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3T Sistemi

Consulting, support and development of telecommunication solutions based on Asterisk & other open source solution in Italy (Genoa).
- IVR systems
- Remote Server administration & management
- 24/7 Helpdesk support
- CRM integration
- Networking
Web: http://www.3tsistemi.it
Contact No:: ITA: (+39) 01042064013


Professional support for office PBX systems based on asterisk.
Expertise in Trixbox, Asterisk, FreePBX, PBX-in-a-Flash
Voice Broadcasting Server
Custom application development
IVR systems
Billing Systems
Remote Server administration & management
24/7 Helpdesk support
Asterisk Integration
CRM integration

25$ per hour

email acube.asterisk@gmail.com


  • Highly professional support for home and office PBX systems based on asterisk.
  • Expertise in ViciDial,Trixbox, Asterisk, FreePBX,Freeswitch, Hylafax, ATA, OpenSER, FreeRadius
  • Asterisk module development and source code customizations
  • Custom application development based on asterisk
  • IVR systems
  • Billing Systems
  • OpenSource Consulting
  • CRM Integration
  • Remote Server administration & management

Avatar Dialler

  • Complete call center solution provider
  • Full Consultancy about call center problems and software
  • Customizable and full installation
  • Setup provider for new business holders
  • Specialized in Hosted VoIP, Hosted PBX and CRM
  • Installation, maintenance and configuration of software
  • 24/7/365 service support center
Email: sales@avatardialler.com
Website: http://www.avatardialler.com
Contact No:USA: (+1) 6467571041 , UK: (+44) 2037696777


aaZoo is a company dedicated to provide IT specialist services to resellers/distributors and larger corporations. We aim to support these companies and their customers with pre-sales support, IT architect services, troubleshooting and project implementations.

We are specialised in Asterisk and Cisco VoIP solutions, Networking, Virtualisation and Storage. For implementation, or network readiness scans please contact us. We are based in the Netherlands.

Phone: +31 (0) 512 751 015
Email: sales@aazoo.nl

ABDUL ILYAS - Hyderabad - India

Design, Implementation, Consultancy & Support Services for Asterisk/Vicidial/Cisco/ShoreTel
Call center solutions, Enterprise class telephony solutions.
  • Asterisk PBX, FreePBX, Vicidial, SER, Cisco CUCM & UCCX, Shoretel
  • Cisco, AudioCodes, Grandstream, Quintum, Sipura, Linksys

  • Email: ilyas.abdul@gmail.com
  • ilyas +91 9160909993
  • Aditya +91 9866164331
  • Masood +91 8886913131

Hyderabad - Bangalore - Pune - Mumbai.

Air 21 Group - UK Based.

  • Consulting, setup, installation and support for Asterisk/FREEPBX/Freeswithch/Vtiger and much more
  • Installation of IP PBX Systems
  • Call center solutions
  • Hosted VoIP IVR Services.
  • Specializing in Asterisk/ Freeswith/ FRee PBXs.
  • 24/7 Support available
  • Telephone: 0121 314 1114
  • E-mail :dan@air21group.co.uk
  • web : http://www.air21group.co.uk


ANTRAX solution is a complex of hardware and software facilities which are designed especially for the termination of voice traffic from VoIP (Voice over IP) to GSM networks (networks of mobile operators). Due to the module-based structure, flexible configuration which allows the product to meet any needs and requirements, ANTRAX solution can be implemented for effective calls termination either in large or in small volumes.

You can fill the request form to get free consultation: https://en.antrax.mobi/

Blog: en.antrax.mobi/blog
Website: en.antrax.mobi

AristoCraters VoIP Services

We offer a wide range of VoIP services including,
  • Installation and Setup
  • Custom Development
  • Customization in existing system
  • Consulting
  • Support
  • Troubleshooting
We specialize in Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, WebRTC, Kamailio and OpnSIPS.
We have expertise in different VoIP solutions such as FreePBX, FusionPBX, ASTPP, IP PBX, Conferencing, Broadcasting, IVR, Click2call, Billing, VoIP softswitch, etc.

Asterisk Agent

  • Specializing in Asterisk based solutions.
  • Asterisk Support & Staffing
  • 24/7 Live Website Support Available
  • Telephone:800-763-2908
  • E-mail :support@asteriskagent.com
  • web : http://www.asteriskagent.com

MiPBX2Go, Mexico

Consulting, setup, installation and support for Asterisk based PBX and appliances.

Services offered are:
  • Installation of Asterisk PBX with PSTN, GSM and FAX integration
  • Installation of IP PBX Systems
  • Installation of QoS
  • Call center solutions
  • Hosted VoIP IVR Services.
  • Linux Servers (WEB, EMAIL, FIREWALL)

Phone: +52(55)1209-8056
Email: contacto@mipbx2go.com
Web: mipbx2go.com

AstNext Solutions Pvt Ltd

Amit Mehta- VOIP Consultant
- We are Asterisk service provider, we are leaders in providing turnkey solutions in Asterisk like IVR/IP PBX/SOFT SWITCH,AGI,End to End VOIP Set-up,Predictive Dialer,Call Centre Solutions,hospitality Telecom solutions,Medical Telecom solutions,ACD for PRI/Analog/GSM Phones,Softphone,SER/billing soft switch,LCR/CDR,Web to call,Click to call,Inter-office/Intra-office Intercom,IP Phones,IP PBX/ Installation / maintenance / configuration of linux systems / servers VOIP Gatekeepers / Phones / devices,Support for digium / sangoma / rhino E1 / PRI / FXO Digital / analog Telephony Cards /grandstream
Phone: +12093499648
Cell: +918000770962
email: info@astnext.com

A-Enterprise Asterisk Engineering

A-Enterprise GmbH, Switzerland
Phone: +41443500325
Enum: +8829999956900
Email: info@a-enterprise.ch
  • Assistance Asterisk telephony
  • Migration PSTN to VoIP
  • World Wide Onsite Access
Mission: Interoperability and data convergence of CTI processes and automation based by free GNU/GPL application.

A.li. Solutions s.a.s.

Consulting, setup, installation and support for Asterisk based PBX and appliances. Starting from 1/2 lines and expandible to support over 100 phones/lines.
Consulenza, setup, installazione e supporto per centralini e appliance basati su Asterisk. Da 1/2 linee e espandibili per supportare oltre 100 telefoni/linee.

Phone: +3908231765745
Fax: +39 (in definizione)
email: mrlinux@alisolutions.it

AG Projects

Delivery and support for SIP SIMPLE infrastructures components MediaProxy, CDRTool, OpenXCAP, MSRPRelay
Delivery of turnkey solutions for SIP communications Multimedia Service Platform

Phone: +31-20-8005160
email: mailto: sales-request@ag-projects.com

Al Khalili Group, Oman

Based in Oman and located in more than 10 centres all over the middle east and possess more than 37 years of industry experience.

Services offered are:
  • Installation of Asterisk PBX with PSTN, GSM and FAX integration
  • Installation of CISCO Call Manager (CCM and CCME) and Nortel PBX and IP PBX Systems
  • Installation of switches with trafffic management and Wifi Networks with wireless IP phones
  • Turnkey solutions & Integration of asterisk with existing network
  • Call center solutions

Phone:+968 24816303
Email: it@alkhalili.com
Web: it.alkhalili.com

Alba S.T s.r.l.

Consulting, support and training VoIP in Italy, with Asterisk and Cisco, paying attention to security and reliability.
Consulenza, supporto e formazione su VoIP con Asterisk e/o Cisco, con particolare attenzione a sicurezza ed affidabilitÃ? .

Phone: +393489044903
Fax: +390456172490
email: alessio@alba.st


Integral solutions based on ASTERISK
Location : Chile, Panama, Mexico, Argentina And U.S.A
phone : Panama: +507 6518-8627
Argentina: +54 (11) 52371432
México: +52 (55) 53513340
U.S.A.: +1 (305) 2606380
EMail : sales@antartel.com

Arien Consulting

IP PBX, SoftSwitches , SIP Gatekeepers, Gateways/Routers, on E1/T1, ISDN, PSTN, GSM integration
Sip Exchange Router , Asterisk, AGI/perl/php/C scripting , IVR, Voicemessage to email.
Vicidial Call Centre Suite ( with customised Reports)
Vicidial Call Centre Suite ( modular instalaltion for more than 25+ seats)
Phone : +91 9849017612
DID : 7325824631
DID : 732 3180 369

Arley Internet Consultancy (Bristol, UK)

Focus on reliability and security with the small business customer in mind.
Asterisk and Snom supply and support. Home integration with asterisk.
We pride ourselves on personal service and good value for money.

Please see our website at http://www.arley.org.uk for further details,
T: +44 (0) 117 9118848
E: sales@arley.org.uk


Asterisk PBX, IVR, Call Center, CRM Integration, VoIP, and onDemand Custom Applications!
Location : Iasi, Romania
eMail : office@artvister.com
Web : http://www.artvister.com
New - Vicidial Services, Auto Dialer, Voice Broadcast Services
Call Center Technical Support.

Asher Group

Hosted VoIP IVR Services: Over 10 years of experience developing and hosting integrated IVR, web and cellular/mobile applications and services. Rest assured that your needs will be addressed with professionalism, depth of knowledge and a wide range of options.

Our hosting options include both inbound and outbound calling, TDD, SMS text messaging, and mobile phone applications running on and with our multiple redundant and highly scalable VoIP IVR servers. Multiple languages, powerful reporting options, superb engineering, and 24x7 maintenance are only a few of the reasons why companies that know they want the best choose The Asher Group for hosted IVR solutions.

Tel: +1.585.586.0020
Fax: +1.585.586.0020


Asipto offers professional consultancy and development services for Kamailio (OpenSER), SIP and VoIP, including a set of Kamailio (OpenSER)-based solutions - VoIP platforms, prepaid, load balancing products, development and training.


Asteria Solutions Group

Asteria Solutions Group provides software, custom solutions, and support services using Asterisk and OpenSER platforms. Our professional team of software development and telephony experts delivers solutions for inbound and outbound call centers, high volume automated dialing, notification systems, IVRs, enterprise PBXs, and conferencing applications. Deployments use your choice of hardware and carriers. Your solution, your choice.

Contact: Dave Mattern
Phone: Sales: +1 256 705 0275 Toll-Free: +1 877 ASGI 4 ME
Email: mailto:sales@asteriasgi.com Web: http://www.asteriasgi.com/

Aswat Telecom & Media, Paris, UAE

Head Office based in UAE (Dubai) and a branch in France (Paris)

Services offered are:
  • IT & Telecom Consulting
  • Auditing infrastructure
  • Installation of Asterisk PBX
  • Turnkey solutions & Integration of asterisk with existing network
  • Value Added Services : Mix between Voice, SMS, IVR, reporting
  • Micro-Billing, CallTV, Votting
  • Providing Premium Number

Phone:+971 56 1379 242
Contact : Eric OUISSE
Email: eric.ouisse@aswat-telecom.com
Home Page : www.aswat-telecom.com

Asterisk-Voip LATAM


Ask us your needs in www.asterisk-voip.com.ar

We currently offer our services in Argentina, Chile, Brasil, Mexico and Spain, We are very fast with customers in many countries. Contact us to receive your quote in minutes.

Asterisk freelancer and consultant

    • Asterisk installation and customization from source.
    • Asterisk integration with MySql/PHP
    • FXO/FXS/PRI/GSM Integration
    • IVR/Dialer solutions

Mail to : kvmanju@gmail.com
Ph : +91 98455 20945

Asterisk/Freeswitch/Openser freelancer Implementation and Maintenace consultant

    • Asterisk/Freeswitch/Openser/Opensips installation and implementation from source
    • Asterisk with openser integration or freeswitch with openser and vice versa.
    • Dialer click2call / c2billing integration with asterisk
    • IVR design

Mail to : akaccr@gmail.com
phone :(408) 365-4789

Asterisk and Network Planning, Implementation, and Maintenance

Asterisk Development
Turnkey IP PBX Systems
Service Contracts Available

Asteriks - Alexandre Keller

Alexandre Keller has been working in the Telecom area for the last three years. During 2006 and 2007 he had over 300 attendees on his Asteriks PBX courses, and developed VoIP projects based on Asterisk PBX. He worked for Virtual Office (http://www.voffice.com.br, founded Obelisk (http://www.obelisk.com.br) and is the CEO of Asteriks (www.asteriks.com.br), a newly formed company focused on training and providing services within the Telecom Area, specialising in Asterisk PBX. Alexandre has a bachelor degree in Computer Science and has been working in network management since 2001, and has achieved a dCAP certificate on August'08.

Asterisk Support Services

  • Asterisk Design, Installation and Maintenance
  • Vicidial,a2billing,Click2call nad many more
  • Failover solutions , interconnecting multiple Asterisk servers
  • Installation and Configuration support on asterisk,vicidial,a2billing,openser,
  • We work on Hourly basis

Most affordable Price !! Visit us at http://www.aasteriskneeds.com


  • Highly professional support for home and office PBX systems based on asterisk.
  • Expertise in Trixbox, Asterisk, FreePBX, Hylafax, ATA, OpenSER, FreeRadius
  • Asterisk module development and source code customizations
  • Custom application development based on asterisk
  • IVR systems
  • Billing Systems
  • OpenSource Consulting
  • Fax system

    • Telephone: +1 310-933-0861
E-mail :info@asteriskware.com
web : http://www.asteriskware.com

Azuralis AS

Azuralis develops market leading telecommuncation software and services for telecom companies, service providers, organizations and companies.
Our products provide easy integration of telecommuniation services and products with your own applications and infrastructure.
  • We create value added services and applications for operators, VARs and ISPs.
  • Rich Telecom 2.0 API for use by operators, developers, VARs and enterprises.
Contact details :
  • Company name: Azuralis AS
  • Address : Fortunen 4, 5013 Bergen, Norway
  • Web : http://www.azuralis.no/
  • E-mail : post[at]azuralis[dot]no
  • Telephone : +47 55621800


AstraVoice New Yorks Leading Asterisk and VoIP Specialist.
AstraVoice specializes in Asterisk Based VoIP deployment for small and medium sized businesses.
From consultation to configuration and management AstraVoice has the expertise to make sure your project is a success.

Astra Voice Loud & Clear
450 Seventh Ave.
New York, NY
Email sales@astravoice.com

Atlas Online Telekom/ Turkey.

Provides all kind of professional telecom and internet solutions.

Telephone: +90-212-2938055
Fax: +90-212-2923398
E-Mail: mailto:atlasphonesatis@atlas.net.tr


BroadSoft BroadWorks Platfrom Experts. Former BroadSoft employees who not only know VoIP, but know telecommunications. Varied backgrounds and experience in engineering, sales, marketing and training is what sets AveriStar apart.

The mission of AveriStar Consulting is to help telecommunications providers at all levels successfully procure, engineer, implement, market and sell hosted VoIP solutions. To accomplish this mission, AveriStar Consulting has developed tools and strategies that are dynamic by nature and completely customized for each client. Our commitment and focus is to provide a strategy and solution that helps your entire organization reach goals, bringing together development, engineering, operations, and sales for one holistic organization.

We have customers all over the United States and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Phone: (800) 343-1915

AXO Information Technology SRL

http://www.axoit.com/ AXO Information Technology SRL
Providing support for asterisk, Trixbox and asterisk@home solutions.
Cisco Gateways and LinkSys.
VoIP consulting and VoIP hardware purchasing.

Adolfo Alsina 756
Buenos Aires, Argentina
+54 911 5015 4826Email:jolveira@gmail.com


http://www.axxion.it AXXION SRL
Consulting, setup and support for AsteriskPBX and other Opensource solutions.
Installation of IP PBX Systems.
Call center solutions.


Viale Fulvio Testi, 223
20162 Milano - MI - Italia
+39 02

Baldwin Technology Solutions, Inc.

http://www.baldwintechsolutions.com/ Baldwin Tech

Providing support for asterisk, Trixbox and asterisk@home solutions.
VoIP consulting and VoIP hardware purchasing.

M-F 9:00am to 5:00PM EST


Provide SIP Trunking & SIP Origination/Termination services for Asterisk platforms. Integration and interop consulting and support. Full technical support and design of WAN/LAN, interop, and QoS. A one-stop shop for Asterisk deployment, IP access and design, hardware procurement, SIP services, and online DID and gateway management tools. A Level 3 Master Partner with 93% US coverage of DIDs, 6,000+ Rate Centers. PDF Info

M-F 8:00am to 6:00PM EST

Baytech Networks, LLC

Baytech Networks is a provider of various technology solutions. We specialize in VoIP based phone systems, network installation and computer trouble shooting services.

Phone Systems Sacramento

Be Able


Italian Asterisk consultant.
We offer Asterisk and VOIP consultants.
PBX and networking solutions, GSM/VOIP solutions for business.

Contact us at:
Tel. +390802146851

BicneT Infoservices Pvt. Ltd.

VoIP Consulting, Asterisk Installation and customisation, IVR development, Professional voice prompts, IP Phones, IP PBX, IVR systems, integration and consulting.

Bicnet Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. India / United States
Telephone: +91-22-28470101
Fax: +91-22-28470285
US#: +1.360.227.5781
E-Mail: mktg@bicserve.com


IPBX solutions are a low cost integrated communication voip systems aimed at SMEs. IPBX systems lower phone bills, monitors business without any maintenance.

Bicnet Infoservices Pvt. Ltd. India / United States
Telephone: +91-22-28470101
Fax: +91-22-28470285
US#: +1.360.227.5781
E-Mail: mktg@bicserve.com


"The Complete Wholesale Carrier Grade VoIP Billing and Management Software"
Billcall is the strategic choice for Wholesale VoIP service providers seeking Telco grade performance and reliability by offering Prepaid VoIP and Post-paid VoIP services, billing for call usage, offer flexible call plans, And comprehensive call rates through multiple VoIP call legs to achieve maximum business efficiency. A Complete Web Based Solution With, VOIP Billing, VOIP Routing, and VOIP Management Software. In All a Complete VOIP ERP for Billing for your soft-switch , Gateway & border session controller.
Benefits of Billcall: Make easy Analysis of Business Productivity on Single Click. Easy to make Decision using Decision Support Reports. Easy to Manage Billing,Rounting and Rating. To Achieve Customer Satisfaction by providing good Service.The key highlights of our service are that we provide high level of security and the software is specially designed for the VOIP wholesale Entrepreneurs & telecom providers using VoIP.
Contact us:rehman.shaikh@billcall.net, +919825500318

Binary Systems, Inc.

