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VoIP and VoIP Service Providers

What is VoIP?

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. To put it in absolutely simple terms, VoIP could be defined as the technology that helps you to make phone calls over the internet. Since the calls would basically be measured in bits and not in minutes, VoIP rates are much cheaper.

What makes VoIP More Cost Effective?

One of the biggest advantages of using VoIP is that you don’t need a lot of specific hardware to use VoIP. This could be compared to the analog mobile network, where you need to get a lot of specialized equipment. This reduces the cost of setting up the system. The cost of installation is also less compared to an analog telephone system. Some of the other things that make VoIP more cost-effective are.

More Than Just Computers

When people think of VoIP, they generally think of computers due to the popularity of the numerous free communication services like FaceTime and Skype, but this is truly just one aspect of what VoIP can truly offer. It is true that VoIP technology transmits voice communication that's been converted into digital data across a packet-switched network or the internet (what this means, in essence, is that a user making phone calls over high speed internet lines rather than phone lines). With that in mind, users are not confined to only using it on a computer. VoIP technology can connect through the internet using traditional telephone equipment just like a regular line. The phone itself is connected to the internet using an adaptor that's plugged straight into a home or business's internet network. Most major services offer a softphone option as well, which allows the user to use their computer directly as a telephone service. In addition to all that, VoIP providers will generally also offer mobile or tablet apps that allow their customers to make calls on the device (assuming it's connected to Wi-Fi at the time).

It Saves a Ton of Money

Across the board, VoIP phone systems will save users significant amounts of money when switching over from a more conventional phone system by allowing much cheaper international and long distance rates as well as simply lowering the monthly bill. Aside from the money savings itself, VoIP based phones also give users a ton of additional features. VoIP phone services are ideal for both businesses and residences, but also home offices as well. Because it can be used on phones that are already owned, the setup costs are very minimal.

What to Look for in a VoIP Provider

The world is getting more and more interconnected with each year as we keep marching forward into this internet age. Because of that, international calling is going to continue becoming more important for all sorts of businesses. Every VoIP provider is going to have varied plans based on different needs such as countries allowed, the amount of minutes given in a month, and whether or not the customer is willing to sign a long term contract or not. Finding the right VoIP provider for your specific needs can be difficult, as you'll need to look at a variety of different metrics. Let's see specifically what to look at to determine if a VoIP provider is good for you.

Service Packages

One of the biggest deciding factors that you're going to have when choosing the right VoIP service provider is the different type of packaging options they have for their product. There are many VoIP providers who will offer very competitive rates to customers willing to sign up for a one or two year contract plan but will charge quite a bit in the form of cancellation fees if you decide to stop using their service before the time fully expires. Users who get monthly plans are generally given the freedom to opt out whenever they want but will generally pay a bit more for the service.

One of the biggest advantages that VoIP services offer is their highly competitive long distance and international rates. If that's one of your own big buying points, make sure to read the fine print closely on those particular features when comparing different providers. Some services will offer unlimited minutes for calling international locations while others will choose specific nations and have different rates for each one. Some providers offer plans that allow for very cheap domestic calls that only offer a limited amount of overall international minutes, which is a very good choice for businesses or individuals who don't make that many calls to overseas areas. Another big bonus that VoIP providers offer and that a lot of people like is the fact that you can choose just about whichever area code you prefer, even if you're away from home. Choosing an area code in a city that you have a lot of friends and family members in will actually allow their calls to you to be considered local rather than long distance.

Important Features

The major VoIP providers that offer the best service almost always have the following basic features:
  • Enhanced 911 dialing for emergency calls.
  • Call return by using *69.
  • The ability to make a block call list.
  • The ability to forward calls to other numbers.
  • Call waiting.
  • Detailed caller identification.
  • Free calls (which do not use up minutes) to other users that have the same service provider.
  • The ability to keep your existing phone number.
  • Long distance calling.
  • Easy to use online account management.
  • Voicemail options.

VoIP companies all provide the basic VoIP phone services, so the area where they truly stand out is going to be in the extra features they offer. Three way calling is standard in today's world, but there are many providers who can offer conference calls that can handle even more people. Call transfer lets the user send a call to a different phone entirely, meaning that the different individual phones will each need extensions. Some services also offer a variety of local emergency or community lines, such as 411 for directory assistance.

There are some VoIP services that will give customers a second phone line for free for using the same service. While these do share the same phone number and will both ring when dialed, it will allow one person to dial a number and talk on the phone while another person can use the other phone to talk with somebody else entirely. There are also toll free or even virtual phone numbers that are offered by some providers that are great for home based businesses. These latter features are generally not standard and come with an additional charge.

