VOIP Service Providers T.38

This page serves to maintain a list of VoIP providers who offer T.38 origination/termination.


Do not add a provider to this list unless the provider explicitly advertises support for T.38 on their website (not just "fax support"). Please be aware that many providers which do not support T.38 will nonetheless list "T.38 support" as one of the features of the ATA's they sell. This does not count, and these providers do not belong on this list.

handSIP T.38 Fax SIP Trunking
handSIP T.38 Fax SIP Trunking provides reliable, affordable FoIP origination and termination.
  • Metered plans offer low per-minute rates for inbound and outbound
  • Unlimited plans offer unlimited inbound and low per-minute rates for outbound
  • Toll-Free minute blocks available
  • Local and Toll-Free DIDs
  • Port existing fax numbers
View pricing, and sign up for a free trial.

  • T.38 Fax 100% T.38 SIP origination and termination. Power-T.38 plan - Per minute rates with local and toll-free DIDs. Power-T.38 Ultra - Unlimited inbound and metered outbound.
  • Alcazar Networks Inc. is offering Wholesale Origination / Termination / Free Toll Free Termination - Get paid for your toll free traffic! We provide high quality, dependable access to over 3100 rate centers and instant access to over 1,200,000 DIDs including T38 capability on 100% of our DIDs, CNAM, e911, and local number portability. Wholesale SIP
  • Alldaytalk - Support T.38 Fax Residential Broadband phone service provider. ** Canadian DID services **
  • babyTEL - babyTEL is the world leader in T.38 Trunking with enterprise encryption services available.
  • Broadvox SIP Trunking - Broadvox has a wide range of VoIP/ SIP Trunking products to satisfy the needs of any size business, from small to medium size businesses to contact centers, enterprises and carriers. All support T.38 faxing. No Off the Shelf offerings. Must go contact a sales rep for all offerings.
  • Claude ICT Limited (VoIP Gliwice) Full virtual fax services, including T.38 call termination to most countries in the world. Polish traditional numbers with T.38 support. Web to Fax and Fax to Email also in T.38. We speak English!
  • Conexiant Telecom - VoIP T.38 Fax Support Guaranteed T.38 support, Wholesale VoIP, USA & A-Z Term, DIDs, Toll Free, E911, Internet Fax. Direct connects with CLECs.
  • Dean Connect Full T.38 support on all our SIP products. This company provides services in dutch, for the Netherlands area.
  • Endstream Communications - inbound faxes are delivered directly to your email. Website does not specifically say T.38 support.
  • FaxDigits - Free personalised US FAX number in Iowa State. Fax to email attachment service in pdf format. Unlimited incoming number of faxes. VOIP T.38 codec enabled for internet faxing reception. ** as of 4/2011, web site does not load.
  • Flowroute Inc. High-performance SIP trunking that delivers unparalleled control of, and support for, the communications that power your business. Wholesale VoIP, A-Z SIP Termination, Cheap DIDs, Free CNAM Storage, E911, T.38 Fax support, SIP-TCP support, Redundant servers, Graph Statistics and great interface.
  • FonAngle Hosted PBX - FonAngle specializes in Hosted PBX and SIP Trunking solutions. They can customize a solution that meets the needs of any size business, from small to medium size businesses to contact centers and enterprises with multiple office locations. All their products support T.38 faxing.
  • Gafachi Communications - Proven and reliable T.38 Fax Termination and Origination; Pay-As-You-Go; Wholesale prices. See technical details. - Well laid out website.
  • Global Crossing Enterprise VoIP Services support T.38 - Medium to large businesses.
  • Intertel Full Confirmed T.38 support. Australian based provider, SIP, DID, 1300/1800 support, configuration and consultation.
  • Interec Full T.38 support. SIP/H323 Cisco based. G729, G723, G711 SPAIN
  • Logic Voice -The NEW Revolution in Voice Communications. Logic Voice provides leading voice, data, converged, and managed phone system for businesses and enterprises who need a proven, responsive, and cost-effective alternative to the phone company monopolies. US48 & Canada Termination only 0.6 cents per minute. Unlimited Inbound Local DIDs for only $0.99 per month. Toll free service for only 0.9 cents per minute
