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PORTech VoIP GSM Gateway / VoIP CDMA Gateway/VoIP UMTS Gateway / SIM Server / Remote SIM Bank


PORTech VoIP GSM / UMTS Gateway for call termination (VoIP to MOBILE ) and origination (Mobile to VoIP). It is SIP based and compatible with Asterisk,Trixbox,IP PBX,SIP Proxy Server,VoipBuster. It can enable to make 1/2/4/8/16/32 calls simultaneously from IP phones to GSM networks and GSM network to IP phone.

VoIP GSM/UMTS Gateway,GSM Terminal solution
MV-370: 1 channel VoIP GSM Gateway
MV-372: 2 channels VoIP GSM Gateway
MV-374: 4 channels VoIP GSM Gateway
MV-378: 8 channels VoIP GSM Gateway
MV-3716:16 channels VoIP GSM Gateway
MV-3732:32 channels VoIP GSM Gateway

MV-370 : 1 port VoIP GSM Gateway

MV-372 : 2 ports VoIP GSM Gateway

MV-374 : 4 ports VoIP GSM Gateway

MV-378 : 8 ports SIP GSM Gateway

<<Major Function>>
1.50 sets of LAN --> MOBILE routes setting,50 sets of MOBILE --> LAN routes setting.
  • Support one stage diaing
    • When lan phone and MV-370 both register SIP proxy Server or Asterisk or VoipBuster,you can dial any destination number from lan phone directly.
    • Please note,SIP proxy Server,Asterisk need to have the route of destination number. VoipBuster need to have credit.
  • Support assigned mode and free mode-two stage dialing
2. Voice response for setting and status(dial in from mobile).
3. For call termination (VoIP to GSM) and origination (GSM to VoIP).
4. Standard SIP(RFC2543,RFC3261) protocol,communicates with other gateway or PC
5. Receive SMS and Send SMS
6. All functions can be set on web.

  1. Protocols:SIP (RFC2543,RFC3261)
  3. Codec:G.711 u-Law、G.711 a-Law、G.723.1 (5.3k)、G.723.1 (6.3k)、G.729A、G.729A/B ,Voice Quality、VAD、CNG、AEC、LEC、Packet loss
  4. Frequency
  • 2G Quad Band:900/1800/1900/850MHZ
  • 3G/UMTS: for all world

Portech SBK-32 : 32 SIMs Remote SIM Bank


128 SIMs Remote SIM Bank__

SS-128: 128 sims SIM Server (manage 4 SBK-32 sim banks)
SS-256: 256 sims SIM Server (manage 8 SBK-32 sim banks)
SS-512: 512 sims SIM Server (manage 16 SBK-32 sim banks)


Set Talk Time per SIM
Set GSM Group (Assign several SIMs Per GSM Port)
Set Day of week
Set Time Range

IP speaker serial.
IS-381 : 1 port IP Audio Gateway
IS-382 : 2 ports IP Audio Gateway
IS-3840: IP Audio Gateway
IS-640 : IP wall Speaker
IS-640P : IP wall POE Speaker
IS-650: IP Horn POE Speaker
IS-660: IP Ceiling POE Speaker
IS-670: IP Wall Mount POE Speaker

IP Broadcasting System-Free charge if buy our speakers serials
User can broadcast announcements to a group of office or branch or classes.
IBS-5: handle 5 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-10: handle 10 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-20: handle 20 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-40: handle 40 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-60: handle 60 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-80: handle 80 pcs IS serial devices
IBS-200: handle 200 pcs IS serial devices

If you have interest,please contact us

PORTech Communications Inc.
150 Shiang Shung N.Rd,Taichung,Taiwan
http://www.portech.com.tw/download/PORTECH_dm.pdf ---- PORTech Products list

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