Do you want to use Asterisk/VoxBox/TrixBox but need professional support to get your system off the ground?
Are technical problems delaying your VoIP rollout?

Binary Systems provides professional support services, as well as, complete Asterisk VoIP PBX solutions for enterprises of all sizes.

Binary Systems, Inc. specializes in Telephony, VoIP, Networking. and IP Multimedia Subsystems (IMS) professional services. Binary Systems provides installation, system integration, customer support, consulting and training services for VoIP and networking equipment of all types.

BICOM Systems

Our consulting services offer years of expertise and experience. This ensures that the future system design, implementation and maintenance is second to none.

Web: http://www.bicomsystems.com
Email: mailto: sales@bicomsystems.com
Phone: USA: +1 (619) 760 7777 | France: +33 3 61 08 01 32 | UK: +44 (0)20 7043 3480

Bitnetix Technology Consulting

Bitnetix provides expert computer, IT, and technology consulting services to credit unions, not-for-profit organizations, and small businesses at reasonable rates while strengthening and supporting our community through charitable giving, volunteering, and community activism, all while using those same organizationsâ?? services whenever possible. Bitnetix is a privately owned business dedicated to providing expert advice in all areas of technology, IT, computers, and telephony - specializing in VOIP solutions for small organizations. Located in Western New York outside of Rochester, we offer a wide range of services anywhere from Toronto to Buffalo, Syracuse, Utica, Albany, Binghamton, and Elmira, as well as local clients and travel to remote locations and other geographic areas. We are also able to provide remote assistance in most cases, without having to physically travel to our client's site.

More information about Bitnetix is available at our web page, www.bitnetix.com.

Bitsense S.R.L.

We integrate business communication solutions for Enterprise, we are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We provide VoIP systems, technical support and call center solutions based on Asterisk and other free and proprietary platforms.

Location : Buenos Aires, República Argentina
email: info@bitsense.com.ar
Telephone: +54 11 5353-9858
Fax: +54 11 5353-9858


BlueModus provides expert information technology solutions and support including infrastructure design, application development, network security, phone system set-up and managed web hosting to local, national and international companies. Through energy, creativity and a compelling drive for customer satisfaction, BlueModus creates computer systems that capitalize on the power IT was meant to provide.
  • http://www.bluemodus.com
  • Contact Person: Matt Mathias
  • info@bluemodus.com
  • Phone: 303-759-2100 ext 302
  • Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Asterisk PBX systems

Boom Logic

Boom Logic provides VoIP Business Phone Systems installation and consulting across all of Florida including Tampa, St. Pete, Sarasota, Orlando, Daytona Beach and Jacksonville. We support customers ranging from the small business all the way up to nationally know carriers. Specializations include media gateways including Cisco, Nextone Border Controllers, Allworx Business Phone System, and Trixbox consulting.


Brisbane VOIP

If you are looking for the best VOIP deal in Australia or just looking int o reducing your phone/adsl broadband bill, then please drop us a line or visit our website for more details. We are based in Brisbane Australia but service the entire continent of Australis.

We specialise in reducing our business and home customers bills. Wether you make a lot of calls or we can help drastically reduce your outgoings whilst increasing your system functionality through VOIP.

Location : Brisbane Australia
Telephone : +61 (07) 3123 9618
Skype : genericsolutions

Contact Us


+1 (973) 944-0088info@karlbrose.com
  • Voice-over-IP, Asterisk PBX, SER, SIP Exchange, Snom4s
  • AudioCodes, Snom, Mediatrix, Sipura,
  • Design, Software Development, Installation, and Support
  • Custom SIP application development and integration

Brotecs Technology Limited

(A US-Bangladesh Joint Venture)
We covered:

Contact: Brotecs Technology Limited
Email: info@brotecs.com
Tel: + 1 602 410 7728 (USA Operation)
+ 88 0171 581 2324 (Bangladesh Operation)+ 88 0155 247 8526 (Bangladesh Operation)www.brotecs.com

Business IP Networks, Australia

  • VoIP Installations
  • Business Grade VoIP & ISDN Australia Wide
  • Asterisk Customisations & Support
  • Business Grade Internet Australia Wide
  • Web site: http://www.businessip.com.au

CTS China VOIP Consulting (China Shanghai / Beijing)

Call Center Scope (San Diego, CA)

  • http://www.callcenterscope.com
  • Digium-Certified Asterisk Professional (dCAP)
  • Asterisk Call Center Development Company
  • support@callcenterscope.com
  • We service areas in San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Orange County
  • Phone 619.327.9046
  • Asterisk consulting, VoIP PBX,IVR, and AGI scripting
  • Vicidial hosting, Freepbx, Trixbox, Voice Broadcasting, Opensips, VoIP Design
      • Free consultation for custom asterisk projects, Asterisk Server Clustering, Migrations, Failover setups

CallFire.com - Voice API & VoiceXML Consulting

CallFire provides highly-scalable and affordable Cloud Telephony and Homesourcing solutions, including Voice API ,Voice Broadcast , Virtual Call Center , Hosted IVR , Call Tracking, Voice API and VoiceXML services.

Learn more: CallFire.com, Email: sales@callfire.com, Toll Free: 877.897.FIRE, Local: 213.221.2287
Our clients: GeoGraffiti.com, FastCall411.com, BugleMe.com. Over 10,000 clients. Call for a free quote.

Call Motions

Delivering Customized IVR & VOIP Solutions
Call Motions enables companies to enhance their businesses by using phones in creative ways adding convenience and functionality to their products.
We can customize a system, so our customers can instantly hear the likes of real-time game results, play Historic walking tours, access web-based information via any phone or avoid navigating multiple layers of menus using CallerID in a CRM application.

+1 (212) 624-0900info@callmotions.com
Call Motions, LLC
114 East 32nd Street
New York, NY 10016

Callstorm Solutions

Callstorm Solutions provides IP-PBX and VoIP Services for Small and Medium Enterprises.
We serve central and southwest Florida from our offices in Tampa,FL

CallStormSolutions.com - TampaBay
CallStorm Solutions


VoIP, Networking, and Telecom Consulting and Services
  • Carrier Interop Consulting (Level3, Qwest, Verizon, ...)
  • LNP Management (Level3, Verizon)
  • VoIP Network Support & Management
  • Asterisk Consulting
  • Asterisk Phone System Support & Management

E: mailto:sales@callwbs.com
P: 443-356-4310
Website: www.callwbs.com

Capacity - Information Technology Academy - VoIP Consultants Company - Asterisk Training company

- Asterisk PBX Training in Spanish
- dCAP Certified Instructors
- Asterisk Instructor
- Spanish and English support

Phone: 809-985-2444

CC Computer Consultants GmbH

We move your company to VoIP. Guaranteed.
  • Specialized Voice Over IP-Solutions with Database Backends
  • Various Interconnects between E1 / BRI / SIP / IAX / H.323
  • Voice Recognition Systems
  • TTS (Text-To-Speech)
  • High-Availability Clustering
  • High-security systems

Delivering solutions and concepts used as a base for success to the industry since 1991.

http://www.computergmbh.de info@computergmbh.de
Phone +49-8631-986170

Context M.I.S. SL

:IT and Telecommunications management and consulting services based in Madrid, Spain.

Over 25 years professional experience in information systems and communications.

- Asterisk PBX services for private enterprises and SIP communication architecture services for telecom service providers
- Digium, Cisco, VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft certified professionals
- Videoconferencing - LifeSize Partner
- Managed security service, Managed Asterisk PBX services
- Pro-active infrastructure monitoring and management services

URL : http://www.context.es
PHONE: +34 902 90 90 98
PHONE: +1 (212) 372-7193

Centershore Consulting, Inc.

Applications - Voice / Data Assessment, Architecture, Integration and Support
Centershore Solutions
- Voice and Data Service Financial Analysis
- Optimized Voice and Data Integration (Asterisk, Ping-Tel, SwitchVox)
- Internet Presence
- Mobile Office
- VoWi-Fi (Voice Over Wireless)
- Wireless Office/Hotspot

http://www.centershore.com/ sales@centershore.com
Phone 646-292-5304

Cipher Communications

  • http://www.theciphergroup.com
  • E-Mail: info@theciphergroup.com
  • Phone: 708.590.0401
  • Asterisk Consulting
  • Network, VoIP, QOS Consulting
  • dCap Certified Cisco Certified
  • Specializing in Consulting, Custom Development, IVR's, QOS, and Installing and Maintaining Asterisk Systems.
  • Onsite and Remote Service Available. Serving Chicago and its Suburbs Locally.
  • Contact us Anytime at 708.590.0401 or email info@theciphergroup.com

Cheryll 'MITCHOY' G. Gemarino

Mitchoy is well known here in Cebu in installing and configuring VICIDIAL Servers on a lowest rate. He is now a Network Communication Engineer Head using VICIDIAL/Asterisk/Freepbx and Asterisknow. He setup small-medium call centers in Cebu namely, AMPM Connect Call Center, Direct Response Training & Marketing Solutions, Greenwire Connect Contact Center, BoTechnology, Blue Cow Philippines Inc., Lavache Blue, Customer Benefits Services Inc. and currently working in Savvysherpa US. He has also a strong background of using Open-Source Technology for effective cost for IT infrastructure, IE, Firewall, Proxy Servers, Mail Servers, Web Server, DNS Servers, Load Balancing and Failover Systems. Mitchoy is also one of the owners of Deep Code Online - Programming Services

Contact: Choy Gemarino
Email: cyberchoy123@gmail.com
Mobile: +639475145158 / 0324010359 / US: 1-888-784-4697 / 1-612-594-7710
Website: Deep Code Online

Cloudvox.com - Open Phone API & Asterisk Hosting Consultants

Cloudvox is the most practical, stable, open environment for API-driven phone calls. Cloudvox provides an Open Phone API platform and Asterisk Hosting so that you can create a custom VoIP application in any programming language, including ruby, http/json, php, java and perl.

CMC Technology Group

Serving New England with offices in Portland, Augusta, Bangor, Presque Isle and Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.
Full service solution provider with Cabling, Business Network OS and Infrastructure Support, Traditional PBX and VoIP / IP Telephony support.
Support for IP solutions from sipXecs / sipFoundry, Mitel, NEC, Toshiba.

Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm EST
email: sales@cmctechgroup.com
www: http://www.cmctechgroup.com

Conrad Wood (London, UK & Berlin, DE)

An independent consultant, operating mostly in London and Berlin, and some clients worldwide. Specialised in analysing business process and configure phonesystems and network equipment/software to support the business. Success is based on understanding the business need.
Website: http://www.conradwood.net
tel: +44 207 099 4804

Coral VOIP (India, US, UAE, NZ and UK)

A Voip Provider which provides consultancy for Termination, Hardware , Softswitches, Mobile Soft Phones with a global foot print and with offices in India, USA, UAE and NewZealand and serving clients globally. We provide specific and custom solutions depending upon the requirements and analysis of customer requirement Success is based on understanding the business need.
We have proven expertise in Asterisk Solutions | Proprietery PBX solutions like NEC, Siemens | SS7 interconnects | TDM and IP based voice and data connections | High Availability Wifi Mesh Solutions | Convergence Solutions | A2Z termination etc

Asterisk Billing Solutions | PRI termination | GSM termination | High Availability Asterisk Clusters | Fail Over Systems | Embedded Asterisk IPPBX |
24x7x365 Support
Asterisk Training

Website: www.coralvoip.in, www.telenovanetworks.com, www.officesentinel.com, www.zulutel.com
tel: +91 484 405 0332 ,+1 408 227 5016

CTC Connections (Texas, USA)

CTC Connections offers Consulting and Integration Services to ensure you have the most up-to-date VoIP solution to help extend the benefits of IP communication throughout the enterprise. CTC Connections VoIP solutions exceed industry standard for reliability, scalability, redundancy, and are optimized to foster better business communication systems and efficiency. For more information on our Consulting and Integrations services, visit http://www.ctcconnections.com/consulting_services.html

Website: http://www.ctcconnections.com/index.html
email: mailto:info@ctcconnections.com
Phone: +1 214 270 1394

CGTS Equipment C.A.

Digium Select Reseller : VoIP Solutions to Venezuela market. Official Digium Training and dCAP certification. Digium Hardware Resellers and free technical support to Customers.

Phone: +58 212 762.35.14

email: info@cgts.com.ve
www: http://www.cgts.com.ve


We are a company based in Guatemala providing VoIP solutions through the Latin American market. We are a R&D oriented company, we have strategic alliances with several hardware resellers.

Somos una empresa Guatemalteca que provee soluciones de VoIP al mercado Latinoamericano. Estamos enfocados en la Investigacion y Desarrollo, y contamos con alianzas estrategicas con revendedores de hardware.
  • VoIP solutions
  • Call-Centers
  • Recording Systems over Voip and analouge platforms
  • Text-to-Speech

Tel Gt: +502.24584710

Communication Freedom, LLC (MI, USA)

We specialize in the selection, implementation, and maintenance of hosted VoIP PBX phone systems. Specifically, we focus on:

  • Multi-Location Businesses
  • Work from Home / Telecommuting
  • Location Independent Consultants and Businesses
  • Broadband selection: T1, DS3, OC3, and Ethernet

517-743-4133 x1

ComsEnable - UK Based


We provide consultancy on telephony services.

  • Any special telephony application or service
  • Specialised in Asterisk/Freeswitch/Yate/Kamailio
  • Automated functional testing of IVR's - testing your configuration is setup is valid
  • Specialism in load testing platforms - inbound & outbound
  • Process database records on incoming/outgoing calls
  • CRM integration
  • Hold incoming customer calls in queue wait for available call handler
  • Agent piority queueing
  • Webrtc
  • Evaluate your phone system performance - automated testing with large volume of traffic
  • Call recording
  • Call conferencing
  • Multiple phone's ring at once
  • Dynamic voice menu's (IVR)
  • Email notification when calls received
  • Speech recognition

Make your business processes more efficient and automated

E-mail :comsenabler@gmail.com
web : http://comsenable.launchrock.com


We are providing turnkey solutions for IP PBX and corporate voice networks.

  • Asterisk/Linux installation and configuration, tuning and integration, training of personnel, maintenance and support.
  • Billing systems for Asterisk - sales, integration and support.
  • IP telephony, traffic origination and termination.
  • Asterisk hardware sales - voice cards, peripherals, pre-configured SIP servers.

Our contacts:
Ukraine, Lviv
phone: +380 (32) 2956908
fax: +380 (32) 2980717
sip: info@context-net.com.ua
email: info@context-net.com.ua

Convertec http://www.convertecsolutions.com

  • Supporting asterisk based telephony systems since 2005, references available upon request.
  • Also providers of SIP/IAX origination and termination services with over 90% of US ratecenters on-network. LNP available. NO contracts required
  • We configure and troubleshoot Trixbox with VoIP, PRI, Digium, Rhino, ZapMicro, Sangoma , and many more hardware providers
  • Guaranteed to fix your dropped calls, echo, "all channels are busy now", and all other common troubles.
  • Assistance with phone configurations, features, and other asterisk/endpoint issues
  • Hourly and contract pricing starting at ONLY $65.00/HOUR!!!
  • We can service anyone anywhere in the world via ssh and web access. 24X7 emergency assistance is always available.
  • 800-928-3109 | 208-664-2869 | www.convertecsolutions.com | info@convertecsolutions.com

CoreMind | Managed IT, Servers, Asterisk, Workflow Solutions

1300 88 99 25

Melbourne & Geelong
  • Asterisk integration specialists - IVR, databases, workflow
  • Asterisk Consulting Australia-wide: e.g. config file and IVR writing
  • Asterisk server and service security consulting and implementation
  • VoIP networking experts and consultants - WAN links, datacentres, QoS, latency, redundancy
  • Multi-office setups
We don't just provide office phone systems. We provide workflow solutions leveraging our deep Linux and Asterisk skills, combined with our custom software development and mobile solutions to deliver you a competitive edge. Talk to us today if VoIP could transform the way you do business.
Website: http://www.coremind.com.au
Email: solutions@coremind.com.au


Asterisk PBX as telephone exchange integrated with Covide CRM and Groupware and provided as SaaS as well as an Open Source project on SourceForge.

+31 342-490364
I. Covide project on SourceForge.net
E. info@covide.net
Bouwheerstraat 1b
3772 AL Barneveld

Creacode Ltd.

Offers carrier-grade SIP servers for Telecommunication Service Providers, VoIP Service Providers, Internet Service Providers.

Our solutions are ideal for
  • Broadband IP Telephony services
  • Prepaid/Postpaid VoIP telephony services
  • From xDSL to PSTN call services

Creacode Ltd. Istanbul / Turkey
Tel +902122138893
Fax +902122134548
Email: sales@creacode.com.tr

CSG Corporate Solutions Group

A Philippine Corporation established by Solutions Experts providing development services and products
Web Applications, Business Systems, IP-PaBX, Call Center Solutions, CRM Hosting, Ordering Systems
- IP-PaBX Implementations
- Custom Asterisk Systems
- Predictive Dialers
- Business Process Systems
- VoIP Solutions

http://www.csgph.com/ info@csgph.com

CTS Consulting & Trade Service GmbH

Asterisk VoIP solutions and VoIP Security. Availabe in Western and Eastern Europe, based in Austria and Germany. Serving customers from 20 - 80000 users with our solutions and knowledge since 1985! Best references.

    • Österreich / Austria
Tel.: +43 (0) 662 621559 0
Fax: +43 (0) 662 621559 22

    • Deutschland /Germany
Tel.: +49 (0)8654 / 772281
Email: support@ctseuro.com


  • Asterisk full-featured PBX installation/configuration.
  • Asterisk Calling card, billing, LCR, IVR, call centers.
  • Cisco Callmanager/express,Unity installation/configuration.
  • Voicemail, faxmail, PSTN integration, Conferencing.
  • IP-Phone provisioning and support, softphones, TFTP.


