VirtualPBX vs Grasshopper

Comparing VirtualPBX vs Grasshopper Virtual Phone Systems

VirtualPBX and Grasshopper are two state of the art virtual private branch exchanges that allow smaller businesses to align with industry standards. Several of today's industries have demands for customer call response and for immediate calling services. Smaller companies have a burden to keep up with the larger corporations that have the funding to build their own onsite calling services. A virtual business system can keep a smaller company in the running for today's demanding customers.

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Benefits of Virtual Business Phone Systems Include Several Features That Are Standard

Virtual business phones allow a smaller company to not have a large phone networking system in an office suite closet, for example. The hardware and software for their business lines are cloud based and the small company receives a web interface to hear their business calls, for example.

VirtualPBX and Grasshopper Are Two of Today's Leaders in the Virtual Phone Business

VirtualPBX (California based) has been in this type of communications service for a while now and has established themselves for VoIP services. The VirtualPBX company was started in 1997 and includes critical business systems such as voice mail, call forwarding and toll free business numbers. This company offers a free trial offer, coupons and requested quotes for potential business customers. Overall customer ratings are slightly lower than their competitor exchange Grasshopper. Lower ratings are in the areas of customer features, pricing and customer support. Grasshopper provides important innovative options that allow an important customer ratings advantage.

Grasshopper Is an Innovative Private Branch Exchange Company That Offers a Different Approach to Several Standard Phone Services

Grasshopper is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and offers customer service that is available every hour of the day of the week for all of their calling plans. This is an added customer service availability that is not offered with VirtualPBX. Grasshopper provides a 30 day money back guarantee that is unique for this company provider and offer s a custom main greeting, on hold music that is unique, faxes emails as PDFs and has unlimited extensions. There are no long term contracts and this feature of Grasshopper is popular for most small business customers. Customers can upgrade at any time to additional virtual phone services.

Both of These Virtual Phone Providers Provide State of the Art Communications for a Small Company

There are several standard comparisons that have developed over the recent years of virtual phone availability. A virtual private branch exchange began in the 1990's as a beta type small business phone option. The several years that have passed have allowed this type of company phone option to gain in popularity with several now standard virtual phone features including the following:

Both VirtualPBX and Grasshopper have standard fax support and conference calling availability

Both services provide international calls and mobile applications for the virtual phone services.
Toll free numbers can be selected and voice mail to email is now a virtual private branch exchange option.
These types of small business services allow a caller identification screening, a call forwarding, call transfer and call blocking.

VirtualPBX Has an Established Reputation That Has Now Spanned Over 20 Years

VirtualPBX has a call return feature that is often needed for a small business phone system. Customer waiting is available through this phone selection and a community customer service can be selected as well. A cancellation fee is not advertised for VirtualPBX and there is no pay as you go feature advertised. VirtualPBX does not offer an international virtual phone number.

Pricing for Each of These Virtual Phone Plans Includes Several Purchase Package Features

There are usage based plans that may be chosen for each virtual phone system. Grasshopper allows for a pay as you go plan or pay as you grow that increases in cost as a business makes financial progress. There are a number of minutes that can be purchased with each plan. A VirtualPBX plan can be chosen that is unlimited in the number of minutes used and this plan costs $34.99 per month. A Grasshopper virtual phone system can be selected for $12 a month up to $144 a month depending on the features that a company selects. Each of these virtual phone services have an included minutes plan and an overage minute fee that is a per minute charge. Extensions for each of the phone services can be added without an additional cost.

Flat Rate Plans Can Be Chosen for a Small Business That Needs a Virtual Phone Service

Flat rate plans are comparable between these two phone service providers. VirtualPBX has a plan that allows for a number of company users and this type of flat rate plan ranges from $12.99 per user (2 to 99 users per month) to $34.99 per user (2 to 99 users per month). Grasshopper's flat rate plan is designed around its pay as you grow approach to small business virtual phone service. This company's plan offers fees from $24 per month to $199 per month that depends on the size of the company or the size of growth.

There Are Several Cost Effective Benefits That Each of These Virtual Phone Providers Offer

Major VoIP services are available through VirtualPBX and Grasshopper that allow a smaller company to compete with those large businesses within the same industry. Customers tend to be more demanding today and a small company that does not answer its phone or cannot take customer service calls has a disadvantage. There are several cost effective benefits of a private branch exchange option for a small company's phone needs that include the following:

The hardware and software costs for extensive phone provisions are eliminated for a small company

The virtual phone systems can provide the same customer service features that are expected by modern business customers.
Staffing overhead is not needed when a small company uses a virtual communications service.
Virtual business phone systems can allow a small company to have distributed employees and distributed offices with support centers.
Small companies can provide seamless services by way of their virtual phone provider.


Both VirtualPBX and Grasshopper private branch exchanges allow a small company to stay in line with the industry standards within their own markets. Customers today are frequently demanding and expect certain business standards that can only be serviced through direct customer phone contact. A virtual phone system for a business allows the competition market to be leveled in some areas of modern business. Virtual phones can be accessed anywhere and each business is given its own direct web interface to use to manage their company account. There are several options that are standard with VirtualPBX and Grasshopper that have become a state of the art available selection. Each of these virtual phone services provide fax support, conference calling and mobile application features. Each has an accessible call forwarding and call blocking for identification and security. Grasshopper seems to have a current advantage with its customer satisfaction ratings because this company offers a continual customer support availability.

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