VoIP Gateways

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Media Gateways

Media gateways, also commonly referred to as VoIP gateways are devices which bridge conventional telephone networks and equipment to VoIP telephone networks. A typical media gateway has at least one conventional telephone port and at least one ethernet port.

Analog FXO gateways

  • Allywll-WIA2008 GSM/CDMA VoIP gateway
  • 1Telecom Ltd - FXO/FXS VoIP GSM Gateways
  • 2N Telekomunikace - FXO GSM Gateways
  • Aastra Aastra Venture FXO Gateway
  • Abilis Abilis the all-in-one VoIP gateway with ISDN backup
  • AirTouch - FXO/FXS Skype VoIP Gateways
  • Allwin Tech SIP/H.323 dual protocols, 2/4/8 FXO/FXS ports ,NAT, Router, register up to 4 servers simultaneously
  • Anketechnology - FXO gateway--VoicePixie-211 www.anketechnology.com
  • Atcom - FXO gateway for skype Au-600forward skype to your mobile phone
  • AudioCodes - FXS & FXO
  • Axtan
  • AZACALL200 - 2 port FXS, 1 port FXO, 1 Lan , 1 WAN. SIP ATA with router and FXO functionality
  • beroNet Modular and Hybrid PRI, BRI, FXO, FXS, GSM VoIP Cards and Gateways.
  • Boscom Boscom Claro range 2, 4 or 8 port FXO
  • Camrivox - FXS & FXO !! Avoid !! not a SIP Gateway, I configured it to talk to freeswitch for incoming calls but outgoing via PSTN never worked, I contacted CAMRIVOX and they said "The Flexor ATA is an FXS adapter. It is a VoIP device designed to provide an FXS port to an analog telephone handset so that calls can be made over a SIP connection with legacy support to an analog trunk via an FXO port. It is not an FXO gateway which is the equipment required to support the scenario you have described."
  • Cisco - FXS/FXO
  • D-Link DIV-140: Analog Trunk Gateway with 4 FXO Ports
  • D-Link DVG-3004S: 4 FXO port trunk gateway for SIP
  • Data Technologies - FXS/FXO
  • Dialogic DMG1000 Media Gateway (FXO gateway).
  • Digitel DVS 1000/2000 - Digitel VoIP Gateway Series
  • Dinstar - FXO/FXS/SIP VoIP Gateways(2/4/8/16/24/32 ports)
  • Dinstar Argentina - FXO/FXS/SIP VoIP Gateways(2/4/8/16/24/32 ports)
  • DMLink - FXS & FXO 2-24Ports, 1-4 Ports E1/T1, skype gateway
  • Epygi Quadro from 1 ut to 16 FXO, ISDN, E1/T1, SIP, NAT
  • Grandstream HandyTone 486 1 port FXS, 1 port FXO, 1 LAN, 1 WAN. SIP ATA with router and fxo functionality.
  • Great 2 FXS ports/2FXS,1FXO port/1FXS,1FXO port/1 FXS, 1 escape port/1 FXS port
  • HouTel voip gateways with T.I chips---SIP supported only---http://www.httel.com
  • http://ciscomemory.net
  • http://ciscosystems.wordpress.com
  • http://comstore.us
  • HTVix 1 FXS 1, PSTN 1, Wan 1, Lan SIP, and IAX - gateway HA-211
  • Hypermedia Systems - 8 ports GSM, 3G and CDMA Analog Gateways
  • ICS France high density VoIP Gateway - NovoGate series: 4 to 32 Ports SIP/H323. Top-Gate series: 24, 48 Ports, SIP High Density Gateways. Asterisk fully support.
  • Immix Telecom FXS & FXO
  • IndustryDynamics. VoiceGear Connect Skype Gateways with up to 24 FXS/FXO/mixed ports. Complete integration of Skype into any corporate PBX. More info.
  • InfiNET MultiMedia Gateway MMG1000 - 1 WAN, 4 LAN, 4 FXS, 1 FXO. Supports 802.11x, RTP, MGSP/NCS 1.0
  • Inoteska Voice&Data Router VoIP gateway with PRI/BRI/FXS,FXO,E&M/GSM
  • Inter-fone - FXS & FXO
  • IP Gear - FXS/FXO
  • IP-Ware S.L. - FXS & FXO;1,2,4,8 port Gateway, Support IAX/SIP/H.323.
  • IPCS - FXS/FXO, 2 ~ 16 port
  • iTel Switch - Supports GSM Gateway or VOIP SIP BOX to terminate calls with Private gateway
  • IPlink - 1FXS/1PSTN, 1FXS/1FXO, 2FXS, 4FXS
