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AstrIVR is our integrated IVR solution for the open source Asterisk PBX.
It's easily configurable with an unlimited number of menus and voice prompts.
AstrIVR configuration is very simple and XML based, you'll have your IVR up and running in minutes.
The next release will probably support a simple TTS and the capability to mix your messages over a continuous
background music in realtime.


Never miss a call with AstriNotify! This upcoming product will send you a notification for every received (or missed) call across
different communication channels. Stay tuned!


This is our embedded PBX appliance based on the very latest Linux kernel and Asterisk 1.6.
With no moving parts, it's well suited for harsh environments. AstriTux comes in two
form factors with different processing capabilities and connectivity. The smallest version is roughly 11x16x4cm
and sports 256MB of RAM. The bigger one has 512MB of RAM and a PCI slot which comes handy for
those easily available HFC PCI cards.

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