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2006-07-17 - Partnership with VoIPOnWireless - Los Angeles was signed for distribution of GSM VoIP products from VIPN in the United States.

2006-06-19 - Press Release - VIVA

For immediate release

VIPN–Voice Internet Phone Network.

Wi-Fi and Cellular Convergence.
GSM Wi-Fi simultaneous transparent dual-mode operations.

Geneva, Switzerland, — June 19, 2006 — VIPN, VoIP carrier specializing dual-mode GSM Wi-Fi phones, announce, codename “VIVAâ€?, the world first functional GSM/Voice-over-Wi-Fi dual-mode transparent software solution for handsets running on Windows Mobile 5 (Smart Phone and Pocket PC), to provide seamless handover between the two modes and with no user action needed.

“VIVA� enables Pocket PC devices or Smart phones running on Windows Mobile 5, to seamless handover from GSM to Wi-Fi connection, and from Wi-Fi to GSM, to make VoIP calls. This action is completely automatic, with no need of interaction with the user. The application detects if a hotspot is available, connects to the SIP server, and automatically routes the call over VoIP.

With “VIVA�, users will be able to receive calls, under their GSM number and WoVoIP number simultaneously.

The first two phones available with “VIVA�, will be the Axia 308 (VIPN Powered), running on Windows Mobile 5 for pocket PC), and the Qtek 8310 Smart phone, (VIPN Powered), running on Windows Mobile 5 for Smart phone.

Live Video:
Live video presentation

VIPN – Voice Internet Phone Network
4, chemin du Tir au Canon
1227 Carouge
Phone : +41223006151

Contact US

VIPN presents you the dual mode mobile phones GSM / Wi-Fi / VoIP.

Thanks to the integrated Wi-Fi into our VoIP GSM mobile phones, you will be able to benefit from the VoIP technology (Telephony by Internet) on your mobile, and make unlimited calls, towards other mobile users and for free, without computer and free of movements!

You can right now reserve your own on our Internet web site!!

For more information about specific models please download these Pdf files:

For the Axia PDA with Windows CE 5 OS - dual mode GSM Wi-Fi VoIP embeded Axia 308 Pdf documentation

For the Personal Wireless Gateway 500 with Two sim card slots - dual mode GSM Wi-Fi VoIP embeded PWG 500 Pdf documentation

For the GW1 600 with mp3 player - dual mode GSM Wi-Fi VoIP embeded GW1 600 Pdf documentation

For the Wi-Fi 888 with VoIP embeded and email pop account interface Wi-Fi 888 Pdf documentation

For the Wi-Fi low cost Emxi 8090 with VoIP embeded Wi-Fi 8090 Pdf documentation

These free calls are possible if both mobiles are under free Wi-Fi hot spot coverage.

The dual mode devices switch automaticaly from GSM to Wi-Fi, and from Wi-Fi to GSM.

The team VIPN

2006-02-25 - Partnership with Jyctel Spainwas signed for distribution of GSM VoIP products from VIPN in Spain.

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VIPN, unveils the new AXIA 308 GSM Wi-Fi VoIP mobile, with Windows CE 5 embeded.


Maximize your opportunities
Offer your customers low-cost calling; Provide dial-up & broadband products to consumers and businesses.

As a distributor of our GSM Wi-Fi with VoIP enabled products and services, you'll have a unique opportunity to profit in any number of markets, including:
• Corporate / Enterprise
• Internet Cafes and Calling Centers
• Calling Card Providers
• Hotels, etc.
• Educational Institutions
• Hospitality Industries
• Hot Spots
• Public Municipalities, etc.

You'll profit by buying the hardware at a discounted price. You can generate revenue from hardware sales and recurring revenue every time a customer purchases additional calling time from you.

OEM Opportunities;
We are also exploring partnership opportunities with:
PC Manufacturers; Who are interested in enabling their products, with VoIP.

To learn more about partnership opportunities with VIPN, please Contact US
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