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Ventrilo is a very simple and easy to use VoIP program designed for multiplayer gaming. It is functionally similar to TeamSpeak, but has a much simpler interface and feature set.

Clients are available for Win32, with Linux/i386 and Mac OSX in development.
Servers are available for Win32, Linux/i386, Solaris/i386, Solaris/SPARC 64bit, FreeBSD/i386, NetBSD/i386 and Mac OSX.
Both client and server are closed-source.

Client software is free. However recent licensing changes with v2.2.x have made the free server crippleware, only runs one instance per machine on the default port only with up to 8 users only.
The full server version is only available to those reselling Ventrilo hosting, if you aren't reselling Ventrilo they will refuse to sell you a server.
Because of this licensing system I recommend TeamSpeak instead.

See also: TeamSpeak

See also: C3

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