VMukti BizCom - Serverless Broadband ready Call Center Software

VMukti releases Open Source BizCom 1.0 - World’s first Enterprise P2P Call center software that runs on very low server and bandwidth requirements for 5-5000 seats.

More world firsts:

- Combination of power of Web, P2P, & Telephony.

- Completely Mashable platform that can be easily extended for integration with other 3rd party systems.

- World’s first predictive dialer for lowest call drop and wait time.

- Very low bandwidth and infrastructure costs.

VMukti BizCom a complete call center solution which supports both Inbound and Outbound Call Centers. Built with an open architecture and supporting common standards (ITU, IETF standards) it eliminates the need for proprietary hardware and software.

VMukti BizCom has all the necessary features to go beyond providing value to customers with its robust and demand-driven features. Efficient call handling, Configurable Interactive Voice Response System, Automatic Call Routing (ACD), Voice Logging/Recording, Authentication, Conferencing, Data base screen pops, Predictive dialing, Answering machine detection and detailed statistics allow for data based decision making and action.

VMukti BizCom is a highly robust call center solution supporting three-dimensional scalability, which will enable clients to scale up and optimize their operations per changing requirements without vendor reliability.

· Complete Solution–Complete Inbound / Outbound / Mixed mode solution (no other components required)

· Scalable–Supporting zero downtime with 5 to 5,000 scalability

· Customizable–Highly customizable interfaces as well as Call Flows & well defined integration points to meet specific requirements

· Ease in integration-Easy server side or client side integration with 3rd party databases & applications

· Highly Cost efficient- Completely software based solution, the cost of hardware is greatly reduced

· Open source

· Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

· Call transfer, Call Conferencing, 3rd party verifications

· Voice Logging, Monitoring & Agent Quality Management

· Call Detail Record (CDR) and Reporting

· Call handling features

· Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

· Predictive dialer with data screen pop up, auto-answer, filtering & many more

· Web based solution

· Video conferencing feature inbuilt

VMukti BizCom is smarter IP contact center software, featuring improved quality monitoring tools, enhanced statistical analysis and tools to increase agent efficiency.

VMukti BizCom business communication solutions are fully-customizable and integrated on a single platform.

VMukti BizCom requires only a Web browser for access, making remote monitoring, management and analysis possible anywhere with an Internet connection.

VMukti BizCom call center suite features skills-based routing for inbound calls, outbound capabilities with a range of dialing modes (predictive, progressive and manual), quality monitoring tools, full digital recording, load balancing, online management tools and real-time statistics.

New features include:

· Support for any type of CRM

· Built in Soft phone

· Improved quality of audio (Windows)

· Support for multiple recording servers

· Ability to listen to agent live from Manager

· Improved Network view

· Improved Agent, Agent Group and Queue reports

· Desktop Monitoring of the Agents

· Built-in Training system with video conferencing, whiteboard, presentation and desktop sharing features

More details available at: VMukti Website

Email: contact@vmukti.com

Download: http://sourceforge.net/projects/vmukti/

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