VOIP Software


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Call center monitoring

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

  • Hosted SyncSwitch Partition SBO Manager with integrated billing system.
  • Asterisk CTI New effort to make an Open Source CTI solution
  • DialApplet
  • VoIP client and server software:Industry leading VoIP, video telephony, instant messaging and NAT traversal software for IP communications.
  • UCN - CTI Software integrated with IVR solutions & ACD Software, all hosted over a nationwide VoIP network for superior quality at a lower cost.
  • Voicent VOIP CTI Platform for developing both inbound and outbound VOIP solutions
  • Voxeo VoipCenter SIP Application Server supports CTI out-of-the-box with Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, Nortel, and others. New CTI interfaces can be developed easily via support for the W3C CCXML standard.
  • Multiple SIP Trunking Software- ICTBroadcast supports multiple sip trunks at a time.ICTBroadcast has built-in support for multiple trunks. Each campaign can use more than one trunk concurrently. If a trunk is working to full capacity then the remaining trunks will be used as necessary.

Development Tools

See Protocol Stacks and Development Services

  • ++Skype C++ library for skype add-on platform independent software development. It is platform independent, easy to use, and easy to extend because of the flexible library design, inspired by modern C++ design ideas. Performance is one of the goals.
  • Enabling Technologies for Media Processing on DSPs http://www.surf-com.com
  • MessengerSDK:Development Kit fo VoIP, Video Telephony and Instant Messaging
  • Voicent VoiceXML Gateway - development platform with samples, tutorials, and free download
  • Voxeo free SIP development site - free SIP application hosting, developer tools and resources. Uses simple web-based development model. Works with most VOIP networks including Skype.
  • Owera SIP Software Development Kit v 3.0 including reference designs and complete product designs - for SIP Phones, ATAs with/without Router, Residential gateways and more http://www.owera.com
  • RFC Reader Professional tool for reading RFC documents.
  • Teleon Networks - Windows driver to make common voice modem works as 1 port FXO phone gateway. Typically used for Skype to PSTN call.
  • VOCAL Technologies VoIP SDK, reference designs, and turn-key solutions for SIP phones, ATAs, media gateways, and mobile platforms
  • PortSIP VoIP SDK PortSIP VoIP SDK is developer tools to rapidly create voice, video and IM based applications for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Fax Broadcasting

  • VoIP Business Solutions Fax Server A full-featured, easy to use, multi-user fax server that is pbx neutral. Works in a broadcast or single fax mode. Supports both conventional and FoIP. Resellers receive 50% commission!
  • VentaFax & Voice (Business version) and Venta4Net/Venta4Net Plus - Commercial Windows GUI applications for fax (and voice mail) broadcast for PSTN, cellular and SIP/H.323 VoIP telephony (T.38 and G.711 passthrough). Fax virtual printer with color faxing support included. Personalization of faxes by means of cover pages and headers. Intellectual fax scheduler with flexible automatic job repetition on errors of various types. Evaluation versions being available for download.
  • ICTBroadcast Fax Broadcasting Software- ICTBroadcast is mass faxing tool that can blast thousands of faxes in minutes.ICTBroadcast has built-in support for pdf and tiff document but can be easily upgraded to support any other document format.
  • Fax Broadcasting Services-A Call4Smile provide fax blasting (fax broadcasting) service to a wide range of customers from small self employed people wishing to target local areas with a few thousand pages, to larger campaigns sending hundreds of thousands to a wider area.


