VitalVox is a provider of hosted call center and PBX services. By handling much of the infrastructure, it can provide an interface to world-class call center software while reducing the management costs to clients. Through their PBX services, VitalVox allows businesses to scale quickly without having to invest in and manage telephony switching hardware.

Hosted ACD

VitalVox offers a full-featured Hosted ACD allowing enterprise-grade call centers to use the Cloud as their telephony platform. As a complete call center ACD system, VitalVox provides

Hosted IVR and Visual Call Flow Builder

The Hosted IVR is a powerful tool offered by Vitalvox. It offers a Graphical User Interface (GUI) allowing you to create dialplans, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, and call flows incorporating both telephony functions and call center ACD processes. With it you can interface with internal and external databases and applications. The Dialplan Builder takes the mystery out of building the and inbound service schedules. With its tree-based structure, the Visual Call Flow Builder presents the call flow to you in an easy to read format, while allowing you to rapidly and efficiently trace the structure of the call.

Dialplans are lists of instructions or steps that the call will follow once it reaches the system handling the call. VitalVox offers fully customizable and versatile dialplan capabilities. This gives you full control over the handling and processing of calls. The VitalVox Visual Dialplan Builder enables the user to unleash the combined power of software and telecommunications to easily control and manage calls.

With the Visual Call Flow Builder, you can use your own audio files and external web services to make the hosted IVR truly your own.

Hosted Outbound Dialer

VitalVox offers an self-pacing predictive dialer that is capable of running multiple concurrent outbound dialing campaigns. It is an integral part of our hosted contact center solution. The dialling modes at your disposal are:

  • Preview - the agent is able to review the contact before clicking dial
  • Progressive - the contact is dialed at the same time it is presented to the agent. The agent hears call progress.
  • Predictive dialing - multiple contacts may be dialed per waiting agent. When one connects, it is presented to one of the waiting agents.

All modes of dialling can use the Script Builder technology that allow for sophisticated agent to customer interactions and powerful data collection with adaptive script branching. Our hosted dialer has a complete set of lead management tools for managing your lists. With live dashboards and historical live view of the dialling results, the Outbound Dialer will provide a detailed stats on your agents, list performance and production targets.

Multi Channel Communications

When your business requires more than phones, you'll find our hosted ACD platform handles more than just VoIP traffic.

  • Email
  • Twitter
  • Web chat
and more.
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