VoIP Recording Software

Many companies find it necessary to record all or some of the calls in their contact centers. This might be because of regulatory requirements such as the Security and Exchange (SEC) and Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations, requirements of the Financial Services Authority (FS) in the United Kingdom, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) in Europe, or the Customer Service decree in Brazil. Many companies also call recordings to train and review their employees' performance or to ensure accurate record keeping against the possibility of a legal claim by an unsatisfied customer.

SIP Call Recording Options

  • CIS SIP Call Center Recording CIS offers a state of the art SIP based contact center recording system that includes screen and mobile recording, Quality Management application and much more.
  • PCBest Network VOIP Recorder Record SIP calls into wav or mp3 files by sniffing network traffic. The software also save call info into xml files, which can be used by other applications.
  • SIPfish Voice-Recorder A call recording appliance with a built-in web interface. It can record between 15 and 300 extensions, and also allows managers to rate and leave notes on calls as they listen to them.
  • TekTape is an audio recorder and call detail records (CDR) generator for Windows (XP, Vista, 7/8/10, 2003/2008/2012 Server). Simple, easy to use HTTP interface. Real time monitoring of SIP calls. Recording of audio streams of SIP calls. Recorded calls are saved in 16 bits, 8 Khz mono format wave files. Support for TZSP (TaZmen Sniffer Protocol). CDR generation for monitored calls. TekTape also creates CDR for failed calls. Real time listening of audio for a selected SIP call and call termination. TLS decoding with SRTP decryption for SIP calls. TekTape can record audio conversations, with supported codecs, between Lync endpoint if Lync server certificate with its private key is installed on to TekTape installed system. Multi-site recording support.
  • FonTel VoIP FonTel VoIP is a device for recording VoIP calls. The recorder supports up to 100 simultaneous calls in the most popular SIP protocol.
  • StarTrinity VoIP Recorder freeware VoIP recorder for your IP PBX or softswitch (like Asterisk or FreeSwitch). It runs on Windows as a service, captures VoIP traffic (SIP+RTP) via mirroring port, decodes it and saves to CDR and WAV files. The CDR data is saved via ODBC driver, it can be your MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL or other database. G.729 and G.711 RTP frames are saved to WAV files to hard disk, recorded file name is saved into CDR. The recorder is free to use by commercial and non-commercial organizations.
Performance: 1700 concurrent G.711 calls, 420 G.729 calls on a 4x3.5GHz i7, 8GB RAM server

Oreka GPL and Oreka TR - Enterprise call recording system with both open source and commercial versions available. www.orecx.com.
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