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This is a list of VOIP Service Providers who offer full service products primarily aimed at the small to medium sized business telephone market. Such companies typically support multi-line telephone systems, small PBX gateways and hosted VoIP (as an alternative to Centrex service). See also:

Service providers operating in more then one country are listed under each country. "Operating in a country" means a provider that has billing and support staff located in the country, and offers service subject to the regulations and consumer protection laws of that country.

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  • ALTOTELECOM Business VoIP - We provide VoIP service for CALL CENTERS and business looking to make multiple calls with one SIP account, We have USA CC, Canada CC, Australia CC, UK CC all under 1 cent per minute. International Virtual Phone Numbers and Toll Free Numbers, For more information visit our VoIP Rates
  • AVOXI AVOXI Virtual Call Center Solutions - VoIP Service Provider, provide virtual call center products like SIP trunking and VoIP gateway solutions, with international toll-free numbers. Contact Number 1-800-462-8694.
  • OTEL TELECOMS - OTEL is a Licensed VoIP & Broadband Infrastructure-as-a-Service Provider to WISPs, ISPs, IT, and PBX companies. Our nationwide dedicated network and cutting edge technology positions OTEL in the forefront of Wholesale VoIP Providers in South Africa. OTEL provides full turnkey VoIP and Broadband Backhaul solutions at low rentals without the need for you to spend hundreds of thousands of Rands on carrier grade infrastructure.

