VoIP Hardware

This page lists information about VoIP hardware and VoIP hardware products. For phones and hardware to use with Asterisk, including VoIP phones (both hard and soft phones) and Analog Telephone Adapters, see Asterisk phones.

PSTN Interface cards (analog, GSM, ISDN-PRI and R2/MFC)

This section contains VoIP hardware for connecting analog or digital phone lines from the Public Switched Telephone Network to your Asterisk server. Please keep VoIP hardware providers in alphabetical order.

.e4 VoIP Hardware

2-Day Direct

  • Cisco SPA303 3-line business-class IP phone; Connects directly to an Internet telephone service provider or to an IP private branch exchange (PBX)
  • Cisco SPA504G Full-featured 4-line business-class VoIP phone supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Cisco SPA525G2 5-Line Business IP Phone with Enhanced Connectivity and Media for a New Level of Small Business User Experience; includes wifi and bluetooth connectivity
  • Cisco SPA514G Advanced, Affordable, Feature-Rich VoIP Phone for Business or a Home Office; Full-featured 4-line business-class VoIP phone supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Cisco SPA508G Full-featured 8-line business-class IP phone supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE); Connects directly to an Internet telephone service provider or to an IP private branch exchange (PBX)
  • Cisco SPA112 Now you can use your phone over the Internet, without compromising on voice quality or phone and fax features. The Cisco SPA112 2-Port Adapter offers the benefits of high-quality voice over IP (VoIP) without the need to upgrade your existing analog phones.
  • Cisco SPA500S Easy to install, and designed exclusively for the Cisco® SPA 500 Series IP Phones;32 programmable buttons simplify dialing and call transfers
  • Cisco SPA500DS 15 programmable buttons simplify dialing and call transfers; Page Left and Page Right keys allow configuration of up to 30 Busy Line Field (BLF), Speed Dial, and Call Pickup per device
  • Panasonic KX-TCA60 Hands-free Headset Comfort Fit Headband is designed for use with any cordless phone possessing a standard 2.5 mm jack; The KX-TCA60 is reversible you may wear it on either ear and it uses a comfortable, lightweight design and offers a 4-foot cord with a handy lapel clip.


  • SIP Threat Manager (up to 50 concurrent calls, based on SNORT, protects your pbx against hackers and other Asterisk known vulnerabilities)
  • ISDN BRI asterisk card (2 or 4 ports in PCI or PCIe with or without Line Echo Cancellation)
  • PRI E1/T1 asterisk card (1,2,4 and 8 ports supporting SS7 in PCI or PCIe with or without Line Echo Cancellation)
  • 4 port analog card for 3CX (detects and installs as a network card, works with all open source platforms and 3cx)
  • GSM asterisk card (up to 4 modules in PCI or PCIe)
  • Transcoding card (100 to 400 channels in PCI or PCIe)
  • IP Phone (touch screen, BLF, POE, 4 lines, G.722)
  • NANO2 IP PBX (NANO asterisk based pbx, conferencing for 8 people, PSTN & VOIP, up to 75 IP extensions, call recording, IVR, up to 6 FXS and 4 FXO and more)
  • MEGA IP PBX (the MEGA line supports up to 250 extensions, 50 party conference room and can be delivered in different flavors, with PRI, with BRI, with PRI and FXS or simply IP)
  • E1/T1 PRI Gateway (up to 32 simultaneous calls, Line Echo Cancellation, GUI and more)
  • ISDN BRI Gateway (up to 4 BRI ports, up to 8 channels, CDR, caller ID, GUI and more)
  • Analog Gateway (up to 16 ports, stand alone)


Flames Group is a leading manufacturer of equipment for GSM termination ANTRAX: VoIP/GSM gateways, Simboxes as well as the large operator of voice traffic. Flames Group is a small transit operator, tier 3. Flames Group company doesn’t have any subscriber base in its possession. Tier 1, tier 2, tier 3 и tier 4 operators are company partners as well as voice traffic clients.

  • GSM Gateways:
  • GB4 GSM Gateway - consists of 4 GSM channels. That is 4 simultaneous calls. ANTRAX gateways support all band of GSM frequencies, GPRS and IMEI change.
  • GB8 GSM Gateway - consists of 8 GSM channels. That is 8 simultaneous calls. ANTRAX gateways support all band of GSM frequencies, GPRS and IMEI change.
    • Module architecture allows flexible configuration and pricing
    • Premium-level technology guarantees high-quality call routes
    • Supplied with SIM server and GUI software, making remote control possible
    • We provide help with setup and business launch, plus our own VoIP traffic