While many of the VoIP service providers are similar at a quick glance and often offer some of the same basic features, the extra features they offer is where a savvy business can really increase the value of their investment.

Extra Features

There are a number of mobile apps that allow people to place VoIP calls on their phone or tablet as long as they have an internet connection. Desktop or laptop computers can even be used as phones (called softphones) with VoIP technology as well.

For customers looking to keep using their business phone while traveling, there are services that allow customers to take the service with them by using a small sized physical adaptor that's very easy to travel with. Even if you've already invest in an adaptor from a previous service, many VoIP providers will still be able to use it.

Technical Support

Another big spot to look at when searching for a good VoIP service is technical support. Make sure to look around for reviews of the company and ensure that the service the provider gives is fast, reliant, and quick. Check the website to ensure that there is email, over the phone, and live chat support and see if there is a knowledge base set up to help customers work through issues on their own.

As we have seen, voice over IP phone systems are a great way to simultaneously reduce a business's bottom line while also providing a ton of extra features that weren't even possible with traditional phone lines. It's one of the best and easiest investments to make for an across the board increase to a business's success.


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Miscellaneous VOIP related services, including peer-to-peer services, are listed below.

Peer to Peer Service

  • 1CentVoIP is a premier, carrier-grade SIP trunking provider tending primarily to predictive dialer and business clients. We strongly believe in simple business concepts, so we tailored our SIP solution the same way. Located in Los Angeles, CA, we provide short duration and conversational SIP trunks, hosted ViCiDial and PBX service, custom PBX setup, flat rate and rate deck billing options. Call us today at 1-8555-1CVOIP
  • Global Call Forwarding- An international provider of local and toll free virtual phone numbers, as well as VOIP services, IVR/PBX, call center solutions, call recording, time of day routing, and more advanced features. Launched in 1996, the company has thousands of customers across the world as well as 24/7 support. Contact Global Call Forwarding at+1-561-908-6171
  • ANTRAX - complex of hardware and software facilities which are designed especially for the termination of voice traffic from VoIP (Voice over IP) to GSM networks (networks of mobile operators). ANTRAX system is certified by the leading German concern TUV Rheinland Group
  • Bankai Group- Bankai Group offers premium VoIP services including Wholesale A-Z VoIP termination service and Wholesale VoIP across the globe.Our wholesale carrier voice business has exceptional competence in IP interconnects for high quality international voice & SMS termination.
  • Download free guide to VoIP service providers
  • VoIP Supply-Since 2002 VoIP Supply has delivered unparalleled service and expertise to over 125,000 customers worldwide. Featuring the most robust VoIP specific product catalog that contains over 5,000 products from over 60 of the industry's leading manufacturers, at VoIP Supply you will find everything you need for VoIP. Contact us today at 1-800-398-8647
  • CloudSpan: Let our VoIP Solution Specialists pair you with the ideal service provider! VoIP Supply now provides you with a single place to shop various VoIP service providers - finding you the perfect match for your business's needs.
  • AltoTelecom is VoIP company that provides SIP Trunking services for Call Centers, hotels, small and large business using a PBX or an Asterisk based predictive dialer such as Vicidial or Goautodial for telemarketing sales, rates under 1 cent per minute to USA, Canada and UK www.altotelecom.com
  • Gemahvoip is a global voip company, interconnected with Tier1 and Tier2 Telecom operators and Telcos, providing communication services to voip carriers, VoIP wholesalers & resellers, small businesses and a vast array of industries. Our commitment to excellent service is based on the principles of integrity and doing what's right for the long term.We also provide termination as per your preferred destinations. GemahVoip provides competitive, affordable, high quality voice termination around the world, so come along with us and increase your buisness and maximize your profits.
  • REVE Systems is a Singapore based company that provides VoIP & IP Communication solutions for Mobile VoIP, SIP Softswitch, VoIP Billing, Bandwidth Optimization, WebRTC, MVNO and Mobile OTT. A RED Herring’s 2012 Top 100 Global Winner, REVE serves more than 3000 VoIP and telecommunication service providers in over 78 countries.
  • INAANI is a retail and wholesale VoIP Service provider, holding a paramount position in the International VoIP calling, Mobile Top Up, and VoIP Solution. Furthermore, with constant dedicated support, Inaani takes pride in the premium quality service to their clients. For further details visit, www.inaani.com Or Call, +65 3157 5040 Or Email for General Enquiries Info@inaani.com
  • VoIPRoutes - VoIP Routes is a fast growing company offering cost-effective and best quality wholesale VoIP termination and business VoIP services tailored for emerging and established carriers. The foundation of our success is our vision to be client-oriented company bringing our experience and knowledge to help your business succeed. Partnering with worldwide carriers and operators VoIPRoutes delivers affordable and high quality A-Z wholesale VoIP termination. We constantly monitor our traffic to ensure that our customers get uncompromising call quality to all destinations and high level of technical support. Our VoIP service plans are designed to meet your company`s needs.
  • ALMOSTFREECALLS - Almostfreecalls is a USA based VoIP company that provides VoIP services for small and large business using a PBX or an Asterisk , rates free to SIP or Skype to USA, Canada and UK and to more that 50 other countries.
  • ALTOTELECOM - AltoTelecom is a USA based VoIP company provides VoIP services for Call Centers, hotels, small and large business using a PBX or an Asterisk based predictive dialer such as Vicidial or Goautodial for telemarketing sales, rates under 1 cent per minute (0.008) to USA, Canada and UK
  • IVRGURU-cloud telephony india -we are the indian company giving voIP services with Virtual Phone Number, B2B Lead Generation, Employee Tracking System, Customer Lead Management, Lead Identification, Lead Grading, Lead Distribution, Lead Nurturing,Toll Free Number Virtual Receptionist Services, our company stblized in 2013 and we are best service provider.