Voice over IP and Data Network Engineering for Broadsoft Broadworks, Acme Packet, Cisco, Genband, Adtran, and Asterisk. Offering consulting services for all aspects of telecommunications from initial project planning to post deployment training.

DVCOM Technology is the only Digium Authorized Training Partner in the Middle East.

DVCOM Technology is the Authorized Distributor of Digium Asterisk in MENA region.

With a 360 degree solutions and product portfolio, DVCOM has become a prominent name to compete with proprietary IP based communications products.

DVCOM provides a complete range of professional products and services and assists organizations with the assessment, design, and implementation of professional IP Communications solutions including Unified Communications(UC) and Converged Communications (CC) for ensuring high availability, reliability, performance, scalability, and manageability within their intranet environments.

DVCOM is recognized in the industry for its experience and expertise in developing enterprise systems essential for any organization to ensure maximum efficiency which are delivered through DVCOM’s highly experienced team of certified and experienced professionals and the extensive partner/channel network.

Visit us at - http://www.datavoiz.com
Location Map - http://www.datavoiz.com/images/dvcom_map.JPG
JAFZA - Dubai
Tel: +971 4 88 733 70
Fax: +971 4 88 730 20
Email : mailto:sales@datavoiz.com

DACOS sistemi

DACOS sistemi s.r.l. System Builder and IT/VOIP Consultant.

D-Edge Technical Solutions, Dieppe, NB, Canada

Considered a leader in VoIP technologies, D-Edge Technology is proud to be serving
the Atlantic Provinces (New-Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI). D-Edge Technology offers:
  • End-to-end VoIP Solutions Provider with 24/7 support available
  • Integration with legacy PBX Systems
  • Ability to perform custom coding if required
  • Linux/Windows server installation/configuration/maintenance/support
  • Infrastructure security audits, security recommendations
  • Disaster recovery, business continuity planning
E-Mail: info@d-edge.ca

Silicon Plains, LLC - Asterisk and Trixbox Consultants

We're experts in fully integrating Asterisk (or Trixbox) with Avaya Partner and Merlin Magix systems. Get voicemail, auto-attendant and SIP gateway features in one box. Call today to find out how quickly we can do this for you!
  • Open Systems
  • Custom voicemail systems
  • Custom automated attendant systems
  • Legacy PBX support ( Avaya Magix and Partner)
  • Trixbox
  • Microsoft
  • Asterisk
  • Email: mailto:dan@siliconplains.net

Data Technology Consulting

Data Technology Consulting offers fully integrated business communication solutions for small, medium up to large sizes companies while leveraging on your valuable existing IT/network infrastructure to pull the $$$-plug out of your internal telephone network. We design, deploy, integrate and support communication and universal gateway solutions for your whole enterprise, all your geographically diverse locations and let you seamlessly interconnect to the rest of the world. The future is already here.

DATA TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING Pte. Ltd. Singapore, Asia/Pacific
Telephone: +65 6729 2500
Fax: +65 6338 6311
SIPphone: 1-747-617-7987
E-Mail: info@DTCon.com


Denphone offers a full range of VoIP solutions and consulting for the Japanese market. We work with SOHO and medium size companies as well as large well known multinational firms. We have specialized experience with the Asterisk platform, as well as with Cisco, Polycom, Snom, Sipura and several Taiwanese phone manufacturers such as ACT.
We are a full Digium Reseller offering most of their products through our webshop.

DENPHONE. Tokyo, Japan
Telephone: +81 3 5545 4638
Fax: +81 3 5545 4637
E-Mail: sales@denphone.com

Desktop Evolution

Your source for asterisk custom IVR programming, general programming and extended functionality.
Desktop Evolution offers consulting and programing services for custom built asterisk's solutions from small to enterprise level organizations.
We provide integration of voice over ip technology for telemarketing organizations, customer service, call center, and custom accounting/crm voip integrated solutions. Extensively experienced with Python/Perl/PHP Asterisk integration, Cisco, 3com and Asterisk VOIP technologies as Well as Apple OS X.

Desktop Evolution, Inc . Florida / United States
Telephone: +1-772-224-8913
Fax: +1-718-247-1673
E-Mail: mikeh@dtev.com

Dial 800 - Call Tracking, Call Routing & 800 Numbers

Dial800 offers tools to enhance and track your phone call sales using a suit of tools including call tracking,
800 Numbers, Call Routing, and Call Center Integration solutions.

Website: Dial 800
Youtube: Dial 800 Videos
Toll-Free: (800) 597-6074

DialCom s.r.o.

Provide support for Asterisk and Elastix,TrixBox project, VoIP consulting and VoIP hardware purchasing, Asterisk instalation and customisation, prof. slovak voice promts, IP PBX solution and IP PBX / Call Centre hosting.

Location : Slovak republik, Czech republik, Hungary
email: voip@dialcom.sk
Telephone: +421 2 2028 3004
Fax: +421 2 2028 3005

DialOne GSS S.R.L.

Asterisk and Call Center professionals based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We provide VoIP systems, technical support and call center solutions based on Asterisk and other free and proprietary platforms.

Location : Buenos Aires, República Argentina
email: info@dialone.com.ar
Telephone: +54 11 5352-0110
Fax: +54 11 5273-9976


  • VoIP solutions, Asterisk PBX
  • SIP/IAX2 interconnect with providers in Slovakia
  • IVR, CRM, call center apps, etc.

Digitale, spol. s r.o.
Cintorínska 3
811 08 Bratislava
tel: +421-2-32111222
web: http://www.digitale.sk



Wholesale DID Numbers, Global Coverage for VoIP carriers, Webportal & API

Direct Leap Technologies, Inc.

We have done calling cards, conferencing, call centers, outbound dialers, custom IVR development, advanced database integration, embedded Linux product development, automated testing, network design and softswitch integration — both for carriers and OEMs. Some of our installations have 1,000 lines or more in service.
  • Web site: http://www.directleap.com/
  • E-mail: info@directleap.com
  • Phone: (416) 405-8073
  • We do high-volume and highly-available carrier-grade Asterisk / SER engineering.
  • We deliver strategy-driven technology for marketing, operations, and product development.
  • We will make your installation carrier-grade, with automated monitoring and testing.
  • Let us give you advice.

Diyanat Ali - Hyderabad - India

  • Asterisk/VOIP Consultant
  • Services offered:
  • Installation/maintenance/configuration of linux systems/servers VOIP Gatekeepers/Phones/devices.
  • Msn messenger: diyanat@hotmail.com
  • Yahoo messenger: diyanat
  • Skype: diyanat
  • AOL: diyanat
  • Phone:+91 98850 39230
  • Email:diyanat@hotmail.com
  • payment:Accepts Paypal and bank/wire Transfer

Dmitri Muntean - VoIP/Asterisk Independent Consultant

Dr. SIP (Zurich, Switzerland)

Expert for VoIP, SIP, ENUM, Linux, OpenSER/Kamailio, and Asterisk

  • VoIP 3rd Level Support for SIP Issues / Troubleshooting
  • Installation and maintainance of SIP (SER/OpenSER/Kamailio, Asterisk, and other) systems
  • High availability architectures
  • NAT traversal
  • Integration of heterogeneous VoIP systems
  • Service contracts
  • Strategic product direction and IETF Standardization
  • Reviewing and development of architectures and designs
  • Education


DrVoIP represents a team of Cisco Support, ShoreTel, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft “On Demand” certified engineers. We do NOT sell hardware of any kind as engineering and technical support are our only service.

The DrVoIP team currently manages thousands of desktops worldwide and provides technical support on either a per incident basis. We also provide “virtual installation” and ongoing maintenance on a fixed project fee basis.



Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

The VoIP experts provides highly professional support, design, development, configuration & consultancy services in VoIP.

For any other details


Ecosmob Tech. Pvt. Ltd.

.e4 Technologies

On the Web http://www.e4strategies.com
Contact Us
.e4 LLC
333 W Grandview Parkway
Traverse City, MI 49686
Phone: (231)946-4162
Fax: (231)668-4285
Info: mailto:info@e4strategies.com


:An Information Technology organization was established in the Philippines.

The company is focused in addressing the needs of various enterprises by providing innovative, integrated and cost-effective, cost-efficient solutions and services that are specifically designed to determine what the industry needs and help businesses become stronger, stable and more sustainable in the market.

- IP-PaBX Implementations
- Custom Asterisk Systems
- Predictive Dialers (Inbound, Outbound and Blended call handling)
- Business Process Systems
- VoIP Solutions
- Customized CRM

URL : http://www.e-telligent.net
EMAIL: l.sune@e-telligent.net
PHONE: (632) 633-5678

Ecall Telecom Pvt. Ltd.

Provides consulting services for configuration of Call Center Voice Processing System for Inbound/Outbound Calls using Asterisk PBX and Vicidial Predictive Dialer System. Ecall Telecom Pvt. Ltd. (the "Company") is an Indian based Information Technology company has experience with in depth knowledge of VoIP technologies, Voice Broadcasting, TeleMarketing Softwares, Asterisk Installation, Asterisk Configuration, Vicidial for the consolidation project including implementation, customization, interface with VoIP, software engineering, operational gap analysis and solution architecture. We have a highly qualify engineer`s team for the development and support.
We have set up multiple VICIDIAL call centers all around the Globe with huge number of seats.
We are the world's pioneer and leading supplier of VoIP solutions.

EMAIL: mailto:contact@onlinevoipsolutions.com


Engineers' Consulting Group (ECG, Inc.) is a leading design, engineering, and operations consultancy for VoIP telecommunications for carriers and large enterprises. ECG's customers include Alcatel-Lucent, US Telepacific, Verizon, Centennial de Puerto Rico, SpeakEasy, Stage 2 Networks, and many others. ECG has strong background with Asterisk, Cisco, and Foundry, and active relationships with Engineering at Acme Packet, BroadSoft, MetaSwitch, and AudioCodes.

  • 24x7x365 On-Call Engineer support services
  • Emergency support services payable via credit card are available
  • Complete network design and installation
  • Network design analysis and review

Next-day on-site emergency consulting available in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.

Edwin A. Valbuena Jr

Edwin is located in Manila, Philippines. Has extensive experience in setting up inbound and
outbound call centers. With experience as a Call Center IT Manager, Edwin knows what do you need in regards of call center technologies. Now currently as a consultant Edwin has installed and currently maintains various VICIDIAL implementation
ranging from 20 seats to 300 seats call centers. Edwin is also a member of VICIDIAL Vendor Association.

Services offered:
VICIDIAL Installation / Configuration

Contact: Edwin A. Valbuena Jr.
Email: edvalbuena (at) gmail.com
Mobile: +63917-862-op3r(6737) /+63921-773-1927
Website: Core Communications Inc.

EICSS - Embedded VoIP Systems

EICSS is one of very few companies offering highly optimized hardware and firmware for embedded VoIP applications. Products include:

- DSP based low cost hardware for VoIP applications
- Highly optimized, royalty-free, portable firmware framework for developing custom VoIP clients
- Portable IAX2/SIP2 VoIP stack

Email: info (at) eicss.com
Website: http://www.eicss.com

Elisha Telecom

Elisha Telecom offers both on-site and remote VoIP/Asterisk Consultancy worldwide. With staff located in the UK and the Philippines, our team is on hand 24/7 regardless of your time zone. No job is too small or too large.

Contact us for an informal chat and see what Elisha Telecom can do for your business:

Emergen Consulting

Emergen Consulting is the largest open source consulting firm in Pakistan. We have the best consultants for Asterisk and FreeSwitch in the region. Emergen's team has been an active contributor in both the projects. Emergen recently completed one of the largest IP PBX projects in Pakistan at the Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) with more than 1700 extensions in more than 100 location citywide. Emergen has also provided a complete Asterisk based solution to the National Database Registration Authority, a Government organization with more than 350 locations countrywide.

Contact Emergen Consulting:


Unified Communication talk to Enterprise Oracle Apps!!!
  • Medium to Large Multi-Office Business Telephony Systems
  • Asterisk Dialers and Bulk Calling Systems
  • Specialty Calling Systems (Entertainment and Personals)
  • Customer Relationship Management, CRM Application Integration
  • Distributed Server Architecture and Asterisk Load Balancing
  • Hospitality Telephony Systems (Hotel PBX Integration)
  • Complete IVR Development
  • Now make your SAP / Custom Oracle based app talk to Asterisk only available with Enterux,
  • payment:Accepts Paypal and bank/wire Transfer

Customers - Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC Bank, ABN AMRO, ILFS Education & Technology, Times Group - Radio Mirchi, Financial Times, WDPartners, GTSS, Entercoms, Lavasa Corporation - HCC, Vodafone (Hutch), Airtel, BPL Mobile (Loop Telecom), Aarya Cabs, JustDial, Mobitel Srilanka and many more.

Connect with us and find out how we can revolutionize the way you communicate


  • customizable pbx turnkey solution - e.com pbx
  • VoIP consultancy and research
  • pbx and soft-switch developement and integration
  • callcentre desing and implementation

epbx Headquarters
Gotthelfstrasse 102, 4054 Basel, Switzerland
phone: +41 615115014
www: http://www.epbx.eu

e-Lab / electronic Laboratory (Bolivia)

  • e-Lab_75x50-cortes.jpg
    e-Lab / electronic Laboratory
    • 100% tecnología libre y abierta
    • Integración de Soluciones Empresariales, Móviles, Comunicaciones Unificadas, Acceso Remoto, Valor Agregado, Alta Disponibilidad, sobre plataformas (GNU, Linux)
    • Telefonía IP, Call centers, Contact Centers
    • Diseño, Implementación y Consultoría en Internetworking, Comunicaciones y Servicios IP
    • Infraestructura (cableado, energía, sistemas de tierra, etc.)

Endrelia Consulting

Endrelia Consulting is a Toronto based system design and development firm with a history of delivering rock solid solutions.

We have developed many advanced Asterisk applications including:
- Customized PBX systems
- Custom Asterisk Gateway Interface Applications
- Fail safe redundant PBX systems
- VOIP and land line PBX systems

Please visit our site: http://www.endreliaconsulting.com, or contact us at: +1 416 208 6986

eTechnus Corp (New Jersey/New York/USA)

eTechnus uses technology in innovative ways in order to increase the productivity of its clients. Located in the Greater New York Area, we provide our customers with enterprise level telephone systems at low affordable prices.
We are an Elastix certified reseller and integrators with connections that include the best carriers providing our clients with a reliable phone system and reliable phone service.
Etechnus has a priority to provide its clients with cutting edge solutions to improve workflow and productivity, visit us at http://www.etechnus.com.

Office: +1-646-205-0408
Email: info@e-technus.com

Ethict Solutions & Services

TOIP Consulting firm based in Brussels and active accros Europe
ETHICT is a provider of smart ToIP/VoIP consulting, integration and engineering services on Cisco CM, CPE based Asterisk solutions or shared (IP centrex) Asterisk infrastructures. Check our customer references on www.ethict.com, and contact us.

Ethict Solutions & Services
Office : +32 473 480 364
Fax : +32 2 705 83 63

Evariste Systems

  • Web site: http://www.evaristesys.com
  • Knowledge base: http://www.evaristesys.com/workshop
  • VoIP FAQ: http://www.evaristesys.com/workshop/index.php/VoIP_FAQ
  • Contact: 678-954-0670 (or see contact form on web site)
  • Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Specialisations: Kamailio (OpenSER) support & development (management advisory council member, official ASIPTO partner), large-scale Asterisk deployments, SIP service delivery platform engineering, IP network engineering, VoIP contact centers, QoS, VoIP application integration, telecommunications operational support systems, billing/rating/least cost routing, Cisco voice gateways, SIP trunking, private VoIP peering/settlement, fax-to-email.

EYEPEA (Belgium, Luxembourg, France)

Eyepea is a VoIP consultant and system integrator building solutions around Open Source platforms such as Asterisk, OpenSER/Kamailio, sipXecs etc.
We offer our solutions and services to private enterprises and administrations in Belgium, Luxembourg and the north of France.
Our focus is on medium to large size organisations that want to leverage the value of VoIP through integration with their existing IT applications such as CRM, ERP, directories, web sites, databases, GIS etc.

Office : +32 2 391 43 70

Federated Communications

VoIP Consulting Group, Pittsburgh, PA United States of America
Federated Communications develops, customizes and implements VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) software solutions to help clients achieve their unique visions and drive business results. Our versatile and talented staff specialize in application development, business intelligence, legacy integration and e-commerce websites for a range of clients, from retail and manufacturing industries to financial institutions.
We specialize in VoIP platform technologies using such tools as Asterisk, SIP Express Router, PHP, XML, and MySQL. Our extensive working experience with these technologies gives us the added ability to find the most creative, innovative and cost-effective software solutions for our clients.

Federated Communications

FG&A - Voice@work, Milan, Italy

Consulting and development of telecommunication solutions based on Asterisk, founded in 1988 with strong background of software development. Covers northern Italian region and Switzerland Ticino area.

  • Asterisk-based PBX services and support
  • CRM Integration
  • Access Control Security and Intercom integration with Asterisk
  • Call Centers support and integration
  • SIP Phones: Snom, Yealink, Grandstream

Web: http://www.voiceatwork.com
Phone: +39 02 00697002

Fintech Communications Inc.

Fintech Communications provides voip and call center solutions based on asterisk and cisco unified communications Serving Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties.

  • Trixbox
  • Asterisk
  • Vicidial
  • Predictive Dialers
  • Cisco Unified Communications

Fintech Communications Inc - Orange County California
Fintech Communications Inc

Freedom Networks

Freedom Networks is an open source communication specialist. We are now a proud reseller of Trixbox Pro. We can show how to take your communications to the next level. We can handle any solution large or small. Contact us to find out more.

Email: freedom@freedomnet.co.nz
Web: www.freedomnet.co.nz
Phone: +64 6 367 8300, +1413 771 1402
Mobile: +64 21 76 3939

Flyball (Proud to be Ferndale, Michigan Based)

Asterisk consulting and support with a focus in the USA. We have experience with Asterisk PBX with deployments that range from 5 phones to 300 phones. We can Integrate Asterisk with your backend databases, CRM applications, social media applications and other applications. We have experience with most of the popular Asterisk distributions and with a number of different SIP phone manufacturers. We offer 24 hour support for Asterisk.

