VOIP PRI Gateways

A VoIP PRI Gateway enables direct routing of calls between the fixed line ISDN and the cost-effective IP networks for capitalizing on low cost VoIP telephony. By integrating a VoIP PRI Gateway with existing PBX / PABX telephone systems, businesses of all sizes can benefit from low-cost Voice over IP calls and achieve substantial cost savings without the high upfront costs associated with communications infrastructure changes related with the migration to VoIP .



Rohde & Schwarz Topex first started in 1990 as a Romanian company called TOPEX which offered integrating telecom solutions and distributed telecom equipment to Romanian and foreign markets, offering answers that meet telecom network requirement of companies across the globe.

Rohde & Schwarz Topex VoiBridge 4 GSM

4-channel version:

Topex VoiBridge is a GSM/UMTS small capacity gateway with VoIP or PRI interfaces. Its main functionality is to interconnect VoIP or PSTN networks with mobile networks.
With Topex VoiBridge you make significant savings on calls from IP or PSTN to cellular networks and backwards.


  • up to 4 GSM/ UMTS channels
  • up to 4 SIM cards ( 1 SIM per channel )
  • 2E1 intefaces - in & out (for PRI variant)
  • H323 and SIP supported
  • Advanced incoming call routing based on Caller- ID
  • Advanced call-routing of outgoing calls
  • SIM Server Ready - compatibilty with TOPEX SIM Manager
  • Advanced security with integrated firewall

Supports up to 4 cellular operators
No need to add any other gateway
Simple integration with VoIP and PSTN networks
Least Cost Routing
Fast return of investment
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Rohde & Schwarz Topex MultiACCESS PRI VOIP-GSM Gateway

32 or 64 channels version:

Topex multiAccess is an advanced GSM gateway; its main functionality is to interconnect VoIP& PSTN networks with all kind of mobile networks (GSM, UMTS, CDMA).

Fixed mobile convergence
VoIP - GSM gateway
Trunk gateway for NGN
Enterprise hybrid telephony solution
IP telephony for Triple Play Solutions (voice, video and data)
VoIP termination

VoIP Card
H323 and SIP - supported
up to 60 voice channels
2 E1 trunks
60 simultaneous calls
ISDN, SS7, R2, R1.5 - signaling protocols supported
up to 60 GSM/UMTS/CDMA channels

Up to 32 cellular channels - 2 GSM/UMTS channels per board
Up to 64 cellular channels - 4 GSM/UMTS channels per board

Conversion of PSTN calls into IP or mobile calls
Least Cost Routing
Multiple voice codecs

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Hypermedia Systems has developed a series of scalable VoIP PRI Gateways that support up to 72 simultaneous VoIP ports.
These VoIP PRI Gateways have the capability to support 2 x E1-PRI, 3 x T1-PRI and Analog (FXO/FXS) interfaces, and provide superior voice technology for connecting legacy PBX systems with the cost-effective IP networks - without changing the existing communications infrastructure.
Hypermedia's unique VoIP PRI Gateway HG-1600VE solution boasts a fast and easy installation that enables both inbound and outbound traffic for VoIP and PSTN (as well as optional support of GSM and CDMA cellular calls) – all in one compact box.


The VoIP PRI Gateway HG-1600VE from Hypermedia Systems can be pre-configured to meet precise customer requirements. Companies can easily expand the cost-effective systems to meet their evolving telephony needs over time.

Main Features:

• From 8 to 72 VoIP ports
• E1-PRI, T1-PRI and Analogs interfaces are supported
• Up to 2xE1-PRI, or 3xT1 Interfaces
• Inbound and Outbound calls
• Advanced LCR & Routing Groups
• IP address & DDI pattern restrictions
• Optional - GSM, CDMA and UMTS calls
• High quality of voice
• WEB management and control
• Redundant power supply - Ready
• Fast and easy installation

Yeastar VoIP PRI Gateway

Bridge the gap between E1/T1/J1 and VoIP networks

NeoGate TE100 is a single port VoIP E1/ T1 /J1 gateway (VoIP to E1/ T1 /J1, and E1/ T1 /J1 to VoIP) that supports up to 30 concurrent calls. It’s designed to bridge the gap between E1/ T1 /J1 and VoIP networks. TE100 offers SMBs cost effective additions to an legacy telephone system to bring the true benefits of VoIP. Integrating TE100 into an existing network will allow for inexpensive communication via SIP trunking. Also, it could connect VoIP systems with E1/T1/J1 service from legacy carriers.

