VOIP PBX and Servers

Business PBX Solutions
Provider Solution Details
Bicom VoIP Become an ITSP Now!
  • Become a serious competitor in VoIP Immediately
  • FULL Consultancy, Installation, Training & Support
  • Sell Hosted IP PBXs, Biz Lines, Call Centre
  • Turnkey Provisioning at your data center
3CX Software PBX for Windows, Linux and the Cloud
  • Open Standards Software Solution
  • Easy to Install and Manage
  • Auto Configures Phones & Trunks
  • Android, iOS, Windows & Mac clients
VoIP Hardware Solutions
Provider Solution Details
VoIP Hardware Zycoo UC Solutions
  • Modular Design IP PBX for SMB
  • Remote office Centralized Management solution
  • 3rd party app integration, Enterprise Billing, Android & iOS client
Yeastar Communications Solutions
  • Cost-effective IP-PBX Solution for SMB
  • FXS, FXO, GSM, BRI and PRI VoIP Gateways
  • Rich features and reliable performance
Business Hosted VoIP Providers
Provider Plan Details Monthly Rate *
Vonage Business Award-winning Business VoIP Phone System
  • 40+ Business Phone Features
  • Amazon Chime Incl. at no cost
  • In-house 24/7 Support
As Low as

RingCentral Cloud Powered Business Phone System
  • Unrivaled functionality in 1 solution
  • Unlimited Calls/Fax/SMS/Conf.
  • Trusted by 350,000+ Businesses

OnSIP The Smartest Cloud Phone System
  • 50+ Features, Gartner Cool Vendor
  • 99% Customer-Rated Satisfaction
  • No surprise fees or contracts

MegaPath Cloud Phone Service. Built for Business.
  • 50+ Business-Class Features
  • No user mins. $19.95/mo/unlimited
  • Easy set-up. Professional Install.

8x8 The Smarter Business Phone Solution
  • Industry SLA of over 99% uptime
  • Customers in 100+ countries
  • Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader
As low as

Jive Communications Upgrade your phone service with Jive Voice
  • Simple to use for admins and users
  • No fees for add-ons, upgrades, or features
  • Get your first month free

Please list information about VoIP PBX and Servers on this page. Please keep VoIP PBX and server provider information in alphabetical order, and below any other relevant information.


  • 1comms.co.uk: Asterisk-based converged telephone system for UK Businesses
  • 2daydirect: Brand NEW Small Business VoIP phones. Free 2 day shipping anywhere in the United States
  • 2N NETSTAR PBX, virtual PBX: VoIP PBX system
  • 2N Omega IP PBX: VoIP PBX system
  • 2N VoiceBlue Enterprise: Simple VoIP SIP PBX
  • 3CX: Windows IP PBX / VOIP Phone system
  • 4PSA VoipNow: Hosted PBX software for service providers and enterprises, accelerating SaaS deployment. It runs on Linux environments (RHEL, SuSE Linux, CentOS, Fedora) on x86 and Power PC architecture based servers.
  • 8ix Zenith: 8ix Zenith spells an Asterisk derived IP Telephony application with the most advanced calling and communication features.


  • APPRIN آپرین Middle East VoIP Distributor IP Phone, IP PBX, Gateway, ATA from Digium, Grandstream, Barix.
  • ALLO PSTN-IPPBX for SOHO with 30 IP extension, upto 6 Analog Extension & upto 4 PSTN trunk
  • ActivePBX™ | Turn-Key Business Phone System $149/mo.
  • Aculab Cloud is a framework that enables developers to add telephony to their applications
  • AJ TEL Comunicaciones Voip Carrier, Branded and Unbranded Hosted PBX, Many Packages to choose. Servicio en Español desde Mexico para el Mundo.
  • Aksys Networks offers the KONNECT Office Phone System which unlike phone systems requires no PBX, server or Hosted service. The phones create an adhoc network that shares phone services in an office or seamlessly across multiple sites.
  • Anveo is more than just a hosted PBX or even hosted Unified Communication service. Anveo offers Voice 2.0 Communication and Collaboration Suite with exceptional Visual Call Flow technology for consumers and businesses of all size. Anveo's integrated Voice 2.0 business VOIP, IM and Collaboration service includes Busineess Control Panel to manage sub accounts and more!
  • Apptix: Hosted PBX: Business VoIP Phone Service Provider
  • ASP-One Voice: Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system that is tailored for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.
  • AastraLink RP Aastra's Microsoft Powered Small Business system
  • Aastralink Pro Aastra's Asterisk Powered Small Business System
  • Active Telecom: Commercial IP CENTREX application server for service provider (MOSAICA)
  • Adopting a Business PBX: In a telephony environment that includes a single or multiple analog or digital PBXs, an IP gateway is required...
  • Advanced SoftSwitch with LCR:Advanced Softswitch offers real-time voice switches to diverse range of ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) over IP networks.
  • Advanced Voice Solutions - IPitomy VoIP PBX Systems. Small to Large scale deployments.
  • Advantage PBX Asterisk VoIP PBX Servers and small business solutions.
  • Aelintra Telecom SARK UCS: High availability, high performance Asterisk-based PBX with on-board network services, automatic phone provisioning, advanced call recording and true Hot Desk support. High availability failover on T1/E1 circuits takes around 15 seconds to complete. Free .iso download available HERE.
  • AlienVoIP.com offers the best VoIP service to Malaysia corporates. Our customers are ranging from small business with 3 people up to multi-national company with thousand of employees. Now upgrade your PABX to IP-PABX + VoIP and start cost saving. Check our website here.
  • Allworx VoIP Key Systems: Allworx manufactures the 6x, 10x, and 24x IP Key System product line designed to provide the key system functionality found in traditional small office phone systems while still maintaining SIP standard interop with third-party phone, gateways and ITSPs.
  • Alvis-PBX: Odin TeleSystems' cost-effective and feature-rich Asterisk ISDN PRI Appliance with support for 35 simultaneous calls.
  • ApplianSys: VOIPbox from ApplianSys gives you up to 10x more calls and better call quality from VoIP without upgrading your links.
  • ASTFIN: Embedded Asterisk Distribution for Blackfin DSP. Open hardware PRI, BRI Appliances.
  • AntiSPIT Server:AntiSPIT™ Server gives VoIP and video telephony service providers comprehensive network protection from spam.
  • Aquarius Telecoms' TritonOne Multi-Tenant VoIP PBX Server allows companies to offer VoIP services to residential and corporate clients. Based on proven, reliable HP hardware, we offer ease of use and cost effectiveness.
  • Advoco NetPBX: Advoco NetPBX is a commercial carrier grade, IP centrex and hosted communications platform offering a wide range of business telephony services.
  • ATcom: easily build your IP-PBX or Carrier system with handling 124 channels/calls.
  • AskoziaPBX: Embedded asterisk system based on m0n0wall.
  • Asterisk: Open Source PBX Introduction | FAQ | tips & tricks
  • Asterisk: IP PBX http://www.pbxware.ru is one of the leading VoIP hardware providers in Russia and CIS.
  • astTECS Asterisk Solutions India : Asterisk Based IP PBX, VoIP, Call Center Dialer, Voice Logger, IVR System, *ast g4 GSM Cards, Asterisk training and support.
  • Astimax ®: Commercial VoIP/ISDN PBX developed in germany. The Astimax IP series works also as hosted platform in datacenters with an easy to use configuration and management interface. Support for video calls. Operator panel, live management for conferences and mobile apps.
  • Astium ®: Web managed Asterisk based PBX with multi tenanting, provisioning, fail-over, cloud support. Prompts and interface in Dutch, French, English.
  • astTECS Asterisk Based IP PBX, VoIP, FMC Gateway, *ast g4 GSM Cards Solutions : India's Leading Telecom Solutions Provider including Asterisk based IP PBX, VoIP, Call Center Dialer, Voice Logger, IVR System, *ast g4 GSM Cards, Asterisk training and support.
  • Astlinux: AstLinux is a custom Linux distribution and has many features that make it ideal for embedded, Live CD and commercial Asterisk based solutions.
  • ATL's Berkshire IP-PBX ATL Telecom's small business IP-PBX and Berkshire IP phones.
  • AVM VoIP Gateway 5188
  • Avaya IP Office
  • AXEOS ®: Business VoIP Solutions.
  • Axon Virtual PBX by NCH Swift Sound: Windows VoIP PBX for small to medium sized business.
  • AYCTelecom IPcts: IP Converged Telephone System. Full featured SIP PBX designed for Small and Medium Sized Business.
  • Aztech IP-PBX : VoIP PBX; upto 8FXO & 50 extensions.


