USKY 400A (All-In-One) Skype Gateway

USKY 400A is a 4 ports (4*FXS) Skype Gateway which is your enterprise Skype gateway.
USKY 400A is a skype gateway for PBX.
USKY 400A is a skype gateway no PC required.

By using USKY 400A skype gateway. Communication cost can be reduce without changing any calling habits. Besides, company can build up global call center(free of charge) which allow potential customer to ask inquiry and to connect with 4 hundred million Skype users all over the world. Company also can set up few virtual branch so customer located in other country can call to company through landline phone and paying only landline call's rate.


USKY 400A Characteristic

  • All-In-One design, no need external PC.
  • Support 4 ports of Skype channels at one time.
  • Embedded system, higher quality and safety.
  • Write-protection technique to prevent virus attack.
  • Perfectly connect with original PBX (telephone system), FXS interface supports Plug & Play.

USKY 400A Features

  • Built-in restore function, easy to restore the system to the default setting.
  • Original table extension can call SkypeOut or Skype user directly without computer.
  • Provides English Windows interface and English input.
  • Area code and country code can be configure by your own, no calling habits changed.
  • Standard 19" Rack-Mount design.
  • Use Representative major Skype account for enterprise, incoming call through Skype will automatic transfer when the line is engaged.
  • Support the Telecommunication Parameters List by country which can be selected.
  • Support the SkypeOut credit minimum alarm, it will send a Skype notice or SMs to make a remind.
  • Support personal phone book and public phone book function.

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