VoIP Media E1 SIP GSM Gateway

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Inoteska s.r.o.

http://www.inoteska.sk/ Inoteska

Inoteska, for nearly 20 years, Inoteska has been providing voice&data communication solutions for private networks (railways, army, police, power engineering, ...), mobile and fixed line carriers, Internet service providers and enterprises.


Jan Hostinsky skype ID: inoteska
sales manager e-mail: j.hostinsky@inoteska.sk

Voice&Data Router
VoIP Media E1 SIP GSM Gateway
VOIP PRI GSM Gateway 4 E1 12 GSM.jpg
VOIP Gateway 4E1.jpg

- 4 E1 G704 (120 / 75 Ohm, RJ 45 / BNC)
- signalling PRI: ISDN DSS1 or R2 MFC (configurable using configuration SW - a few types - CAS,..)
- devices can be crossconnected over Ethernet (SIP sig.) or over E1 and achieve higher capacity
- 48 or 64 simultaneous calls (G.711)
- max. 16 or 32 simultaneous calls (G.726, G.729 a b, G.723.1)
- echo cancellation G.165 / G.168 - 2004 up to 128 ms
- Fax over IP support, including T.38
- Asterisk SW
- SIP signalling RFC 3261
- AOC (charging pulses)
- 2 Ethernet 10/100 BT or 1x10/100 BT and 1x10/100 FX, auto MDIX option
- USB 1.1 host port
- terminal port V.24(RS232) RJ 45
- SD card
- internal timeslots crossconnect for TDM - TDM calls
- patented robust jitter bufer
- DTMF - RFC 2833 generation and detection
- call progress tone generation (dial, busy, ...)
- caller ID generation and detection
- silence detection / suppression and comfort noise generation
- announcement playback
- voice mail
- remote management CLI - SSH
- SNMP protocol
- basic data routing
- QoS
- up to 12 GSM/GPRS quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
- configuration SW: text and graphic mode UDP, TCP/IP
- mechanical assembly: 1U 19"
-product code: ITX 495 01 Voice&Data Router

Contact :

Jan Hostinsky
sales manager SKYPE ID: inoteska
msn/e-mail: j.hostinsky@inoteska.sk

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