Here are some of the Asterisk distributions that we are familiar with:

  • Trixbox
  • AsteriskNOW
  • Elastix
  • PBX in a Flash
  • Vicidial

Email: pbx@goflyball.com
Web: goFlyball.com
Phone: 248-534-1310

FlyVoIP Software

Consulting and software development/customization in VoIP/SIP telecommunication industry for Europe and Russia regions. Expirience in Asterisk PBX and OpenSER/SER PBX backend systems. You can also get FREE Consulting service via our Chat Room on start page of the our site http://www.flyvoip.com.

  • SIP Softphones development and customization (for Mobile and PC)
  • Callback and Call-through mobile dialing application FlyTalk Mobile.
  • IP-PBX systems building
  • Billing and payment systems

Email: contact@flyvoip.com
Web: http://www.flyvoip.com

Fonlogic C.A.

Fonlogic is a VoIP hardware and solution provider located in Venezuela. Fonlogic is Digium Affiliate Reseller, OpenVox Distributor, GrandStream Distributor and Asterisk Embedded Developer.

Email: info@fonlogic.com
Web: www.fonlogic.net
Phone: +58 212 235 5089

Friendly Solutions Corp.

We are located in Chicago and we provide the following services:

  • Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of Asterisk-based systems. We are working with Asterisk since 2006.
  • Computer Maintenance plans
  • General Computer Support
  • CRM Solutions

Website: http://friendly-solutions.com
Phone: +1 (773) 957-7800
Email: support@friendly-solutions.com


VoIP Consulting and Trunk Services firm in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
FuguPhone provides VoIP consulting and integration for businesses seeking to improve their telephone service while lowering their related costs.
As a full residential and business VoIP service provider, FuguPhone has the knowledge and expertise needed to design and deploy reliable business telephone services.
FuguPhone deploys business telephone PBX systems based on the Asterisk open-source VoIP platform. Asterisk allows for flexibility of call flow and geographical call distribution unheard of in traditional PBX systems. Asterisk also provides a total cost of ownership that other VoIP solutions can't compete with.

FuguPhone | Fugu Communications Inc.

Gears of VoIP

Formation et Consulting: Asterisk, SER, SIP, ...
Location : Suisse
eMail : thomas@deillon.eu
Web : http://gearsofvoip.com
CV : http://thomasdeillon.netcv.org

Geidi Information Technology Management

Asterisk and VOIP Consulting
Location: Perth, Western Australia
Phone: 1300 855 049
Email: info@geidi.com
Web: http://www.geidi.com

GTA Network Consulting

Your IT worries stop here....


Genzee Limited (London, UK)

We are a London based ICT consultancy with over 20 years of combined experience working with a variety of VoIP, IT and Internet technologies. Our focus is to help companies strategically use these technologies to move their businesses forward. Our services include:

Giampaolo TUCCI - VOIP Consulting (Genoa, IT)

I'm an italian IT consultancy in VoIP & Networking.

Go2Asterisk (Kiev, UA)

We are providing solutions in Asterisk (IVR, AGI, DUNDI, FAX T-38, PSTN gateways, GSM gateways, Intelligent call routing, conference servers, call recordings), Call Center Solutions, Clusters, fault-tolerant solutions.

HablaporInternet - VoIP Providers and e-Shop

We are VoIP solution providers and we have our e-Shop on www.hablaporinternet.com where you can find products from Linksys, Cisco, D-Link, GrandStream, Quintum, Rhino, AudioCodes, Cyber, Frontier Net, between others.

We covered:
1. VoIP Consulting, SysMaster, Asterisk, Quintum, BosCom
2. Voice-Video-Data Convergence solutions
3. Soft-Switch, IP PBX, Prepaid/Postpaid System Solutions
4. IP Call-Center, Customer Information Center Solutions
5. VPN, Internet Gateway Solutions
8. Complete e-Shop www.hablaporinternet.com

Contact: voip@hablaporinternet.com!!

hagel IT-Services GmbH, Hamburg

We provide you with Asterisk-installations, VoIP-Consulting and customized programming.

Harman & Harman - Telecommunications Consultants

We are an independent telecommunications and ICT consultancy service established in 2000. The senior partners have between them over 50 years experience in the sector. We also employ or collaborate with other independent consultants on some assignments.

The overall aim of the consultancy is to provide a value for money service to both large and small organisations in the public and private sector. Large consultancies are able to provide a comprehensive range of services to their clients. but all too often the resources initially appointed to an assignment may change and continuity is not maintained. The client may also find that much of the work is being undertaken by bright but inexperienced analysts who are not able to offer the breadth of knowledge that is often so necessary in some assignments. Costs can also rapidly escalate with some consultancies. Their fees have to cover large overheads and payroll costs We, however, are able to keep our overheads low as we do not maintain large prestigious offices.

Website: http://www.harmanandharman.co.uk
email: mailto:admin@harmanandharman.co.uk
tel: +44 1981 258 020


VOIP system support
  • asterisk-based
  • asterisk prepaid/postpaid
  • asterisk calling card solution
  • asterisk callback solution
  • asterisk callshop solution( new version introduced in Nov-15-2007,see http://www.allvoipsolutions.org/mydrupal/node/4 )
  • quintum callingcard solution
email:hfvoip # yahoo.com.cn, dingdang1204 AT gmail.com
msn: samingcorp@hotmail.com(not email)
Skype id:yangzm

Haroon Hashmi ViciDial / Asterisk Consultant

Five years hands on experience on Linux, Asterisk & Vicidial. Deployed Asterisk for PBX and Call Centers in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad & Peshawar.


Servicing VOIP and TECNOLOGIC solutions, based in South of Am�©rica

Florian�³polis - SC
Am�©rica do SUL


EMEA partner of eZuce. Supplying know-how and 24/7 service for UC PBX systems based on SipXecs or OpenUC.
  • Complete and ready to use solutions based on openUC or SipXecs
  • Various Interconnects between E1 / BRI / SIP / IAX / H.323
  • Integration into IT applications such as groupware, CRM, ERP and etc.
  • FMC - Fixed Mobile Convergence
  • Individual migration concepts
  • VoIP Readiness Tests

http://www.iant.de info@iant.de
Phone +49-5331-6794-450


Asterisk Consulting and VOIP software provider
  • VoIP billing solution based on asterisk
  • Call back / calling card / call shop / SMS sending / relay solution
  • Web Call me buttons / click to call solution
  • Skype to SIP(IAX) / SIP(IAX) to Skype integeration
  • iaxLite & sipLite softphone
  • IVR & Call Centers
  • Hylafax integeration
Website: http://www.iaxtalk.com

IBN Group of Chicago

IBN Group provide Wiring, Engineering, Computer Networks, Network Security, Phone Systems, CCTV, Audio Video, PA and Automation.

ICT Innovations (Lahore , Pakistan)

ICT Innovations is open source based technology solutions provider. We deliver software and services across the broad spectrum of information and Communications technologies to enable our clients to realize their full potential through the exploitation of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).
ICT Innovations are engaged in leveraging of a wide range of cutting-edge open-source technologies, including LAMP . We are confident in following domains
  • Open Source / LAMP ( Development, Installation, Configurations, Customization and Migration services)
  • Unified Communications Solutions
  • ICTBroadcast, a multi tenant sms, voice, fax broadcasting / telemarketing / robocall / autodialer software solutions based on asterisk / freeswitch / kannel using VOIP, FOIP (T.38) and PSTN. suiable for SMB, ITSP and service providers

  • ICTFax, an email to fax, fax to email FOIP (T.38) server solution for ITSP & SMB & Service Provider with billing and routing managment ,

  • ICTPBX, a multi tenant hosted / virtual pbx solution based on open source Elastix for ITSP / SMB / Service Providers,

  • ICTVoice , A complete pinless / calling card / pc2phone solution with online real time billing and online user registeration web portal )

Ifbyphone.com - Cloud Telephony, Phone Application & Voice API Consulting

Ifbyphone is a Cloud Telephony company providing a full suite of VoIP phone applications including IVR,
Voice Broadcasting, Call Tracking, and Virtual Call Center solutions. With Ifbyphone you can rent, integrate, or build your own phone applications that work on any phone.

Website: Ifbyphone.com
Twitter: @ifbyphone
Toll-Free: 877-298-5100

Itarom Technologies SRL

  • Web site: http://www.itarom.net
  • E-mail: admin@itarom.net
  • Phone: +40 746364656
  • Services
    • Call Center
    • SMS, Email, Voice Channels
    • Asterisk Installations
    • Software Development
    • Asterisk Integrations
  • Applications
    • Customer Service
  • IVR Development
  • AGI Development
  • Inbound - Info Center, Support Center
  • Custom Applications: Dialler for Asterisk, Asterisk CTI

IMAP Informatique

IMAP Informatique Open Source integrator, and VoIP Solution Providers.


inCloudOne provides total bundled voice and data solutions to meet all your telecom needs. From fully hosted advanced business telephone systems to custom build on-site PBX solutions. Business bonded broadband, voice assured circuits, SaaS, Security and Cloud Based Development.

Eden House, Enterprise Way, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6HF, UK

iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


We are Asterisk service provider, we are leaders in providing turnkey solutions in Asterisk like IVR/IP PBX/SOFT SWITCH,AGI,End to End VOIP Set-up,Predictive Dialer,Call Centre Solutions,hospitality Telecom solutions,Medical Telecom solutions,ACD for PRI/Analog/GSM Phones,Softphone,SER/billing soft switch,LCR/CDR,Web to call,Click to call,Inter-office/Intra-office Intercom,IP Phones,IP PBX/ Installation / maintenance / configuration of linux systems / servers VOIP Gatekeepers / Phones / devices,Support for digium / sangoma / rhino E1 / PRI / FXO Digital / analog Telephony Cards /grandstream

Our Expertise in building custom Asterisk based phone systems, PBX systems, IVR and call/fax/sms blasting solutions. We have more than 3 years of experience with Linux, Asterisk, and Vicidial Predicative Dialing Platform.

InfoStructure Consulting


Infostructure Consulting is an Open Source VoIP and Information Technology Consulting firm for small to medium sized businesses in the US and South America. Our consultants, certified systems engineers, and technical support agents have over 25 years of combined experience in providing onsite and remote technical support and IT consulting to small and medium sized business. We help you save money by providing you with the highest return on investment technology solutions available to your business.
We specialize in building custom Asterisk based phone systems. We have more than 10 years of experience with Linux, Asterisk, and Vicidial Predicative Dialing Platform.

Intelegent Networks

Intelegent firmly believes in the power and ability of open source and open standards to deliver feature-rich, readily scalable, innovative and cost-effective solutions to technological challenges. We interact very closely with the open-source communities world-over to constantly innovate, optimize, contribute by sharing and learning to ensure that our clients get the best of what there is.

  • Asterisk based SOHO / Corporate PBX
  • Converged Communication Solution - EMail + IM + VoIP
  • Call Center (Predictive Dialer) Solutions
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) Solutions
  • Asterisk Turnkey Solution providers
    • Contact: Rajeev Natarajan
    • Telephone: +91 9444072925 / +1-360-519-5969
    • Email: support AT intelegentnetworks DOT com

INTELLECT Information Technology Pty Ltd - Australia

Voice Over IP experts, Connecting businesses with VoIP since 2003
  • Asterisk (inc Switchvox, Tribox, etc), Cisco Call Manager and other VoIP PBX systems
  • Expertise in communications and network systems, not only VoIP!
  • Design, Implementation and Support of VoIP systems

Contact us to discover how our solutions will meet your business needs.
Phone: 1300 799 165 (+61 3 83171000) | http://www.intellectit.com.au
Level 1, 343 Little Collins st, Melbourne, Australia, 3000

Interfuture Systems Ltd - West Sussex, UK

  • Experts in Asterisk and Voice over IP
  • Proven track record in delivering reliable and business grade VoIP solutions, and offer full design, installation and support services.
  • Contact us for a free comparison to see how much VoIP can save your company (on average 80%)
  • Further VoIP information: http://www.interfuture.co.uk/communications/voip.php

Tel: +44 203 002 2111 - Web: http://www.interfuture.co.uk

Inter7 - Internet Technologies, Inc.

Inter7's fully supported licence free PBX server.
Powered by Asterisk, thePBX is a complete softwar enabled PBX system for Linux that supports Standard Phones, SIP Phones and Traditional Phone Lines <and or> VoIP phones and VoIP service providers.

For more information:
Keith Kouzmanoff | http://www.inter7.com
Resource, Technology and Operational Consultant
Inter7 Internet Technologies, Inc.
815.776.9465 tel
815.776.9488 fax

InterMind Information Technologies / Turkey.

Provides everything about VOIP, Software PBX, Asterisk, SIP, Call Center, IVR systems.

Telephone: +90-312-2852565
E-Mail: mailto:info@inter-mind.com


Enum: +8829999956900
Email: info@initplus.com
  • Assistance CTI Implementation
  • Migration VoIP Infrastructure
  • World Wide Onsite Access

Intuitive Voice Technology

Easy to Use Full Featured Asterisk Solutions Available
  • http://www.intuitivevoice.com/ pbxsales@intuitivevoice.com
  • Phone 480-422-1244
  • Over ten years of telephony experience with fortune 100 companies.
  • Specialize in turnkey Small Business PBX solutions. Focus on ease of use and tightly integrated solutions.
  • We have a full support offering and full Asterisk management suite of tools.
  • Many happy customers and references available. Visit our site for a complete product offering.


Belgrade Serbia based information technology firm providing computer networking, Asterisk PBX support, Call Center and IVR solutions and consulting.

IP Systems

Bringing VoIP solutions to businesses in Democratic Republic of Congo. From solution design to implementation.
IP Systems is specialised in standard based and open source products.
Web: http://ipsystems.colombus.org
E-mail: ipsystems@colombus.org

IPsmarx Technology, Inc.

IPsmarx Technology Inc. is a leading Voice over IP (VoIP) solution provider and system integrator
dedicated to delivering customer management and billing solutions for entrepreneurs, carriers, VoIP
Calling Card Operators and ISPs.
Tel: 212.918.4990
E-Mail: sales@ipsmarx.com

InVitesse Group Ltd

The InVitesse Group Ltd sells the Denphone range of Asterisk based PBX systems, with support for
most of the Japanese PSTN connections as well as several of the local SIP service providers such as
Fusion GOL, OCN and Excite (see the Denphone listing on this page).

Telephone: +81 3 5545 4638
Fax: +81 3 5545 4637
E-Mail: sales@invitesse.com

IPTELEKOM Michal Ludwiczak

  • We offer Asterisk based IP-PBX sollutions
  • Asterisk and Trixbox Consulting
  • Asterisk and Trixbox tranings
  • Break Fixes And much more.
  • We have on-line store with Grandstream, Yealink, Sangoma and much more
  • Physical and remote support.

IPTELEKOM Michał Ludwiczak


isITix only works for big business and a few medium-sized enterprises. We work on special projects which are on the boundary between networks and informatic.

This positioning is based on a system approach to developing information systems, transversal to the main technologies. This approach gives to isITix the opportunity to deal with complex problems of integration which actors specialized in a technology cannot solve. Big actors have not generally the necessary possibilities and so call in subcontracting.

Tel: + 33 2 96 91 66 80
Fax: + 33 2 72 22 07 51

Itadys conseil, France

French VOIP consultant.
We offer Asterisk and VOIP consultants.
Centrex, DID, IVR and all in one call forwarding solution for small businesses

IT&T Expertise, Paris

IT&T Expertise is a consulting firm specialized in information technologies and telecommunications. We integrate phone solutions into business processes and services. We're fluent with ISDN, SS7 and VoIP technologies. We have a strong knowledge of IT technologies, from low-level hardware to high-level software and services. Our specialty : building scalable systems for businesses starting with few clients growing to hundreds of thousands.

    • Asterisk 1.2, 1.4, 1.6
    • OpenSER, openSIPS, Kamailio
    • Custom-built solutions: IVR, traffic trading, VoIP systems, telemarketing, etc.
    • SIP, ISDN/PRI, SS7 interconnections expertise (France, UK)
    • Unified communications, convergence

ITS Informática S.A.

ITS+Informática+S.A. is a VoIP value add distributor. We are official distributor for Epygi VoIP PBX & Gateways and Snom VoIP phones in Latin América. We are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

E-Mail: info@its-informatica.com.ar
Tel.: +54 011 5278-6033
Fax: +54 011 5238-0197
SIP: 8009@sip.its-informatica.com.ar
WebSite: http://www.its-informatica.com.ar


Izeni specializes in custom design, development, and deployment of telephony, web, mobile, and desktop applications.

For VoIP, we've moved from Asterisk to FreeSWITCH. We still do some Asterisk but it's not our preference.
We usually base our development on ParselTONE which utilizes Python, Django, Qt (and QML), Twisted and other Open Source tools.

We'd love to talk to you about building your next big thing.

Provo, Utah USA
Phone: 801-822-9550
Email: sales@izeni.com
Web: izeni.com

Jan Willamowius - Relaxed Communications GmbH

Jan Willamowius, VoIP Consultant and GNU Gatekeeper (GnuGk) project founder
  • VoIP consulting
  • GNU Gatekeeper support
  • H323Plus support
  • custom development
  • based in Hamburg, Germany

Web: H.323 Consultant
Email: jan@willamowius.de

Jesus Tovar - Design & VOIP Consulting

Bsc Electronics Engineer & CCNA Certified
Prahran VIC, Australia

- Asterisk PBX & Opensips, Freeswitch solutions
- XML Provisioning of VOIP phones
- Bash scripting
- Linux server support and administration (Centos OS/Debian/Ubuntu)

E-mail: jesus.tovar@gmail.com

Jive Communications, Inc

- Configuration/Management Web interface
- Hosted PBX solutions
- Co-brand reseller program
- White-label reseller program

Phone: 801-426-5782

Joel Valdez - Asterisk PBX Consultant

- Configuration/Management
- dCAP Certified
- Asterisk Instructor
- Spanish and English support

Phone: 809-756-6556


- Experienced engineers with excellent references and reasonable rates
- Asterisk, FreeSwitch, OpenSer development
- C/C++, C#, Perl, PHP, Python, ASP.Net, VoiceXML, Text-to-Speech, Voice Recognition
- Website and Database development also.
- We can provide you with a total solution.

