Tips - Setting Up a Business Grade Wireless Network

Too many of our customers have made the mistake of using the services of the “office handyman” to setup a wireless network i.e. Wifi network.

Setting up a wireless network at home is as easy as buying and installing a cheap Wifi router. Not so if you are planning to setup a wireless network at the office.

For starters, the number of computers or digital devices that need to “plug into” the wireless network is much more. Secondly, most businesses have restrictions about surfing the net, chatting and so forth using office time and resources. Thirdly, there will be a considerable number of privately owned Wifi enabled digital devices such as Smart phones, Tabs, Pads etc. all clamouring for a piece of internet bandwidth and finally, there are always competitors willing to pay for information that will enable them to up the ante i.e. enter the hackers.

If this was not challenging enough, there are wireless networks owned and operated by neighbouring businesses and these can unintentionally cause massive degrees of interference resulting in spotty, poor quality, disrupted wireless network at your business.

The wireless network router

The wireless network router is everything! It is the hardware device that enables connections between the various internet enabled devices and the internet itself. The wireless network router is also the traffic controller that routes additional bandwidth to required access points (APs) and finally, it is also the sentry that guards against unauthorized access.

While selecting a Computer Network Setup Richmond for your business, the general rule of thumb to follow is; the higher the frequency band, the better the device. Higher frequencies (e.g. 5GHz) allow for tighter wireless networks and help prevent signal overlaps. A 5 GHz wireless network router will also enable your business to increase the number of access point.

Other reason business establishments prefer the 5 GHz wireless network router is because they also prevent internet access to low-end internet enabled devices such as cheap tabs, pads and smart phones.

In any case, always select a wireless network router that features a log – especially the ability to log traffic information to a Syslog server or separate internet traffic console. This is vital as it helps identify network bottlenecks as well as attempted hacks.

Professional Help

Setting up a business grade Computer Network Setup for your business requires more than passing knowledge of installing a wireless router. An unprofessional wireless network will at best, result in slow and unsatisfactory internet connection and at worst, provide multiple entry points for hackers. Choose a professional wireless network installer that has the know-how and the experience to make your wireless network truly business grade, secure, productive and glitch-free.

Wireless Network Installers

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