Uniden is a major consumer electronics manufacturer for traditional phones (wired and wireless), radios, and other electronic equipment.

warning : Uniden has discontinued all of their VOIP phones as of 2007.07.18

I have e-mailed Uniden tech support asking for source code and toolchain for the UIP200. Seeing as Uniden has discontinued the product line and won't fix bugs, I think this request is reasonable. Please e-mail "VOIPSupport@uniden.com" to petition for release of source code for the VOIP phones.

VOIP Products

  • UIP 200 SIP phone
  • Uniden DTA 200 Router/ATA combination
  • Uniden UIP1868 / UIP1869 5.8GHz digital expandable cordless phone with a built-in VoIP adapter. Note that the P suffix only works with Packet8 and V suffix only works with Vonage. The G suffix (or no suffix) should be user-configurable.
    • 2005-01-22 Uniden UIP1868
    • 2005-01-11 Uniden's UIP1868 5.8GHz Corded/Cordless Phone with Built-in VoIP Technology Offers Expandability up to 10 Handsets Press Release
    • 2005-01-06 Uniden announces a 5.8GHz digital expandable cordless phone with a built-in VoIP adapter Press Release

April 15, 2004 Uniden introduced their UIP 200 SIP phone with a MSRP of $149. This is significant not because its the cheapest SIP phone available (the grandstream is cheaper, at around $75), or the most feature rich, but because its the first SIP phone from a major consumer electronics manufacturer.

In my view, this marks the beginning of the end for many of the small companies currently manufacturing and selling SIP phones.

Uniden UIP 200 SIP phone Press Release
Review (broken link) by one of the first users (on Asterisk)

Uniden VOIP product distributors:

US and International (excluding Canada)
Todd Baca
(512) 928-1533

AVS Technologies
Angela Lehrer
(514) 683-1771

Resellers of Uniden VoIP products:

US and International

888VoipStore.com - Best Prices on Uniden. Call for reseller pricing.
Toll-Free: 888-VOIPSTORE (864-7786)
International: 307-224-4373
Additional Information: info@888voipstore.com
Sales: sales@888voipstore.com

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Website: http://www.pbxeq.com
Tollfree: 1-877-887-2937
Additional Information: info@pbxeq.com
Sales: sales@pbxeq.com, asteriskhardware@gmail.com
Address: 42255 Chase Drive
Canton, Mi 48188 USA

Toll-Free: (866) 864-2304
Support: (408) 331-1971
Intl: +1 (408) 331-1971
Fax: (408) 404-5800

Uniden at the Voxilla Store


  • 2005-01-06 Uniden announces a 5.8GHz digital expandable cordless phone with a built-in VoIP adapter Press Release
  • 2004-10-11 Uniden Announces DTA 200 Digital Telephone Adapter Press Release

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