  • Bayonne: The telephony server of the GNU Telephony Project
  • BEA: J2EE-SIP Application Server
  • Belco PBX: IP PBX System
  • Bicnet: IPPBX VoIP Unified Communication solutions.
  • Bicom Systems gloCOM is a desktop and mobile business softphone that enhances and simplifies day-to-day business communications with drag-and-drop calling, instant messaging, fax, conferencing, presence, and more.
  • Bicom Systems Business PBX is an IP PBX turnkey business communications platform that is specifically designed for enterprises and SMBs. Flexible, reliable, and scalable, PBXware was the first ever GUI for Asterisk, presented at Astricon in 2004, setting the standard for others to follow.
  • Bicom Systems Call Center PBX is an IP PBX turnkey Call Center Communications Platform that is specifically designed for call centers and contact centers. Features include unlimited ACD queues, unlimited call agents, comprehensive reporting, real-time queue statistics, real-time queue monitoring, gloCOM softphone, predictive inbound and outbound dialing, skills based routing, and more.
  • Bicom Systems Multi-Tenant PBX is an IP PBX turnkey Multi-Tenant Communications Platform that is designed for service providers, ITSPs, start-ups, and more. MultiTenant PBX can be used as a Class 5 Softswitch. Features include unlimited resellers, user/company self-portal, LCR, and more.
  • Bicom Systems SERVERware is a Cloud IP Services Delivery Platform with flexible scalability, 99.999% redundancy, and an easy to use GUI administration. SERVERware is the only Virtualization Platform dedicated to Voice. Available in the Network Edition and Server Edition.
  • Bicserver: Low cost IP PBX System Solutions
  • Billion PBX: SIP IP PBX for different operating systems with embedded billing rating and system.
  • Billion Softswitch: SIP/H323 softswitch for Linux/FreeBSD/Solaris/Windows.
  • BlueWave Telecom VoIPFlow 2.0: Deploys, manages, and scales 1000's of virtual Asterisk pbx systems. For ISP's and Service providers.
  • Brekeke: Commerical Multi-Tenant PBX and Carrier Grade SIP server
  • Broadsoft: Commerical SIP Application server


  • Cytranet: Largest VOIP provider in Southeast, provides nationwide service.
  • Canadian Voip Supplier: Everything is in stock in Canada. Hybrid Positron Voip PBX's, IP telephones, headsets, and more!
  • Carusto: Carusto represents communication platform with the highest level of security and all features for bussiness. Our software solutione can be based in server and cloud mode.
  • CloudWare VoIP Suite Windows VoIP UC Softswitch operates in Class 4, Class 5 or Class 4/5 scalable to 100,000 users per server then grows in clusters. for Telcos, ITSPs, CLECs, ILECs.
  • Connecto- All-in-one Office Communicator: IP-PBX, Voice, Data, FMC, WiFi & Internet over the cellular network
  • ConduIT3 VoIP PBX: Asterisk Based Hybrid PABX Systems
  • CallButler: Easy-To-Use IVR/Auto-Attendant/Voicemail server for Windows
  • Cameronet: VoIP-PBX-Systems based on Asterisk with an Configuration Webinterface
  • CarrierClass.net: GPL distributed, large-scale, highly-available IP PBX and provisioning system
  • Carusto.com:.Carusto represents communication platform with the highest level of security and all features for bussiness.
  • Cast-Iron Communications: Cast-Iron Communications offers a the "NO DATA NO TRANSMIT" lowest bandwidth platform in the industry (Conferencing, IVR, Class 4, Outbound Dialer, Prepaid etc)
  • CenIP: Commercial IP PBX with a web config interface, in spanish.
  • cfPBX: Hosted PBX - VoIP Business Phone System
  • ComCanada Communications CRTC Registered, Provider of Hosted PBX, DID service, Toll Free, equipment sales, consulting, and retail/wholesale origination & termination. Supported Protocols: SIP & IAX 1-877-697-VOIP
  • Clear Voice Telecom: Several communications solutions, including Hosted IP PBX, VoIP, and automated dialing systems.
  • Conexiant: HostedPBX, private-label PBX and VoIP - DIDs from everywhere; Toll Free; International toll free & DIDs, term; POPs in Denver, LA, Hong Kong and Frankfurt. Hosted DTH billing service for open source or any voip application. Hosted open source PBX and servers for VoIP.
  • Contaque: PBAX based VoIP solution
  • Converge: Hosted Enterprise PBX for SME and Call Centers from Corelynx
  • CONNECTOR73: Unique cloud suite of solutions for communications between companies and customers
  • Centile: Unified Communications solutions for operators and integrators
  • Cisco CallManager
  • Cisco CallManager Express
  • CommuniGate Pro: Voice and data Internet Communications server with Active Dynamic Clustering and 99.999% uptime for all IMS
  • ComniPort-TK IP PBX-System based on Asterisk with ISDN-PRI, ISDN-BRI and POTS-Interfaces
  • Coms.Net - Advanced Business Phone System: Hosted VoIP IP-PBX
  • Convertec Asterisk based IP PBX systems, ViciDial based call center solutions. Hosted and virtual PBX. Remote Asterisk, FreePBX, and Trixbox support 24X7.
  • Connect Communications Connect Communications is a unified communications systems integrator offering business telephone systems, PBX systems, VOIP, SIP trunking, CTI, fixed-mobile convergence and data networking solutions.
  • http://www.zycoo.com/html/U20.html CooVox Series IP PBX adopts modular design to provide flexible solution(Analog/ Digital trunks combined) for small and medium enterprises.
  • Creacode: Creacode SIP Application Server is a carrier-grade, high performance, real-time SIP call controller and SIP IVR solution. Real-time secure communication with WEB applications, RADIUS servers or directly any relational databases during call session execution.
  • Critical-Links edgeBOX: Complete Asterisk based PBX, GUI configurable, all popular card interfaces available, with Router, Firewall, File and Print * ContactQ: ContactQ is the next generation Call Center Application Server providing IVR and ACD. ContactQ is being developed as both a supported commercial product and also as an open source GPL project.Server, e-Mail and Web server, Anti-virus, Anti-SPAM, Content Filtering, Radius, NAC and QoS.
  • Cruise phone: embedded Asterisk PBX with 4 isdn interfaces, german and english config, with root access!
  • Cosmact COSMOS SIP Based CCXML and VoXML Application Server: High performance, carrier grade application server with CCXML and VoXML for application flow control. Supports SS7 ISUP, ISDN and SIP signaling interface. Available as general application platform for IVR and IVVR (Interactive Voice and Video Response) deployments or packaged products such as conference server, IP-PBX, SS7-SIP media/signaling gateway. Supports RADIUS for real time call billing.
  • C-zentrix: C-Zentrix is a next generation Linux appliance providing all the contact center functions in a single box.
  • CallFon: IP PBX, IVR, Call Center: Solutions based on Asterisk Web Gui Spanish.
  • Cyford Technologies LLC: Cyford Technologies is a full blown VoIP Telecom Center offer unlimited services to many markets.. Other than providing our great products we also built and repair other companies asterisk Servers. Cyford Technologies Offer free forum based support to everyone.
  • ContactQ: ContactQ is the next generation Call Center Application Server providing IVR and ACD. ContactQ is being developed as both a supported commercial product and also as an open source GPL project.
  • Cloud ICTinnovations Cloud ICTinnovations offer Open Source Telecommunication Applications On One Platform.We provide different hosted PBX VPS service to customers.We offer Hosted PBX services at reasonable price.