  • SIM boxes:
  • SB60 SIM Box - is one of hardware modules of ANTRAX Solution for GSM termination business.
  • SB120 SIM Box - is one of hardware modules of ANTRAX Solution for GSM termination business.
    • Two configuration sof sim box are available, one for 60 sims and another one is for 120 sims
    • One system can include as many simboxes as you wish, which gives you ability to use any amount of sims in your termination system
    • SIM cards rotation
    • SIM cards migration



Single port FXO Card
  • http://asterisk.pbx.in/x100p-card-in-india Enterux X100P - Authentic X100P Wildcard OEM 1 Port FXO for Asterisk,
  • One Year Limited Warranty, http://asterisk.pbx.in/x100p-order-form Buy now from here - Delivered anywhere in India only


  • AX-1E: One PRI port 30 channels
  • AX-4E: Same as Tormenta2 and Digium's E400P cards
  • AX-4S: 4 Basic Rate Interface ports (I.421) for TE and NT mode
  • AX-4T: Same as Tormenta2 and Digium's E400P cards
  • AX-100P: one fxo pci card, compatible digium x100p
  • AX-400P: Suitable for SOHO PBX application.
  • AX-1600P: 16 ports anolog pci board
  • IP04: 4 ports fxo/fxs asterisk embedded ippbx
  • IP08: 8 ports fxo/fxs asterisk embededded ippbx


Cloud Managed VoIP Gateways and Appliances
  • Telephony Appliance Cloud Managed & Open Appliance. Analog, ISDN (PRI/BRI) and GSM Modules available
  • VoIP Gateway Modular, Cloud managed VoIP Gateways with Hardware Echocanceler and T.38 included. Analog, ISDN (PRI/BRI) and GSM Modules available


Professional Asterisk Hardware provider:


  • CF-4201 :Next Generation Single Span E1/T1/J1 (PRI) Card
  • CF-4202 :Next Generation Dual Span E1/T1/J1 (PRI) Card
  • CF-4204 :Next Generation Quad Span E1/T1/J1 (PRI) Card
  • CF-4201TE:Next Generation Single Span E1/T1/J1 (PRI) Tapping Card ( No External Tapping Adapter Required)
  • CF-4202TE:Next Generation Dual Span E1/T1/J1 (PRI) Tapping Card ( No External Tapping Adapter Required)

  • Contact Us at sales@caudalfin.com


Foehn Ltd

We are the experts in IP communications with over 13 years of successful deployment. We also offer VoIP Hardware from our partners such as Digium, Polycom and ShoreTel. For more information contact us http://www.foehn.co.uk or over the phone by calling 0844 846 2323


Worldwide first integrated ISDN PRI board for Raspberry Pi with full Asterisk integration. The ISDN PRI board supports two PRI interfaces with a high-precise ISDN clock. For more information and contact please check www.linkxess.de.

Wahsega Labs

Wahsega Labs is the designer and manufacturer of the highest quality VoIP products on the market. Our team is made up of industry veterans with experience in design, manufacturing, software development, sales and support. From the very beginning, we have designed our products, support and culture specifically for installers. Here are our shipping product lines:

Centralita IP | Mas IP

Las centralitas telefónicas IP son el siguiente paso en la evolución de las centralitas telefónicas. Gracias a la tecnología VOIP, las centralitas telefónicas IP utilizan Internet y sus protocolos IP para realizar y recibir llamadas de voz y datos ofreciendo funcionalidades que las centralitas tradicionales no pueden ofrecer.

    • En Mas IP somos teleoperadores certificados y trabajamos con las principales empresas de hardware del mercado de las telecomunicaciones. Si necesita un sistema de comunicación para su empresa, llámenos ahora y le asesoraremos.
    • Tenemos más de 10 años de experiencia instalando soluciones VOIP para empresas en toda España. Llámenos al teléfono gratuito 900 834 598 o escríbanos a info@masip.es solicitando más información.
    • Instalamos centralitas IP y Sistemas Call Center en toda España.
    • Somos especialistas en Software Call Center y en instalación y mantenimiento de hosted PBX( Centralita Virtual).

Visítenos en www.masip.es


The Leading Asterisk Hardware Products Manufacturer In China
Full Product Line Includes:
  • Interface Cards
    • Analog Cards
    • ISDN BRI Cards
    • T1/E1 PRI Cards
    • GSM/WCDMA Cards
    • Multiform Transcoding
  • Asterisk Based IPPBX
  • VoxStack Asterisk Based VoIP Gateways
    • Analog Gateway
    • GSM Gateway

PATTON Electronics

VoIP Equipment Manufacturer - Made in the USA
  • SmartNode VoIP gateways, routers, integrated access devices (IADs), and session border controllers (SBCs) from PATTON Electronics scale from 2 to 2000 VoIP channels. Every standard telephony interface is supported: T1/E1, PRI/BRI, FXS/FXO, etc. SmartNode is industry-renowned for set-it-forget-it reliability. And you always get free support!

