Dirk Tostmann

Asterisk - Projects

  • TTS integration of SVOX professional TTS engine as module (contact me for source code, if you can afford to buy a licence of them)
  • Automatic Speech Recognition ASR module for dialplan integration in Asterisk cmd ASR
  • TeamSpeak Gateway using Asterisk (with german PSTN access)

Asterisk - Installations

  • Home PBX Stuttgart, DE (2 x BRI-hfc,SIP,IAX)
  • Home PBX Link Dresden, DE (QuadBRI,SIP,IAX) <-> Cottbus, DE (2 x BRI-hfc,SIP,IAX)
  • Company PBX break out from Avaya (S2M,SIP,IAX), London UK
  • Remote Gateway New Delhi, IN (BRI-hfc,IAX)
  • Company PBX Berlin, DE (QctoBRI,FXS,SIP,IAX)
  • Linking Ericsson Axe10 with Asterisk (via QuadPRI)
  • Wifi-VoIP on KohMak, island Thailand (Satellite linked)


  • - Call-by-Call and LCR in ENUM style
  • Mini-SIP-Proxy - the perl experiance of it. All is possible (:wink:)
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