Virtual PRI

Virtual PRI services is an optimum solution for businesses that require quality, high capacity local access numbers without having their own facilities. The Virtual PRI provides immediate turnup and allows expansion into new regions and markets with very minimal cost and investment.

Typical applications for Virtual PRI service are:

  • Call Centers
  • CallingCard Applications
  • Conference Applications
  • High volume incoming calls businesses

Virtual PRI Provider List (In Alphabetical Order):

DID Number Virtual PRI We Offers DID + 30 incoming channels in 23 countries for 39.99$ a month, for Special offer contact .

Alcazar Networks - Over 3,100 rate centers. Virtual PRI as low as $46.00 for 23 channels. DID numbers as low as $0.10/each. Stop buying from the middle man.

Virtual Number Virtual PRI Offers DID + 30 incoming channels in 23 countries for 39.99$ a month, SPECIAL OFFERING Also Available 100 Channel DID's in Europe at $ 25 a Month , contact to get details of Special Offering

CallnFax PRI for business - We offer PRI services in several cities, and the customer support your business needs. We offer hands on service custom tailored to your business needs

DIDLIVE Virtual PRI Offers DIDs + 24 incoming channelsor more in the USA and Canada with over 4000 cities available. Call 1-212-901-0800 or visit for details.

DIDWW The Source for Wholesale DIDs and Toll Free Virtual Numbers numbers with incoming flat-rate channels in 65 countries.

DomesticNumbers Unlimited channels DID + unlimited incoming channels for €19.95/month covering 70+ countries. Also International Free Phone (Toll Free) and Premium numbers available.

MyVNumber - Virtual Phone Numbers and Virtual PRI Numbers with 30 channels per DID. Amazing Cloud PBX phone system platform is included for each account.

Phone2call Offers Virtual PRI with 30 channels (up 30 simultaneous incoming calls) around 25+ countries. You can forward your Virtual PRI to regular mobiles/landlines (PSTN), VOIP, Google Talk, Linphone, Virtual PBX. Only 2 USD/channel. Know why we keep VOIP leadership!

SendMyCall Virtual PRI Offers DID + 30 incoming channels in 26 countries for only 45$ a month.

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