  • Zaplee LLC - Zaplee is a robust, reliable cloud phone option for small business, startups and budding entrepreneurs. Create a new account in under 10 minutes and get started creating new local, international, 800 and toll free numbers. You can forward these lines to the device of your choosing. It has 14 days free trial. It has instant reply support team in USA, UK & Australia. USA: +1-855-392-7533, UK: +44(0)20-3734-2162, Australia : +61-2-9191-7444.
  • Synchronous ICT- Provide Worldwide VoIP Solution service among VoIP service providers who are struggling from quality issues, blockages issue, firewall issues and so on. SBO Bandwidth Solution is a great product of Synchronous service people since 2007 with success. Enjoy free SBO, to check it's quality and performance.
  • Telnyx - Next-Generation Carrier - Transform the way you manage telecommunications by bringing all your communications services and data together in one place. Telnyx's easy-to-use Mission Control portal makes it simple to configure and manipulate your company's and your customers' services in real-time. Whether you're managing a multi-tenant environment, looking for elastic SIP trunking to support growth or simply aiming to expand coverage and number inventory across the globe; you can get up and running with Telnyx immediately. No contracts, no commitments and no waiting.
  • 2 - Tel2 - UK based Feature-rich VoIP provider with FREE signup and UK and European DIDs. Asterisk friendly ITSP with support for both the SIP and IAX2 protocols. Offer a host of services including call recording, web and video conferencing and collaboration services, faxmail (+ T.38 passthru), locate me, Smartphone and Desktop Apps and more. We offer all UK landline and tollfree numbers. Suitable for all users from residential, business through to large call centres. Wholesale and reseller programs and a white label 'Telco in the Cloud' product available. Lowest Rates. Save with calling bundle rates of 0.6p for landlines, 2p for Mobiles. 40+ countries at 1p/min. Build your own Telco in the cloud under your own branding and set your own rates and create your own calling plans and bundles using our fully automated web portals.
  • 2talk Australia - Sydney based Feature-rich VoIP provider with free signup and full Australia and NZ coverage. The 2talk range of VoIP solutions include Cloud PBX and SIP Trunking services for residential, small medium business and enterprise customers that are easily scalable and provide significant savings when compared to traditional phone services. Asterisk friendly with SIP and IAX2 support. Features include call recording, web and video conferencing, queues, hunting, faxmail, sim ring, smartphone apps and more. Wholesale and reseller programs and white label products available. Lowest Rates. Save with calling bundle rates of 1.2c for landlines, 6.5c for Mobiles. 40+ countries at 3c/min.
  • AVOXI AVOXI Virtual Call Center Solutions - VoIP Service Provider, provide virtual call center products like SIP trunking and VoIP gateway solutions, with international toll-free numbers. Contact AVOXI at +1-770-937-9735 to learn more about these products and services. Cloud Based Contact Center, Freephone Numbers, Hosted PBX Providers, International Toll Free Number and VoIP Call Center
  • AVA Communication We Providing A-Z termination at wholesale rates with highly redundant, geographically distributed POPs. Our service covers Wholesale VoIP termination, Wholesale A-Z SIP termination , Business Phone Systems, Mobile VoIP Solutions ,dialer termination etc, Full fetched control panel and customer can access any ware on web interfaces
  • Cebod Telecom - VoIP Business Phone Service Provider We provide cloud-based telephony solutions for businesses of all sizes. The company offers a pay-per-line phone service model that allows businesses to pay per line, as opposed to per user. Cebod Telecom provides a wide variety of basic and premium IP PBX and dial tone features, including auto attendant, call tracking, call logs, music on hold, call forwarding, voicemail, call queue, conference bridge, e-Fax and SMS. Along with its VoIP based phone systems, Cebod Telecom also offers SIP trunking and Internet services.
  • Conexiant Telecom - VoIP Service Provider – direct connections to CLECs for best quality, inc. Level3. DIDs, Toll Free, E911 service, T.38, VoIP fax, quality Termination, dedicated VoIP servers and Hosted VoIP Billing. Global Level 3 footprint Denver, LA, Hong Kong, China and Frankfurt, Germany. DIDs per-channel or per-minute - USA, Canada and 60+ countries. A-Z International(200+ countries), Domestic, Dialer
