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Tpad is a world-wide leading provider of managed SIP services trusted by hundreds of customers not only in the UK but worldwide. Their new business SIP services include custom predictive SIP Diallers, SIP trunks, Business Telephone Systems, VoIP media Gateways, Call Reporting Suites and Mobile Call Recording offer not only efficient communications solutions, but security, reliability and high quality of service that meets every need of business enterprises and their users. For more information on their premium predictive call centre diallers software, please visit the official website at or call them at +44 (0)845 122 1746 for a free quote or dialler demo within 24 hours. Click here to find out more about Predictive Diallers for Call Centres

Tpad specialise in offering bespoke Business Class Telephony Solutions for SMEs at competitive prices which is vital in todays challenging economy. Tpad provides a Hosted IP PBX telephony solution for the Global Market and a fully Managed IP PBX telephone system for the UK SME Market. Business Telephone System Providers

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Predictive Diallers for Call / Contact Centres

Tpad Predictive Dialler | What is a Tpad Predictive Dialler?

A Tpad Predictive Dialler is a feature rich outbound and inbound blended dialler telephone system. Tpad Predictive Diallers are proven to increase call centre productivity by up to 200%, whilst also improving efficiency, accountability and profitability of your business.

What companies benefit the most from a Tpad Predictive Dialler?

A Tpad Predictive Dialler is typically used in call or contact centres where a great amount of outbound calls are made using expensive data sources. It is vital that this data is used to the maximum to ensure the greatest return of investment (R.O.I) can be made. This is where the Tpad predictive comes in to play, as it is fully optimised for any call centre solution.

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Tpad Predictive Dialler Key benefits:

Increase call centre agents talk time by up to 200%.
Improve call centre productivity, profitability and efficiency.
Benefit from better quality leads and increased conversion ratio.
Complete Call Recording Solution as FSA standard.
Increase data penetration and eliminate data burn.
Benefit from all of the advantage that SIP trunking have to offer.
Drastically reduce call centre costs by utilising Tpad's ultra cheap international call rates.
Manage an unlimited number of simultaneous and blended inbound and outbound campaigns.
Use Answer Machine Detection (AMD) whilst complying with all UK legislation.
Reduce agent training time with automated tasks / scripts.
Skill based routing of calls.
Integrates with popular CRMs to enhance unified communications.

How using a Tpad Predictive Dialler can TRIPLE your Agents Call Time!

On UK average, outbound call centre agents dialling using a manual method spend 15 minutes in every hour engaging in productive call time. However, the Tpad Predictive Dialler ensures no answers, dead numbers, answer machines, and busy numbers are automatically screened out which means agents are connected to a far higher proportion of live calls. From this, Tpad predictive dialling makes those 15 minutes of productive agent time TRIPLE to an average of 45 minutes in every working hour, resulting in more business leads and greater efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

A Complete Call Centre Telephony Solution

The Tpad Dialler is fully blended inbound and outbound dialler that will allow you to specify your dialling behaviour for each of your call centre campaigns. It can seamlessly blend inbound and outbound calls whilst still ensuring that your call centre works within all FSA, DMA and OFCOM guidelines.

Real time data penetration is maximised through Tpad's market leading data recycling rules allowing call centres to obtain maximum return on investment (R.O.I) on the cost of expensive data sources.

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Tpad's Predictive Dialler comes with Powerful Call Features:

Inbound / Outbound Call Recording (MP3), including an instant search facility that allows you to search by time and date, agent name, telephone number, call centre campaign name, call outcome, unique reference number or of any combination.
A VOIP / SIP capable system able to utilise VOIP technology internally (VoIP Agents) and externally (SIP Trunks / SIP Gateways).
Enhanced answer machine detection (AMD) which will ensure maximum detection whilst minimising false positives and providing the option to run without it.
Improved inbound functionality which includes a feature rich IVR Platform, ACD with skills based routing and inbound prioritisation.
Extensive real time and historical reporting on agents, teams, lines, campaigns and data penetration.
Audible monitoring of the agents (Call Whispering) with the added benefit of being able to coach without the external party hearing.

