VoIP Billing Solution

There are a number of sectors of the VoIP market where we can provide a VoIP Solution :
  • Residential VoIP : providing flexible and feature rich phone services to residential customers over fixed and mobile broadband.
  • IP-PBX Termination : Terminating calls from VoIP enabled Office PBX systems.
  • Wholesale VoIP : Terminating calls from customer aggregating traffic from the above markets.
  • DID Resale : Reselling and terminating telephone numbers.

A2Billing is a fully featured and flexible VoIP Billing system and termination platform which can provide one of the quickest and lowest cost entries to billing VoIP Customers that exists on the market today.

Star2Billing, the company behind A2Billing, provide consultancy and support for A2Billing VoIP-Billing-System - Star2Billing

What is A2Billing

A2Billing combined with Asterisk now gives any Telecom company a very good reason to consider the A2Billing Soft-Switch over the traditional offerings for TDM and VoIP Soft-Switches as well as wholesale and IP PBX billing, particularly when you consider the cost of A2Billing – FREE!

If you want to launch any of the following services, then A2Billing may be the system for you:

  • Traditional Calling Card services – A2Billing can be configured to provide standard calling card services via traditional “dial through”, with PIN or CID authentication.
  • Callback services, A2Billing supports a number of call-back methods including ANI, DID and web based call-backs.
  • VoIP residential services – Customers can be issued with a softphone or hard phone and be billed for calls made via Voice over IP.
  • VoIP wholesale termination - A2Billing and Asterisk can be used as a softswitch to terminate and bill large numbers of VoIP minutes from a number of sources such as resellers and distributors of your services.
  • VoIP termination for Asterisk and FreePBX systems. – With the growth of IP based PBX systems, as well as the asterisk based systems, A2Billing can be used to provide services and VoIP billing to IP PBX resellers and Asterisk system integrators.
  • DID termination and redirection. DID can be redirected to any SIP, IAX or PSTN destination with monthly charges and duration based charges.

For installation, training and support services on A2Billing, please see http://www.asterisk2billing.org/pricing/

CDR viewer for Asterisk Call Data Records : CDR-Stats

CDR-Stats is a replacement for Asterisk-Stats, first released over eight years ago by Areski, The Author of CDR-Stats. Anyone who has used the Call Data Reports in FreePBX will be familiar with Asterisk-Stats as this forms the core of CDR reporting in FreePBX.

CDR-Stats allows reports to be generated in different formats over varying time periods with filters and graphs to compare periods of traffic.

The latest version of CDR-Stats has the ability to import call data from a number of Asterisk, Freeswitch or proprietary switches simultaneously as well as being multi-tenant, meaning that customers can log onto CDR-Stats and see only their own call records. CDR-Stats has ACL access for customers so that customers can only see the reports they are entitled to.

For more information, screenshots and pricing, please go to our website at http://www.cdr-stats.org

For installation, training, support and development services for CDR-Stats, please see http://www.cdr-stats.org/pricing/

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