VoIP testing and verification solutions for SIP and H.323 including call generation, analysis and QoS monitoring.

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WinSIP SIP Call Generator

WinSIP is a high-performance SIP call generator providing advanced signaling complete with audio and video streams. Fully configurable and ideal for connectivity, load, stress, and feature testing, WinSIP is unrivaled in its combination of power, portability, flexibility and affordability.

WinSIP is a completely self-contained, 100% software-based product. WinSIP can support 3,000+ simultaneous G.711 calls and up to 5,000 G.729 calls with perfect media streams from a single PC. For stress and load testing, WinSIP can support 45,000+ signaling calls at an astonishing rate of 5,000,000+ busy hour call completions (that's right, 5 million call completions per hour; not call attempts!). WinSIP is also completely scalable, offering an ultra high-density solution at a fraction of the cost of hardware-based systems.

WinSIP is more than just a call generator, it can be used as:

A Call Initiator, scripted to run up to 45,000 calls simultaneously.
A Call Terminator, scripted to answer up to 45,000 calls.
An Unattended Answerer (unscripted, 45,000 calls).
A Lightweight Proxy Server.
A Registrar load and stress testing tool.
A Media path through SBC verification tool.

See for yourself why WinSIP has become the SIP traffic emulator of choice for companies such as Ericsson, Sonus Networks, Siemens, AT&T, Sprint, MCI and many, many more.

WinEyeQ Voice and Video over IP Network Monitor and Analyzer

WinEyeQ is a state-of-the art SIP and H.323 network monitoring and analysis solution for voice and video over IP. With its Data Scope presentations and call-centric architecture, WinEyeQ provides 10 unique viewpoints of your network. From a high-level network overview to endpoint equipment and activity, no other offering gives you quite the breadth and depth of detail that WinEyeQ does. WinEyeQ provides the essential features necessary to monitor, analyze, diagnose, record, replay, "trap", alert and alarm signaling and media events. WinEyeQ also offers detailed reports, network and call metrics, call quality assessments, media QoS analysis, and hundreds of relevant VoIP and protocol metrics. WinEyeQ's unique monitoring/analysis duality will save your engineers countless man-hours diagnosing and troubleshooting problems as well as providing an ever-vigilant early warning system for voice, video, or triple-play network.

How To Debug and Troubleshoot VOIP
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