  • Junction Networks PSTN Gateway Service - SIP and IAX trunking
  • KTS - KTS16FXS/KTS12FXS/KTS8FXS/KTS4FXS - 16/12/8/4 FXS analog to SIP Gateway
  • Leadtek BVP8051S - 1 FXS, 1 FXO
  • Mediatrix - FXS & FXO
  • Micronet - FSX & FXO
  • Multitech - FXS & FXO, 1 to 32 port models
  • NetFabric - FXS & FXO
  • NETONE - 1 & 2 & 4 & 8 Port FXS/FXO
  • NICs Intec - FXS & FXO
  • Nokphil Systems - SIP and IAX 1 to 4 port FXS]
  • Obihai - OBi110 : 1 FXS, 1 FXO, 2 SIP, OBiTALK P2P, AA
  • Oki Network Technologies - FXS & FXO
  • Ovislink - FXS & FXO, 2 to 8 port models
  • Patton Electronics - The SmartNode VoIP brand of FXS & FXO analog VoIP gateways, analog voip routers and analog VoIP IADs scale from 2 to 32 analog ports in flexible combinations. And you always get free support!
  • PIKA Technologies Inc. - PIKA Gateway Boards for Asterisk
  • PLANET: - IP Telephony - Deliver Your Voice in Real Time
  • Pluscom SIP VoIP ATA - 1 FXS & 1 FXO. Does NOT do gateway routing (i.e. from VoIP to PSTN or vice-versa). AVOID!
  • POLYGATOR - multichannel gateways with up to 24 channels GSM/FXO/FXS/VoIP
  • POLYPOWER: 1FXS , 1FXS+1FXO , 2FXS , (built in router )
  • QTelNet - FXS & FXO
  • quintum FXS & FX0 2 to 24 port models
  • Realtone Technology 2 to 96 FXO Analog ports VoIP Trunk Gateway, support SIP and MGCP protocols, T.38 fax relay; and 1,2,4 E1/T1 ISDN PRI trunking gateway; Nice SIP trunk gateway for Asterisk, FreeSwitch IP PBX solutions
  • Rhino Equipment Corp FXS & FXO
  • Sangoma Vega 50 (2–10 ports)/Vega 5000 Gateway (24 or 50 ports) The Most Fault-tolerant VoIP Gateway in its Class
  • Sipura 3000 - 1 FXS & 1 FXO
  • Soundwin Network - 2 - 24 port FXS/FXO, GSM VoIP,WiFi VoIP, VPN VoIP, H.323 and SIP protocol support.
  • Spintronics - 4/8/16/32 FXO portswith SIP/H.323 Protocols
  • STARTCOM Integrated Access Device - Up to 24 RJ11 Ports, MGCP,SIP and H.323 Protocol Support.
  • Synway - Up to 32 Ports FXO/FXS configurable, and 1,2,4,8,16 E1/T1 ISDN PRI trunking gateway; Perfect SIP trunk gateway for Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Lync, Broadsoft IP PBX solutions
  • TCS - 4-port, 8-port FXO, 32 port FXO, H.323,SIP with pstn autoreroute, FSK, polarity, answer supervision, auto attendant.
  • TelecomChinasoucingShang FXO/FXS Gateway32 FXS/FXO High density VOIP Gateway , 4,8 FXO VOIP Gateway
  • Teleon Networks - 4-port H323 to Skype gateway, 4-port FXO Skype gateway, 1-port PCI FXO card for Skype and H323/SIP. Freeware gateway driver to make a voice modem to be a VoIP gateway.
  • Topex - 40 FXO to VoIP
  • UTStarcom - 4, 8, 16 and 32 port FXS/FXO gateway
  • Vlines 8 Port FXS/FXO can be adjusted
  • VoIP Gateways - large selection of VoIP gateways at soho-voip-phone
  • VoIP Gateways - 2 to 96 FXS/FXO ports VoIP Gateways support SIP/MGCP and IMS specs for IP PBX solutions
  • VoIP Gateways - Great selection of VoIP gateways at VoIP Supply. Analog, FXS, FXO, Digigal, Lync and more.
  • Voip gateways at IPChitChat
  • VoIP News - Current news on VoIP Gateways & related topics
  • VoipInTouch - FXS & FXO
  • Welltech - FXS & FXO
  • YeaStar - Yeastar TA1610 - Multi-Port FXO Gateway.
  • YUXIN YGW30 ATA support 3 SIP account with router function ,1fxs AND 1FXO (for YGW30B). YGW50(1 FXS),YGW60(2FXS) based on infineon chipset support sip and iax2,T.38 FAX
  • Zoom Model 5801/5802 FXS + FXO, bridging and cell phone VoIP access. Teleport feature allows automatic access to public phone network for emergency services like E911 and 112 calling. Zoom 5801 config files