  • DooxSwitch.com: Asterisk and FreeSwitch based advanced communication solution. Routing, Billing, PBX, Callshop, Callcenter, DID shop , SMS, Calling Cards , Dialers , Softphones flexible API and many more.
  • Daktela PBX: Commercial IP PBX with a web config interface, billing application, fax service, in Czech and English
  • Datera Call-eX: a full featured telecommunications server (IP PBX) for large and small companies (fully scalable). Allows integration of previously introduced solutions (PSTN, GSM, VoIP) into one. Configured via Web interface. Advanced call routing (multiple VoIP and PSTN operators) and functionality (VoiceMail Server, FaxMail Server, CallCenter, CallRecorder, MOH Server, Intercom).
  • DenphonePBX: Scalable English-Japanese IP-PBX Solution: fully feautured office telephone system with built-in support for English and Japanese language users. Support for PRI (INS150), ISDN(INS64), SIP and IAX2 trunks. Wide range of handsets including Polycom, Saxa, Nakayo, snom, Cisco and more.
  • DexgateMicro: A WEB-based VoIP Telephone Switchboard for voice and video, able to manage FAX, SMS/MMS, Email and Chat in a single solution. It includes support for SIP/T38 telephony, IVR, Conference, Videoconference, Call recording, WEB CTI and more. The software is 100% written in Java.
  • Dialexia: IP-PBX software (SIP-based), VoIP Traffic Termination on Dialexia.net with Billing Management (Radius or SIP) with Calling Card support, Call Shop/Cyber Cafe software, IP Phones & Quintum & Mediatrix products
  • DialLog IP PBX : Commercial grade IP PBX, IVR, Call Center solutions on Asterisk WEB GUI
  • DIDforSale : DIDforSale Hosted PBX delivers more functionality than any traditional phone system without the costs of owning, managing and maintaining a PBX. Our hosted PBX phone system gives a hosted VoIP solution that allows companies to streamline their communication systems. Our Hosted system support all popular PBX platforms including Asterisk, Elastix, PBIAF, Opensip, and FreeSwitch.
  • Cebod Telecom : cebod telecom offers Cloud based Hosted Business Telephone system for small to mid size businesses. No need to invest in expensive hardware and software, fully managed and scalable system.
  • DIDNumbers.com : Wholesale DID Numbers, Global Coverage for VoIP carriers, Webportal & API
  • DigAnTel, Automated install Centos/Asterisk/FreePBX
  • Digisist Hosted PBX U.S. based Hosted(Virtual) PBX Provider. Unlimited Calling, free 4-line phone, free setup for $39.95/mo.
  • D-Link IP PBX D-link VoiceCenter powered by Microsoft Response Point
  • DM Link Npbxskype, Asterisk PCI Card with competitive price.
  • DYALOGO SAS PBX support in a server or Virtual Machine, include a complete ACD, IVR and call recording software.


  • EasyPbx:Hybrid IP-PBX Solution for Service Providers and System Integrators that control and monitor thousands of PBX trough a Web Management System based on Level (Provider, Reseller, PBX Admin, User). EasyPbx is commerical grade PBX software and it provides the key system functionality found in traditional Enterprise or SoHo phone systems. Administration based on an Ajax Web Interface on remote Server (VLSRV). Service Providers and System Integrators can use their Private Label on the system. The Linux Distro (200 Mb) created from scratch is performed to work with E1-T1 and above all BRI network. Real Time VOIP and PSTN Diagnostic and Alerting System integrated into the platform. EasyPbx Wiki Page
  • EnGenius EnQue VOIP products: Low cost high feature asterisk based IPPBX, desk and WiFi phones.
  • easyAsterisk GUI: December 2006: 2.2rc3 updated release with some features added.
  • Easy Office Phone A complete PBX voip phone solution for small and medium sized businesses.
  • EasySpeak PBX EasySpeak PBX is a 15 min install, it gives you a complete PBX solution for small businesses, it includes an auto provisioning system which autimatically sets up the phones and is also available for a 14 day free trial.
  • EasyVoxBox.org A full featured IP PBX phone system. EasyVoxBox is based on Asterisk and freePBX and installs a complete system quick and easy. It gives full control and provides additional system utilities via the web based user interface.
  • eDial Advanced Communications Server
  • Elastix Elastix is a leading IP PBX Distribution based on Asterisk and Freepbx. With a complete GUI interface providing features such as Conferences, Webinar Functionality, huge range of PBX functionality, Web Based Company/External Directory with click to dial, Presence/IM, Endpoint Configurator, Faxing both in and out, Extensive reporting tools, SugarCRM and Vtiger built in, Email Server built in. Installation of the ISO takes no more than 15 minutes.
  • Elastix-Persian (Vaak) الستيكس فارسي December 2007:voip-iran.com الستيكس فارسي ارائه شده توسط سايت .
  • edgeBOX: "Office-in-a-box" appliance with Asterisk web-based GUI interface. Full IP-PBX with Router, QoS, VPN, Firewall, SMTP, WWW, Network Access Control, Collaboration services. Integrates with BRI/PRI and FXS/FXO.
  • Elfiq Networks ISP Link Balancers with SIP support - for more details click here
  • EmbraceCortel is a telecom service company that provides telecommunications to businesses in the Tri-State Metro New York area by providing delivery and maintenance of telecommunications, both traditional and Hosted VOIP, cabling infrastructure deployments, networking services, security products and more.
  • Emutex VMX A fully featured business grade IP PBX system engineered by Emutex. This proprietary "office in a box" supports up to 128 phones with secure call recording, automated attendants, automatic call distribution, call centre call queuing, remote/home worker connectivity, ISDN Failover and more.
  • Enswitch - A full featured carrier grade soft-switch with pre-paid and post-paid billing, invoicing, multiple levels of reseller, full range of PBX features, calling cards, call shop, credit card integration, and much more. Built on Asterisk and SER, it supports clustering, high availability, and fail-over. In production today with systems up to high tens of thousands of users. See the feature list and the online demo web interface for more details.
  • Epygi Quadro devices unite conventional PSTN telephony and high-tech IP communication. From the Quadro2x models, small IP PBXs for private users and teleworkers up to the Quadro16x models, fully featured IP PBXes to the QuadroE1/T1 Gateway and the QuadroCS Conference Server - there is a Quadro device for every business need. Distributed in Australia by Alloy
  • Ernie Ernie is an open source VoIP application platform that integrates Web 2.0 design principals with next generation communications technologies, including VoIP, presence and web languages such as Python.
  • Evolution PBX: Complete TurnKey Asterisk PBX for small businesses. Easy to use interface with advanced innovative features.


  • FacetPhone Commercial IP-PBX, Business Telephone System
  • Fonality Reviews: Asterisk-based IP PBX for SMBs
  • FonAngle Communications A complete Hosted PBX platform over carrier grade business VoIP. Perfect for small businesses and comes complete with a 30 Day Guarantee.
  • FreePBX: GUI Frontend and PBX configuration for Asterisk. Supports modules for adding various functionality, but primarly designed as an SMB PBX system
  • FreeSentral : Free IP PBX based on Yate
  • FreeSwitch: Open source cross platform (*nix, Windows) multiprotocol (SIP, IAX, WOOMERA/H.323) softswitch.
  • Free H.323 Embedded Gatekeeper:Free H.323 Gatekeeper for H.323 devices registering and visiting
  • Frontrange IPOS: solution includes SIP Communications Server with CSTA link for 3-rd party call control, IRV+router with GUI application builder, Unified Messaging voice mail server, TTS and ASR support, Microsoft Live Communications Server (LCS) integration, SoftPhone, Web-based configuration access.