Phone: 781-864-0108

KCCVoIP - K C Communications UK - EU - US

Over 18 years experience providing computer communications consultancy, support and design services. Complete call centre design, business VoIP, IP PBX integration, lab testing, oniste and remote support, custom contact center software, network baseline and QoS verification - Design Consultants - Asterisk - Cisco - Avaya - dCAP, multi-vendor & Cisco qualified.

http://www.kccvoip.com/ mailto:info@kccvoip.com
Telephone: UK/EU +44 1207 668118 / US +1 646 570 1658

Kensico Consulting

Broadband Convergence Is Our Only Focus

We provide:
- Convergence Business and Market Analysis Services
- Convergence Infrastructure Integration Services

Kensico provides business and technical analysis for broadband voice, video and data convergence strategies.
We also provide architecture and implementation services for carrier and enterprise markets.

http://www.kensicoconsulting.com/ sales@kensicoconsulting.com
Phone 914-769-6848

Kerkhoff Technologies Inc.

Finding the impossible solutions

We provide:
- Asterisk and FreePBX consulting and customizations
- Sangoma and Digium authorized partner
- Aastra, Polycom, Digium, etc VoIP support
- Custom Linux solutions

KTI builds upon years of experience with Open Source technologies to provide a variety of advanced technical services and connectivity options to clients.

Located in Chilliwack, BC, Canada.

Contact: Wim Kerkhoff, CEO and Chief Architect.

http://www.kerkhofftech.ca/ info@kerkhofftech.ca
Phone 604-824-2770

Kibrit.net Freelancer Network & Security

We provide scalable and affordable turnkey IP PBX solutions, Custom Media Servers, VoIP Consultancy
http://www.kibrit.net destek@kibrit.net
Contact Person: Cem GULER

Kinetech Voice Technologies, Inc.

KinEtech Voice Technologies provides technical consulting, solutions, and implementation to Small to Mid Size Businesses, and Service Provider Customers, for the selection of Voice Over IP (VOIP) Equipment and Services.
Our Mission is to provide clients with a clear plan for implementation of VOIP products and technology to satisfy their current and future business needs.
Kinetech will also work as advisors to a company’s in house staff in support of existing projects, introduction of new ideas and technology, and by helping to solve specific telecom issues. We are based in New York and work with clients locally and throughout the U.S.

Tom Cerabona, President/ CEO
KinEtech Voice Technologies, Inc., New York

Klarya srl, Modena, Italy

Klarya provide state-of-the-art appliance based solutions for Unified Communications over IP specifically tailored for SMB, Enterprises and Carriers. Today Klarya operations cover all the Italian territory through a network of selected and certified partners which are continuously supported by Klarya team in projecting and providing specific customer oriented solutions.

Kunthur, Colombia.

  • IP PBX
  • SoftSwitches
  • H323 Gatekeepers
  • Gateways/Routers
  • E1/T1, ISDN, PSTN, GSM integration
  • SS7 Sangoma
  • Sangoma Authorized Reseller
  • Asterisk, AGI/perl/php/C scripting , IVR, Develop Based Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI)
Waxyay Call Centre Suite ( with customised Reports).

Phone : +57 76430393

LANsys Open Source Network Technologies

Website: LANsys Open Source Network
  • LANsys
  • management for networks
LANsys Open Source Technologies
    • Asterisk Implementations and Management
    • Communication Analysis
    • Computer Telephony Integration

Lantone Communications (VoIP Singapore)

Lantone Communcations (VOIP Singapore) is a Digium Gold Reseller for Singapore.
We help organistaions get upto speed with Digium / Asterisk solutions. Our consulting division helps organisations connect their existing phone lines / legacy PBX systems
with state of the art hybrid VOIP environment for interoffice / interbranch communication.
We are also the manufacturers of the world's most popularcall accounting system, Call Accounting Mate.

VOIP Singapore, Asia/Pacific
Telephone: +65 62271149
Fax: +65 68750242
E-mail: san@lantone.com.sg
VOIP Singapore
Website : http://www.voip.com.sg


VoIP, Unix and Data Network experts
We provide planning,consulting, engineering, design and support services for VoIP systems, AIX and Solaris, networking and security.

We will help you:
  • Perform cost analysis and help you cost justify your VoIP projects.
  • Integrate VoIP systems with networks, ITSPs, gateways and other thrid party products.

Local phone: 647-722-6905 #201
ENUM: 1416-989-6608
Direct SIP call: sip:201@sip.lanwork.ca
email: mailto:info@lanwork.ca
Please visit us or send us an email, we will be glad to answer all you questions.

Launch Solutions, LLC - Design, Development, VoIP Consulting.

A full service web design, development and systems deployment agency specializing in the Voice over IP Industry. Our expertise lies in SysMaster Equipment and are Certified SysMaster Trainers. Any SysMaster based equipment deployment we work with including: Norfa, Megaswitch, SM7000, VoiceMaster, Uniswitch, IPTV, Callback, Callshop and more.

Website: http://www.launchitsolutions.com/
Office: 1 (213) 995-5014
Fax: 1 (213) 403-5533

Lemon Computing Ltd

A London based company which offers our customers the very best in IT solutions. We have dCAP engineers ready to support customers remotely or on-site. Our experienced consultants can help you get the most out of the Asterisk system. Lemon Computing delivers the full package to our customers which includes hardware and phones lines which makes us your one stop shop.

Phone: +44 208 8782138

e-mail: mailto:sales@lemon-computing.com
website: http://www.lemon-computing.com


A Serbian based company that offers you complete communication and computer engineering. We are working with Traditional PBX-es and VoIP Asterisk based PBX-es and can provide both local or remote support for you Telephone system.

Phone: +381 26 646 330
e-mail: mailto:office@linknetwork.rs

Links Global Services

We offer Sales, Consulting and Support of VoIP solutions in Venezuela. We specialize in Asterisk based systems, and we offer a wide range of free software based solutions.

Phone: +58 286 9520687
Sip: 103@lgs.com.ve
e-mail: mailto:info@lgs.com.ve

Linux Solutions

What we do:
  • We specialize in Asterisk systems. We can provide installation and support of these systems in Ljubljana area, and also remote locations over the internet.
  • Custom Asterisk PBXes for home, small and medium level offices.

Linux Technology Group, Inc.

Asterisk and Linux Consulting
Orlando, FL / Southeast USA
  • Large and Small Offices
  • Call Centers
  • Custom Web Interfaces For Configuration & Management
  • Redundant High Availability Solutions
  • 20+ Years Of Experience

Contact us:
Phone: 1-407-583-6290 / 1-800-420-6894

LogiTel Corporation

  • Consulting and VoIP Hardware
  • Specializing in VoIP, Linux and Asterisk

Please visit us http://www.logitel.com or email: info@logitel.com

Louisiana Wire & Wireless Co.

  • Full service, from installing cable to custom development.
  • Platform agnostic VOIP consultants and installers since 2001.
  • Specializing in Asterisk based systems, but experienced in almost every platform.
  • Large call center to small office customers welcome.
  • Our developers have been involved in VoIP development since 1992.

Located in Louisiana, serving the Gulf South from Texas to Florida, with offices in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Slidell, and more on the way.

Telephone: 1-504-529-LAWW (5299) | 1-888-736-LAWW
Web: lawwco.com
Updated April, 2012

Luxsys Incorporation (South Korea)

  • First Asterisk Company in Korean Market
  • Experts for TDM, E1 and VOIP
  • Specializing in Software/Hardware Development. Asterisk, SER, VOIP
  • IP PBX/Call Center/CRM/CTI
  • VoIP Hardware/Software
  • Qualified Consulting

Tel: +82-2-2063-8600
Fax: +82-2-3662-1492
Email: support@luxsys.net

Please visit our homepage http://www.luxsys.net

Magic Apple Technology

  • Custom Asterisk Programming
  • Commercial Asterisk Reseller
  • Medium to Enterprise deployments
  • Telecom Services Consultants
  • Digium Ceritfied Asterisk Professionals

Contact: Matt Lloyd
Tel: 615-948-2100
Email: sales@magicappletech.com

Visit our homepage http://www.magicappletech.com

Maila Networks

Integral solutions based on ASTERISK, with integrated services providing a complete Unified Communications System.
Consulting services for network solutions on Open and Proprietary Software and Hardware.
Location : Brazil
phone : +55 514063.6335
EMail : voipsolutions@maila.net.br


Maintel provide total voice and data solutions to meet all your telecom needs. From telephone system installation to call traffic, business broadband, VoIP and Unified communications.
61 Webber Street, London, SE1 0RF, UK
Phone: +4420 7401 4633
Maintel Business Telephone Systems Website
Email: sales@maintel.co.uk

ManicaNet VoIP Consultants

We are a Vancouver BC based IT consulting company. We provide a variety of server, database, network and security related services.
We provide VoIP services and consulting. We can help design, plan, implement and support your VoIP infrastructure.

Website: http://www.manicanet.com/consulting/
Location: Vancouver, BC - Canada
Phone: (604) 630-2424
E-mail: sales@manicanet.com


maple4VOIP : pan-European distributor/etailer of premier VOIP Appliance, Gateway, IP PBX, Router and Voice Data card hardware, telephony technologies and solutions.

Contact Information
Tel: (+49) 8062-726993-0
Website: www.maple4VOIP.com,
Email: info@maple4VOIP.com

Marathon Consulting

Marathon Consulting offers high quality IT Services and Computer Support in New York. Contact one of our computer consultants or IT Support Specialists in NY today.
New York computer consultant

Marcom Communications

Mark Holloway (International)

Sr. VoIP Architect - Broadsoft (BCPA 039), Acme Packet (A-CNP 062), Cisco CCNP. Professional Grade Telecommunication Engineering. Broadworks R11, R13, R14, Acme Packet, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cisco core routing and switching, SIP Trunking, SIP Peering, all facets of VoIP for Telecommunications industry.


  • http://www.masip.es
  • Call Center
  • Phone: 960.800.730
  • Asterisk Consulting
  • Networking, VoIP, QOS
  • Call Center - Contact Center
  • Specializing in Consulting, Custom Development, and Installing and Maintaining Asterisk Systems.
  • Contact us Anytime at 960.800.730


Helping companies succeed with VoIP Integration and Asterisk implementation

Michigan Digital Voice Specialists

A Division of Michgian Broadband Systems

  • 20 Years team experience VOIP Internet and PSTN
  • VOIP Optimization quality of service (QOS) multisite
  • Session Border Controllers (SBCs) Startus ENTICE NExtone Sip Express Router (SER) (SIPS)
  • Load balancing VOIP NAT traversal
  • VOIP Interrop SBC's IP PBX and Phone features BLF IM Presense Music on Hold (MOH)
  • Wireless VOIP Wireless QOS for VOIP DECT and Wifi/Dect repeaters/outoor/long range systems.
  • IP PBX Asterisk PbxnSIP Lignup Cisco
  • IP Phones Polycom Cisco SNOM

Contact: Steve Gladden
Tel: +1 734 527 7150  Fax: +1 734 862 4708
Mail: voip-info@michiganbroadband.com
URL: http://www.clarityvoice.com
Updated: 03/24/2009

Mediacaster B.V.

Mediacaster.-Netherlands/Nederland (NL)
  • Shared, virtual, dedicated, hosted or customer premises VoIP PBX (starting at 7.50EUR/month), optionally managed
  • Hardware (PBX, phones, switches, routers), software, consultancy, management & maintenance
  • Fiber/FTTX, datacenter, routing & switching, quality of service.

Tel: +31 50 2101048
Mail: info@mediacaster.nl
URL: http://www.mediacaster.nl/voip.html

Mentis Developpement & services, Tangier. Morocco


Services offered are:
  • IT & Telecom Consulting
  • Asterisk/VOIP Consulting
  • Installation of Asterisk PBX
  • Training in Asterisk PBX
  • Turnkey solutions & Integration of asterisk with existing network
  • Value Added Services : Mix between Voice, SMS, IVR, Fax, reporting

Phone:+212 5 39 94 39 00
Contact : Hatim Benhaddou
Email: hatim@mentis-development.com
Home Page : www.mentis-development.com

Megatech Solutions New York and Maryland, USA

IT service provider specializing in VOIP and SIP related consulting, network integration, optimization, and quality of service for voice communications.

Mint Technology

  • Boca Raton VoIP
  • Phone: 1-561-886-0399
  • PBX Phone System Design & Installation
  • Business & Residential Networking & Computer Support
  • Located in Boca Raton; Servicing all of South Florida

Misiu Systems LLC

Seattle, WA IT service provider specialiving in consulting and implementing open standard SIP telecommunications systems based on SipFoundry Sipxecs. Small/Medium/Large Business Enterprise systems designed, project managed, installed, maintained.

Also Asterisk, Polycom, snom, PhyBridge and Eaton Power Systems.

Misiu Systems LLC

Phone: 206-432-4343 or 750@rage.ragesip.com
email: Info@MisiuSystems.com


A group of software developers from Hungary and Romania
  • VOIP and SIP related application development
  • Professional SIP Softphpone
  • WebPhone -SIP based java applet running from any webbrowser
  • High speed and easy to use Softswitch and VOIP server runiing on Windows/MS SQL platform
Tel: +3615557744
Mail: mailto:info@mizu-softphone.com
URL: http://www.mizu-softphone.com

mk solutions (Germany)

mk solutions offers customized communication solutions with Asterisk. Consulting, design, installation and service. As standalone system or as enhancement to an existing PBX.

    • Homepage: http://www.mksolutions.info
    • Telephone: PSTN +49 40 41493636
    • E-Mail: mkeuter (at) mksolutions.info
    • Contact: Michael Keuter
    • City: Hamburg

Mobile Tech's

Asterisk PBX & Linux Installation and Configuration
Gold Coast, QLD, Australia

Mobile Tech's is your number one Gold Coast based business for all I.T. solutions.
Whether it is Large Scale Business or tailor made packages Mobile Tech's has you covered.

Contact us:
Phone: 0406715520 / 1300 644 588
Website: http://www.mobiletechs.com.au
E-mail: office@mobiletechs.com.au

Modulis : Modulis voip asterisk montreal

  • Web site: Modulis voip and asterisk company in Montreal
  • E-mail: sales@modulis.ca
  • Phone: (514) 284-2020 | 1 888 417 VOIP
  • Products: Installation / Administration PBX / Turnkey VOIP solutions / VOIP software Development / VOIP consulting & training / SIP TRUNKING
  • Hardware: VOIP hardware advise : Phones, Headset, Servers, Adaptators, Gateways, Recording devices
  • Language: French/English
  • Location: Montreal, Canada
  • Description: With more than 30 projects done and 3 years of experience, Modulis is the opensource VOIP and Asterisk leader in Québec.
Tel: +1 514 284 2020
Mail: mailto:sales@modulis.ca
URL: http://www.modulis.ca

Modulo Consulting SRL


Free & Open Source ICT solutions

At monoploid, we provide a plethora of ICT services based on free software and open technologies. We perform:
  • Asterisk installation
  • Callshop deployment
  • Corporate VoIP setups
  • Scalable load-balanced/high-availability VoIP setups

MR VOIP, Australia

  • Custom VoIP Applications & Installations
  • Business Grade VoIP & ISDN Australia Wide
  • Alarm System Integration
  • CSTA Development
  • Asterisk Support, Ad-hoc & Contract
  • Web site: http://www.mrvoip.com.au
  • T +61 2 82136136 Sydney
  • T +61 3 90139209 Melbourne


Serving the US Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Turn-key SIP based system installation, training and support for sipFoundry sipXecs product, and bandwidth.com reseller.

Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm EST
email: mailto:sales@myitdepartment.net
www: http://www.myitdepartment.net

Naga Info Solutions Pvt Ltd, India
  • Custom VOIP Applications
  • Custom Communication Solutions for SMEs
  • Asterisk based Solutions
  • PSTN Termination
Web: http://www.nagainfo.com
Email: mail@nagainfo.com
Tel: +91 471 2369166/2369266

Neotiq, PARIS

Neotiq provides consulting, architecture and deisgn of VoIP solution. Our skills cover open-source solution as Asterisk, OpenSER and Yate, but also Microsoft based solution.

We also integrate multi-vendor products as SS7/PRI gateways, SBC and web based solution for our customers. Our r&D team develops innovativ solution to plug to the existing solution and provides bridges between technologies. Our main focus is the SIP protocol, which we have worked with since a decade now. We were one of the first french companies to support and claim the power of SIP technology.
Our customers are SMB (for PBX replacement and new features development) and service providers (IVR, Unified Communication services), which are looking for new solutions fiting exactly their needs.
Our focus is to share our experience of VoIP with users and provide the best of consulting and development.

NetCal Consulting, Inc.

NetCal Consulting, Inc. — Offers fully integrated business communication solutions for Enterprise and SMB organizations. We leverage your existing IT/network infrastructure and integrate VoIP where your environment can effectively support it and still improve your bottom line. We design, deploy, integrate and support communication and universal gateway solutions for your enterprise, integrating all your geographically diverse locations allowing you to seamlessly interconnect with the rest of the world. The future is already here.

NetCal Consulting, Inc.
San Jose, CA, USA
Toll free: (800) 236-0990
Local: (408) 228-4488

Email / SIP: info@netcal.com

NetCloud (Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK)
Complete solution delivery of SMB Telephony and unified communications services. Systems by Positron Telecom, 3CX and Microsoft.
Email - sales@netcloudgroup.co.uk
Phone - 01302638679
hardware sales

Netdigix Systems Inc.

Linux computer consulting for business and ISP
Linux and open source computer consulting
  • Debian
  • Redhat
  • Linux Networking
  • Server Based Technologies
  • VOIP, SIP/SER, Asterisk

Networking and Systems design, setup and support of linux and windows based systems. Advanced networks and backend solutions including routers, switches, vpns, loadbalancing, firewalls and high availability hosting architectures.