Analog FXS-only gateways

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FXS to FXO Port Converters

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Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ISDN gateways

in alphabetical order

Primary Rate Interface (PRI) ISDN gateways

in alphabetical order

Cellular/Mobile Phone Gateways

in alphabetical order

Software Gateways

in alphabetical order
(Works in combination with a hardware device such as Modems, ISDN BRI/PRI, FXO/FXS cards on a PC)
  • Astcode.com one stop SS7 based solution provider and provides all kinds of software gateway solution
  • ALLYWLL - EIX7100 supports SIP,MGCP/H323 Gateways
  • Commetrex (BladeWare, OpenEndpoint)
  • Cosmos SS7 Gateway Turn-key, high performance SS7/C7 solution from Cosmact. Scales from 1E1 to 64E1 per chassis. Supports single point code across multiple chassis. Flexible built in routing/digit manipulation rules for SS7/SIP conversion.
  • Dialogic Diva SIP Control software.
  • Dinstar - DSX5000 supports SIP,MGCP/H323 Gateways
  • Hotfoon Node Hotfoon Node software: works with PCI modems, ISDN BRI, CDMA & GSM phones as one/two line gateways
  • IsdnGw - H.323 - ISDN gateway for Linux (using ISDN4Linux)
  • Oktell SIP-GSM Gateway Free software gateway based on USB modems (such as Huawei E1550). Oktell VoIP-GSM software gateway
  • Paraxip Technologies - Paraxip Open Gateway: FXO, PRI, T1 & E1 on Windows using standard Dialogic boards
  • PrettyMay Team - Skype PBX Gateway supports Sangoma A200/B600 series cards, and up to 24 FXS/FXO ports Skype gateway on Windows Xp/server 2003/Vista/Server 2008 system.
  • Sangoma NetBorder Software VoIP Media Gateway Together with Sangoma telephony cards to create a complete SIP to TDM gateway
  • Tekaba (KaplanSoft) - Requires voice capable 3G USB modems.
  • Teleon Networks - 4-port H323 to Skype gateway, 4-port FXO Skype gateway, personal gateway freeware for Skype and H323/SIP. Requires a voice modem card as hardware.
  • VoIP Gateways - large selection of VoIP gateways at VoIP Supply

Digital Telephone Adapters

(For connecting legacy PBX and key system handsets to VoIP services. AKA "Handset Gateways")
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Protocol Converters

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Protocols used with VoIP gateways

VOIP gateways may be controlled using various protocols:

PCI interface cards - they don't really belong here - need to find a better home for them

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