NeoGate TE100 - VoIP PRI Gateway(VoIP-E1/T1/J1)



  • E1/T1/J1 Port: 1 (Support PRI, MFC R2, SS7)
  • Protocol: SIP (RFC3261)
  • Transport Protocol: UDP,TCP,TLS,SRTP.
  • DTMF: RFC2833, SIP INFO, In-band
  • Codec: G.711 a/u-law, G.722, G.726, G.729 A, GSM.
  • LAN: 10/100 Mbps
  • WAN: 10/100 Mbps
  • Size: 213x160x44mm
  • Power Supply: AC 100~240V,50~60Hz (DC 12V, 1A)


  • Trunk Support
  • Call Routing Rules
  • Automatic appending and stripping of digits to dialed numbers
  • Caller ID name and number support
  • FAX support
  • Blacklist
  • Firewall
  • DDNS Support
  • Backup And Restore
  • Easy to install


  • Cost-effective Call Routing
  • Easy-to-navigate GUI
  • Simple Installation
  • Easy to integrate
  • Low power consumption for your green office


  • Connect legacy PBX systems to VoIP services
  • Connect legacy PBX systems to remote sites over private VoIP links
  • Connect IP PBX systems to legacy TDM services
  • Phased transition from Legacy PBX to IP PBX

Contact Information

Inoteska s.r.o.


Inoteska, for nearly 20 years, Inoteska has been providing voice&data communication solutions for private networks (railways, army, police, power engineering, ...), mobile and fixed line carriers, Internet service providers and enterprises.


Jan Hostinsky skype ID: inoteska
sales manager e-mail: j.hostinsky@inoteska.sk

Voice&Data Router - VoIP PRI Media SIP GSM Gateway


VOIP Gateway 4E1.jpg

- TDM/GSM/VoIP gateway, VoIP/ISDN TDM PbX or voice and data router
- 4 E1 G704 (120 / 75 Ohm, RJ 45 / BNC)
- signalling PRI: ISDN DSS1 or R2 MFC (configurable using configuration SW - a few types - CAS,..)
- devices can be crossconnected over Ethernet (SIP sig.) or over E1 and achieve higher capacity
- 48 or 64 simultaneous calls (G.711)
- max. 16 or 32 simultaneous calls (G.726, G.729 a b, G.723.1)
- echo cancellation G.165 / G.168 - 2004 up to 128 ms
- Fax over IP support, including T.38
- Asterisk SW
- SIP signalling RFC 3261
- AOC (charging pulses)
- 2 Ethernet 10/100 BT or 1x10/100 BT and 1x10/100 FX, auto MDIX option
- USB 1.1 host port
- terminal port V.24(RS232) RJ 45
- SD card
- internal timeslots crossconnect for TDM - TDM calls
- patented robust jitter bufer
- DTMF - RFC 2833 generation and detection
- call progress tone generation (dial, busy, ...)
- caller ID generation and detection
- silence detection / suppression and comfort noise generation
- announcement playback
- voice mail
- remote management CLI - SSH
- SNMP protocol
- basic data routing
- QoS
- optional(*):
  • - up to 4 BRI S0 S/T-2B1Q (100 Ohm, RJ 45) , signalling ISDN DSS1
VOIP PRI GSM Gateway 4 E1 4 BRI 12 GSM.jpg

  • - up to 12 GSM/GPRS quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
VOIP PRI GSM Gateway 4 E1 12 GSM.jpg


Jan Hostinsky skype ID: inoteska
sales manager e-mail: j.hostinsky@inoteska.sk



OpenVox Introduces Digital VoIP Gateways for Enterprise Communications

Shenzhen, China – April 2nd, 2015 OpenVox Communication Co., Ltd, a global leading provider of the best cost effective open source Asterisk® telephony hardware and VoIP Gateways, today announces to release a new digital VoIP gateway product line to the enterprise communication market with the best value guaranteed. To Ensure the system stability, the hardware comes with a redundant power supply as default configuration. Thus it will be a plus when implementing the digital gateways in the enterprise communication systems.


Email: sales@openvox.cn

The DGW-1001R/DGW-1002R/DGW-1004R digital VoIP gateway supports 1-4 software-selectable T1/E1/PRI interface and supports up to 120 concurrent calls. The "R" means that the device supports redundant power supply.

-1-4 T1/E1/PRI w/ RJ-48
-2 10/100M Ethernet ports
-2 USB 2.0 ports
-DGW-1001/2/4R with redundant power supply
-DGW-1001/2/4 with single power supply
-Maximum power: 20W
-Power supply specification: 100-240V/AC
-Simple and convenient configuration via Web GUI
-Codecs support: G.711A, G.711U, G.729A, G.723.1, G.722, GSM

Visit Website @ http://www.openvox.cn for More Info.

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