Located in Vancouver BC Canada

Netgeeks Consulting

Asterisk, SER (kaimilio), Freeswitch, database, and web integration consulting
Specialize in Web/Voice application integration
Phone : +1 650.576.2975

Nethawk (Pvt) Ltd

We are a R&D oriented company, we have strategic alliances with several hardware resellers, focus on reliability and security We provide Consulting, Planning, Deployment, support and training services for Asterisk based PBX and appliances.
  • Installation of Asterisk PBX with PSTN, VoIP, GSM and FAX integration
  • Installation of switches with traffic management and Wifi Networks with wireless IP phones

Contact Person:
S.Khan. Rao


Net-VI is a young and energetic outsourcing software company focuses in delivering high-qualitative timely delivered and cost effective state-of-the-art solutions, in a wide-range of technologies.

Net-VI brings more then 10 years of proven extensive experience in leading Hi-Tech companies, mainly in complex projects, with expertise in Multimedia over IP, VOIP and other Networking protocols, Web and Windows technologies gurus.

Contact Infomation
Site: http://www.net-vi.com
Email: contact@net-vi.com
Phones: +(972)-54-2357727 (Danny), +(972)-52-4607969 (Ziv)

Network Advantage LLC (USA)

  • FreeSWITCH Hosted IP-PBX
  • Rock-Solid BSD Platform
  • VoIP Telephony Consulting
  • Document Imaging/Management
  • "Creative Technology Solutions"

Network Advantage LLC
Conway, Massachusetts 01341 USA
Phone: 1+(413)-223-9007

Network Integration Technologies LLP

Network Integration helps small to medium businesses efficiently and securely connect and manage their IT systems to ensure seamless and cost effective voice and data communications.
Network Integration is focused towards providing end to end solutions for our clients. Our solutions enable clients to effectively manage, grow and plan their business. With our in house knowledge and expertise we can safely say to clients “we speak your language”.
Network Integration offer value, re-assurance, trust, speed and agility, honesty and integrity and the highest technology solutions for all customers.
Our solutions bring technology, people and processes together to provide our clients with the tools to effectively manage and grow their business

Contact Infomation

Netzen Solutions Ltd (uk) — IT / VoIP Consultancy Company

  • Broadband ADSL (around 12 - 16ms to our VoIP server in the UK)
  • Web Hosting
  • VPS
  • Data cable installations
  • IT Support & Contracts
  • VoIP - Internet Telephony

Netzen Solutions Ltd (UK)
Website: www.netzensolutions.com
Phone: +44 (0)1225 588 588
SIP: 2106557@lon-pbx-2.netzensolutions.com

NeturallySpeaking, LLC

1083 East Brandon Blvd
Brandon, FL 33511
Phone 866-448-0038
Fax 813-655-9049
web http://www.neturallyspeaking.com
  • Serving Tampa, FL and surrounding counties, and the Northeast areas of (NJ/NY/PA)
  • Providing Voice Over IP, and converged networking, consulting and systems.
  • Custom application development for Asterisk-based Telephony systems - database Integration, Integrated AJAX Applications, and more.
  • SIP/IAX2 Origination/Termination
Contact: sales@neturallyspeaking.com

Nicolas VERDIER Myreso - Paris France

AUDIT / Gestion de projet Grand compte pour l'installation de systemes de telephonie IP systemes Linux, asterisk cisco et autres systemes VoIP

We provide VoIP IPBX solutions based on Linux asterisk systems.

Nivindel, LLC - Asterisk Consulting

Nivindel, LLC specializes in Asterisk solutions for small and mid sized companies. We provide new installations, maintenance of existing systems, turnkey systems, consulting, and integration. We are located in beautiful Montana, and provide services nationwide (within the USA).

North Star Strategic IT - Cisco VOIP Small Business Solutions - Cisco Partner

North Star Strategic IT specializes in Cisco Telephone and Unified Communications Systems. Consulting and Planning, Installation, Service & Support. UC500. We are located in the Denver Metro area of Colorado.

Nosco ICT

Specialized in consultancy, implementation and support of Voice over IP solutions.
We deliver services in the area of Computer networks, Voice over IP and Webhosting. We are specialized in Cisco and Asterisk solutions.

Nosco ICT is gespecialiseerd in consultancy, implementatie en ondersteuning van IP Telefonie oplossingen.
Wij leveren diensten op het gebied van Computernetwerken, IP Telefonie en Webhosting. Gespecialiseerd in Cisco en Asterisk oplossingen.

Phone: 087 87 01345
Mail: info@nosco-ict.nl
Web: http://www.nosco-ict.nl

One Step Consulting

There for you, every step of the way.
A network focused consulting firm, specializing in LAN, WAN, MAN, VPN design, Carrier Interaction & Procurement as well as many other facets of network operations.
We also specialize in asterisk and asterisk development.

http://www.onesc.net/ info@onesc.net
Phone: 516-625-5666

Open-Option IT Solutions

Contact me
Openoption Solutions specializes in implementing IT solutions using Open Source Technologies particularly the flexibility and stability of the Linux Operating System which we are using as the main platform for developing solutions. With a team of highly experienced IT Professionals we'll provide the solutions you need without the cost of using proprietary software.

Oralnet - (UK)

Oralnet are a solutions-focussed consultancy that are committed to providing tailored Voice and Data network solutions for our customers.
What solutions do we provide? Oralnet provides enterprise level solutions, both turnkey and bespoke, in many fields, including:
  • High-availability / Resilient infrastructures
  • Multi-lateral peering - Global solutions
  • NAT traversal / Media proxies
  • Convergence and Integration (Asterisk, Cisco, H323 etc)
  • IM/XMPP/video

OSOCOMS - Open Source Communication Services (The Netherlands)

We provide support, consultantcy and training for Asterisk & Trixbox.

Oxymium (Paris, France)

Some people at Oxymium are Asterisk Developers like Manuel Guesdon (LDAP and postgresql RealTime, Loquendo TTS module,...)

Tel: +33 1 7473 3970
Oxymium - 14 rue Jean-Baptiste Clement - 93200 Saint-Denis - France
Please visit us or send email to sales+voip-asterisk AT oxymium.net

PAB Enterprises

PAB Enterprises assists companies and individuals with planning, deployment, configuring and full support their VoIP systems. The company has extensive knowledge of the Aptela hosted PBX system. We have fair rates and can travel to a customers site. In the Washington D.C. area we can schedule and service within 24-hours.

Website: http://www.paburgess.net
eMail: mailto:info@paburgess.net
Tel: 202-517-1999


Palmchip Corporation offers a rich and comprehensive portfolio of VoIP-related services. Palmchip Corporation principals are veterans of the VoIP industry and have spent many years at leading startups doing leading-edge product development.
Our services include development of custom VoIP hardware and software systems as well as integration of third-party products to deliver a complete solution.
Palmchip offers custom communications solutions to enterprises. These include
  • Contact/Call Center Solutions including
  • ACD (Automatic Call Distribution)
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Contact Us



  • Support for Postfix, Freeswitch, vicidial, OSDial
  • Office PBX with Call logger
  • IP Phones
  • Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI)
  • End to End VOIP Set-up
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Call Centre Solutions
  • HRMS
  • Inter-office/Intra-office Intercom
  • IP PBX,Installation,maintenance,configuration of linux systems,servers anddevices.
  • Support for digium / sangoma / rhino E1 / PRI / FXO Digital / analog Telephony Cards /grandstream
  • Chat IM/Messaging Servers
  • IVR
  • CATI Application for Market research
  • Biometric Attendance
  • Building Society Maintenance
  • Kannel
  • Digital Fax -
  • GSM Gateway servers

Solutions for Enterprises and Call Centres

  • Complete Call Centre Consultation - Domestic & International
  • Predictive Dialer with CRM integration
  • LimeSurvey integration with dialer
  • Vicidial installation, coutomization and supprt
  • Asterisk based IP PBX - ,FreePBX, Elastix, asterisksnow etc.
  • IVR
  • Cost effective office IP PBX solutions for smaller enterprises

web: http://www.parikrama.biz
email: sales@parikrama.biz


PBX-supply provides complete VOIP hardware sales, installation and support.

PerfectSoft S.A. de C.V. www.perfectsoft.com.mx

Soporte Asterisk Mexico Hermosillo Sonora

pc.depot.com - Florida

  • Phone 305-644-1119 - uri 3001@voip.pc-depot.com
  • We offer Asterisk and Trixbox Consulting
  • Network Design and Support
  • Break Fixes And much more. Great Prices
  • Outlook Integration with Click to Dial. Web Page Call me now.
  • We offer Aastra, Polycom, Cisco, and Grandstream consulting
  • We support Digium, Sangoma, and more
  • Discounts on products for customers who use our consulting services
  • Physical and remote support.

PCDOCTOR - VoIP Division

  • Asterisk based VoIP PBX and Call Center solutions with CRM integration;
  • Video Phone, Video Conferencing and Video over IP to check, control and discuss face to face with your employees;
  • Our consulting services will help your organization to covert its existing telephone system into cost saving, effective and flexible VoIP structure;

PCDOCTOR - VoIP Division

PEC Telecom Solutions

  • web: http://www.voicesaver.com
  • email: ajay@voicesaver.com
  • phone: +1 732-290-1900
  • Consulting on VoIP Based Calling Card / Pinless based platforms, IVR Systems & Emergency Dialers

Penguin PBX Solutions

  • www.PenguinPBX.com
  • Previous Solution Sample Highlights
  • Phone: 720-863-0819
  • Email: chris@@@@@penguinpbx.....com (de-duplicate '@' and '.')
  • GPG: 0x189527F6
  • Systems integration and custom communications consulting.
  • References available.
  • On site service anywhere in Colorado, USA.
  • Digium Certified Asterisk Professional since 2011.

Pennywell Voice - On-site installation and service in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

  • We have been providing IT and voice services since 2004
  • Services include: systems consultation and planning, Asterisk system installation, custom IVR and script development.
  • SIP origination/termination services available: $2/did, 1.5¢/min US termination, 1¢/min US origination, 2.9¢/min tollfree origination,
  • Additional Services: Linux server administration and maintenance, MySQL DBA/optimization, T1, T3, and Metro fiber quotes
Contact Information
  • Email: info at pennywellvoice.com
  • Telephone: 866.789.VOICE (866.789.8642)
  • Chicago: 312.646.7656
  • Valparaiso, IN: 219.476.3291

Pertinent Consulting - Servicing the Silicon Valley Area.

  • We provide Linux based IT and voice services.
  • Services include: systems consultation and planning, Asterisk system installation, custom IVR
  • Additional Services: Linux server administration and maintenance, desktop support.
Contact Information


Phonism is a carrier grade IP phone management system designed to take the headaches out of deploying SIP phones.
  • Cloud based, multi-tenanted interface and scalable, secure back end.
  • SIP provisioning and IP phone management has never been so easy.
We are currently in a private BETA but are working hard on our next BETA release and will be inviting more users.
Please visit our website to sign up for our next BETA and to learn more about Phonism.

PlanNet Technologies, Inc.

We offer complete voice & data solutions to small and medium businesses. From structured wiring, VOIP PBX, Cloud based servers in our NOC, electronic content management systems(paperless office), managed print services and more. One company to call for all your voice and data needs.
  • Asterisk based VoIP PBX systems and Call Center solutions with CRM integration;
  • Hosted or Premise based VOIP systems
  • SIP origination/termination services available:
  • Consulting services - Are you having issues implementing a VOIP system? One way audio causing issues? We can help solve your VOIP integration issues.
  • Outlook Integration with Click to Dial
  • Contact: Glenn Hall
  • E-Mail: mailto:sales@plannetonline.com
  • Phone: +904-241-9909

Procomm Consulting, Inc.

Procomm Consulting, Inc.
On-site installation and service in Northern Virginia, DC Metro, Maryland and all the Shenandoah Valley
  • We have been providing VoIP services since 2001
  • Complete VoIP IP PBX Systems, Telephony Integration, system installation, custom IVR and script development.
  • SLA Services through Cbeyond and SpeakEasy
  • Domestic and International termination as well as DID's from anywhere in the world
Contact Information
Nationwide Numbers:
+1 (800) 717-0351 US TOLL-FREE+1 (703) 636-7111 VIRGINIA+1 (786) 472-4317 FLORIDA+1 (646) 918-5442 NEW YORK+1 (415) 373-0530 CALIFORNIA+1 (703) 760-7884 FAX

PostMet Corporation (Germany/Baltic states/Russia)

  • https://www.postmet.com
  • phones:
  • +44 20-709-93472 (English speaking team)
  • +49 30-57708170 (German speaking team)
  • +7 495-7832 989 (Russian speaking team)
  • or sip:911@pbx.postmet.com

Proactive Networking, Inc.

Proactive Networking provides complete IT & Voice solutions for small to medium businesses , combining your voice and data communications needs into one package customized for your business needs. We work closely with your staff to develop and implement a technology strategy that fits your needs and budget and provide a communications solution that combines your fax, email, and voicemail into one easy to use interface.
  • info@pronetindy.com
  • Proactive Networking
  • Carmel, Indiana
  • Phone 317-590-0851
  • Complete IT solutions for small to medium sized businesses.
  • Digium Certified Asterisk Professional on staff.
  • IP PBX Voice Consulting Services


We offer:
  • Billion-Softswitch - SIP/H323 proxy with billing support
  • Billing system - hosted or installed
  • Custom software development with wide VoIP expertise

PTS Integrated Technologies

We specialize in business voip deployments in Toronto and NYC area since 2005. Asterisk, SIPx, iPBX, Fonality, and all open source solutions. Traditional pbx solutions are available as well - from Nortel, Mitel, and Panasonic.

Contact Infomation

Psychsoft Consulting, Inc.

Psychsoft Consulting, Inc.
On-site installation and service in Massachusetts
  • We have been providing VoIP services since 2006
  • Complete VoIP IP PBX Systems, Telephony Integration, system installation
Contact Information
Voice Number:
+1 (617) 471-8733

Puretel - Australia

Australia, National Coverage
"Our Goal is simple: To Make VoIP Easy For You''

Nat Tel: 1300 366 072
Int Tel: +61 (0)3 90189643
Fax: +61 (0)3 86100072
Contact PureTel now and find out how we can help you with your VoIP needs.

REVE Systems

REVE Systems is the home to complete VoIP solutions which includes Mobile VoIP, Carrier Grade Softswitch with integrated Billing for both Retail & Wholesale business, Smart Calling Card, Callshop, Mobile Top Up and WebRTC which comes with white label branding and high customization facility.

Address: WCEGA Tower, 21 Bukit Batok Crescent, Unit 15- 84, Singapore 658065
Phone: +65 3157 5040
Fax: +65 6491 5550

Email Us For Business Enquiry/Partnerships

Rack-Soft VoIP software and infrastructure services

Rack-Soft, 4PSA VoipNow developer offers custom VoIP development, infrastructure design, consulting, training and support services.

Rack-Soft SRL
DCL Office Building, 20-22 Bilciuresti Street, sector 1
Bucharest, 014012, Romania

Phone: 646-957-8997 (US)
Fax: 270-638-0988 (US)
Phone/Fax: 021-3130165 (Romania)
Web: http://www.4psa.com
Email: sales AT 4psa.com

Raynet Technologies

RAYNET Technologies LLC provides full service Asterisk sales, service consulting and support.
  • Full Digium Reseller
  • Specializing in SNOM, Polycom and Cisco Phones
  • Pre-Packaged Phone Systems
  • Custom Applications and Installs
  • VoIP over VSAT
  • World Wide Onsite Installs Available

Tel +1 860 693 2226
Toll Free (877) 693-2226
Web http://www.raynettech.com

RDC Communications - Business Telephone Systems

RDC Communications are Business Telephone Systems consultants providing systems, advice & support. Our main areas of expertise are VoIP, Data Cabling, Least Cost Routing, Computer Telephony Integration & the provision of systems to fit any business.
Address: Alan House . Saffron Road . Leicester . LE18 4UP . UK
Phone: +44 (0)116 200 6100


At Refraxis we've been living and breathing telecommunications since 2001. Take advantage of our expert guidance.

  • Asterisk and telephony consulting
  • Prompt service
  • Unbiased advice
  • Digium-Certified Asterisk Professional (dCAP) certification
  • On-site service throughout Los Angeles, Orange County, and all of Southern California
  • Remote service worldwide

Tel: +1 323 212 3001
Web: http://www.refraxis.com/

Resonance Networks

Resonance Networks Pty Ltd. is an Australian VoIP Service and Solution Provider. True to its motto of Above and Beyond the Call, Resonance Networks aims at providing business grade support and advice to its customers. We specialise in total end to end solution design and development. Be it a custom billing solution built around Asterisk or advanced inbound and outbound call centre applications, Resonance Networks can do it for you. Resonance Networks prides itself on the high technical skill level of its consultants. We can help your business in any way you please. We are happy to work at any level, from mere consulting to full hands on install and post install managed solutions. We can provide assistance with all telephony related problems and solutions. Our main services include:

National: 1300 661 117
Intl: +61(0)2 9037 2350
Fax: +61(0)2 9290 1949

SavoirFare Linux

Savoir-faire Linux is the place for GNU/Linux integration solutions. Our expertise and know-how make us the ideal partner for businesses looking to implement new technologies using Open Source or proprietary software components. Today, choosing GNU/Linux means choosing performance, flexibility and independence.
Our background
Savoir-faire Linux was created to respond to the needs of businesses seeking to tap into the potential of GNU/Linux for their information systems. We specialize in GNU/Linux solutions and major related applications such as Apache, Asterisk, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Squid, Samba and OpenVPN. By joining forces with Savoir-faire Linux, you will be working with a team that has what it takes to bring your projects to success.

Email: contact at savoirfairelinux dot com
Tel +1 514-276-5468
Toll Free (877) SFLINUX (735-4689)
Web http://www.savoirfairelinux.com

Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants

The world of telecommunications changes every day, and it is important for businesses to constantly monitor developments in the industry. However time is scarce, especially when you need to focus on your core business. Let us be your telecommunications experts. SMTC is the largest independent telecommunications consulting firm in North America. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of telecommunications technologies, services and applications. Additionally, we diligently monitor changes and developments in the industry, and pass that knowledge on to you.