  • Axial Technologies (Pty) Ltd - Providers of Asterisk PBX/PABX based in Midrand, Gauteng. On-site or hosted PBX/PABX, Call Centres, IP telephones, headsets, data cabling, wifi networks, provider of VOIP/SIP trunks for least cost routing, Telephone Expense Management (TEM), etc. We also do repairs to Asterisk PBX, FreePBX and Elastix PBX. Contact us for a FREE live demo at your premises. We service the whole of Gauteng with Asterisk PBX. If you are venturing into the VOIP sphere, be sure to put us to the test. We don't do Samsung, Mitel, Avaya, Cisco, etc - we do Asterisk!
  • CallForwarding - Be present anywhere in the world with toll free forwarding services from CallForwarding.com. Contact Number: 800-231-9802
  • CHECKBOX, VoIP Carrier, Wholesale A-Z, CALL CENTER CARRIER - We provide VoIP connection specially for CALL CENTERS / MARKETING COMPANIES who needs High Stress / CPS routes, We have USA CC, Canada CC, Australia CC, China CC, UK CC and others, Direct Routes to many countries.
  • Khulisa Telecom - Telecom Consultancy, Asterisk IP PBX, phone systems & business solutions, IP telephones & headsets, GSM & VoIP LCR
  • SIPSRUS SIPSRUS provides cloud computing based business phone and fax systems designed for today's mobile and distributed business world. SIPSRUS provides services in Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Spain, India, UAE and many more!
  • 1stream hosted contact centre - We provide hosted contact centre software, based in South Africa. Our service offerings; Call conferencing, Voicemail, IVR, VOIP, Presence management.
  • BitCo Data Communications - South African based. Full featured IP PBX's, VoIP Gateways, call recording, call centers, network and network security solutions.
  • Call Centric Africa - VoIP, Free accounts, Pay as you go & Unlimited accounts, International DID's, BYOD.
  • We are leading provider of Call Shops Solutions.
  • Connection Telecom - VOIPconnect IAX2 and SIP services, 087 VOIP numbers, GSM LCR, Call Centres, IP PBXs and Digium distributors and authorised training partners.
  • Corelynx Inc Hosted Enterprise Telephony for SME, Full Suite of Call Center Solution - Hosted and Onsite Model, Offers DID and 8XX numbers to more than 50 countries of the world. Capable of offering VOIP based IP PBX Solution on MPLS and VPN for countries where VOIP ports are blocked, IPLC and Colocation Services, A-Z wholesale and retail termination. Also offers any form of customization work on Asterisk or SER platforms.
  • CallNigeriaonline.com - Provides services primarily to Nigeria, providing businesses worldwide with Nigeria phone numbers, DIDs.
  • Cyvotel Communications - Telecom VOIP- Provide the shortest distance to Nigeria and the USA. Hardware ATA/IP Phone Vendor/Distributor of ZOOM products to West Africa including ADSL modems integrated with VOIP channel FXO and FXS ports. Excellent and Special Pricing for providers and voip-info.org members call or x 12
  • DIDWW - the Source for Local and Toll-Free Virtual Numbers.
  • DORETEL Communications, Inc. International Wholesale VoIP Service Provider, Cisco & Quintum CPE Provider, VoIP Solutions Provider
  • Dow Networks South Africa - Toll free, 1-800, ITFS from 80 countries, UIFN from 30 countries, DID, IP PBX and IP call center.
  • E-BIT Technologies - E-BIT Technologies is an IT infrastructure company specialising in the effective use of Open Source Software to reduce costs, resulting in higher earnings before interest and taxes
  • Logic Ring Very competitive International VoIP Reseller programs for agents and private label resellers.
  • iFoni Digital - Telecom and IT Consultancy, (SIP, Solar Powered Broadband & Telephony Call Centers) Zimbabwe Kenya Zambis Namibia Botswana Ghana
  • We are leading provider of Call Shops Solutions.
  • Exactelis Technologies - Telecom and IT Consultancy, (SIP, H.323, IP Centrex)
  • Global Voice Carrier - Wholesale VoIP to GSM Termination - Specialist in South Africa countries.Use IP 800 for IP based call centers or Asterisk PBX. Provide VOIP DID's from over 60 countries as well as IP 800 and DID call forwarding to any destination in the world.
  • IPtransit SME, Call Centre;s, Military, Corporate provider. Sip, H323, SIP URI, Inbound, LoCall Plans, PC and Mobile Phone clients, well suited to VSAT, SCPC, ADSL, DSL, even Dialup and other contended bandwidth clients, 723.1, &29, 711 and true T38, Calling cards and GSM Gateways, BYOD welcome, test accounts.
  • Mentis development & services -Asterisk Consultant- Morocco
  • Installation, integration, development of custom applications, and online technical support of Asterisk Soft Switch
  • REVE Systems is a Singapore based company that provides VoIP & IP Communication solutions for Mobile VoIP, SIP Softswitch, VoIP Billing, Bandwidth Optimization, WebRTC, MVNO and Mobile OTT. A RED Herring’s 2012 Top 100 Global Winner, REVE serves more than 3000 VoIP and telecommunication service providers in over 78 countries.
  • RealTime Billing, Call Center, Call Shop, call recording, Calling Card, IVR, VoIP and network security
  • Fax to mail, mail to fax.
  • Mydivert African DID Provider offers local VoIP DID Virtual Phone Numbers. A low cost virtual international telephone number with free incoming calls and call forwarding
  • Net2Phone Net2Phone offers high quality, low cost SIP Trunking and Business VoIP Solutions - no charge per channel, no contracts, pay only for the minutes you use.
  • NigeriaMinutes.com Provider of Minutes to Nigeria Mobile and Fixedline. Several high quality in-country interconnects. Low latency, resillency, white routes.
  • Nomado Telecom - we connect you speak Nomado Telecom. A Belgian based VoIP, SMS API and IPPBX provider. Provides services across the globe with its equitable and progressive plans and calling rates. More and more companies are switching to Nomado for its complete package of hosted ip pbx, calling rates and international phone numbers.
  • phone.systems™ is quickly and easily configured, fully featured cloud phone system, operating in 60 countries, including Africa.
  • Phonitel Technologies - Phonitel can offer Voip2PSTN & PSTN 2 Voip service (like voiceVPN) for non voip businesses. Voip businesses requesting interconnection need to comply with local voip regulations.
  • Shrike Technologies Shrike Technologies Limited (ShrikeTech) offers VoIP consulting services specialising in open source technologies and also acts as a re-seller for various VoIP equipment manufacturers.
  • SILATEL SIP/IAX termination/origination. Business grade service and support.
  • Sunutalk - Make international phone calls using your PC or your smartphone (iphone, android, nokia) at exceptional rates and with audio quality.
  • Takalam Takalam offers VoIP solution starting from $10 to small and midium business in all Afircan and Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, etc..
  • The Call'tainer Company we provide Voip solution in all africa. Termination, whole sale, grey routes, switch class 4 and 5, billing,ipbx, call shop, Gsm Gateway.
  • VoIP-X Communications - Wholesale rates VoIP-X provides very good cost/quality ratios on worldwide destination. Find out how you can connect your business to The VoIP-X Clearing House. Branch offices in Lagos, Nigeria and Cairo, Egypt.
  • Voxtel Technologies Limited -Supply reliable, affordable, feature rich unified communication telephony equipment Wholesale VoIP to GSM Termination - Specialist in Ghana .Use IP 800 for IP based call centers or Asterisk PBX. Provide VOIP DID's from over 60 countries as well as IP 800 and DID call forwarding to any destination in the world.
  • W3TEL - French VoIP SIP provider specialized in call termination to Europe for Call Centers, Multi-location companies, Military and VoIP over VSAT. Customer references available in Tchad, RD Congo, Nigeria, Morocco. W3TEL est un opérateur VoIP SIP spécialisé dans la terminaison d'appels en Europe pour les Centres d'appels, les entreprises multi-sites, les forces armées et la VoIP sur VSAT. Références clients au Tchad, RD Congo, Nigeria, Maroc.
  • Kingsley Business Solutions South African based Asterisk / VoIP PBX provider, call recording, call centers, network and network security solutions.
  • New Age Holdings is a South African company on VoIP, Network, Security, edgebox, Asterisk and call center solutions
  • Zwana Unicom Zwana Unicom offers hosted and premise-based Unified Communications solutions, Business and


A fully-featured, cloud-based virtual phone system that allows you to free yourself from the limitations of traditional telephony and become seamless and globally connected. There is no equipment to purchase, maintain or upgrade, and our unlimited inbound and outbound calling plans eliminate long distance charges and billing from third party phone companies.

phone.systems™ is quickly and easily configured via our unique web interface, with drag-and-drop objects being logically connected together to define the operation of your phone system. No special skills or training are required.

Turn your smartphone into a mobile extension of your phone system. Our mobile app offers special features that are usually available only to phones located in your office or at your home.

Explore the phone system for small busines

Switch2VoIP Business VoIP Provider- We provide SIP Trunk service for CALL CENTERS and business looking to save money on their telephone calls while making multiple calls with one SIP account, We have USA CC, Canada CC, Australia CC, UK CC all VoIP rates are under 1 cent per minute. International Virtual Phone Numbers and Toll Free Numbers

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