VoIP International Legal Status

VoIP International Legal Status


December 2004
In August the Mexican Telecom regulator Cofetel ruled that regulation on voice traffic applies without a regard of the technology been used. Therefore in order to provide VoIP services you need a public network telecommunications license, or work through someone that has one. Additionally only accreddited Long Distance providers are authorized to cross voice traffic between Mexican borders.

Cofetel has prosecuted small VoIP operators who were mainly resellers of Vonage services. They are after everyone who's pushing traffic into or out of Mexico without the proper license, this is one to look closely because the Mexican-USA voice traffic exchange is one of the world largest.

Many people thought that having a Value Added Service Telecom license such as the one granted for ISP operations was enough to get by, (adhering to an argument that voice is data). Well this argument isnt holding. According to this Mexican Electronics, Computer & Telecom Chamber article CANIETI (in Spanish) which also has a list of the companies that can legally do VoIP and Long Distance in Mexico.

  • BN Americas : Mexican Telecom Regulator Cofetel shuts down 13 illegal VoIP operations

Actually Telextreme company start operations in Mexico country since 2004 and now telextreme company has a lot of affiliated people saving much money and making real buissnes but cofetel have not actually regulated VoIP in Mexico.

You can contract telextreme in mexico directly here at http://es.telextreme.com/318295 : Telextreme Mexico in Spanish then if you want to know more in english just press here http://www.telextreme.com/318295:Telextreme Mexico English

Here you can find more technical information if you are user of Telmex on mexico this is very intersting to you
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Users decry decline in service this is more information of VoIP in Mexico

Rest of the World

October 2005

There`s an excellent document at http://web.ita.gov.co it has an updated regulation status for VoIP for over 30 countries around the world.


http://web.ita.doc.gov/ITI/itiHome.nsf/5713559d82a954b085256cc40075a766/cb2a434afea6790485256d020053fef0/$FILE/voip worldwide.doc

Please add other countries as you see fit.
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