  • G1000 PBX http://www.globaliptel.com: G1000 PBX (hardware variant or hosted PBX).
  • Gemeinschaft - (http://www.amooma.de/gemeinschaft/): A toolkit based on Asterisk. Designed for high availability and mass deployment. Configurable via GUI or shell scripts.
  • GoForOpen - GoForOpen IP PBXs uses Elastix 4.0 to provide excellent PBX functionality with a web-based GUI interface with all of the features you expect from a professional PBX system.
  • Gridborg HMP Commercial Host Media Processing server with H.323 and SIP frontends, and simple ASCII control protocol. It can handle 240 ports on dual processor servers. It works in both Linux & Windows environments. It's client-server architecture enables you to use any programming or scripting language. Gridborg HMP is free for development purposes.


  • HANASHI - Pre-configured Asterisk-based solutions, servicing Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • HelloWorld: Commercial VOIP PBX
  • Hi-Brid Norleaf Newtorks (Next Generation VOIP Solutions) - Asterisk based PBX
  • Hosted PBX Services from VoIP Supply. The most reliable and cost-effective Hosted PBX for your home office.
  • Hotsip: Commercial SIP Server
  • HostPBX.US - Hosted Asterisk or Hosted FreePBX solutions allow customers access to feature rich VoIP PBX solutions without the costly investment of an on-site PBX for only $19.99/month, HostPBX also provide SIP trunking, Asterisk FreePBX support for configuring and troubleshooting connectivity issues.


  • iTel PBX Switch - A single PBX Softswitch platform which supports Call Forking, Extension Calling, PIN to PIN calling, Call Forwarding (Via IVR), Call Waiting, Music on hold, Three-Way Conferencing, Video Calling, Prepaid and Post Paid Client Management and Invoicing.
  • ITooLabs Communications Server - White Label Cloud PBX for carriers, telecom and service providers.
  • IEC VXML server SIP/2.0+VXML 2.1 Inexpensive IVR Platform, SRGS MRCP Server, Cloud/MRCP ASR/TTS , Linux/Windows Free One Channel.
  • i6net - I6NET provides a VoiceXML Browser for Asterisk, VXI*, in addition to IVR development and consulting services. This interpreter works directly with the Asterisk software. Not only can users of the Asterisk run VoiceXML applications in the same server, they can now offer these powerful, scalable solutions at an affordable cost.
  • Invox - Drag and drop designer, Invox, provides an enhanced IVR Solutions with Virtual PBX features. The designer won Best of Show during IT Expo. Out of box applications include payment over phone, surveys (type your questions and choose answer type), store locator, geographical routing, IM integration, CRM capture lead (Salesforce, Sugar, Zoho), CRM by Phone (with speech recognition), phone appointment scheduling and reminders, outbound automation, Skype/VoIP forwarding, disaster messaging, database integration and others.
  • Intelligent Solutions Phils., Inc. (Philippines) - System Integration, Intelligent PABX(PSTN+GSM+VOIP) Solutions, Call Center Solutions, Network Infrastructure Consulting and Solutions.
  • JmcSoft Distribution - Importer and distributor of quality competitively priced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and networking equipment.
  • http://www.singcomm.com.sg/pabx/hkc/index.html The IP64 System, designed and developed by HKC Technology Limited, is using the VoIP as the core technology which could be implemented in a highly flexible and scalable system that fulfills all communication requirements and comes with automation features.
  • Insido ipbx: spanish manufacturer of VoIP solutions backed by IBM eServers and Novell Linux
  • iareaPhone Hosted iareaPBX Asterisk Servers, Pre built fully loaded and fully managed - Voice and Data Termination is available - iareaPBX User Company Administration and Billing System Call or visit Hosted iareaPBX Standard, Hosted iareaPBX Midrange IAX phones available
  • inCloudOne Advanced VoIP and Connectivity Solutions inCloudOne® provides total bundled voice and data solutions to meet all telecom needs in the UK
  • Interactive Intelligence Commercial call center and Enterprise server solutions, Free SIP Proxy TRIAL
  • ipcortex PABX Simple reseller friendly PABX system based on Asterisk. Emphasis on quick setup with simple web configuration for all features and auto configuration of phones for speedy and profitable mass deployment. Economical for 10-1000 users.
  • IP PBX Support Asterisk support and SIP server (IP PBX) integration specialists. SIP trunking solutions and open source customizations.
  • IPsmarx Technology, Inc. is a leading Voice over IP (VoIP) solution provider and system integrator dedicated to delivering customer management and billing solutions for entrepreneurs, carriers, VoIP Calling Card Operators and ISPs.
  • ITSPtec Multi-Tenant PBX Cluster System: Multi-Tenant IP PBX Cluster Solution with real-time interaction, sophisticated routing for inbound calls, flexible outbound capabilities with a range of dialing modes, quality monitoring and real-time statistics tools ensure that your customers are quickly connected to the best available services.
  • IVR Technologies, Inc. - IVR Technologies, Inc. is a leading software development company providing a fully integrated SIP based application, media and billing server to next generation networks.
  • ICONSA Canada Inc. - ICONSA.CA is a Canadian Company whose objective is to offer communication services using high speed internet. Our idea is to offer the general public means of communicating with family and friends completely free or at a very low cost.]
  • IVRCat is an IVR System for SIP Servers & IP/PBX Systems providing Calling Cards, Callback and IVR Account Payment and Administration features
  • iPline open voip Let your voice over ip flow
  • InstantVoice - A scalable IP PBX software suite for the large call center.
  • iNextrix VoIP PBX - iNextrix is best place for Custom VoIP PBX softwares, Multi-tenant PBX systems, Call billing solutions based on SIP/IAX in INDIA and all around the world


  • Kalliope PBX is an asterisk-based SIP PBX with ease of use in mind.
  • Kamailio GPL SIP server (formerly called OpenSER)


  • Logic PBX system comes in three editions: “Business Edition”, “Call Center Edition” and “Unified Messaging Edition”. Ideal for businesses of 1 to 100000 people.
  • Linux LiveCD VoIP Server SER Proxy with prepaid support. All in one solution.
  • Luxsys Inc. IP PBX with Call Manager based on Asterisk 1.2.x and 1.4.x. Call Center Solution.
  • Lotus Asia. Lotus Contact Center Leading in Vietnam, support vietnamese text to speech, cloud, Video.


  • Magnetic North Magnetic North provides hosted VoIP PBX solutions for call recording and outbound dialling worldwide.
  • MailStreet voice MailStreet Voice is the enterprise class alternative to costly telephone systems and expensive long distance bills, using VoIP technology.

Centralitas telefónicas IP | Consultoría Call Center | Elastix | Mantenimiento centralitas