  • Dynamic IVR Builder is a GUI based software designed and developed to create multilevel Interactive voice response system with simple clicks.
  • Tiksoo IVR & Live Agent Monitoring - Acoustic fingerprinting supports music, tones and any language
  • IVR Studio - easy to use GUI IVR development tool with builtin support for email, database, website, Java, and JSP.
  • Creacode Carrier-grade SIP Server and IVR solution for rapid service creation.
  • Database Systems Corp. - IVR software, IVR hosting, and IVR systems including VOIP messaging.
  • IEC - SIP/2.0+VXML 2.0 Inexpensive IVR Platform with Conferencing, MRCP ASR/TTS Client/Server, Linux/Windows, Call Analysis, Bulk Call Generator, more ...
  • IPsmarx Technology, Inc. Prepaid/Postpaid IVR Solution - Offer Calling Cards, ANI, E-Store, Auto Recharge
  • DSC IVR software development tools for phone surveys.
  • UCN - IVR solutions integrated with CTI Software & ACD Software, all hosted over a nationwide VoIP network for superior quality at a lower cost.
  • Voisonics Limited, custom designed IVR development and hosting, VOIP consultancy.
  • Mizutech IVR solutions - Mizu softswitch with integrated IVR and easy to use user interface to create your IVR scripts. (by default comes with a calling card IVR including prepaid/postpaid and callback with PIN or ANI authentication)
  • VoIP Software: The ipbx eXpress PBX Software has been designed with flexibility in mind. An easy to use and powerful enterprise class VoIP PBX solution with unlimited IVR and CTI capability.
  • IVR Software Solution-ICTBroadcast Auto dialer is a bundled with an interactive web-based IVR Designer that enables its users to design custom IVR menus as they choose.IVR Designer is simple, easy to understand and is based on drag-and-drop features.
  • IVR Designer Hosted Solution- Call4smile IVR Designer allows you to create advanced telephony systems with a simple drag-and-drop interface.Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for users to create voice response applications in a web browser.


  • Owera - Take management of CPEs to the next-level using Owera xAPS for multiprotocol provisioning of any IP device.
  • http://www.gotek.ca] provides private labeled AAA of both SIP and H323. Its turnkey solution powers hundreds of voip service provider worldwide, references available upon serious request.
  • MySIPSwitch - Software to manage multiple SIP accounts
  • VPN enabled VoIP service provider platform to ensure secure data and voice communication. - The platform has built-in Prepay, Postpay, Flat Rate or Flat Rate w/ Bucket billing system and IP-Centrex management. The scalable archetachture and modular design enables it to manage multiple Asterisks and integrate them into one system. It's easy to scale up, from small to big deployment.
  • Xelor Software - Software to automate the configuration, deployment, and management of QoS for realtime communications on enterprise networks.

OSS - Provisioning

  • Freeside - Open-source ISP billing, ticketing and automation. Includes support for VoIP/CDR rating and billing. Sponsored by Freeside Internet Services Inc.
  • Rodopi OSS Integrated provisioning and billing system for VoIP Broadband Service Providers, personalized end-user and administration portals, pre-integrated with leading softswitch vendors.


  • Asternic Call Center Stats - PRO 2 just released! Queue monitoring and reporting, GPL and commercial versions available.
  • BlastarQ is actually a queue system that will help you to protect your business against peaks of traffic, distributing the contact volume in your contact center when the number of incoming calls exceeds the number of agents available answering calls. Scheduled return to the queue: The caller calling in at a peak time is notified of a relatively long wait time (configurable) to reach an agent; based on the current load, BlastarQ estimates the time at which a free agent will be available and kindly ask the caller to hang up and callback at the estimated time. Easily integrable with asterisk and any other voice platform.
  • OrderlyQ is an extension to Asterisk queues that lets callers hang up, then call back later without losing their place.
  • QueueInsight the queue reporting system

MNP Solutions

  • Alaris MNP/LNP Server — an advanced tool for ported numbers data management to interact with external MNP/LNP-databases and to provide dipping services to local carriers (read more...)


  • Duxoft Voip Calls Recorder for SIP, H.323, MGCP, Skinny. It records local and remote calls and stores them into WAV files.
  • TekTape (KaplanSoft) - TekTape is an audio recorder and call detail records (CDR) generator for Windows. Calls are captured through the Ethernet network. SIP protocol is supported.
  • StarTrinity VoIP recorder - a free VoIP recorder for your IP PBX or softswitch (like Asterisk or FreeSwitch). It runs on Windows as a service, captures VoIP traffic (SIP+RTP) via mirroring port, decodes it and saves to CDR and WAV files. The CDR data is saved via ODBC driver, it can be your MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL or other database. G.729 and G.711 RTP frames are saved to WAV files to hard disk, recorded file name is saved into CDR. The recorder is free to use by commercial and non-commercial organizations.

Routing Systems

  • Alaris LCR Engine — high capacity smart routing system for voice and SMS; compatible with any carrier infrastructure, capable of managing both VoIP and TDM switches (read more...)