  • Nxgen Networks - Utilizing the T.38 standard and leveraging https, faxes are sent reliably, securely traversing company firewalls and NAT (network address translation). Nxgen's solution sends faxes reliably over any IP connection including 3/4G cellular, satellite, DSL, cable. Tight integrations with Windows applications allow for paperless faxing solutions as well as connections for legacy fax machines using Audiocodes 202B ATAs.
  • OMEGA Telecom(Cyprus) - Premium Quality Worldwide Termination with CLI and T.38 fax support. T.38 Fax DID numbers origination and Fax2Email (T.38 and G.711) Service.
  • onecentral(Netherlands) Corperate Voice and Fax service provider. Several T.38 based services, including soft-client.
  • http://www.rangetel.com - Rangetel provides T.38 faxing to Canada and United States with full origination and termination to over 7000 rate centers. Rangetel fax service is used over cellular, satellite and broadband connections. Rangetel has the highest faxing success rate available. Contact info(@)rangetel.com for more information
  • SWISSIPCOM(Switzerland) - SwissIPcom support T.38 faxing for outbound and inbound to all over europe and the US, we are terminating over 30,000 faxes every month over T38 protocol without a problem.
  • MondoTalk - World wide T.38 support. Inbound and Outbound. Clear quality, Low rates. Call plans for many countries including untimed calls for Australia. No access fees, No contracts, No cancellation fees, No flag falls and No Connection fees. Too many features to mention here.
  • MK Netzdienste GmbH & Co. KG - (Germany) Business SIP-Trunking with DID, T.38 Support, Centrex-PBX Business-Solution
  • NumberGroup - Fax to Email as well as many other inbound services, T.38 and PCM support with PDF delivery via email. Free numbers.
  • T38Faxing.com . Termination provider only. Instant activation from customer portal that accepts Paypal and credit cards. No minimum, no commitments true PAYG service.
  • Telecomservice (Austria) SIP/IAX2 provider, Austrian geo-numbers, PBX services, T38-Fax, PRI and BRI interface for existing PBX integration
  • Thinktel Canadian Origination & Termination Expanded Footprint service in over 230+ rate centres, We support T.38 for both Origination and Term Contact stephen.halliday@thinktel.ca
  • TieUs Technology - Support T.38 Fax - Business SIP Trunk services in 20+ major Canada Cities including Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Oshawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Quebec, Montreal. DID origination and termination, Response Point IP PBX system. Hosted PBX solutions. SIP Trunking and IP Trunking with long distance package.
  • NETWORTH TELECOM (France) - Networth Telecom is supporting T.38 fax outbound and inbound.
  • Transcom VOIP is a Global voip transit network that supports true T.38 by default for fax, (or G711 if that isnt suitable) PAYG if required, updated website and fast track, multiple route grading
  • WTS Telecom T.38 with G.711 failover Worldwide Termination for VoIP Fax. Support ATAs for termination. Fax Wholesale. Fax Blasting is allowed.
  • VCCS Telecom - T.38 Fax Support including Fax2Email for IP-PBX based systems and ATA devices. VCCS is an SMB VoIP solutions provider based in Canada
  • VoiceMeUp Offering the largest Canadian DID coverage, best for business usage, channel aggregation offered. T.38 Fax Support including Fax2Email for IP-PBX based systems and ATA devices.
  • Siptize - VoIP termination with T.38 with special prices. WebFax, Spain DID numbers.
  • MyOwnTelco - (Canada) Small Business VoIP system with unlimited calls in Canada and USA, Video Conference, Fax, IVR and 10 extensions.
  • VoIPITS - Inbound and outbound SIP accounts with full T. 38 support.
  • Voyced | Voyced is a VoIP (telephone) solution provider with the ambition to grow to becoming one of the main pan-European players with our low-cost, commercial grade IPPBX and VoIP services. We are already present in over a 150+ countries with Standard, Call Center, TollFree and /or UIFN telephone number / DIDs for residential and business users and expanding further. You can make phone calls to anywhere in the world without any extra crossing country border costs as all our clients get the same tariff, no matter where they are located. Quality and flexibility are always most important and now you can have that, wherever you are and for the lowest cost ever. Let us help you and get in touch now! In the end, it boils down to the fact that we supply any business with an award winning, commercial grade VoIP solution. A telephony solution that would normally only be available to the big corporations and for a far lower price then you would think possible.