  • Massxess IP PBX Massxess services customers with leading IP software, including hosted IP PBX and a full IP hosted contact center on demand platform.
  • MOR Advanced Billing solution. Retail/Wholesale. For VoIP providers/Call Centers/etc. LiveCD available. Homepage
  • Max Cole Technology Solutions, Singapore Any application you can dream up and build can be integrated 100% license free into a Max Cole Unified Communications Server. Our system application developers are available to assist you in the design and integration of your value added application delivering on Max Cole's promise of systems that give you “Freedom to Create, Freedom to Build” (TM) Max Cole's solutions are distributed throughout South East Asia by Value Added Resellers and System Integrators.
  • Microsoft Response Point Microsoft's Small Business Phone System with Advanced Speech Recognition. See AastraLink RP, Dlink and Syspine
  • Microsoft OCS Microsoft's UC platform for Enterprise
  • miniSipServer SIP based VOIP Server for MS-Windows. Powerful and very easy to use.
  • Matrix IPPBX Xtreme Networks Commercial IPPBX System (SIP/IAX/H323).
  • Magiclink IPPBX S1-series IPPBX BOX system, user friendly web control, full system in 1U/A4 size box, OEM for other company.
  • MKC Networks: Available worldwide the MKC Networks 7000-series SIP Enterprise Application Server offers hybrid/hosted SIP-PBX functionality and stand-alone vertical market specialization including: conference server (500+ users), time of day routing, IPDR analyzer, auto-attendant, call recorder and adjunct ITSP manager for legacy systems
  • MySIPSwitch: The SIP Switch is an experimental stateful SIP Proxy server sponsored by Blueface to allow the use of multiple supplier SIP accounts from a single SIP login. This is a free and open source software.
  • MERA VoIP Softswitches Class 4/5 switching & billing solutions for VoIP networks.
  • Maintel VOIP PBX Maintel provide total voice and data solutions to meet all telecom needs in the UK
  • Mizu VOIP Server is a high speed VOIP Softswith for the Windows / MS SQL platform
  • Meglevel dedicated servers for asterisk Managed dedicated servers for asterisk, worldwide connectivity.
  • mediaVOX SoHo IP PBX Appliance for residential and small business applications
  • Multi-Tenant PBX Cluster System: Multi-Tenant IP PBX Cluster Solution with real-time interaction, sophisticated routing for inbound calls, flexible outbound capabilities with a range of dialing modes, quality monitoring and real-time statistics tools ensure that your customers are quickly connected to the best available services.
  • Meteor Telecommunications Phone Systems and VoIP We sell and service Phone systems and VoIP systems in Canada.


  • Net-Voice Telecom NVT is a Leader in IPPBX and Sip Trunking with Office Located in NY and FL we have extremely competitive Packages for Small to Enterprise class Businesses
  • NBX: 3com's Commercial VoIP System
  • Network monitor Network monitor with hardware and Asterisk package (dutch).
  • NEGIA NexGen PBX: Turnkey Asterisk based VoIP PBX server appliances with complete web management interface
  • Nicherons International: Nicherons Canada is a specialist in Voip products, ippbx, Asterisk phone cards, customized phone systems.
  • Nortel BCM: Nortel Business Communication Manager Interoperability
  • NovaTec: ISDN (BRI and PRI and UP0), IP (SIP), GSM (Cellular), Analogue, Media-Gateways and ATA's incl. T.37 and T.38 for Fax over IP
  • Nblade: Nblade and Gcube full ip voip pbx, free for 5 users


  • Odin TeleSystems: Asterisk appliances like Alvis-PBX. Run an Asterisk PBX server without a PC.
  • OfficeSIP Server: Free enterprise sip server for Windows.
  • OnSIP Hosted PBX: OnSIP is a hosted PBX solution from Junction Networks with unlimited free users and extensions. OnSIP offers free SIP-SIP calling and is interoperable with other standards compliant SIP providers.
  • Obelisk: Obelisk is the new VoIP virtual switchboard by Eutelia, completely remotised, easy to use (no software download is needed). Obelisk is the best way to optimise the management of phone traffic and expenditure within each company branch, among different branches and towards the traditional phone networks.
  • Objectworld Communications: Objectworld UC Server is a Windows based Unified Communications Server with built-in SIP PBX and Unified Messaging platform for Exchange, Lotus Notes, and any IMAP4 server. Available worldwide, the UC Server offers hybrid/hosted SIP-PBX solutions including: video and audio conference server, time of day routing, IVR, auto-attendant, call recorder and ITSP access. Simple to install using Wizard-based applications, Fully SIP compliant, and will work with any SIP Phone, SIP Gateway or SIP Trunking ITSP.
  • Octopus IP Communications Inc: Hosted PBX Server with VoIP, Email, Groupware, SIP and Unified IP Communications services. Set up VoIP phone numbers in out of town markets. Connect to VoIP over high speed Internet using: IP Phones, Mobile SIP Apps, Softphones, VoIP-to-Analog adapters and Octopus Unified Webmail.
  • Oktell: Windows based IP-PBX with a Call-center fuctions ans IVR graphic interface
  • OpenPBX: PBX in Perl
  • OpenAppliance : Hardened Network appliance dedicated to Open-Source based solutions including Asterisk, Opensips, Kamailo, Freeswitch. OpenRack servers offer free place for 2 PCI card, making easy to support zaptel & Dahdi cards. Low power consumption !
  • CallWeaver: open source IP-PBX software, vendor independent, cross-platform, PSTN and VoIP, software fax and fax over IP.
  • OpenSER: GPL SIP server (also known as Kamailio)
  • OpenSIPg: SIP service platform for operators. A multitude of features
  • OwnPages: In house, virtualized, zero cost, zero hardware, no setup PBX and mail server with demo.
  • OverSIP: the SIP framework you dreamed about. A SIP proxy with WebSocket support programmable in Ruby language (MIT license).
  • Ozeki: Phone System XE: A windows based Voip pbx, written in .Net. Provides voice calls, 2D/3D video, SMS messaging and APIS for developers


  • PBXact.com: The Schmooze PBXact phone system was designed with one thing in mind: enhancing business communications to impact your bottom line. In order to accomplish that goal, we offer some really unique features. With PBXact, we have combined the power of the human voice and intuitive phone-based applications to make even the most complicated tasks easy for every one of your employees.
  • http://www.pbxauthority.com/: At PBX Authority we have a very clear mission: to deliver exceptional phone systems that save our customers money.
  • PBX in a Flash: Asterisk distribution (free ISO download) that gets its name from the short time it takes from installation to operation. Consists of Asterisk PBX and the Web GUIs FreePBX for managing Asterisk and Webmin for managing your Linux server. Very active support forum.
  • Free Resource for PBX, PABX, VoIP, Asterisk and other Communication Server Questions
  • PrettyMay Skype PBX software for Windows: a full-featured Skype PBX software on Windows system.
  • Pandora Networks: Worksmart Multimedia PBX
  • Pan Tone Communications: One Stop Solution to Office computer networks and VoIP PABX telephone systems.
  • Partysip: Open Source SIP server
  • Patton SIPxNANO: compact full-featured VOIP IP-PBX
  • pbxnsip: Commercial SIP-based PBX with SRTP support
  • PBXpress: 24/7 supported IP PBX for business clients, PBX cluster, auto VoIP phone discovery and configuration
  • Phone Systems from VoIP Supply. Largest selection online. Expert consultants.
  • Pingtel: Enterprise-class SIP PBX for Linux, SIP Proxy Servers, SIP Softphones and User Agents
  • Positron Telecom Business phone systems and gateways. [Distributed by IPChitChat
  • Power Systems: Talkswitch PSTN/VOIP Hybrid Small Business Phone Systems. All analog, all SIP VOIP, or mixed.
  • RadiusCat RADIUS Billing Software: Windows RADIUS Billing for Quintum Version 1.2.3 RELEASED...
  • PCBest Networks SIP PBX v2: A Windows-based software SIP PBX system. It is very easy to use and deploy, with powerful features like:ACD, Auto Attendant, Call Park, Ring Group, Conference, Call Pickup Group, Auto Outbound Dialer, Database CDR report, Database PBX Status Report. It supports SIP extensions, SIP accounts, inbound and outbound calls, and customized dial plans. With new plugin feature, you can use C# or vb.NET to build customized auto-attendant for PBX, or develop your own IVR menu in just minutes.
  • PIKA WARP PBX supports FXO, FXS, BRI, GSM, UMTS, LTE - GUI Included
  • Pika uIPBX an IP Only low cost PBX that will fit in your pocket - GUI Included
  • PBXMate - Software platform from SoliCall that improves voice quality using server side echo cancellation (AEC), noise removal (NR) and automatic gain control (AGC). The PBXMate also monitors audio quality, calculates MOS and it works with any IP PBX using the standard SIP/H.323 protocols.
  • Phone Systems and VoIP in Toronto - We provide phone systems and VoIP service.


