VoIP Mobility

VoIP Mobility is defined as the ability to use VoIP service while moving from one location to another without any disconnection of service registered to one particular identity. While this definition in perfect sense is very complicated to be implemented, almost every VoIP vendor and service provider strives to reach as close to the definition as it can. Another way of defining mobility is to provide the VoIP Service to a user on a single registered identity regardless of the user’s location or the network used.

Mobility & Unified Communication

With the evolution of Unified Communications, mobility has become one of the integral part of UC Services itself. No matter whose services they are, mobility will always find its place to be right in the middle of Unified Communication framework. For Unified Communication scenario, mobility is not necessarily attributed to one device, rather, it prompts the ensured services on one identity. For example, if a user has a mobile phone, SIP based IP Phone and a soft SIP client, mobility feature in UC scenario will ensure a communication path on any of these device, regardless of user location or available network type. Mobility is also related to Presence that ensures that user is reachable on at least one device/medium.

Asterisk Mobility

Unlike other vendors, Asterisk is an open source product and is continuously being developed to have more and more features day by day. While the vanilla Asterisk provides base to develop applications that can do much, there are applications that enhance Mobility feature for Asterisk. Here’s a list of applications in alphabetical order to enhance Mobility for Asterisk:

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