Secure Communication

  • Astaro - Leader of integrated security appliances, featuring full SIP support.
  • Secure Enterprise Communication App- REVE Secure Communication App is a highly secure, uninterrupted, reliable and own premises based customized platform for real time communication and collaboration of enterprises. This app empowers you with the ability to impact your company culture, retention, and even bottom line through having control over employee communication across multiple devices. Available in all major platforms, a user can easily download this app and register instantly using an Employee ID, Email ID, Mobile Number or any unique ID within a control environment.

Soft Phones

  • http://mosip.co/ MoSIP is the most trusted SIP based mobile dialer in the industry, that allows mobile users to make calls to any part of the world using its simple.
  • http://www.adoresoftphone.com Customizable Mobile Dialer and PC Softphone with Voice, Video and IM, Supports G729 Codec.
  • www.gotek.ca provide private labeled softphone with Video and IM, reliable function and quality voice guaranteed.
  • http://www.sip-323.com fully supports sip\ H.323, NAT/Firewall traversing, skinnable interface.
  • https://www.portsip.com/portgo-softphone/ PortSIP offers PortGo Softphone for mobile and Windows with Voice, Video and IM, Supports G.729, AMR-WB, Opus, G.722,1, H,264 and VP8.

SwitchBoards Operator Panels

  • FOP2 Flash Operator Panel 2 The 1st switchboard for Asterisk, multitenant, chat, voice mail, free for 15 buttons.



  • Adore Infotech - Calling Card solution, Class5 Softswitch, prepaid postpaid VOIP Billing Software for Wholesale and Retail VOIP Business.
  • Data Tech Labs hosted VoIP Billing and Switching for Calling cards, Callshops, PC-to-Phone, Wholesale, etc
  • Ring Provider - Complete VOIP solutions provider, Multilevel interface: Provider, Enterprise, enduser, Softswitch, Billing Software integration, Hardware, Installation, hosts several hundred enterprises on 1 server
  • Accatel, Inc. Accatel's hosted Calling Card Platform provides a complete solution for prepaid and postpaid card servicess
  • Easy PABX - FREE Virtual PABX - Set up a Virtual PABX in just minutes.
  • Doretel Communications, Inc. - We are a Cisco Partner and provide Complete Turnkey VoIP Solutions
  • Go Tek Inc. -The most Reliable 8-in-1 Turnkey VOIP solutions provider, Softswitch, Billing Software, Hardware OEM, 7x24 global technical support.
  • IPsmarx Technology - Turnkey VOIP solutions provider, Softswitch, Billing Software, Hardware, Installation and Carrier services
  • http://www.nexge.com Class 4 and Class 5 soft switches, Pre Paid & Post Paid Billing and value added services.
  • PBXes - virtual PBX, integrated CRM - Your personal phoneboxes.
  • Telic.net - Turnkey managed VoIP solutions from provisioning to invoicing for Wholesale, Pre and Post Paid Calling Card, SOHO Broadband, PC-to-Phone and Callback. www.telic.net
  • Voiprent hosted VoIP softswitch Turnkey VoIP platform for pc2phone, web2phone, callback, prepaid cards, callshop billing
  • Voxeo - Hosted VOIP application and service platforms for switching, conferencing, call recording, VOIP IVR, and more.
  • UCN - IVR solutions integrated with CTI Software & ACD Software, all hosted over a nationwide VoIP network for superior quality at a lower cost.
  • x164 Route for Profit is Outsourced Telecom Service, including Hosted rates, routes and statistics, Online routing by highest profit, Call data records database, Online rate generator and Hosted softswitch. x164 is the official reseller of iXLink.
  • VoIP Softswitch Software - Vox Switch is an intelligent VoIP Softswitch software that facilitates routing, billing, reporting and monitoring from a single platform. The softswitch platform is designed to ease the doing of business for both retail VoIP and wholesale VoIP providers.


Video Conferencing

  • VMukti alpha now available from VoIP and VVoIP solutions provider VMukti Solutions Pvt. Ltd..
  • PBX inbuilt video conferencing PortSIP PBX is a software based IP PBX system which inbuilt the MCU to offers the HD video conferencing up to 1080P, PortSIP PBX.

Voice Broadcasting

Voicemail Clients

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