  • RenegadePBX by VoIP Supply-Since 2002 VoIP Supply has delivered unparalleled service and expertise to over 125,000 customers worldwide. Designed by VoIP Supply's team of experts, and released in 2015, the RenegadePBX is a fully scalable IP PBX appliance that has been specifically crafted to meet the Voice Over IP needs of any size business. Built with your business in mind, the Renegade comes in three different sizes: Mini, 1U, and 3U - all of which can be easily configured with a platform that best meets your communication needs. Fully customizable with FreePBX, AsteriskNOW, eZuce Uniteme, and 3cx, the possibility to create the ultimate PBX solution for your business has finally arrived. Contact us today at 1-800-398-8647
  • Real Tone Embedded IP PBX phone system for SME, support 120 SIP clients and 60 SIP trunks; All-in-One WiFi IP PBX for home and small office support 8 SIP clients and 802.11n wireless router inside
  • Resonance Networks: Piccolo IP PBX Platform based on Asterisk
  • Response Point: Microsoft's SMB Phone System - Aastralink RP
  • RUOK Dialer: DSC Senior check autodialer using Analog or VOIP lines.
  • Radvision: Video conferencing equipment and web software. SDK solutions for VoIP, SIP, H.323, Megaco, MGCP; SIP server; IMS 3G-324M products; ECS Gatekeeper, MCU, gateways
  • RadiusCat AAA Billing is a RADIUS AAA Billing system for SIP, H.323 VoIP Gateways including Brekeke SIP Server, Quintum, CISCO, EPYGI, IVRCat, RadiusCat CallShop, RadiusCat Click-To-Call
  • RSDevs.com: provides multiprotocol (SIP, H.323 and IAX) Audio Conferencing Server (MCU), SIP,H.323 and IAX VideoPhone (SoftPhone with video) for PDA/PPC/PocketPC (Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0). Also provides contract VoIP development services and custom programming.
  • Ringio pbx: Ringio is the perfect phone solution for smart businesses. In addition to standard features like a fully configurable Auto-attendant, Virtual Extensions, Find-me/Follow-me, and Built-in Voicemail.
  • RingRoost Hosted PBX Builder - The Open and Hosted PBX
  • RingCentral VoIP Phone System for Business: RingCentral provides business-class Voice Over IP service that includes full-featured VoIP phone service and unified communications.


  • SNEP PBX Platform: SNEP is a GPL PBX Asterisk based distributed by source code or an ISO Install image based on Debian, very simple to use and install, powerful model of "Business Rules" routes to manager your dialplan and a modular software structure that allows you develop add-ons on your own license.
  • http://www.safecom.it: Safecom S.r.l. open source integration with voip pbxes full configurable and free for 5 users
  • http://www.sacomptechs.com :San Antonio Computer Technologies provides the award winning Switchvox solution as well as Talkswitch, geared toward the small to medium businesses located in central Texas. We also provide both analog, Digital and SIP trunks as well as a ful line of IT solutions.
  • soho-voip-phone.com:Authorised voip phone reseller for snom, allworx,aastra and many more - Call 1-408-687-4826
  • Select Phone Solutions: Our Spartan PBX appliance's are geared to the small to medium size VoIP solution with all the bells and whistles.
  • Softswitch.US: Our Solution enables you to successfully manage Prepaid/Postpaid Calling Card Services, Wholesale, Termination, Callback, PC2Phone, IP Phones, Direct DID, DID2IP, IP2IP and a Hosted Callshop in one solution.
  • S5000: SIP/H323 VOIP Softswitch and IPBX system for Linux and Windows platforms, with advanced call routings, audio/video conferences, and more. Web based. Open APIs C/Java available. From PC to appliance boxes. Ready in minutes.
  • ScopServ: Complete Web GUI for Asterisk & Commercial VoIP PBX (http://www.scopserv.com/)
  • SARK UCS PBX: A professional Unified Communications Server on a hardened Centos 4.2 platform.
  • SARK UCS PBX: Documentation pages.
  • SerComm Original maker of embedded web GUI based Asterisk IP PBX + SIP phones & gateway — ISO 9001 certified production.
  • Signate Signate, Open Source Carrier, Provider and Enterprise VoIP Solutions
  • SIP Express Router: Open Source SIP Proxy
  • SIP Express Media Server (SEMS) : Open Source SIP Media Server
  • SIPpy: Open Source carrier grade RFC3261-compliant SIP Stack and Back-to-Back User Agent (B2BUA)
  • SIP Reality: Reasonably priced commercial carrier grade SIP Softswitch for Service Provider Community
  • Sipcat Downloadable VoIP PBX software application (ISO install) based on Asterisk
  • SIPPSTAR: SIPPSTAR Proxy Server Software
  • SIPfoundry: Open source SIP PBX for Linux, open source source proxies, open source SIP softphones, open source SIP stack
  • Siproxd: Open Source SIP and RTP proxy
  • SIP Proxy Server: Enables service providers to deploy scalable VoIP and video telephony applications and services. Standards compliant with a comprehensive feature-set.
  • SIP registrar and proxy server: SIPsocial enables SIP phone services over the Internet securely via NAT / firewall devices and provides privacy protection using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).
  • SIPSP-PBX and Proxy: Commercial VOIP PBX and proxy for ISPs and Enterprises
  • Mini-SIP-Proxy: A small SIP proxy which allows you to link local SIP phones together (for home use, written in POE perl)
  • sipwitch: GNU Project's secure media path SIP call server
  • sipX The SIP PBX for Linux (open source) sipX, sipX Architecture sipx_screenshots, SIPfoundry, Pingtel
  • SmartAction IVR SIP/PBX integration for commercial call automation software and IVRs.
  • http://www.speedytel.com: Lowcost IP PBX solution based on MIPS processor only demo $45 USD/unit, support 32 extension register.
  • CloudWare SoftBX Windows software VoIP-Telephony Platform scalable 4-512,000 ports, SIP, H.323, CAPI
  • SOFAswitch Spanking new PBX from Derek Smithies (of OpenH323 fame and more) Have a seat!
  • Song812 IPPBX a hardware based ippbx with 4-8 ports
  • Soft-Switch : Carrier Class Soft-Switch
  • SOHO PBX World - Hybrid VOIP/PSTN Phone Systems and VOIP phones
  • Soundwin Network: - Soundwin Compact Asterisk Telephony solution for SMB and SOHO users.
  • Sphericall: Commerical VOIP PBX
  • Spiderstar:: Commercial VOIP PBX
  • Stalker Software:: CommuniGate Pro VOIP, email, IM, and unified messaging server
  • starface pbx:: STARFACE PBX is a professional asterisk based Voice-over-IP solution.
  • Starfish PBX aims to be a open source alternative to Digium’s Switchvox.
  • A market leader in the realm of voice and data communication: Storm are committed to providing cost effective telecommunication solutions to South African businesses.
  • Sutus Inc.::Sutus Business Central(tm) is an integrated small business appliance combining VoIP server, file server, email server, firewall, wireless access point, VPN remote acces
  • Switch2Voip Virtual/Cloud Call Center solutions. Asterisk based predictive dialers and PBX. Real Time Reports, Agent Management. Switch2Voip
  • Switchvox: Based on Asterisk, Switchvox is completely web based and comes preinstalled.
  • SWYX: Commercial VOIP PBX
  • Sylantro: SIP Application Server
  • Synsip Voip solutions Asterisk based including Microsoft API .NET synsip
  • SysMaster VoIP PBX - SIP/H323 Class 5 IP PBX server for telecom applications.
  • Syspine Response Point Description of Syspine's easy to install Response Point System
  • Syspine Microsoft Response Point Syspine's Small Business Phone System with Advanced Speech Recognition by Microsoft Response Point. Extremely easy to set-up, use and manage.
  • Surf Communication Solutions, Ltd.: MoP (Media over Packet) Triple Play (Voice, Video, and Modem/Fax/Data) conversion solutions to communication equipment manufacturers.
  • SVK Software Corp: SVK Software Corp is a Canadian company offering many VoIP software solutions including RADIUS Billing, SIP Calling Card & Callback module, Click-To-Call modules, etc
  • SpoTel Spotel is a trademark of Nicherons Canada, who is a specialist in Voip products, including ippbx, Asterisk phone cards, customized phone systems.
  • Synextra From cloud-based virtual desktops and managed cloud hosting, to superfast internet and voip connections.