Contact Us
Schooley Mitchell Telecom Consultants
Stratford, ON Canada N5A 3L9

Phone: (888) 311.6477
On the Web http://www.schooleymitchell.com
Info: mailto:corp@schooleymitchell.com


Asterisk Solutions for Business
  • Seawall, Inc. offers Systems Integration, Design, Installation, and Support
  • Security Specialists, Storage and Recovery Solutions, Purpose Built Systems, Wiring
  • Polycom, Digium, Cisco, 3Com, Zyxel, HP, Linksys, Intel, (more) Certified / Authorized / Partner
  • We provide sales and services to customers in NH, ME, VT, MA

Sherwood McGowan - VoIP/Telecom Solutions

Independent Consultant Since 2004, with experience ranging from PBX to ITSP/Carrier levels.

  • Services available worldwide via remote
  • Local to Saint Louis, MO, USA

Design, Implementation, Consulting, Support for Asterisk, Asterisk2Billing, ASTPP, Elastix/FreePBX/Trixbox, gnuDialer, Kamailio, Freeswitch, and more.

SineApps LTD

Servicing world wide, based in New Zealand and Italy.

Tel: +64 (0)3 4555770 x 1
IAX2: sineapps@nz.sineapps.com
Email: sales@sineapps.com
Europe: daniele@gedameurope.com
Asia/Pacific: rodney@sineapps.com

SingleComm LLC

Providing WebRTC, VoIP and other services to call centers around the world.

Visit our website: https://www.singlecomm.com

Singleton Technologies LTD "Carrier Grade VOIP experts at your service"

Providing world wide service for Asterisk deployments, based in Israel.
Carrier grade R&D and telephony solution at a fraction of carrier level pricing.

  • Carrier grade VoIP professionals at your service

Visit our website: http://www.singleton.co.il/indexEng.shtml

Tel: 1 (917) 267 7488
Tel: +972 54 2384567
Email: info@singleton.co.il

SIP Consultant "VoIP Special Forces for your VoIP Project"

Do you want to be ahead of the curve?
Do you want to provide rock solid services at better than PSTN quality?
Do you want a team that has built multiple Carrier Grade VoIP networks and understands the complete picture not just one piece?

We currently provide managed and consulting services to regional and international VoIP Carriers, and Global Enterprise customers.
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • National and International SIP routing design.
  • SAAS Design, Hosting, integration.
  • Custom software development (Portals, Payment Gateways, Billing, Video, Audio, Automation)
  • Carrier Interop Consulting (Level3, Qwest, Verizon, more...)

IP Phone 1-281-436-4364

SIP Specialist

SIP Specialist is an independent consulting group for Voice and Video over IP. Specifically focused but not limited to SIP and RTP based network systems.
  • Resdiential Service Provider Design
  • Session Border Controller Integration and Design
  • Open Source Application Design and Development
  • Network Audits
  • QOS Policy Design and Implementation
  • Call Flow Analysis

Phone: +1(415)200-4800
On the Web http://www.sipspecialist.com
Info: mailto:info@sipspecialist.com

21st Century Telecomms

VoIP Supply and Installation for UK and Europe.
In the late 1990s Voice over IP (VOIP) was seen as a disruptive new technology that had the power to disrupt the existing telephone infrastructure and potentially change the face of voice technology for ever.
VOIP is now a mature proven technology that until now had only been implemented in large corporations and businesses where it has been deployed on their internal Networks. This has statistically reduced infrastructure and telecommunication costs.

Sipsys UK Ltd

Phone 044 (0) 870 930 3232
Fax 044 (0) 709 282 4664
E-Mail: sipsys.co.uk

SIP:XX Communications - "Double-Xtra-Strength SIP!"

NY, NJ (US): +1 800 824 6006, +1 973-206-1960
  • Voice-over-IP, Asterisk PBX, SER, SIP Exchange, Snom4s, FreeSwitch
  • SIP, IAX, MGCP, H323, SCCP, PSTN, IPv6
  • AudioCodes, Snom, Mediatrix, Sipura
  • Design, Software, Integration, Installation, Support
  • Custom SIP application development

SELG.CA - VOIP Consulting

VoIP Consulting, Asterisk Installation and customisation, IVR development, Voice aplications, IP Phones, IP PBX, IVR systems, Inter-tel integration and consulting on PEI and Montreal http://selg.ca
    • QUEBEC:
    • Email: selgnet@bonbon.net

Skype Journal Consulting

The Skype Journal team can help you choose, develop, integrate, and deploy solutions for the Skype platform. Skype Journal Consulting has served the world's largest portals, phone manufacturers, and carriers. Put our braintrust to work for you on product strategy, Skype certification planning, Skype user and market analysis.

skype: evanwolf
San Francisco: +1 510 444 8234
New York: +1 646 461 6123
London: +44 020 8816 8780

SoftPhone Development Consultant

At ZDO.COM we are providing SIP and Jabber based SoftPhone and VoIP application development services to companies. Since 2004, we are developing extensive SoftPhone applications for PCs running Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as PDAs and SmartPhones that are running Windows Mobile 2003 and 2005. With our unique team of experienced VoIP engineers, we can quickly provide solutions to your SoftPhone and VoIP projects.

Our Expertise:
  • SIP and IAX based call control, both client and server side stack development.
  • SIP and XMPP based text messaging, presence, and centralized contact list.
  • NAT and NAPT traversal using STUN, TURN, UPnP, HTTP Tunnel.

See our Current and Past Projects.
E-Mail: softphone@zdo.com
Phone: +1-206-424-7330

Sound Choice Communications LLC

  • VoIP network design services and consulting
  • VICI predictive dialer installations
  • TrixBox(tm) module design
  • TrixBox(tm) support

Source Technical - Specializing in Asterisk Solutions for Enterprise, Govermnent and Education

Source Technical is a team of Certified, Experienced, Networking Professionals with the knowledge and ability to help your business achieve its technical goals. Every individual in our organization was chosen for their core competencies in Open Source Telephony (Asterisk), structured operating system support, network infrastructure, network and directory services, and/or strategic applications. Senior consultants extend core competencies through advanced certifications and extensive design and troubleshooting experience.

  • Broad experience designing, installing and supporting Asterisk based systems for large enterprise customers.
  • Multi-Site deployments
  • Redundancy and failover engineering
  • Call center applications

Phone: 716.505.4200
Email: sales@sourcetechnical.com

Spectranet Voip Solutions

Spectranet ISP Networks Pvt. Ltd. - offering cheap VOIP International Calling Services like VOIP Calling Cards, VOIP Prepaid Service, Managed VOIP Prepaid Services and all other Business VoIP and VOIP Services in India.


Solutions :-

  • Economical: International Calls at local calling rates
  • Business VoIP Solutions
  • Voip Tariff Plans
  • Managed Voip
  • VoIP Prepaid

For more info Contact:

Spectranet ISP Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Toll Free No: 1860-266-0099
Email : - info@spectranet.com


  • Asterisk certified
  • High experience deploying large VoIP networks
  • Call center management
  • The cheapest termination worldwide, DIDs from Portugal, Spain, Angola and Brazil.
  • Native [ENUM]] integration for multi-site deployment
Address: Av. General Humberto Delgado 23, 1º C, 2560-272 Torres Vedras, Portugal
Email: info (a) startel.pt
sip: info(a)startel.pt
Phone : +351 304500650

Startled Marmot Voice LLC - Bespoke VoIP & Asterisk Consulting

VoIP is a confusing world - what is a SIP trunk? Should I use a hosted PBX, or run my own in-house? What is the cost/benefit and ROI of replacing my legacy system? The promise of VoIP is greater flexibility with lower cost — and we'll help you get it! We are not a reseller of any services, so we have no motivation for you to buy more than exactly what you need, and we'll fight to get you the best service possible.
  • http://voip.startledmarmot.com --- Startled Marmot Technologies. Nothing moves faster.
  • Friendly, no-hassle information about VoIP & Asterisk — including Fonality, Trixbox, Elastix, AsteriskNOW, and PBX-In-A-Flash
  • Remote & on-site management of your entire PBX system - headquartered in Santa Monica & Los Angeles, CA.
  • Single line business and home installations to enterprise-level call centers - we have the expertise & experience.
  • Call us for a free consultation, estimate or with any questions!

Phone: 310-439-9990
Email: info@voip.startledmarmot.com

Stéphane Alnet - France

  • FreeSwitch
  • OpenSIPS
  • CouchDB
  • Node.js

Telephone: +33 6 43 48 27 71
E-mail: stephane@shimaore.net
web: http://shimaore.net/pricing.html

Tagelin Ltd - UK Based.

  • Custom software design & development
  • Consulting
  • SIP Internet telephony
  • VoIP, Digital E1/T1 and Analog Telephony experience
  • IVR,Conference,Call Recording

Telephone: +44 (0) 1872 88 84 91
E-mail: enquiries@tagelin.com
web: http://www.tagelin.com

Taridium - Enterprise PBX Solutions

Taridium is the leader in open standards enterprise and provider VoIP solutions and software. Taridium's offering ranges from managed VoIP services for small and medium sized businesses to high-capacity telephony solutions for large enterprises and service providers. The company's products and services have been designed to harness the power of open standards while reducing both ownership and telecommunication expenses. Taridium's customers include law firms, multinational pharmaceuticals, real estate management companies and consulting firms.

TeamFON GmbH - Munich, Germany

TeamFON offers consulting, service and support for the integrated VoIP solution TeamSIP.
  • Hosted PBX or Standalone Server
  • Telephone client
  • Mailbox service
  • Outlook integration

you can contact us at:
Home page: http://www.teamfon.com
Telephone: PSTN +49.89.427005-60
Email: info@teamfon.com
Contact: Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kupec

Tech Data Pros - California

Tech Data Pros is Orange County's Premier on-site IT service company. Call us for Asterisk, Asterisk@Home, trixbox, or FreePBX help. We have been working on trixbox systems for over three years and literally wrote the book on it.

(949) 502-7819
(888) I-DO-VOIP

Ted Wallingford

Ted Wallingford, Voice over IP Consultant and Author

VoIP Consultant
  • Complete network systems integration
  • VoIP Readiness assessment
  • Interoperability testing
  • Independent VoIP project management
  • Enterprise Quality of service engineering
  • Security evaluation

Via Skype: callto://tedwallingford


Denver, Colorado and the front-range community.

Offering premises-based Asterisk IP-PBX systems, hosted IP-PBX Asterisk services, and design, installation, and maintenance support. In addition, we provide network support, general IT support and software development for your voice & data integration requirements. Support for migration from legacy PBX. References upon request (including international). Integra, CBeyond channel partner. Please check us at Telecom Matters Corp.


Provider via VOIP to outgoing fixed network. Implementation of complete VOIP solutions. training courses. We offer a VOIP service towards companies through "your-own-companyname on request." No Asterisk solutions. We have our own sip servers and switches towards fixed lines running.

phone : +32 54 43 50 50
VOIP : 754435050@telcomserv.net


Asterisk PBX, IVR, Call Center, CRM Integration, VoIP, and onDemand Custom Applications !
Our personnel has over 3 years of experience in the field of VoIP communications, has implemented various dedicated telephony solutions like:
  • Call Centers.
  • Office telephony solutions.
  • Telephonic services B2B.
  • PVR front-end applications.
  • Development of Linux/Asterisk embedded solutions.
Email : office@telesoft.ro
Web : http://www.telesoft.ro


Costa Rica
Solutions provider based on GNU/Linux, Asterisk and Sangoma products.
  • Vicidial systems hosted, prebuilt and remote installation
  • replacement for legacy systems
  • remote assistance and technical support
  • colocation services

phone : 786.228.5202
phone: 8889-TicoIT
Email : info@ticoit.com
Web : http://www.ticoit.com
Contact : Luis Coronado

The Tek, LLC

  • Denver & Boulder IT Consulting And Open Source Application Support (Including Asterisk)
  • Telephony System Design, Implementation, And Support

The Tek has years of experience in Unix & Linux system design and implementation. The Tek also works with some of the top professionals in the industry, when most companies sit in long queues and wait hours for answers The Tek simply accesses his long list of industry contacts for answers in network issues, application bugs and more. The Tek can design a VoIP Solution for any sized business which can save your company thousands of dollars in long distance calling and in help you communicate with your customers in a highly professional manner.



  • Business VoIP Phone System sales (AllWorx)

TheNetRack.com is a provider of affordable technology, specifically small business phone systems. We offer the whole product line of the Allworx phone system.

Web: theNetRack.com
Web: Allworx Phone System


The technology behind such popular services as PhoneGnome. We offers a wide range of Voice over IP (VoIP) consulting services, including:

  • Hosted VoIP Solutions
  • Self-install CPE
  • Telephony Web Services
  • Web-activated Phone to Phone
  • PC to Phone

Leverage our powerful platform to get your VoIP project completed fast.

Web: TelEvolution, Inc.
Phone: 1-888-891-6390
SIP: sip:sales@sip.televolution.com

The Penfold Group

Complete VoIP and Telecommunications solutions for business. We specialize in Small to Medium Sized Business's.
  • Custom installation and Integration in NY, PA, OH
  • Worldwide Consulting Specializing in the Aviation and Retail Sectors
  • Online Store Available for quick ordering Click Here
Phone: 716-408-9837
Web: www.ThePenfoldGroup.com

The Uptime Group Inc.

IT and VoIP. Done right. Done now. (TM)
Denver/Boulder Colorado consulting and support for Asterisk
  • Design, installation and maintenance of Asterisk-based PBX systems
  • Guaranteed satisfaction; many excellent references available

Learn about our product offering UPTIMEpbx Download the brochure

Contact: Dale Laushman
(303) 757-4611, Ext. 401

TheUberOverLord Creations - Skype Interafacing Consultant

Skype Software consultanting for both the Skype Public API and SkypeKit Interfaces.
Contact: Don Kennedy
Phone: (320) 285-7306 U.S.
Phone: (020) 3239-4065 London
Phone: 8120-5482 Hong Kong
Skype: TheUberOverLord
Yahoo: TheUberOverLord
TheUberOverLordCreations Screening Email Address
Rates: $250.00 U.S. per hour ("Plus Expenses") - Serious Inquires Only! - No projects less than 40 hours.

Valley TechLogic

Valley TechLogic offers high quality computer consulting in Sacramento, CA and Merced, CA. Contact one of our computer consultants in Sacramento

computer solutions sacramento

The VoIP Squad

"VoIP Special Forces for your VoIP Project"
Do you want to be ahead of the curve?
Do you want to provide rock solid services at better than PSTN quality?
Do you want a team that has built multiple Carrier Grade VoIP networks and understands the complete picture not just one piece?

We currently provide managed and consulting services to regional and international VoIP Carriers, and Global Enterprise customers.
  • Intelligent Call Routing
  • National and International SIP routing design.

IP Phone 1-281-436-4364

Treshna Enterprises

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand we offer a wide range of Linux and Asterisk based services for Small to Medium Sized Businesses. Give us a call and find out how we can make you business run smoother and more efficiently while reducing your costs.

Trix Networks

We offer VoIP Solutions for Small to Medium Sized Businesses.

We will help transform your company's communication by adding applications and custom features to assist in your organizationâ??s growth.

We offer Custom Asterisk IVR, PBX and Solutions.
Call to see how we can make the difference for you.

Troop Networks, India

Troop Networks provides VoIP Consulting and Integration Services and Managed VoIP Services to businesses and service providers.
Our Professional Services include IP Telephony Network Assessment Services and Remote VoIP Network Monitoring Services for VoIP Quality Assurance. We work with Cisco, Avaya, Nextone, Asterisk and Openser based infrastructures.


The VoIP, Telecom and Networking online store for products, services and technologies. Located in South Florida with trilingual sales staff (English, Spanish and Portuguese), free ground shipping in the USA for select products, we ship worldwide and international orders are very welcome.

Unixmedia S.r.l.

Milano/Varese/North italy consulting, support and developement of VoIP infrastructures for small and medium businnes

Unixmedia develop ad-hoc solutions for VAS operators, VoIP Resellers, wholesale traffic terminators, Call centers, small and medium businness telephony infrastructure.
We are experienced in developing premium prize-contest, complex IVR applications, Call centers, integration between Televisions and telephony systems, SMS, MMS, and VAS Services in general.

Contact: Franco Lanza

VoIP Citadel

Guaranteed Results
  • Asterisk Consulting, integration, optimization and repair
  • 24/7/365 Availablity
  • Contact Center specialists with a proven track record
  • Phone 602-505-4125
  • http://www.voipcitadel.com

VARSYS Solutions Inc.

Company providing unprecedented VoIP benefits to small and medium businesses through Midwest and Chicago area. Onsite VoIP systems design, deployment, integration with existing infrustructure. With us, you do not have to deal with multiple vendors, integrators, consultants, network specialists and software developers. The buck stops here.


VCCH, Inc.

P.O. Box 95, Cedar Hill, TN 37032

We specialize in open source products and training, including but not limited to Asterisk, billing and accounting, VPN, and many other products and services.
We have many happy customers located throughout North and Central America.
We have also acquired a reputation for fixing other resellers' failed installations.


Tel: (650) 814 9528
SIP/IAX2 benjamin@call.victoire.com
Skype ID: bhautefeuille
YahooID: bhautefeuille
Victoire Multimedia - 90 Glenn Way, #9 - San Carlos, CA
Please visit us or Send email


We offer complete voice & data solutions to small and medium businesses. From structured wiring,
VOIP PBX, Access Control for Security, CCTV, and more. One company to call for all your technology needs.

Asterisk based VoIP PBX systems and Call Center solutions with CRM integration and Predictive Dialer;
Hosted or Premise based VOIP systems
Consulting services - Are you having issues implementing a VOIP system? One way audio causing issues? We can help solve your VOIP integration issues.
Access Control and CCTV, sales and support.

Contact Us:
Av. Ricardo J. Alfaro, Torre Century Tower,
Piso 14,Suite 02, Ciudad de Panama

Phone: (507) 836.6461
On the Web http://www.vracomsa.com
Info: mailto:ventas@vracomsa.com

VecSector LLC - Alpharetta/Atlanta, GA

We provide complete PBX builds, configuration & onsite setup
Creators of the PhoneCALL Multi-Tenant GUI for Asterisk!

