a leading supplier of VoIP devices and wireless LAN equipment for home and small business users.

Our premier products include IP Phones, IP gateway adapters, IP PBX solutions, and Softswitches; however Tiger NetCom also provides a broad range of services including advanced OEM customization and stable technical support. We sell our products and services, both directly and indirectly through channel partners, to large enterprises, telecom carriers, and small businesses.

Introducing the newest DECT cordless VoIP phone, the CP0020!!


The CP0020 is a DECT cordless IP phone that creates value for residential, traveler, and business users. With this DECT cordless phone, users can make normal PSTN calls and VoIP calls using SIP or H.323 protocol. The CP0020’s ease of use, lightweight, and mobility make it the perfect choice for home, travel, or office use!

Also, don't forget about our executive business VoIP phone, the IP0027!


Read a product review for the IP0027 at Smith On Voip!

Contact Sales@TigerNetCom.com to order or to learn more about our other products. You can also scroll down or visit us at www.TigerNetCom.com


PX0210 is a DSL MODEM, WI-FI ROUTER, and IP PBX all in one device. This is a featured packed IP PBX for up to 100 extensions with voicemail and capable of making simultaneous calls. This IP Telephone system is a simple and low cost IP based solution for small and medium businesses.


IP0027 is a VoIP phone with superb voice quality, high level of integration, compactness, and its plug and play! It can support 5 SIP accounts simultaneously and is compatible with various SIP compliant devices and software on the market. It is ideal for home and office use. **Asterisk Compatible



Website: www.TigerNetCom.com
Sales Email: Sales@TigerNetCom.com
Support Email: Support@TigerNetCom.com

Where to Buy


JmcSoft (IRL)

TigerNetCom European Distribution Partner

Website www.jmcsoft.ie
Tel: +353 (0)1 2475829
Email: sales@jmcsoft.ie



Leading on-line reseller of TigerNetCom Products Delivery EU wide with the most competitive pricing
Website www.VoIP4u.ie
Tel: +353 (0)1 2475834
Email: sales@voip4u.ie

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