VCO/4k Open Programmable Switch

Summa Four / Cisco Virtual Central Office PRI plus SS7 scalable to 64/128/256 E1 either with PRI (EuroISDN) or SS7 (ITU-T or ANSI).

Cisco Systems sold mainly the VCO/4K Open Programmable Switch line, finally announced the end of sales for the VCO/4K Open Programmable Switch as of March 1, 2002. Cisco has entered into an agreement with Compro Technologies Inc.,a New Jersey, United States-based telephony application developer and services company, to offer worldwide support for the this product line.

Looks like this:


Under the Media Gateway, there is A/B switch (big, 4U rack space with lots of cables on back) and beneath is a VCO/SS7 Shelf with 2 obsolete Sparcs inside.

SS7 shelf with A/B switch:


It was designed in era of AUX transreceivers for Ethernet (10BaseT!), it consist of
  • Media Gateway with (not only)
    • CPU (two in redundant config)
    • Line interfaces (E1/T1, some say that FXO/FXS and DPNSS)
    • VoiceGuide Procesor (integrated prompt & record card)
    • Drop & Insert Card (to have DS0 with SS7 out of the box)
  • A/B Redundancy swithc
  • Sparc shelf with two (in redundant config) sparcs. SS7 lives in there.
  • Ethernet switch (or even a HUB) or two
  • External servers (up to 4) with voice processing (semi-open TCP/IP interface called 'telerouter').

Note: Available Only on Ebay :)


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