VoIP: The Importance of Being Honest

Life consists of earning money and spending them on needs and amusement. Earning dollars, pounds and euros is a hard work and should be respected by other people, by society. If there is no respect, there's no human relations, no honest competition, no commonwealth at all.

According to this I've got a question: why should we share our money eared so hardy with some dishonest people whose conscience allow them to steal and cheat?

I'm sure, we shouldn't. More than this, I'm sure you agree with me.

Let's have a look into e-business.
Internet provides an excellent opportunity to get benefit. One of the worst things about the global network is customer's anonymity - especially for e-merchants. You know this for sure if you belong to community of these brave businessmen. Easy to hide, easy to scam...

E-mankind during its history has developed a couple of tools helping to prevent online fraud. Most of them (AVS and CVV code checking) seem to be of little help for merchants - today it's easy for scammers to get full card's details including cardholder's address, phone number, CVV code etc.

Know anyone who wants to get chargebacks? We all know the answer - no one. Infamous TMF file rises like a black flag over the heads of merchants who were too light-minded in their fraud protection policy.

Looking for a solution helping to stop a fraudster and make him switch to another site or (perfect situation) stop scamming at all you are free to choose VoIP telephone verification service (hereafter - "System"). The solution consists in an automated call to an e-shop's client in real time. It's not an additional tool in AVS checking but an independent Service that proves that a phone number provided by customer in his payment routine is really his physically existing number and he is available by it during the payment process.

The System calls a customer and after successful connection asks him/her to enter a certain pin-code using phone keypad.

Let me describe how a webmaster can use this service. It's simple. He just has to implement a small script in his site's html-code. While passing payment procedure, customer is required to enter his phone number and make phone line available.

The System then dials provided telephone number (there's no redirection to a service-provider site) and asks customer to enter pin code he or she sees on merchant's site.

A phone number of a customer is checked against special telephone database that identifies both area code and customer's phone number type (landline, mobile, VoIP service such as Skype etc).

So, the main feature of VoIP telephone verification is a combination of database search and a telephone call.

In general, System will pass merchant the following information:

- client's IP address,
- country by IP,
- country by phone number,
- city or area by phone number,
- phone number type,
- the results of telephone verification (whether a pin-code entered by a client matches pin-code provided during the checking process).

In case there is a mismatch in the above data, transaction is flagged as potentially fraudulent (it's not declined at all).
In this case merchant should ask for additional information for verification such as credit card scan, id scan etc.

So, as you can see, one simple automated call solves a huge problem of verifying customer's identity.

Hundreds of merchants have already protected themselves, their business and money from fraud using VoIP telephone verification.

Probably you'll find it useful too.
Have a test drive of a verification call. It's free, easy and somewhat unusual.

The ability of VoIP telephone verification isn't bounded by providing safe credit card processing. It's much larger and includes password verification, content limiting, goods delivery information, automated voice delivering and so on. All these services can significantly ease merchant's and webmaster's everyday work.

Have a nice day!

By Alexa Foster
Created by: Proveout, Last modification: Thu 18 of May, 2006 (11:10 UTC)
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