Unia Telecom

Unia Telecom, a division of Phantom Data Systems Inc.

Based in Norwalk, Connecticut, Unia Telecom http://www.uniatelecom.com provides VOIP ( Voice Over IP ) services and solutions to the business and consumer markets. Phantom Data Systems Inc. – http://www.phantomdatasystems.com provides storage solutions, document management solutions and VOIP ( Voice Over IP ) solutions to businesses and consumers alike. Both companies operate under the Phantom Data Systems Inc. umbrella.

From contributing to green initiatives, Humanitarian causes and the environment, Unia Telecom - a division of Phantom Data Systems Inc. takes social responsibility in business very seriously. With operations spanning the US, Poland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom, we have maintained our support operations at our US Headquarters. This fosters customer loyalty, eliminates regional language, social and sentimental barriers, especially in light of the current economy.
A great alternative to Vonage! Sometimes cheap prices means cheap quality! Competition based on quality and social responsibility beats competition based on price.

Unia Telecom
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