  • Craig Communications Unlimited US and Canada calling for only $19.95. Privately Owned VOIP service provider for residential and business users.
  • DIDx.net DIDx is a wholesale VoIP Provider since 2005 with over 20,000+ members and increasing day by day as huge.
  • DIDForSale provides high-quality
  • Wholesale VoIP Origination in US< UK and Canada,
  • Toll-Free, and
  • Termination SIP Trunking services.
  • Unlimited Two Way SIP Trunking
  • Offers 11000+ rates center at the best price cost. Best products for Calling Card, Call Conference companies.
  • Vitcom LLC Home of the Unlimited (UDID™) plan. Get unlimited, no session or per minute fees. One low monthly fee. Excellent API and robust User Portal. E-911, CNAM plus much more!
  • ZipDX Audio Conferencing Premium audio conferencing provider. Ideal for executive and recurring meetings.
  • Telecom Call Center Wholesale A-Z Termination. If you are looking for a reliable VoIP provider with high quality service, competitive rates innovative services, and flexibility, you have come to the right place at the right time! Telecom Call Center is a fast growing telecommunication service provider in Europe. We offer more than 90% CLI Routes to carriers, Small Businesses, Call Centers (Predictive Dailer), Callshops, Pc to Phone, Mobile Calls App provider like FreePP Calling Card providers, Resellers and other VOIP service providers. Starting with us is fast and simple. Write us an email with a short introduction and your requirements and contact details. We will schedule an interconnection and test account. Make a prepayment and benefit from Premium routes from world’s leading PTTs.
  • VOIP Service Provider in India - Spectranet - leading Internet Service Provider Company in India offering VOIP Services in India, International Calling Cards, Prepaid VOIP Services, Business VOIP Services and all other affordable VOIP solutions in India
  • Voip service providers, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune - Vivacommunication - Globally renowned VoIP service providers tender end-to-end business solutions. Most companies offer long term and short term solutions giving you the advantage of choosing a particular technology. VoIP can guarantee faster communication solutions that can simplify your network architecture. It can be used by big enterprises and small businesses as well.
  • iVOIPE VOIP Service Provider in USA iVoipe is the leading next generation Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) providing mobile and fixed services that dramatically reduce the cost of roaming and international calling.
  • Voyced | Voyced is a VoIP (telephone) solution provider with the ambition to grow to becoming one of the main pan-European players with our low-cost, commercial grade IPPBX and VoIP services. We are already present in over a 150+ countries with Standard, Call Center, TollFree and /or UIFN telephone number / DIDs for residential and business users and expanding further. You can make phone calls to anywhere in the world without any extra crossing country border costs as all our clients get the same tariff, no matter where they are located. Quality and flexibility are always most important and now you can have that, wherever you are and for the lowest cost ever. Let us help you and get in touch now! In the end, it boils down to the fact that we supply any business with an award winning, commercial grade VoIP solution. A telephony solution that would normally only be available to the big corporations and for a far lower price then you would think possible.
  • Cyford Technologies LLC Sip Service provider based in USA, We offer the cheapest rates for voice termination VoIP Cyford Technologies LLC
  • mixnet.ua SIP service provider from Ukraine. Main services: Free In-Network Calls and Text Messaging, VoIP International A-Z
  • Alcazar Networks Inc. is offering Wholesale Origination / Termination / Free Toll Free Termination - Get paid for your toll free traffic! We provide high quality, dependable access to over 3100 rate centers and instant access to over 1,200,000 DIDs - T38 - CNAM Publishing / Lookups - E911 Wholesale SIP (Added on 4-13-2011)
  • AllO.MD - VoIP services provider. Connect and call is easy
  • Amivox - Free VOIP accounts with free users to user calls. Very good price on global mobile network termination with premium quality. Multiple users can share the same balance. (Team account). Mobile application support.
  • ANPI SIP TRUNKING Services - Switch and Save 70% with ANPI SIP Trunking. Affordable, Reliable, and Managed Solutions. All of our SIP Trunking services include a managed IAD at no additional cost. Free local, LD, and International Calling included. Call today!