Real Tone

Professional VoIP Gateways provider for Asterisk soluitons

  • 2 to 96 FXS/FXO ports VoIP SIP Gateways for Asterisk

  • 1,2,4 E1/T1 digital ports VoIP Trunk Gateways support SIP and ISDN PRI for Asterisk IP PBX server

All Above model are compatible with Asterisk 1.2/1.4/1.6/1.8 version; and T.38 Fax Relay


VoIP Equipment Provider

Cisco SPA504G

VoIP Equipment Distributor - Sold in the USA - BRAND NEW - FREE 2 Day Shipping
  • Cisco SPA504G From your business to your home, the Cisco SPA504G is the perfect fit for your work schedule. The 504G is a 4 line phone, meaning it has the ability to support 4 calls simultaneously. The SPA504G is designed for power users such as sales and customer service representatives who depend on the phone throughout their workday. With the ability to support two Cisco SPA500S Expansion Modules, you can add an additional 64 line appearances, making the SPA504G a great match for receptionists and secretaries.

Cisco SPA508G

VoIP Equipment Distributor - Brand New Cisco SPA508G Small Business VoIP phone. Free 2 day shipping to anywhere in the US
  • Cisco SPA508G The Cisco SPA508G is a full-featured 8-line business-class IP phone supporting Power over Ethernet (PoE); Monochrome backlit display for ease of use, aesthetics, and on-screen applications; Connects directly to an Internet telephone service provider or to an IP private branch exchange (PBX); Easy installation and highly secure remote provisioning, as well as menu-based and web-based configuration; Supports up to two Cisco® SP500S Expansion Module, adding up to 64 additional buttons


  • PBXs with ISDN extensions (optional DSP Hardware Echo Cancellation module)
  • PBXs with Analog/GSM extensions
    • IP02 Two port IP-PBX
    • IP08 8 Port IP-PBX
    • GSM1 Single channel GSM module
  • Home automation
    • WLRR Wire Less Remote Relay
    • WLTC Wire Less Tele Controller


1. SIP/E1 Gateway
Professional VoIP Gateways provider for Asterisk soluitons

  • Support all types of alarm system being used on TDM/PSTN network;
  • Possibility of implementation of IP-TDM, TDM-IP and TDM-TDM connections.
  • 16x E1 streams, 2x Ethernet ports, 1x RS-232 port
  • Signaling and control protocols:
  • The following services are provided in 480 channels occupied at a time:
    • G.711/G.723/G.729 compression
    • Fax - fax over G.711, T.38 fax relay
    • DTMF - RFC2833, SIP INFO, RFC 2976
  • Power Supply
    • Voltage - 12V (+/-20%) / 60V (+/-20%) / AC 220V
    • Power consumption: max. 20W
  • Call routing over all directions
  • Signaling and SIP settings detailing
2. SIP/E1 Gateway Access Control - VOIP gateway with Access and Sensor Monitoring Unit.
3. VOIP Gateway for DX 200 - Telephone exchange Nokia DX 200 integration to NGN/IMS network.


VoIP Phone Supply is proud to offer cutting edge VoIP technology backed by our unbeatable customer service. We Make VoIP Easy. See a few VoIP Examples or check out the brands we carry:

VoIP Supply

VoIPSupply.com specializes in standards based VoIP equipment and VoIP systems. Take a look at our offerings:


Specialized webshop for VoIP based telephones in the Netherlands.


Specialized webshop for all main VoIP Hardware - distributing from the Belgium.
  • Home VoIPstock
  • VoIP Adaptors
    • Cisco, Draytek, Grandstream, Sangoma
  • VoIP Phones
    • Aastra, AVM, Cisco, DIgium, Gigaset, Grandstream, HP, Panasonic, Plantronics, Polycom, RTX, Snom, Yamaha, Yealink
  • VoIP Gateways
    • Cisco, Digium, Grandstream, Patton, Portech
  • VoIP PBX
    • 3CX, Digium, Draytek, Gigaset, Grandstream, Patton, Sangoma, Yeastar
  • IP Doorphones
    • 2N Helios, Alphatech, Fasttel


Specialized Italian webshop for VoIP hardware and configuration services.
Brands: Grandstream, Yealink, Snom, Gigaset, Zycoo, Patton, Polycom, Webextends and more.

PC/Server Motherboards

While Asterisk will run on many different systems, the limitations will be determined by what type of interface cards you choose for connecting to phone lines or phones.

