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Vector VPS Introduction :
Vector VOIP Payphone Server (VPS) gives CLEC, ISP and other Telecommunications entrepreneur an easy, cost-effective way to deliver VOIP Payphone service. Specially, Cost down the tariff of the STD, IDD calls.

VPS offers complete functionalities of payphone management, including web-based billing and calling card generation software, Tariff programming, CDR and Faulty Alarm...etc

There's no need to purchase a huge telecom system. VPS provides professional Telecom services with low cost.
Get the VPS now and start capturing the market in no time!

Vector VPS Features:
  • Web-based management: Web-based management allows easier access to all functions and easier management on all data.
  • Authorization Level control :
    • Administrator : Owner, create the level 1 rate table , and create level 2 tariff table to operator.
    • Operator Account: Ceate the tariff table to End user.
  • Calling Card management: Calling card number activation, disable. Expire date programing. Call Detail Record (CDR), revenue analyzation of calling card.
  • CDR generation and statistics: Call Duration, Revenue...
  • Route Selection: Assign different SIP proxy router for different prefix.
  • Tariff programmed: Program different tariff by prefix codes of phone number. Programmable Discount time.
  • Manage all the payphone: Add new payphone. Manage both coin or card payphone. Display the status of Payphones, register information. Call Detail Record (CDR), revenue analyzation of calling card.

Vector VPS On-Line Demo :
Please contact us to get the demo account

Vector VOIP Magnetic Card Payphone , Credit Card Solution
The system saves customer's credit record on the server and uses customer's credit card as the magnetic card on the payphone.

Customer goes to the shop or online, and purchase credits for VOIP payphone service. After the payment is confirmed, we can login the VPS management system and input the information of the customer : credit card number, VOIP service expire date, credit stored.

Then the customer will be able to use the credit card as the magnetic card on the payphone to use VOIP service. The service provider does not need to distribute magnetic cards for each customer, as long as the "card account" has not expired and there is available credit on the account, the customer will be able to enjoy VOIP payphone service. This feature is compatible with Vector's Magnetic Card VOIP payphone, VT700CMV.

Vector VOIP Payphones
In addition to VOIP management Software, Vector Technology Corp. also offers a variety of VOIP payphones.

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