  • TAC-WISP Telco Alley (TAC) recently received FCC approval for WiMAX band and has several projects lined up for Voice and Video deployments including video surveillance and 2-way video conferencing. TAC will supply open source networking and telephony services to WiMAX regions across the Midwest.
  • Talking SIP - Turnkey platform with a fully integrated application (IVR enhanced services), media server and real-time billing engine that supports prepaid, postpaid, flat-rate, multi-tier and packaged minute plans + much more
  • Talkswitch: VoIP - PBX system for up to 64 users per location. Works with both POTS & VoIP.

  • VoIP PBX Software: ipbx eXpress software is designed for small to medium sized environments, offering all the key advantages of Taridium's ipbx software. ipbx eXpress configurations are fully compatible with Taridium's ipbx enterprise solution allowing for a seamless upgrade path. Taridium also offers Hosted PBX Software for Service Providers.

  • Tedas: Commercial VOIP PBX
  • TEDAS VoIP DECT PABX: VOIP PBX with cordless DECT phones
  • TekSIP by KaplanSoft - SIP Registrar/Proxy for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 2003/2008/2012 Server with Microsoft Lync Support
  • TekIVR by KaplanSoft - SIP IVR/Call Attendant for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 2003/2008/2012 Server with Microsoft Lync Support
  • TekConSer by KaplanSoft - SIP Conference Server for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 2003/2008/2012 Server with Microsoft Lync Support
  • TekFax by KaplanSoft - SIP T.38 Fax Receiver for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 2003/2008/2012 Server
  • Teleon Networks - Low cost soft PBX based on PCTel modem and Skype.
  • Telephone Reassurance - PBX for contacting elderly ensuring they are OK.
  • TELES complete Class 4 and Class 5 soft switch solutions, VoIP gateways, and mobile gateways for GSM, CDMA, and UMTS networks
  • Telesis PX24U, PX24M, PX24X - Hybrid IP PBX Phone Systems
  • TieUs Technology - Business Phone System for Canada. VoIP Phone System, Hosted PBX, Virtual PBX for 20 Major Canada Cities. Unlimited Long Distance calling between cites.
  • Thirdlane Business PBX - Thirdlane® Business PBX is a reliable, cost-effective IP PBX and unified communications software platform that provides SMBs and larger enterprises a flexible, on-premises alternative to high-cost telephony systems.
  • Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX - Thirdlane Multi Tenant PBX is a reliable, cost-effective IP PBX software platform capable of hosting multiple virtual PBXs on a single Asterisk® server. It enables Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs), telephony resellers, and VoIP entrepreneurs to offer a fully-featured hosted PBX to their customers.
  • Thirdlane Call Center - Thirdlane Call Center software delivers a reliable and highly-customizable contact center solution with sophisticated features and functionality for a broad range of call centers - on-premises or in the cloud. Thirdlane Call Center is an add-on that is integrated with Thirdlane PBX products and offers set of features supporting environments ranging from professional contact centers to workgroups requiring more advanced queuing, call distribution, and call metrics features.
  • TigerPBX - IP PBX component of TigerCube products
  • Tikal networks Tikal Networks offers VoIP Telephone & Call center Solutions for small to corporate enterprises with a host of features and flexibility to suit enterprise requirements.
  • Toll Free Forwarding VoIP PBX system
  • Tpad.com Bespoke IP PBX Solutions for SME/SMB's. Hosted and Managed Telephony Solutions with custom made Call Management Software, compatible with any SIP /VoIP Hardware (ATA / IP Phones / PC Softphones / Nokia WiFi Mobiles).
  • TransNexus VoIP Routing, Accounting & Security
  • TriComm Systems Enterprise PBX and VOIP phone system for SMEs at incredible price
  • Trixbox: (the project formerly known as Asterisk@Home) Pre-Configured start up cd with CentOS and Asterisk + add-ons (FreePBX/AMP, FlashPanel, etc)
  • TrueBill from Cylogistics Complete billing solution for Pre-Paid, Post-Paid, Real Time, On Demand, Credit Card, Taxes. Integrates with most VoIP switches including Asterisk, Ring Carrier, YATE, TrueSwitch, Nextone & more.
  • TurboPBX - Virtual PBX that breaks new ground in Business Phone System Solutions for a fraction of the cost of less effective systems on the market.
  • Telephone Business Systems - Asterisk Based VoIP Systems, Nortel / Norstar BCM VoIP / Digital Hybrid Telephone Systems, and Asterisk based Hosted / Virtual PBX for SMB's.
  • Teleuco SAX SIP Fax Exchange for send and receive FAX over IP using email client


  • Ubiquity SIP Application Server
  • USB2PBX Asterisk and FreePBX bundled together on a single USB key. Boot your server from the USB key and it will transform in a powerful PBX system.
  • UTM5 by NetUP Inc. - a high performance VoIP RADIUS Server developed in C++, SIP and H.323 compatible, also able to parse any CDR files
  • UnitePBX Unite PBX and Unite Call Center provides business communication solutions built on top of reliable and cost-effective Skype VoIP platform.
  • Unite PBX Web-based VoIP PBX New SaaS version of this popular VoIP application is designed for small/medium business users—
super easy interface allows anyone to set up a PBX or Call Center in minutes. http://www.unitepbx.com/unitepbxhosted/PressRelease_Aug3.aspx


  • VoIP Supply-VoIPSupply.com is the retail website of North America's leading VoIP solutions provider, VoIP Supply. VoIPSupply.com offers a fast and easy way to find the VoIP hardware you are looking for.
  • Get the right PCI cards, telephony modules and PBX appliances to build your open source PBX today.
  • VoIP Supply carries the largest selection of hardware components to build an open source PBX with over 1,000 different products to choose from. Whether you are looking for a PCI Card for PSTN connectivity, a robust VoIP server or an appliance, VoIP Supply has you covered.

