Visualware is a leading provider of VoIP testing software, providing tools to simulate VoIP traffic and measure the level of VoIP quality and number of VoIP lines supported by a network connection. The MCS MyVoIP tools enable businesses to perform VoIP assessment and subscriber pre-qualifications, benchmark new VoIP implementations for VoIP quality, and test remote end-user connections to determine the cause of poor sound quality.

Server-based products for businesses to test remote connections to their server:

  • MCS MyVoIP: Host browser-based VoIP quality tests and broadband speed test services, get centralized reports of customer connection quality

  • MCS Automated Remote Testing: Easily test and resolve VoIP and bandwidth quality problems directly from the remote customer to your server, perform network assessments to determine how well remote connections can support VoIP. Remote Agents (RAs) enable support staff to interactively manage the performance and quality testing process from remote customer locations during the support call process. RAs enable the collection of VoIP quality, bandwidth speeds, network routing and environment information from remote customers. RAs can run for extended time periods to better identify and resolve persistent or intermittent connection quality problems, or assess remote connections for VoIP quality.

  • MCS Satellite Servers: Satellite Servers can be deployed as remote testing servers for Remote Test Agents, Satellite Servers establish additional connection testing points at the application edge to accurately test actual application network paths.

PC-based products for individuals to test connections to Visualware servers:

  • MySpeed PC VoIP Standard: Test your connection for VoIP quality and bandwidth speeds, perform continuous testing, view real-time and historical results

  • MySpeed PC VoIP Advanced: Above features plus network route analysis with packet loss and latency reports, and MOS Score rating

Try the online demos:

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