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Unified Recording is an eco system of technologies which work together to provide best in class call recording , screen capture and agent evaluation. Scalability, stability and flexibility are at the heart of the product set.

Unified Recording has been build from the ground up in consultation with customers, leading voice and data technologists and a number of solution vendors to solve current and future call recording requirements.

The products are designed to work with legacy (E1/T1/PRI ISDN, Radio and analogue systems). The technical group at Unified Recording have also built a best in class VoIP SIP recording engine. Most recently we are proud to announce the addition of Mobile Call recording with the Android Platform.

Unified Recording is built on a modular approach using proven technologies, which is the reason the product has proven to be Scalable, reliable and flexible. This approach allows the produce to scale from 2 users all the way to multiple thousands of users, residing in multiple location on an enterprise network. Best of all in the enterprise model, Unified Recording can be configured to provide a single repository and interface for all calls.
Unified Recording is built to work in an environment with a mixture of technologies making the system flexible whilst ensuring that your investment is future proofed.

Thanks to the collaboration of or customers, technology partners and vendors; not only does Unified Recording not only has the features of much more expensive products, it includes features which are missing.
We are proud of the fact that Unified Recording was designed from the ground upwards and whilst the product contains the functions your would expect to find, the product has been built to innovate rather than to emulate other products.
The technology is designed to be totally passive regardless of the mode of operations. Unified Recording ready working with a wide verity telephony technologies which include, NEC, Shoretel, Mitel, Astrix, Aastra and InteTel platforms. However the open design of the product makes is suitable for use with any Telephony technology.

Significantly, the integration does not require expensive licensing and hardware upgrades.

UR Screen Capture

ScreenCapture is provided by our desktop agent which is available for Windows, Linux and the Apple IOS.
We are also pleased to announce that we are due to complete the work on our desktop recording agent which will allow Recording of desktop telephony and voice technologies.
This includes but is not limited to ; Skype, Microsoft Lync, Soft Phones, Google Talk.

UR Hardware and Software

All call recordings and Screen Captures are encrypted using AES-256 encryption, making the product ideal for compliance recordings.
Our calls also make use of excellent compression without compromising quality. The end result is some of the best compression available in the call recording industry.

Unified Recording makes use of best in class technology at every level. out hardware is engineered using quality components. As an example all of our systems are built with hardware RAID-1, are chassis have excellent airflow and our partner of choice for the telephony hardware is Sangoma.

The underlying operating system is based on Red Hat Linux, but optimized for the call recording environment.
Each appliance undergoes stringent testing before they leave and we pride ourselves in pre and post implementing support.

UR Mobile Recording

Mobile Call Recording remains a serious challenge for a number of industries. We are please to announce the introduction of UR Mobile on the Android Platform.
UR Mobile works by recording calls on the appliance and by doing bypasses cumbersome third party bases solutions.
The calls are then transported either to out hosted solution and/or your UR appliance. This makes the product suitable for people who want just mobile recording as well as people who want consolidated mobile, desktop and TDM recording.


UR Presentation : Presentation of Unified Recording.

UR Demo : The 5 minute Youtube video presentation will run through all the features of Unified Recording.

UR Demonstration Page


We are always looking for ways in which we can improve the URMS product and the URMS website. If you feel that there is a specific feature that is missing from either please drop us line with your suggestions. Advancements in the URMS product range is driven by feedback from prospective customers, customers and partners.

If you are interested in purchasing the product, product demonstration, becoming a partner or using URMS to enhance an existing service please do not hesitate to contact us.

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