  • Axvoice - A leading VoIP service in the U.S. and Canada offering unlimited calling plans that include free user to user calls.
  • Actio.pl Polish business class VoIP service provider for enterprise, contact center and call center clients. Free polish DIDs.
  • AirTouch Secure Peer to Peer VoIP Communications.
  • Amphone-africa - Free P2P phone, calling cards with competitive rates
  • Anveo offers Voice 2.0 Communication and Collaboration Suite with exceptional Visual Call Flow technology. Anveo's integrated Voice 2.0 VOIP, IM and Collaboration suite includes Anveo Communicator with Free Audio Calls, Free Video Calls, IM and more!
  • axon IT - UK-based IP telecoms services for SMEs and enterprise level companies. More about our small business VoIP solutions.
  • AZ-tel.com Established in 2003, A-Z Telecom Ltd is a Services-Based-Operator (SBO) at Hong Kong, We have direct E1 A-Z white route, and focus Asia grey route and lowest rate, provide Hong Kong and China DIDs, Call Center Services, Broadcast services, Please email to kenneth.chan@az-tel.com or call +85231766068 MSN: kafai718@gmail.com for any enquiry.
  • Big Bang Systems - On Site and Remotely Hosted PBX Solutions for businesses with 50-500 employees.
  • Brama Telecom - VoIP Phone Service provides local phone service and flat rate long distance phone service. Unlimited phone calls within network.
  • Broadview Networks Broadview Networks is a leading information technology and cloud services provider serving business customers since 1996. Broadview has built and operates its own advanced communications network and offers next-generation services including cloud-based phone systems, integrated networking services, cloud-computing services, as well as traditional voice, data and Internet services.
  • Comtube Ltd - VoIP services provider. Sip, infor,ers, audioconferences, sms bulk sending. Free calls, cheapest rates.
  • SigmaVoIP.com US Based SIP trunk provider.
  • Cheap VOIP, Inc.
  • VOIPHAUS.COM - VoIP services provider. Connect and call is easy
  • CHECKBOX, VoIP Carrier, Wholesale A-Z, CALL CENTER CARRIER - We provide VoIP connection specially for call centers / marketing companies who needs High stress / CPS routes, We have USA CC, Canada CC, Australia CC, China CC, UK CC and others Direct Routes to many countries.
  • Call Shop We are leading providers offering call shop solutions. We offer our services to many businesses and residential clients who wish to make international calls. Visit us now to test our services.
  • ComCanada Communications Inc. Retail & wholesale origination, termination, toll free provider supporting P2P, SIP, IAX, hard to find DIDs, hosted PBX and more. Friendly, personalized, and turnkey services offered!
  • www.CompareBusinessProducts.com - Online resource library for the latest guides, white papers, webcasts and product information
  • Call Shop We are leading providers offering call shop solutions. We offer our services to many businesses and residential clients who wish to make international calls. Visit us now to test our services.
  • Cloud BT IT Support Sydney Provides and supports VoIP services for residential clients in Sydney, Australia.
  • Damaka - Skype-like application based on SIP
  • DIDLogic.com - Free SIP accounts - P2P, outbound A-Z, Asterisk or any generic SIP softphone supported, use Android or iPhone app, ulaw/G729 ok, Caller ID sent, international DID numbers from $1. Reasonable per-minute rates: many EU mobiles $0.04 to $0.09, India $0.0153, Kazakhstan $0.0131. Instant SIP account activation with just $1 Paypal deposit. Free unlimited SIP-to-Skype offered on all active accounts.
  • Divafone Free P2P phone - U.K. Italy and Romania DID number.
  • ECS-VoIP-INT VoIP Carrier, USA Termination, Dialers Welcomed, Call Center Services. We provide VoIP connection worldwide, Call Center Services,
  • Encounta, VoIP brandband provider for virtual operators : Ova-IP microgateway with internal LCR and prepaid features for global calling
  • Endstream Communications - Wholesale U.S. VoIP termination, DIDs, toll-free origination and termination, calling card services. More Information: endstream
  • FriendCaller With FriendCaller one can make free Internet calls and cheap phone calls straight from Internet browser. No Software Installation required. Offers cheap international call rates at as low as 2 cents per minute. Can be use on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Webphone, Facebook and as a desktop version
  • Freely Call With Freely Call, Enjoy free Internet calls and cheap phone calls. Offers cheap international call rates at as low as 1 cent per minute, in addition to unlimited US and World Select Plans. Free services including conferencing, video conferencing, DIDs. Hosted PBX solutions available. Can be used on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and as a desktop version. (Added on 10-28-12)
