VOIP Predictive Dialer

A VOIP predictive dialer, a.k.a. soft predictive dialer, is a software product capable of predictive dialing using VOIP service directly. Basically, the VOIP predictive dialer is configured as a set of soft phones of a VOIP service. The best examples of such a product are from 3CLogic and Voicent Agent Dialer, a VOIP based Predictive dialer.

When using a VOIP predictive dialer, calls are made through a VOIP service over the internet. There is no need for any additional hardware, such as a PBX system. However, it is also possible to use a VOIP predictive dialer with a PBX system, such as Asterisk, as long as the PBX system is SIP compatible.

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See the Predictive dialer for more information.
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