Tel: (404) 418-4001

VegaSystems IT Consulting & Solutions Paderborn / NRW / Germany

We are an full service internet provider in germany. In terms of voip, we're focused on building individual asterisk based solution. We've a lot of experience and a big code repository for many different scenarios. Beside of building, configuring and installing Asterisk based PBX Systems, we can help you with planning your new infrastructure. If needed, we also provide SLAs and manage/maintain the system in the long term. You don't have to worry about anything.

Tel: +49 5251 14854-0
Fax: +49 5251 14854-99
Mail: info (at) vegasystems.de
Web: www.vegasystems.de

Vinci Consulting Corp.

Voice Over IP experts, Connecting businesses with VoIP / Unified Commiunications
  • Asterisk (inc Switchvox, Tribox, etc), Cisco Call Manager and other VoIP PBX systems
  • Expertise in communications and network systems, not only VoIP!
  • Design, Implementation and Support of VoIP systems

  • Network Architecture * Network Infrastructure * Network Security *Network & System Integration
  • Data Security * Voice over IP * Linux * Open Source * Network and Project Management

Contact us to discover how our solutions will meet your business needs.
Phone: 866-99VINCI | http://www.vinci-consulting-corp.com
120 W Park Ave, Long Beach,NY 11561

Virgos VoIP

Virgos VoIP - Servidores VoIP Asterisk PBX/PABX - Tenha sua pr�³pria Operadora VoIP

Tenha seu pr�³prio Provedor VoIP

We provide VoIP Consulting and Asterisk-based VoIP solutions to small and medium sized business. We are based in S�£o Carlos/S�£o Paulo, Brazil, and we service the entire country area. We provide custom VoIP systems as well as turn-key systems for the "do it yourself" administrator.

Tel: +55(16)3372-2120
SIP/IAX: sip://voip.virgos.com.br
Email: virgos@virgos.com.br
Virgos VoIP - Asterisk Servers - S�£o Carlos/SP - Brazil
http://www.virgos.com.br/portal/voip.php or virgos@virgos.com.br

Virtual Circuit

We provide VoIP Consulting and Asterisk-based VoIP solutions to small and medium sized business. We are based in Lubbock, Texas, and we service the entire Western and North Texas area. We provide custom VoIP systems as well as turn-key systems for the "do it yourself" administrator.

  • Polycom VoIP Certified Reseller
  • Turn-key VoIP Systems

Please visit us at www.virtualcircuit.net

Heath Bowlin & Justin Selleck
Virtual Circuit
Lubbock, TX 79424
(806) 589-4942

Vitell - Asterisk Telecommunications Consultants

  • Asterisk consultancy
  • Asterisk training
  • Office and call centre telephony solutions
  • Linux and VMS systems management
  • SIP/IAX termination services
  • UK number provisioning
Website: http://www.vitell.co.uk/
Freephone (UK): 0800 5200206
International: +44-1676-530540
SIP: SIP://info@vitell.co.uk


  • Voip service providers Pune, Chennai, Bangalore
  • Wifi
  • International SIM card solution
  • Voip calls service, International calling
  • Internet leased line
Website: http://www.vivacommunication.com/
Customer care Chennai: +91 44 6609 9999
Customer care Pune: 093722 26222
Customer care Bangalore: 080-40987576

VMukti Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Offers software solutions ranging from VMukti, PBX, gateway systems with billing, contact center with CRM, and broadcasting solutions to call center setup, and technical support etc.,. Adiance continues to invests into the cutting age VoIP software technologies to bring out better solutions to global communication issues.
  • Became one of the world's firsts in the field of web based video conferencing over Asterisk.
  • Serving 10s of global clients through offices in India and USA.
  • Implementations of CMM Level 3 processes for quality assurance.
  • State of the art 24x7 global delivery center with employee friendly setup including 2 mbps connectivity to each node.

Phone: +91 079 66324222

Contact us to contact@vmukti.com discuss your requirements or to find out more about our VoIP offerings.

Vocal Technologies Ltd

Founded in 1986, VOCAL is dedicated to providing superior integrated silicon and software solutions to meet our customer's voice, video, data and facsimile needs.

We support all major platforms, including Texas Instruments (54x, 55x, 64x), Analog Devices (21xx, Blackfin), ARM, MIPS, x86, and StarCore cores.

VOCAL also provides innovative reference designs and hardware solutions, using our DSP expertise and patent-pending algorithms to drastically reduce materials cost while easily integrating many value-added features.

Tel: +1-716-688-4675
Email: mailto: sales@vocal.com
Website: http://www.vocal.com/


Based out of Atlanta, GA. we specialize in commercial based asterisk phone systems. Also check out our online voip store at shop.vodaplex.com . We have some interesting specials and solutions integrating asterisk with business applications.

Phone: 888-VOD-PLEX (888-869-7539)


  • Get Support for your trixbox/asterisk/freepbx/softphone/ata right now, 3 Levels or support: Connection,Operation,Customization.
International & Domestic DID Provider
  • We can allocate large blocks of DID's in many countries and forward the calls using VoIP to the customer infrastructure. We then act as a gateway from the PSTN for the traffic, delivering it directly to the customer's IP switch or gateway. We only charge a fixed monthly fee for this service. No per-minute fees and unlimited inbound calling!
Class 5 SoftSwitch Released

Current Turn-Key Class 5 SoftSwitch Solution Specials
  • Turn-Key Class 5 Softswitch Solution that Corpludes DID-IP, Callback, PC to Phone, IP-IP, User Web Interface, Reseller Web Interface, Class 5 Corpluding Voicemail, Call Forward, Call Waiting, Conferencing, etc., Online Purchasing / Payment Gateway, Hosted Callshop, Cisco AS5400HPX VoIP Gateway Set Up for 8E1 or 8T1 for

Lotus Co., Ltd

Lotus Co., Ltd have 14 year experience for PBX, IPPBX, CallCenter, Contact center, owner all source code and may be modify any requirement, integrated universal desktop agent, Lotus's desktop agent is support softphone, chat agent, sms, mail,.....
Lotus Contact center was builded with owner IPPBX, Openfire chat server,... and very stable, expand early,...
Providers of:
  • Call/Contact solutions
  • Software on demain

Website: http://www.lotus-asia.net
Email: mailto: tin.nguyen@lotus-asia.net


VnVoIP is a leader in the field of communications solutions in the Asterisk® opensource environment in Viet Nam. We provide latest technology news for providing, developing and integrating telephony solutions and call centers for businesses of all sizes.

Providers of:
  • Asterisk PBX solutions
  • Call Centers and Contact centers
  • IVR
  • BIlling
  • BI

Website: http://www.voip.com.vn
Email: mailto: admin@voip.com.vn


Provider of VoIP Solutions and Consultancy, based in the Netherlands.

  • VoIP Consultancy
  • VoIP-based telephony solutions
  • Hosted PBX's - Online demo

Website: http://www.voicedata.nl
Phone: +31 (0) 74 7113660
Email: info@voicedata.nl

VoiceByIP Solutions

Asterisk Consulting
Phone: +1 (253) 753-1512
Seattle, WA

Voiceroute Networks

Consulting and Support for Asterisk
We provide consulting services and products aimed at extending the power of Asterisk. We are based in Ann Arbor, Michigan with development center in India.
Please visit us at www.voiceroute.net

Druid Open Source Unified Communications

Voiceroute LLC, LLC. Ann Arbor Michigan


VoiceSpin is a leader in the field of communications solutions in the Asterisk® opensource environment in Israel. The company specializes in providing, developing and integrating telephony solutions and call centers for businesses of all sizes. The choice of advanced solutions VoiceSpin offers, together with an understanding of business processes, enables our clients to strengthen their customer service, reinforce their marketing, and initiate strategic changes in their business.

Providers of:
  • Asterisk PBX solutions
  • Call Centers and Contact centers
  • IVR
  • BIlling
  • BI

Website: http://www.voicespin.com
Phone: +97237237000
Email: mailto: Info@voicespin.com

VOIP Conversion Services, Inc.

Based in the Dallas, Texas area.
Phone: 972-294-6046

We convert, install and consult on how to lower your telecom expenses and increase your telephone system features through the use of voice over IP technology. We go beyond the customary model of shipping you a server and telephone extensions to provide you with installation, service, support and consulting. All of our technical support is based in the U.S. and we will never outsource any part of our company.



We are experts in converting, installing, maintaining and auditing your pbx installation. Also do we have the capability of setting up provider services such as billing platform, call recording, VoIP Security. Or we can deliver you an outsourcing for your pbx installation.
We are based in Belgium, but can easily maintain and support European projects.

We have supported Svanto.net in setting up their VoIP platform and creating their products.

Phone: +32 11 46 78 36
email: mailto:info@voipconsultant.eu
Website http://www.voipconsultant.eu


Our company was established to help people to fulfill their potential for business-activity. We offer you complete realization of your creative ideas and plans in the VOIP-business field.
One of our partners started in 2005 year. His financial results: 2005 â?? USD 2,590,733 of the â?? cash flow â?? USD 256,492 of the net profit â??9.9% of the profitability, â?? 2006 - USD 3,908,491 of â??the cash flow USD 385,932 of the net â??profit 9.8% of the profitability. â??

Oleksii V.Vinogradov

VoIP Consultancy Group

VCG will provide one of its independent consultants in any field of expertise that is required. Your piece of mind is that VCG are not tied to any carrier or manufacturer, giving you the piece of mind that we are not there to sell you a solution.
• Project Management, Consulting services, Cost saving analysis
• Project plan development ,Write supplier tender documents
• Manage tender processes, Assist with contract negotiation
• Manage implementation and more.
Please see our website at http://www.voipcg.co.uk for further details, or contact us directly to get assistance.
E-mail: info@VoIPCG.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 1270 509664


We offer various services for Asterisk such as SBC Configuration, custom live cd, wengophone customization, etc.
Contact us.

VOIPONIC - VoIP IP PBX manufacturer and CRM / Business Integration

  • Energy saving 12W VoIP PBX for small and medium size business;
  • Click to Dial from your PC;

  • We provide consulting services to those interested in VOIP migration.
  • We speak polish and english;


We are the leader in small to medium enterprise Asterisk system installation, configuration, integration, and support. Our technicians have experience not only in Asterisk-based systems, but other IP telephony systems as well (Avaya, Nortel, Cisco, etc) and can integrate Asterisk into our enterprise. We also perform regular training (both classroom and online) on various Asterisk-based systems, including:, Vicidial, Trixbox, FreePBX, Elastix, and AsteriskNOW

voiscout, Hamburg

We consult on and configure VoIP-enterprise-solutions. We have expertise in opensource solutions based on asterisk, freeswitch and sipxecs.

Voisonics Limited

Voisonics website
  • Custom designed IVR development
  • IVR hosting in our dedicated hosting centres
  • VOIP consultancy
We are experienced developers of IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and Auto-Attendant software for organisations world-wide.
Routing calls intelligently, recording conversations, integrating with other databases, and processing payments are just some of the many improvements than can benefit your customers, staff, and bottom line. All services are designed to meet your needs in terms of functionality, reliability, look and feel, and budget.
Our hosting centres take care of the maintenence and security of your solution, on dedicated hardware with high quality inbound and outbound telephone connections. We can organise phone numbers for you anywhere in the world. Your solution will include our easy-to-use web tool to manage your account, recharge call credit, and view call histories. Solutions can also be hosted at your own location.
Talk to us today to find out how we can help you.


Estamos en bogota colombia y proveemos servicios profesionales de configuraciones basadas en asterisk, freepbx y gnudialer, Tenemos gran experiencia en call centers .
We are DCap Certified (asterisk digium professional certified)
We are in colombia, we provide asterisk, freepbx and gnudialer consulting, we have a deep experience in call centers running asterisk .


Warrior Hill - VoIP, Asterisk, SIP, Open Source and Linux Consulting

  • Web site: http://www.warriorhill.com
  • Toll-Free Phone : +1 (888) 718-4655
  • Location: Kansas City, Missouri, USA - Servicing the continental USA
  • We provide scalable solutions using open source technologies to make organizations more efficient. We specialize in VoIP, Asterisk, SIP, Linux and other open source solutions. We can provide project planning, implementation and programming. We also offer a full hosted PBX and wholesale VoIP platform with full rate recenter coverage and termination options.

WAVECOM, Soluções Rádio, S.A. -

Wavecom S.A. is a portuguese communications engineering company, started in the year 2000, specialist on VoIP open source technology (Asterisk and OpenSER).
In 2008 Wavecom has developed and deployed the largest VoIP project in Europe, based on Open Source technologies.


Phone: +351 234 919 190
Email: wavecom@wavecom.pt

Westhawk Ltd.

Westhawk is an established, independent software house with more than 15 years of successful business and technology experience.
We specialize in Web/VoIP integration projects.

Phone +44 161 237 0660
Email: mailto:info@westhawk.co.uk
Web: http://www.westhawk.co.uk

Workgroup Technologies Inc.

Headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and locations in Alpharetta, GA; Orlando, FL and Hollywood, FL.

Services offered are:
  • Installation & Maintenance of Digium IP PBX
  • Installation of CISCO Unified Communications Manager Express
  • Structured cabling (Voice, Data, Video and Fiber)

Phone +1 919 371 4778 Toll Free +1 877 830 1049
Email: sales@workgroup360.com
Web: www.workgroup360.com


  • Appraisals, consulting, sales, installation and support for Asterisk/FREEPBX/Vtiger and much more
  • Installation of IP PBX Systems
  • Home/Business Sip Lines, Hosted VoIP IVR Services.
  • Support Level contracts Available
  • Telephone: 905 428 3775, 416 848 1215, Inum 011(883)5100 01399933
  • Travel: 200km In and Around Ajax/Pickering the GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
  • E-mail :voip @ computer problem dot ca
  • web : http://www.computerproblem.ca
  • Digium, Snom, Polycom, Aastra


London based consultancy specialising in large scale networks and product user-experience design.

Vozdigital - VOIP Consultant

Experience in Open Source systems and can provide consulting on all aspects of Asterisk, or sipXecs deployment. Based in Mexico, although will consider travelling and freelance work.
    • Email: cavazosm@gmail.com
MSN: miguel@cavazos.com.mx

x9media ip communication

x9media is Asterisk and VoIP Specialist located in Germany, Düsseldorf.
We are developing Asterisk Based VoIP deployment for small and medium sized businesses.

Email info@x9media.com with any questions or call today +49 211 730633-0

Sales, Consultant, Installation, Support of Voice - Data - IT - Networking - Hardware - VOIP

x9media.com - Europe / Germany
Thomas May / Andreas Matysik
UhlandstraÃ?e 17
40237 Düsseldorf, Germany

Phone +49 211 730633-0
Fax +49 211 730633-25


Open Source Solutions for Unified Communication and Collaboration: contact center IVR, VoIP, Video over IP, IM
Location : Turin, TO, Italy
Phone : +39 011 19823600
Email: mailto:support@xenialab.it
Web: http://www.xenialab.com

YourTechPro Computer Solutions

Asterik PBX solutions for small and medium businesses in the Greater Vancouver Region
Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Phone: 604-630-9720
email: info@yourtechpro.ca
Web: http://yourtechpro.ca


Open Source solution PBX, Gateway, IVR, Call Center, CRM Integration, VoIP, and onDemand Custom Applications!
Location : Oklahoma City, OK, U.S.A
eFax : (+1) 413 647 0257
eMail : root@zenterisk.com
Web : http://www.zenterisk.com


Zettatronic : Responsive, experienced and reliable
Zettatronic specializes in IP and Digital telecom consulting, sales, installation and service. We have decades of combined experience in Asterisk, VoIP, SIP and networking.

Zettatronic is based out of Houston,Tx (please note that some items are specific to Houston,Tx).

Other VoIP Services Offered:

Reach us at 832.482.1630 | Website | Zettatronic on Facebook

ZNSYS Information technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

ZNSYS is a Solutions and IT Services Provider from Shanghai China. We provide total VoIP solutions on top of Asterisk. Our Services also covers the Email system, Linux/BSD/Mac Server and Network System.
Email: sales@znsys.net
Web: http://www.znsys.net

ZONE Limited

ZONE specializes in IP telephony consultation and implementation. We have proven records in building Asterisk applications such as call center, CRM, IVRS, fax broadcast and telesales systems. ZONE is also an ITSP of HK, China and Singapore DID. With these SIP virtual numbers, you can gain presence in the Asia regions rapidly and cost-effectively.

In addition, we offer leading IP-PBX hardware (PBX, gateways, T1/E1 cards and ip phones, etc) and are pleased to quote our prices for comparison.

Tel: (+852) 8202 1511
Fax : (+852) 8227 1511
Email : sales@zonetel.com
Web : http://www.zonetel.com
Address: Unit C, 8/F, 47 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.


Experienced Asterisk Programmers For Hire
Location : San Diego, CA, U.S.A
phone : (+1) 858-565-2155
eMail : help@zray.net
Web : http://www.ztelco.com

ABDUL ILYAS - Hyderabad - India

Design, implementation, consultancy & support services for Asterisk/FreePBX/Vicidial/Cisco/ShoreTel
Call center solutions, Enterprise class telephony solutions.
Asterisk PBX, FreePBX, Vicidial, SER, Cisco CUCM & UCCX, Shoretel
Cisco, AudioCodes, Grandstream, Quintum, Sipura, Linksys
Contact: ilyas.abdul@gmail.com
Phone: +91 9160909993
Hyderabad - Bangalore - Pune - Mumbai.

OCTC Communications Technologies CO., LTD. - China

OCTC is the Digium/Asterisk leader and provider in China. OCTC provides Digium/asterisk products, technical support, CallCentre Solutions, Office PBX Solutions, IVRS, IP-PVN, IPLC.

Tel: (+86) 20-83274558
Email : sales@octc-china.com
Web : http://www.octc-china.com
Address: Room 1511, Baihui Plaza, No. 193 Zhongshanwu Road, Guangzhou, China 510630.

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