  • Future Nine
  • GagaPhone offers DIDs around the world as well as outbound call termination.
  • Gizmo Project, via SIPphone.com
  • Global Voice Carrier - International H323/SIP termination with a focus on South African routes
  • HATIFIl - VOIP Wholesale VOIP route trade Pakistan gray route Pakistan white route Bangladesh white and gray route buy and sell routes, online route trade , VOIP route trade
  • IAXSERVICE.eu is a german based VoIP provider since 2006, offering A-Z termination. Supporting IAX and SIP protocol.
  • iCall offers free outbound long distance, free incoming calls and peer to peer calling.
  • ICOA.com Providing VoIP termination to custom VoiceXML Applications
  • IDVoice.com We are offering advanced features such as simultaneous ring, visual voice mail and conference. Make calls with PSTN phones, 3G/WiFi smart-phones, or ATA devices. Get one US/Canada DID number and let it "follow you" worldwide so never miss important calls. Free registration with trial credit.
  • INOV5.COM - PC to Phone, Phone to Phone, Calling Cards, SIP Configured ATA Devices, DID Provider.
  • Intellect IT provides Voice-over IP consultation, services and equipment.
  • Internet phone Service provider reviews - Reviews of uk internet phone service providers.
  • Intertel Australian VoIP Service Provider - DID, Voicemail, T38, 1300/1800, Asterisk, IP Centrix services, private IP tails, configuration and consulting.
  • IPBusinessFree P2P Phone Calls and PSTN calls service, the best prices of call to Peru
  • ippi offers free geographical virtual number, free softphone, free voicemail, teleconference and fax2mail.
  • IPvaani enables phones to communicate over your existing broadband internet connection to make and receive phone calls for FREE.
  • http://www.isi-info.com/ Call Accounting & Call Reporting Software - Telecom Expense Management
  • ISPhone Australasia - a leading provider of Voice-over IP services and equipment.
  • IsraelNumber.com free in-network P2P phone calls, DID numbers in Israel, cellular access numbers, multi channels solutions, transfer of calls to Skype users.
  • iTeraWeb Solutions, Inc. iTeraWeb's award winning voice and data communication services serves approximately 100,000 subscribers in small to medium sized business as well as residential markets.
  • Mobile VoIP Welcome to iTel Mobile dialer - One of the leading Mobile VoIP Software, VoIP Cellular, VoIP Dialer, Symbian VoIP application, Sip dialer, IP Telephony Calling Card and Call Back Service Provider Company.
  • IXO.FI - Service provider/reseller hosting solutions, CallShop , Calling Card, VoIP termination, DID +3589.., PBXs for Corporate and Residential customers.
  • JS Communicationswholesale provider offering toll free origination, us termination, dids and more.
  • KNCTR - offers free phone calls to any mobile or landline numbers in Canada or the USA.
  • Kiwak.net French Operator. Free Call, Voicemail, phone number geographical and number 09X
  • MaxiSIP Free SIP service, Free Long Distance Calls!
  • MediaRoutes Free SIP service, Free Long Distance Calls and more!
  • Mixnet Ukrainian SIP service provider with 800.000 landline numbers (+380894 non-geographic network code) in it's disposal. Main services: Free In-Network Calls and Text Messaging, VoIP International A-Z
  • MIXvoip - Free mixvoip2, mixvoip calls, and free calls to a multitude of numbers in ENUM trees. Our free, top-of-the-line softphone solution runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. We offer P2P solutions for residential, and small to medium businesses.
  • MultiAlert911 - E911 Services - E911 service for VoIP with innovative Alerts. Provision DIDs from any provider. Alerts feature instantly alerts 5 other parties when caller dials 911. You don't have to be suck with your current provider's prices! Switch over to MultiAlert911 while still fulfilling your contract's minimum commit & get free credit for it. Lowest E911 cost & wholesale pricing. www.MultiAlert911.com
  • myAsterisk South Africa SIP/H323 Termination of GSM calls to all Networks in South Africa!
  • myDivert - P2P SIP URI
  • N1 Telecom VoIP and VPN Service provider. We offer the cheap rates. No contracts.
  • Neotel 2000 Neotel 2000 VoIP services: offers a wide range of VoIP services worldwide.
  • Net-Telco - UK VoIP and telecommunications provider. SIP and IAX2 trunking. UK telephone numbers. Wide range of services. Excellent pricing. No contracts.
  • Net-Work Inernet Ltd - Internet, ISP, VoIP and telecommunications. One of the first ISP's in the UK established 1996.