  • VoIP Supply: All of the open source VoIP PBX hardware components come with a full manufacturer’s warranty, are supported by our team of in-house open source experts and work in conjunction with your favorite open source PBX software .
  • _VoIP IP PBX_ - Vox PBX is the most advanced software based IP PBX system on the market. It is the perfect choice for small, medium or enterprise businesses.
  • VoiceOne: VoiceOne is a complete Linux distribution that gives you the ability to install a pbx platform with an easy to use web based GUI, which would be a framework to build a communication server adding various plugins.
  • Voicent: Voip software and solutions
  • VoIP-IRAN: تنها سایت فارسی زبان وویپ دنیا The first Free Persian VoIP Site and Forum
  • Vdex-40 Asterisk Appliance: Vdex-40 - USA distributor TAA.com: , Australian Manafacturer Technoco.biz
  • VentureVoIP PABX Systems: New Zealand Based PABX Supplier
  • Veraz Networks Softswitch and media gateways
  • VegaStream VoIP Gatways : reliable IP convergence solution
  • Vidanetwork Technologies, Inc. IntelliGate IP PBX (Industrial parts, Fanless design) supporting 10 to 2000 users. Web-based admin, end user interfaces w/ integration of CRM system
  • Voicedata IP Communications Develops Asterisk based pbx's for commercial end-users
  • VOCAL: Open Source toolkits, servers and gateways
  • VocalData: SIP Application Server
  • VoipCenter SIP widely used commercial SIP Application Server and SIP Media Server
  • VoiceCenter IVR widely used SIP IVR platform
  • VoiceCenter Response Point D-Link VoiceCenter Microsoft Response Point IP PBX System.
  • VoIP Gateways: FXS, FXO, PRI, SS7, C7 gatewayse
  • VoIP-One GmbH Schweiz (CH) : Commercial VoIP/ISDN/GSM PBX
  • VoIP Panda offers Hosted PBX service with excellent features along with many other business solutions.
  • VoIP Phone Systems from VoIP Supply. Largest selection online.
  • VoipRent Turnkey hosted VoIP softswitch for pc2phone, web2phone, callback, prepaid cards, callshop billing
  • VoIP TelePort: a full VoIP PBX on a USB memory stick w/web based management
  • voipEntity: safe and economical IP PBX based on Linux Asterisk's architecture. Ideal for SoHo customers.
  • VOIspeed IP PBX: VOIspeed is an IP telephony software technology for advanced and flexible solutions for every type of requirement and company.
  • VoLANs Embedded Asterisk based and Freeswitch based IP-PBX for SME and SOHO customers. Perfectly compatible with any SIP based solutions.
  • Vonexus EIC IP PBX on Microsoft/Intel platform
  • VS-1 Full-featured Asterisk appliance from The VoIP Connection
  • VoxBox is an Open, Simple, and Standard package for VoIP PBXs based on CentOS, Asterisk, FreePBX, and Webmin.
  • Vox Office PBX Vox Office is a Full Blown Asterisk Management system with windows admin apps and web services gateway.
  • VoxSy PBX VoxSy is an Asterisk based IP PBX system with support SIP, IAX and Zap trunks.
  • VoipSwitch Complete IP Telephone Platform integrating all the elements, that are required for successful implentation of VOIP services.
  • VoIPdito Hosted PBX Business VoIP telephone service for better communication and increased productivity. Enterprise features at a small price. Lower your telecommunication costs with free Internet calls. Virtual PBX including virtual numbers, voicemail, ring groups, IVR and much more.
  • Voicecurve VoiceCurve is a Call Center service that leverages VoIP technology.
  • http://www.voipstreet.com -VoIPStreet Virtual PBX is designed specifically for businesses that are looking to reduce operating costs and would like to increase functionality, mobility and quality. VoIPstreet's Virtual PBX solution is ideal for the virtual office, the home office, the small office, multiple location establishments and franchise owners. If you have 1 to 50 employees and utilize POTs (plain old telephone) lines, our Virtual PBX solution is ideal for you.
  • VoipEmulator Emulate any Media Gateway Controller MEGACO H.248 (Soft Switch) behavior.
  • voxGate PBX from http://www.winet.ch - Swiss made VoIP Systems
  • Voximal from http://www.ulex.fr - Ulex.fr provides the VoiceXML interpreter for Asterisk, Voximal, in addition to development, support and consulting services. This interpreter runs over the Asterisk software. It supports TTS and ASR, over HTTP and MRCP by the using of uniMRCP.
  • Voz sobre IP: Tienda virtual en Colombia
  • VSC Softswitch: Class 4/5 Softswitch with integrated, real-time billing and features for Carriers, ISPs and Triple Play Providers.
  • VoIPstudio : A Simple and Powerful Cloud Based Business Phone System with Enterprise features at a small price. Lower your telecommunication costs with free Internet calls. 30 Days Free Trial - No Credit Card Required. Sign up today and try us out. Virtual PBX including virtual numbers, voicemail, ring groups, IVR and much more. Visit www.voipstudio.com now for a Free Trial.
  • VOIP Resellers | Multi Tenancy Hosted PBX systems for white labeled reselling. Dedicated servers from $499
  • Voiplet: Cloud Based VoIP PBX. Virtual VoIP Server.
  • Voyced | Voyced is a VoIP (telephone) solution provider with the ambition to grow to becoming one of the main pan-European players with our low-cost, commercial grade IPPBX and VoIP services. We are already present in over a 150+ countries with Standard, Call Center, TollFree and /or UIFN telephone number / DIDs for residential and business users and expanding further. You can make phone calls to anywhere in the world without any extra crossing country border costs as all our clients get the same tariff, no matter where they are located. Quality and flexibility are always most important and now you can have that, wherever you are and for the lowest cost ever. Let us help you and get in touch now! In the end, it boils down to the fact that we supply any business with an award winning, commercial grade VoIP solution. A telephony solution that would normally only be available to the big corporations and for a far lower price then you would think possible.


  • Webphone: Allows web site visitors to call direct to your call center.
  • Phones4Education: VOIP and ISDN Ready, Very Easy to Manage and Configure. Highly Featured. Good Alternative to Asterisk.
  • Wildix: Gateways Series, Advanced Asterisk based gateways (WMS onboard).
  • http://www.winet.ch - Winet: Swiss made VoIP PBX. SIP based Billing System.
  • Wangate: VoIP PBX, Asterisk based hybrid PBX (voip+pstn+isdn bri/pri). A-Z Termination.
  • WeON Communication Everywhere is the pioneer CallCenter/IPBX Asterisk based solution in Latin America.


  • Xoasis Networks Prodigy VoIP PBX Full VoIP PBX with support for 20-250 users that includes full web based management and auto provisioning of IP handsets from Polycom, hid lights Cisco, and Grandstream
  • Xorcom IP-PBX - Modular and scalable Asterisk-based VoIP to PSTN hardware telephony solutions with FXS, FXO, E1/T1 PRI, E1 R2, T1 CAS and/or BRI ISDN. Supports Astribank USB channel banks and TwinStar hot failover for Asterisk IP-PBX and telephony interfaces.
  • Xeepe Project presents a fully integrated SIP & ISDN mcse Telephone System.
  • x164 Route for Profit is Outsourced Telecom Service, including Hosted rates, routes and statistics, Online routing by highest profit, Call data records database, Online rate generator and Hosted softswitch. x164 is the official reseller of iXLink.


  • YATE Yet Another Telephony Engine is a software PBX running on Linux with support for Zaptel PRI cards and H.323 protocol.
  • Yonder: Turnkey Asterisk based VoIP PBX server appliances with full web GUI.
  • Yxa: Open Source SIP library and server
  • Yeastar Provides powerful IP-PBX for SMB, VoIP GSM/CDMA/UMTS Gateway, Analog VoIP Gateway, VoIP E1/T1/PRI Gateway, and VoIP BRI Gateway.


  • ZYCOO ZYCOO is the leading developer and manufacture of VoIP Phone system in the world. Focusing on small and medium business, we provide 2~32 ports IP PBX with analog interface or integrated with PRI, BRI, GSM, etc.
  • Zervina Technologies VoIP CPE Configuration and Firmware Management Platform
  • Zirkon Commercial VoIP PBX with multi-level web config interface, user web interface, online billing, fax2mail, mail2fax, callback, DISA, IVR, SIP, ISDN2, ISDN30, in Czech, Slovak and English.
  • Zultys Linux based SIP PBX server appliance with integrated private IM system
  • Teleco:NEC and Toshiba VoIP telephone systems in NY and NJ
  • ComWealth:CW Billing&Gateway Complete PSTN/VoIP switch,based an Asterisk. includes prepaid&postpaid billing, Calling Card facilities.Supports SIP,H323,IAX,ZAP,MGCP.
  • VPBX24: Hosted Asterisk Server with carrier grade VoIP terminations and SMS
  • Voip2system Callback Solution: Callback, Pc2phone, Calling card, and Hosted Solution with dedicated server.
  • http://www.zycoo.ir: Zycoo Distributor Iran/Tehran PartoDadeh www.partoDadeh.com - www.zycoo.ir Asterisk IP PBX Appiliance
  • Zaphardware is an open source telecommunication equipment supplier
  • Zonetel:Total solution provider of IP PBX deployment and consultation. We provide appliance from Grandstream, Digium and Audio Codes as well as purely software-based Asterisk PBX together with value added services including HK/CHINA DID, A-Z termination and other telecom products like fax-to-email, fax broadcast, web-SMS broadcast and conference solutions. We also offer cloud-based solutions where you could host your voip applications in Asia regions and pay-as-you-go.
  • ZyCoo : complete solution of appliances. Official distributor for Portugal, PALOps and Brazil

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