VPN4SIP.COM is a professional VPN service to unblock VOIP calls in UAE, Oman, Qatar and Yemen

VPN4SIP.COM is a VPN solution to Unblock VOIP calls for Vonage, SIPGate or Skype adapters! Check our web site http://www.vpn4sip.com first to know more about how to use our VPN WiFi Router to bypass local ISP's block on Voice over IP Broadband phone calls.

Basically VPN for SIP service provides VPN router to United Arab Emirates and many other countries' customers to unblock VOIP calls for VOIP Adapter based broadband phone service, if customers have existing broadband phone service from Vonage or other ITSP providers but currently the VOIP device doesn't work because of the VOIP ban policy, this service is the best choice for you! By using VPN router together with the very low cost monthly VPN service, users can easily make Vonage VOIP phone calls again to save huge international phone bills!

VPN4SIP.COM was established two years ago by experts in both VOIP and VPN industry. The difference of VPN4SIP.COM service from other VPN providers is about the VPN network quality we provide - by selecting the highest quality of internet backbone providers from US and UK, we can guarantee that the network latency and network jitter is minimum among all other VPN network you can find from the market - lower latency and jitter means better VOIP voice quality. Also We use dedicated VPN public IP for each VPN4SIP account, so every customer's VPN connection isn't sharing with any other account, which gives the highest security and anti-block flexibility to the VPN connection. And more, we always reserve dedicated bandwidth for both upload and download directions which gives extremely smooth voice conversation experience to the VOIP calls. In one word, VPN4SIP.COM is the most professional and high quality VPN service dedicated for broadband VOIP phone calls in UAE and other countries.

Having been working in VPN and VOIP fields for many years, VPN4SIP.COM experts know exactly what VOIP users need in those VoIP regulated countries, and that is why our VPN4SIP.COM service is here for customer like you. With VPN4SIP.COM router and service, you can easily get your VOIP ATA adapters back to work 24x7 without worrying the VOIP ban policy any more in your area. Plus, you can have up to 4 VOIP devices connecting to the same VPN router to share the VPN connection for simultaneous VOIP calls or Fax! Since beginning of 2009 to today, we already get thousands of happy customers from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other cities, you will be very happy once you try VPN4SIP service for your valued VOIP calls.

Our VPN router is a low cost device with built-in VPN account configured, it comes with one dedicated public IP, 100kbit/s dedicated upload bandwidth and 100kbit/s dedicated download bandwidth for a very low monthly VPN service fee. It's very affordable for most home or business users comparing to the huge international phone call cost. By the way please be aware that you must already have VOIP broadband phone service and Ethernet or Wireless based VOIP adapter ready before using our service, for example the VOIP service and device from Vonage, VOIPFone, SIPGate, VOIPTalk or Skype etc.

Our VPN router itself is a very high end Wireless Router with the latest 802.11n support (up to 300Mbps) and dual antenna, in additional to its dedicated VPN connection function for VOIP calls, the router is also a feature rich device with much more functions comparing to regular home routers you can find over the market. For everyday's use, you can still connect your PC to the VPN router's LAN port to use original ISP connection for web browsing, at the same time connect Vonage VOIP adapter to the VPN router's LAN port and it will use our VPN network for Voice over IP calls.

If you are interested in our service and want to use our VPN router to unblock VOIP calls, you can place order online at http://www.vpn4sip.com/index.php/service. We accept payment online through PayPal, we can also accept payment from Western Union or Bank Wired Transfer. Once your payment is made, we will customize your VPN router and ship it out using express carrier in one business day, you will get the parcel tracking information and VPN account details in our following up emails. Once you receive the VPN router in 3-5 days, read our email instructions to connect VOIP devices to VPN router, sit down and enjoy your broadband VOIP phones calls!

URL: http://www.vpn4sip.com

Email: contact@vpn4sip.com

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