  • New-tel New-tel gives an opportunity to use a Sip-trunking to call many countries at a low price and also provides Russian DID and toll-free numbers. Use our sip-trunking for: Simultaneous banding of multiple landline phone numbers in a single channel, Long distance traffic transmission, Traffic distribution among multiple operators, depending on the price for the specified directions.
  • Newik.net Provide VoIP connection worldwide. Free calls to China mobile and landline, landline UK, USA, Canada, Moscow, St-Petersburg. 30 days money back guarantee.
  • NimbleCalls.com Nimble Networks Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian Licensed VOIP Service Provider - A-Z Wholesale termination, Hosted IP-PBX, SIP accounts with realtime online call history, Calling Cards, DIDs, Asterisk supported, System integration, Free branch to branch calling, Products like IP-phones, ATAs, media gateways and SIP mobile (iPhone & Android) applications. (Added on 12-05-11)
  • North Sydney IT Provides peer-to-peer VoIP services and support for Australian business.
  • NSW IT Support - NSW IT Support provide VoIP services to single users as well as businesses.
  • nfon.net German VoIP/PBX service provider for business.
  • OnSIP SIP Service service for business. Free sip calling with sip domain hosting, free extensions and more.
  • Optima Dialer Optima Dialer is a popular mobile dialer solution for VoIP service providers. It can work on low bandwidth networks and can deliver excellent voice quality even at 6 kbps bandwidth.
  • Optima Free Dialer Optima Free Dialer is a free mobile dialer solution for VoIP service providers. It is absolutely free to use this app.
  • PackNet - Business VoIP provider delivering professional and reliable telephony services throughout the UK. More information on business phone systems
  • PeerCall - A hardware phone with peer-to-peer service
  • PeerioBiz - Serverless peer-to-peer package for small-medium size business => version 1.1 Beta is a current release
  • Phone-Numbers-UK.com - Providing VoIP Numbers. (12/03/2010)
  • PhoneGnome - Free P2P SIP calls. Web-based, PC-based, and hardware (BYOD or custom box). Cheap VoIP-PSTN calls.
  • Phoneopia FREE p2p Calls and PSTN calls service
  • Phone Power - Free calls in the USA and Canada, cheap international rates and portable service.
  • PotatoBoy.COM - free peer to peer phone calls via SIP/IAX2 phone. Also provide quality service to call landline or mobile phones, Click&Call Service, and worldwide phone numbers.
  • Powwownow - using P2P technology to provide excellent free webconferencing service.
  • Quickcom Communications - Voip Wholesale Service Provider.Provide A-Z Standard, premium and CLI rates. following thirteen Destinations are our Direct/CLI Routes Thailand, Nigeria, India, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Jordan, Laos, Germany, Sri Lanka, Macedonia, Singapore ,Kazakhstan.
  • Quivoice Free P2P communication, regular PSTN phone calls low rates.
  • Race Communications Making advanced communications available and affordable
  • RAKETU Free, NO SUPERNODES, dialup/broadband, softphone, bridge to Skype,any IM, SMS, ftp, search, travel, news/weather/stock, media player,picture viewer, true p2p technology, RakOut/DialOut calling.
  • RoboDialer VoIP VoIP Service Provider SIP for wholesale outbound termination to USA and Canada. Designed for predictive dialer, telemarketing calls and SIP Call Centers. Encrypted VoIP Tunnel to bypass firewalls. No fees / extra taxes,Pay Per Call, No Contracts RoboDialer.net(Added on 5-20-2012)
  • Runmapglobal.com - The VOIP Service Providers which is also well known for cheap VPS hosting products including Windows VPS , cPanel VSP Hosting and more with excellent customer support.
  • Remitel - Spanish VoIP provider, long distance calls at low cost rates.
  • SecondNum SecondNum offers additional inbound phone numbers (second numbers) on mobile phones.
  • SendMyCall SendMyCall offers international and local virtual numbers for advanced call forwarding.
  • SIP Global Phone SIP Service Provider - Pay As You Go - and International Calling Cards. Limited Time Offer - Get 100 Free Minutes for creating a FREE account! 10/2010
  • SIPcity Australia's leading SIP Trunk and Business VoIP Provider.
  • SIPmly offers termination & origination at $0.01 per minute and DID's for $1.00 per month all with unlimited channels / concurrent calls. We additionally provide all customers with access to our RESTfuly API. We invite you to participate in a free trial account.
  • SIPRoutes.com - At SIPRoutes.com we have pioneered a new way to source SIP Termination providers. Put the control in your hands. Peer-To-Peer marketplace.
