USKY Skype Gateway UBS-400

USKY UBS-400 is a 4 ports (4*FXO+4*FXS) Skype gateway which can integrate company existing office PBX Telephone Network with the Skype Network, such that users can use the existing telephone handsets and equipment to call SkypeOut or receive Skype phone calls in additional to the existing PBX functions already have.

By using also Skype Unlimited Calls Service, enterprise can call for 10,000 minutes by paying only $5.95 per month. Communication cost can be reduce at least half without changing any calling habits. Besides, company can build up global call center (free of charged)which allow potential customer to ask inquiry and to connect with 2 hundred million Skype users over the world. Also, company can set up few virtual branch so customer located in other country can call to company through landline phone and paying only landline calls rate.

UBS-400 Features

1.Support up to 4 ports of Skype channels at one time.
2.Use the Representative Skype Account for enterprise, any incoming calls will be automatic transferred when the line is engaged.
3.No need to prepare extra analog trunk card of PBX.
4.The original extension can directly call SkypeOut or Skype mobile extension number, no computer needed.
5.You can choose to use SkypeOut to make a long distance call or local call with UBS-400 directly, no habits change.
6.Area code and country code can be configuring by you.
7.Pioneered in 「Quick Switch Key」, switching easily and quickly between the route of PSTN and Skype.
8.Use 「Smart key」to choose to transfer the call to own cell phone or deputy (when Skype is in offline status) by SkypeOut or PSTN line.
9.With application of 「Account remote desktop protocol」, instant remote support provided without static IP.
10.Available for 「built-in personal phone and public phone book」 function.
11.「Busy Tone Argument Selection」of 23 countries around the world are included, and provide adjustment interface of「Busy Tone Argument」.
12.Direct conversation between Skype contact list and Excel format.
13.Can be stackable up to 16 ports.

UBS-400 Specification
Power 1 switch button for system control
1 switch button for power control
PSTN 4 FXS ports for connecting to PBX’s CO ports
4 FXO Ports for CO
LEDs On/Off, blinking per FXO & FXS port connection & status
Power DC 5V power adapter with maximum 3Amp current rating

UBS-400 System requirement
CPU 3.0 Ghz or above
Operation System Microsoft windows XP (SP2)
Hard-Drive 200MB
RAM 1024 MB
Interface 1 USB Port, CD ROM
Skype Version Skype V2.5 or above

For more details, please visit
or use Skype to call usky-taiwan

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