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ageet: VoIP Gadget "AGEphone Gadget" for Windows Vista's Sidebar Announced

Kyoto, 01/10/2007

ageet Corporation, experienced Japanese maker of VoIP software products such as the ActiveX VoIP Plugins microSIP Web Object and the world's probably smallest VoIP engine microSIP Stack, today announced their new VoIP Gadget "AGEphone Gadget" for Windows Vista's Sidebar.

"AGEphone Gagdet" is a tiny, fully SIP compatible softphone and probably the first of its kind to be published for for Vista's new feature "Sidebar". A small, useful application, "AGEphone Gadget" is quickly accessible from your desktop and allows you to place and receive phonecalls while working with your PC. "AGEphone Gadget" has been designed to fit Windows Vista's new look and to integrate well into the Sidebar. From there, it gives the user quick access to his VoIP calls without the need to run another softphone application in a seperate window. The user can freely choose his VoIP provider.

"We created AGEphone Gadget according to the philosophy that a gadget has to be 'small and smart' - we wanted it to be useful, small in size and easy to handle.", says Masato Okazaki, Representative Director of ageet Corporation. "Therefore, the design is held simple and intuitive, ", Okazaki continues, "yet AGEphone Gadget offers all basic features of a softphone".

ageet Corporation also claims that "AGEphone Gadget" makes a useful addition to the Sidebar as it provides a means to utilize the information gathered by other Sidebar Gadgets - e.g. the user receives important news information through another Gadget and can instantly call anybody he would like to tell about it - thus turning the Sidebar into a powerful communication center.

"AGEphone Gadget" is based on ageet's own VoIP engine "microSIP Web Object", which is said to be remarkably small and fast. The download comes at a size of only approx. 200 kb.

The final version of "AGEphone Gadget" will be released in January and will be available at a market price of US$ 7 for a one-year license. Currently a free beta version is available which can be used without any restrictions until the release of the final version. The beta version can be downloaded at Windows Live(TM) Gallery. ageet Corporation also offers software customization and branded versions of this product to interested enterprises.

Additional information and a free beta serial key can be found at ageet's homepage.

AGEphone Gadget Download Link at Windows Live Gallery:

About ageet Corporation

ageet Corporation
URL: http://www.ageet.com/us/

Head Office Address: 2-64 Yamanawate Terado-cho Mukou City Kyoto, 617-0002 Japan
Representative Director: Masato Okazaki
Established: July 2007
Capital: 18 Million Yen

ageet Corporation provides business to business software solutions for VoIP related products, focussing on extremely small and light implementations capable of running smoothly even on small-scale embedded systems. ageet develops and offers the VoIP engine "microSIP stack", a VoIP SDK, the softphone "AGEphone" and the VoIP ActiveX Plug-In "microSIP Web Object".

For questions related to this press release please contact:

Marcus Froeschl
ageet Corporation
2-64 Yamanawate Terado-cho Mukou City Kyoto, 617-0002 Japan
E-mail: support@ageet.com
Phone (GMT+9): +81 5035517717
Click to Call: http://www.ageet.com/us/info.htm
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