Transcoding Services

Transcoding services

Companies dedicated to provide transcoding to those who don't have the hardware or licenses for transcondig.

R&R Managed Telecom Services

  • R&R - provides transcoding services using dedicated DSPs that are known to have higher reliability and speech quality compare to implementations using generic CPUs. R&R transcoding service is fully licensed and R&R indemnifies it's customers from license violation litigation. (Most codecs like G.729 and G.723 are protected by copyrights and must be licensed).

R&R transcoding service can be delivered as stand-alone application, or can be bundled with a completed hosted SBC. We have resources in US and Europe to transcode over 100,000 simultaneous sessions.

Supported codecs with any-to-any transcoding/transrating.
- G.729
- G.711
- G.723
- G.726
- G.722
- Speex

Easy to start with R&R. Monthly terms.
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