Brett Nemeroff
CLEC Engineer
Austin, Texas
brettnem AT gmail ddot com

I'm presently a switch engineer at a local Texas CLEC based out of Austin. This is the second CLEC I've helped engineer and build from the ground up. Our main focus is Wholesale VOIP interconnection to the PSTN. My main background is optical transport networks, but I've been doing switching and voip for about 2 years now. We presently utilize two switching platforms, Sonus and Tekelec. Both are used for PSTN gateways.

Some of my specialities are the following:
  • Moderate Linux Administration
  • PERL
  • Light PHP
  • RBOC Interconnection
  • DWDM and optical transport networks
  • VoIP
  • IP Networking (presently utilize mainly Riverstone routers)

Sorry, I'll add some more useful info about me soon.
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