1st Class Customer Support from Tpad

What has set Tpad apart from competitors over the past few years has been the service we provide. We want you to make the most of your predictive dialling technology and as part of Tpad's complete predictive dialler and call centre solution, we provide the following:

Enhanced Support - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year support from UK based engineers.
Your own Business Manager - A dedicated business development team ensuring you make the most of your Tpad predictive dialler investment.
Future Proof - Continuous software upgrades ensuring your product is up to date, compliant with the latest FSA / OFCOM guidelines and feature rich telephony features.

Why Choose Tpad?

Tpad uses the Worlds No1. Tier 1 Data Provider to provide Business Class Call Quality at consumer costs. Tpads VoIP Rates start at just 0.0001 cent ($USD) per minute and are charged per second with no connection costs which is vital in reducing communications costs. Tpad has an excellent UK based technical and support team with years of experience in the telecoms and ISP industry to ensure our clients are at the cutting edge of SIP / VoIP technology.

What VoIP Services Do Tpad Provide?

  • Business SIP Trunking - Tpad provides global SIP Trunking or IAX2 Trunking services to businesses around the world, along with high class wholesale VoIP / SIP termination, origination, toll-free, DDI, and DID numbers. See how you can save over 60% on your business communications costs with Tpad SIP Trunks / Trunking Services. Tpad SIP Trunking Services

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  • True Business Class VoIP - Tpad uses Level 3 as its call carrier to ensure the highest possible quality so that all our clients can enjoy crystal clear, reliable calls at ultra low prices. Tpad will host your Business Telephony Solution in a state of the art POP and will provide 24/7 support, monitoring and maintenance. See how you can save over 30% on your communications bill Tpad Business VoIP Savings

  • WiFi Mobile VoIP - Tpad is now compatible with any Nokia Mobile (E and N Series) so you can make Free Mobile WiFi Calls to any SIP / VoIP device in the World. Tpad is also compatible with and so you can use non-WiFi enabled mobiles. See how you can make Free Mobile VoIP Calls Make Free WiFi Mobile VoIP Calls with Tpad

  • Fully compatible with any SIP / VoIP Device - Tpad is fully compatible with any SIP / VoIP device . Softphones (Xlite / Eyebeam / Express Talk / ZoIPer / Nimbuzz / SJPhone) ATAs (Linksys / Aastra / Grandstream / Snom) IP Phones (Grandstream / Linksys / Snom) and WiFi Mobiles (Nokia E Series - E50, E51, E60, E61, E61i, E62, E65, E70, E71, E90 and Nokia N Series N80i, N81, N82, N91, N95, N810) Tpad SIP Guides on how to configure Tpad SIP Configuration Guides

  • Free Access to over 80 Local Access / Toll Free DID Numbers - Tpad offers a range of Local Access Numbers in over 40 countries that allow non-Tpad members to make International Calls at Local Rate Prices from normal landlines – a true Talk Global Pay only Local service. Tpad uses to ensure all calls are at maximum quality and reliability. Check out our free service Tpads Free DID Local Number Service

  • Bespoke Business VoIP Telephony Solutions - Tpad provides SMEs in the UK with a fully managed IP PBX telephony solution that will dramatically cut communication costs that is increasingly more vital in todays challenging economy. Tpad Business IP Solutions combine a powerful and professional set of feature rich services, designed to deliver the ultimate flexibility to maximise your business communications potential. Check the full range of telephone features at Tpads Call Management Software Features

Tpad also provides ADSL, SDSL, Leased Lines, Dark Fibre Fibre to the Cabinet, SIP Trunking and other communication solutions from one of UK's largest ISP - Supanet Business Broadband

Tpad: Business Telephony Solutions for more details, or ring 0845 122 1746 to speak to one of our sales team or Email or better still send us a FAX of your latest telephone bill and we will instantly show you how you can save over 30% FAX: 0845 122 1747


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