PCI Slot Requirements: Carefully check what the requirements are for any PCI card you select in terms of PCI slot type, 5 volt vs. 3.3V, 32 bit vs. 64 bit, 33 Mhz or higher. The X100P clone cards require 5 volts and won't work in motherboards that can't supply 5 volts. The cards should be keyed so they will only fit in 5V slots, but at least some of the clone cards have the notch in the PCI connector that will allow them to fit into 3.3V slots. Symptoms of putting a 5V card in a 3.3V only slot is that the system won't power up.

Pictorial guides to identifying types of PCI slots:

The DIGIUM TE410 PRI card, requires a motherboard with a 64bit 3.3v PCI slot. Given the bandwidth requirements, it would be better to have a 133Mhz slot if available.

The newer DIGIUM TE405P PRI card uses the more commonly available 32bit 5 volt PCI slot, so you have a wider selection of motherboards for this card. Other than the PCI slot type, this board is virtually identical to the TE410P.

Note: Some cards like the TDM400's are 3.3V cards, but to make up for their higher power requirements, they require an available hard drive power connector in order to get 5V or 12V. If all of your connectors are in use you may require a Y (splitter) cable.

PCI interrupts: A lot of issues are reported with MB's that share interrupts on a single PCI slot, with the Digium hardware. Better quality MB's allow BIOS specifcation of the IRQ to a PCI slot to avoid this issue.


The leading designer and manufacturer of IP communications products in Xiamen, China.

S-Series VoIP PBX

  • S20 VoIP PBX 20 users, up to 4 FXS/FXO/BRI ports, up to 1 GSM/CDMA/3G Channel, 10 Concurrent Calls
  • S50 VoIP PBX 50 users, up to 8 FXS/FXO/BRI ports, up to 4 GSM/CDMA/3G Channels, 25 Concurrent Calls
  • S100 VoIP PBX 100 users (up to 200), up to 16 FXS/FXO/BRI ports, up to 6 GSM/CDMA/3G channels, 2 E1/T1/PRI ports, 30 Concurrent Calls (expandable to 60)
  • S300 VoIP PBX 300 users (up to 500), up to 24 FXS/FXO/BRI ports, up to 6 GSM/CDMA/3G channels, 3 E1/T1/PRI ports, 60 Concurrent Calls (expandable to 120)

IP Phone System

  • MyPBX SOHO up to 32 users, with 4 ports for ISDN BRI and PSTN connectivity.
  • MyPBX Standard up to 100 users, with 16 ports for ISDN, PSTN lines, and VoIP/GSM/UMTS trunks.
  • MyPBX 100 up to 100 users, with 16 ports for ISDN, PSTN lines, and VoIP/GSM/UMTS trunks, add-on supported.
  • MyPBX 200 up to 200 users, with 16 ports for ISDN, PSTN lines, and VoIP/GSM/UMTS trunks, add-on supported .
  • MyPBX 300 up to 300 users, with 16 ports for ISDN, PSTN lines, and VoIP/GSM/UMTS trunks, add-on supported .
  • MyPBX 500/510/520 up to 500 users, with 16 ports for ISDN, PSTN lines, and VoIP/GSM/UMTS trunks, add-on supported.

N Series Telephone System

  • Yeastar N412 analog PBX withup to 12 analog extensions, 8 SIP extensions, and 4 SIP trunks.
  • Yeastar N824 analog PBX with 8 CO lines, 24 analog extensions, 8 SIP extensions, 8 SIP trunks.
  • Yeastar N1 Telephone System Telephone System comprises N1 Core Server and Expansion Units with up to 192 FXS Ports, up to 64 FXO Ports.

Analog Telephone Adapter

Analog VoIP Gateways

GSM VoIP Gateway

ISDN VoIP Gateways


The leading VoIP phone systems, UC&C solutions for small and medium business.


  • U20 VoIP PBX 30 users, 2FXO/2FXS/FXO+FXS/2xISDN BRI, optional 1GSM, 15 Concurrent Calls
  • U50 VoIP PBX 100 users, up to 8 FXS/FXO/GSM/WCDMA ports, 30 Concurrent Calls
  • U80 VoIP PBX 200 users, up to FXS/FXO/GSM/WCDMA ports, 2E1/T1/PRI ports, 4BRI ports, 60 Concurrent Calls
  • U100 VoIP PBX 500 users, up to FXS/FXO/GSM/WCDMA ports, 2E1/T1/PRI ports, 4BRI ports, 100 Concurrent Calls

Unified Communication & Collabration

  • CooCall Free softphone, G.729 for free, voicemail, recording, presence, phone book, conference.
  • UC Pro Full control handsets from PC (Windows or MAC), integrate with 3rd party CRMs and Applications.

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