VoIP Policy

The Voice on the Net Coalition


The Voice on the Net or VON Coalition is the voice for Internet voice innovation and the policy framework that enables it. The coalition believes that Americans are fundamentally better off with a generally hands off regulatory approach to Internet and Internet based services like VoIP. Since its inception, the VON Coalition has consistently advocated that federal and state regulators maintain current policies of refraining from extending legacy regulations to Internet services, including VoIP. The coalition consists of leading VoIP companies, on the cutting edge of developing and delivering voice innovations over Internet and includes Acceris, AccessLine, AT&T, BMX, BT Americas, CallSmart, Convedia, Covad, Earthlink, IceNet, iBasis, Intel, Intrado, Level 3, MCI, Microsoft, MobilePro, Multi-Link, New Global Telecom, PointOne, Pulver.com, Skype, T-Mobile USA, Teleglobe, Texas Instruments, USA Datanet, VocalData, and Voiceglo. More information about the VON Coalition including how to join can be obtained at the following website: http://www.von.org

Government regulation and public policy will have detrimental impact on our industry unless we influence its direction. Unfortunately, most VON companies don't have the resources or know-how to influence elected representatives and government agencies. Since founded in 1996 by Jeff Pulver, the VON Coalition has established an influential position with policymakers positively impacting regulatory direction and educating members on strategic business issues.

See Launch: New Industry Coalition Seeks Policies to Allow Promise of VoIP press release

See VON Whitepaper: Unleashing the Full Promise and Potential of Internet Voice Communication at: http://www.von.org/usr_files/Whitepaper%20Final.pdf

See VON Coalition Release on FCC efforts to achieve the right regulatory framework for VoIP at: http://www.von.org/usr_files/IP%20Services%20NPRM.pdf

Intercepting VoIP Calls

Various countries/jurisdictions either require that all public telephone calls can be intercepted, or are in the process of introducing this requirement. A technical discussion is available on Intercepting SIP Calls.

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