TipMeet is a platform, allowing engagement of a person for a short period of time in order to receive professional consultation, recommendation or advice.

TipMeet team named that process as a “Microhire”. It is a process of recruiting another person, intending to solve a specific problem, for a short-period of time in order to start solution-seeking process, which is based on interactive audio/video communication, with real-time billing and payment.

The social activity sharing option helps to interact with other users and choose best specialists based on recommendations within temporary communities.

Millions of people buy services on daily basis. Process of committing a choice between specific specialists is also quite complicated, and in most cases amount of time needed to find an appropriate expert (including accepting recommendations and objective information itself) exceeds the time taken to solve specific problem or get information that was needed.

In TipMeet customers will find specialists much easier and faster, because they get search results already based on their interests, social activity and preferences.


Distributed database

We have developed and now actively using in our project a distributed database, which is horizontally-scalable. In the heart of the data warehouse there is a PostgreSQL 9.x, and the whole system is utilizing such technologies as PL/Proxy and PgQ

Communication platform

Communication platform is used to provide audio and video communication between users. Based on a SIP protocol and a high-performance SIP-server OpenSIPS, it allows direct calls from browsers supported by RTPM-SIP gateway, and use of flash-application of own design and code.

Account control & financial transactions subsystem

Business-logic of this subsystem, which is closely integrated with the database, is based on pgPL/SQL and transactional integrity is ensured by PostgreSQL. Because of the use of PL/Proxy subsystem is horizontally scalable.

Billing & payment control subsystem

We have developed an universal rater, which acts as a universal telecommunication billing subsystem. It has flexible architecture, and is able of tariffing arbitrary events based on arbitrary tariff plans (rate plans).

Market and strategy

2009 US economics metrics says that 70% of the country's GDP is attached to personal consumption expenditures (PCE). 70% of this amount is dedicated to services, and is growing. Almost all this services can be provided remotely.

Currently we're running application on Facebook (3000 users), also developing public catalog of services at tipmeet.com (about 150 participants, published in open directories). Users install widgets for free and paid calls from their sites, blogs, social networking sites profiles. Totally registered more than 12 000 users.

TipMeet gets a commission (18.4%) for each paid connection between service provider and customer.


TipMeet crew is decentralized and distributed among 8 time zones and is controlled from the HQ, which is also mobile and can be situated at any location.

TipMeet team nowadays consists of 10 best IT professionals with excellent background, many of them whom are active members of different open source initiatives, also writing their own thematic blogs.

For project management we use scrum methodology of agile software development, allowing us to run software maintenance and development in iterations, each of which is controlled by the head of the department. Daily scrum is help with the participation of each team member.

Daniel Slobodskoy is TipMeet founder and CEO. «Avantel», «KraftSvjaz», «SBCNet».
Konstantin Cherkasov - Architect. «UralRelKom», «Severen-Telecom»
Sergej Bokarev - Data-base developer. «RBK»
Alexander Logvinenko – UI architect, software developer
Yuriy Ovcharenko – UI subsystem developer, software developer
Ivan Khvatov – communication platform developer. «Fedora project»
Alexander Usov – system administrator
Alexander Kozlov – marketing officer





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