  • SIPSERVICE.eu Swiss based VoIP provider offers worldwide call termination. Supporting SIP and IAX protocol. SIP SERVICE is one of the oldest VoIP companies serving more than 100.000 customers worldwide since 2005. Supporting call recording and T.38.
  • SKM Ltd.free P2P phone calls, DID numbers in Ukraine, Russia, cellular access numbers, multi channels solutions, RoamingSIM.
  • Skype was owned by eBay now Microsoft, one of the best known and largest p2p VOIP services
  • SkySipTel.com VoIP Services - VOIP Service provider for residential, small business and large corporates - Free minutes to any destinations on signup.
  • Sonic Communication is an wholesale VoIP Provider offering cost-effective and best quality wholesale VoIP termination. We offer high quality and low cost Wholesale VoIP Termination. We have both call center routes and long duration direct routes. http://soniccommunication.com USA, Canada, Dialer, Call Center, Business, Tier 1 Direct
  • Speedflow Communications Ltd - VoIP provider that provides wholesale and retail premium VoIP A-Z termination services, CLI VoIP, A-Z SMS services.
  • SunTel Technologies Inc. Business Phone System, Digital PBX, Hosted PBX , Telecommunications Consultants, Business Phone Service, Hosted IP Voice, SIP, IAX, and more. YOUR COMPLETE BUSINESS PHONE SYSTEM.
  • Star Communication offers SIP Trunking that is reliable, redundant and built for call quality. Our Local (DIDs) and Toll free numbers for inbound calling span over 20,000 rate centers and localities in the United States and Canada. If you need to urgently get out 1 million calls in an hour, we give you access to 45,000+ channels at your fingertips. Typically we are able to offer better rates and assist our customers in choosing the right solution. We have helped SMBs, Large Call Centers, VoIP carriers, CLECs and we look forward to assisting you! www.starcompartners.com
  • Switch2VoIP - Switch2VoIP a USA based VoIP company provides VoIP services for call centers, hotels, small and large business using a PBX or an Asterisk based predictive dialer such as Vicidial or Goautodial.
  • - Unbeatable prices on unmetered DIDs, Toll-free, shared and metered numbers in 60+ countries, and outbound call rates as well as Cloud PBX solutions in 6+ data centers around the Globe.
  • TELEQUANT P2P - PC to Phone, PC to PC, Free SIP calls.
  • Tekara VoIPBusiness and Home VoIP Solutions. SIP trunking providers offering peering and termination for all UK and International destinations. UK Provider of VoIP and Numbering Services and cheap UK and International Calls.
  • Telehop - VOIP Provider, SoftPhone Provider and long distance provider in Canada.
  • Total Call IP - P2P VOIP
  • TriComm Systems - Enterprise PBX for SMEs at affordable price
  • Tpad Business Telephone Systems SIP Trunks, SIP Trunking, PC to PC, PC to Phone, VoIP to VoIP, SIP to SIP, IAX2 to IAX2, Free SIP calls and Free Global SIP Number.
  • Vitelity Communications While SIP trunks, Industry's first SMS service, and FAX with more value added features than anyone else
  • Vocal Solution Wholesale Voip Route provider for SIP and H.323, Special economy and White routes available for Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nepal. Sri Lanka and A to Z available for Retail VoIP providers
  • Tribair Free iPhone, Android and Blackberry app. P2P VoIP and cheap calls
  • UBI P2P VoIP Services - P2P VoIP with cutting edge solutions.
  • VoiceHost UK based Hosted PBX and SIP Trunk service provider.
  • VoiceTermination.com - At Voice Termination we address what is most important to ILECs, CLECs, and ITSPs. Price, Quality, Redundancy, Accuracy, Support, And Ease Of Use. Our service offers ALL major interconnects, LRN, and Least Cost Routing capabilities.
  • VoIP Innovations is a Wholesale VoIP Services Provider, servicing ITSP's and resellers, through our industry leading back office, Titanium III. If you are looking for wholesale DIDs, origination, SIP termination, or E911 services, VoIP Innovations is your carrier.
  • VoIPInvite Inc VoIP Service Provider supporting SIP and H323 protocol for wholesale outbound termination to USA and Canada. $0.005x flat rates for retail calls $0.007x for predictive dialer / telemarketing calls with 6/6 billing. No fees / extra taxes, no Intrastate sur

  • VOCALY A mobile first business phone App for the home, small and mobile business communities. ALL FEATURES. ALL DEVICES. ALL THE TIME. Numbers | Voice | SMS/Text | Virtual Assistant | Conference and more. FIXED PRICING FOR YOUR MOBILE BUSINESS. No Pricing Choices. No Pricing Packages. No Wasted Time. $20 monthly per user. Monthly Unlimited. 14-Day Free Trial

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