The following providers offer T.38, but only at the wholesale level (they will not sell to retail customers and do not post pricing):

  • Broadvox Wholesale - Competitive wholesale VoIP Origination and Termination pricing. Supports T.38 faxing.
  • VoIP Innovations Our North American wholesale Origination and Termination VoIP suite offers a reliable and cost effective way to offer a T38 fax solution. Choose from nearly 8,500 rate centers/POPs and over 110,000 DIDs.

Note: The "linkable confirmed experience" critera was removed since many providers who offer T.38 but do not advertise it (such as BroadVox) change their level of support over time.


  • FaxLogic Hosted Internet Fax Solutions for FoIP/VoIP A highly-reliable hybrid and modular solution, purpose-built to support fax in Voice-over-IP environments. Hybrid in that FaxLogic uses T.38 on the IP path between the customer site and FaxLogic's data centers, then converts once to TDM for the path to/from the receiving/sending fax. Modular in that FaxLogic is available to VoIP service providers as basic "IP fax dial-tone", IP fax dial-tone plus virtual fax (fax-to-email, email-to-fax, web fax portal, etc.), and as a full-featured cloud-based fax server, capable of replacing premise-base servers and appliances.
  • SatFax Networks (Canada) - SatFax Networks has a new method for fax over VoIP that is more reliable than using standard T.38. SatFax Fax Terminal Adapters will work over any form of High Speed Internet connection including Wireless Internet, Cellular Internet, and all bands of Satellite Internet services.
  • ZCarrier Inc. ZCarrier Full T.38 support. SIP/H323, Wholesale VoIP Provider


  • Packet8 (United States) - Packet8 now support T.38 faxing service, although only with the provider-supplied ATA device ("The Packet8 fax plans are currently only available to Packet8 existing customers who purchase a new BPA410 phone adapter for Fax Extension"). For more info. Click Here.
  • BroadVox Direct (residential offering, no longer offered) has T.38 support which was once reported to work with t38modem, but will no longer work with new accounts. You need a cryptographic credential which is entombed in the ATA they ship you, and the company is quite stubborn about never releasing that credential to the customer. So, basically, it's only T.38 if you use their ATA, and they're doing their darndest to use crypto to keep it that way.
  • Draytel (UK) - acknowledged in their FAQ that they support t.38 fax relay. In conjunction with a HT386 and an SPA-2102, I have used them without any problems to transmit faxes to the US. Rate is about $0.02 per minute, pay as you go. You can test it for free (no commitment) with a two port FXS T.38 compliant ATA (HT386, SPA2102) and two different draytel accounts. Update (June 2007) DrayTEL has confirmed that they do not support T.38 on PSTN calls (see comment below)


If you can provide a link to the provider's website indicating T.38 support for any of these entries, move it to the first list and link the evidence. If you can disconfirm, move them to the next list and include the date tested. Providers who claim that T.38 is coming "real soon now" should be disconfirmed due to the fact that almost all of those who make this claim remain in this state indefinitely.

  • ComCanada Communications CRTC Registered, Provider of Hosted PBX, DID service, Toll Free, equipment sales, consulting, and retail/wholesale origination & termination. T.38 Supported ( but no confirmation). 1-877-697-VOIP
  • FreeDigits (United States) - Rumored outbound-only support for T.38 SIP through faxdigits.com server ("recommends T.38-compatible adapter for outbound" but does not promise T.38 support). inbound faxes are converted to .pdf e-mail attach by the server
  • Lingo
  • Iristel website indicates that their adapters include T.38 support, but does not state that the service actually includes it. 100% Canadian Telephone Company. Unlimited Extended plan from $15.95. Iristel seamlessly bridges the gap between IP networks and the PSTN. Iristel's VoIP solution is ideal for Calling Card, VoIP carriers, CLEC's, Asterisk owners and virtual carriers requiring local service within Canada. Iristel also offers virtual T.38 faxing solutions both inbound & outbound.
  • Trans National Communications International - We do and have interop tested T.38 fax support over SIP. We do not (to the best of my knowledge) confirm this on the site. I am part of the Tier III Engineering group, and I can tell you that it is functional. One potentially important note, we are a telecom wholesaler working through a reseller agent network. We do not do any direct retail sales. We also provide only business telecom services, no individual.
  • NodePhone An ISP that also provides phone services. Does not specifically state T.38 (or SIP for that matter) support. (Australia)
  • ContactTel Inbound DID's 100% T38 ,Pay as you go , or 9.95 monthly plan ** 4/2011 - update: offers Fax2pdf support. Does not mention T.38.


  • teliax
  • iaxtel
  • Talkin2ya/Budgetphone (Netherlands) - say in their FAQ (in Dutch) that they support t.38 fax relay, however, a call to their help desk (december 2006) revealed that they do not support T38, in spite of what is mentioned their FAQ.
  • IP Communications United States - National DID numbers, T.38 said to be included in basic plans. Working at one time, but as of April 2010, does not work at all. Any T.38 negotiation attempt returns "488 Not acceptable here."
  • Gradwell - UK provider, confirmed no T.38 support. They had support at one point on some international numbers, but none anymore.


  • Providers offering both IAX-voice and T.38 (ie T.38 over SIP or H.323 — not necessarily over IAX)
  • Telecomservice (Austria) SIP/IAX2 provider, Austrian geo-numbers, PBX services, T38-Fax, PRI and BRI interface for existing PBX integration
  • Pay-As-You-Go providers with T.38 . T.38 Fax and babyTEL
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