VoIP Security Consultants

VoIP Security Consultants - Common Services

Common services provided by independent VoIP security consultants

  • Security audit services
  • Architecture and design services
  • Secure standards and policy development
  • Custom exploit development
  • Contract forensics services
  • Training services

VoIP Security Consultants

Companies that provide security consultant services:

  • CTS Consulting & Trade service GmbH Network and VoIP security consulting since 1985. Available in Western and Eastern Europe, serving companies from 10 to 80000 users. Best references in the German and Austrian Top 50 enterprises. Contact: +43 662 621559.

  • easySysAdmin easySysAdmin is an automated support/security platform, designed to save your engineer's time and prevent hacking attempts. Specifically of interest to Asterisk users is the monitoring of SIP registrations, and automatic blocking of repeated failed attempts. In addition, "bad" IP addresses are shared via the service so other users can block them pre-emptively. For more information and the free trial visit our web site.

  • EnableSecurity Focused on Application and VoIP security and has as published VoIP security tools, articles and papers. EnableSecurity provides security services such as network security assessment, application review and Research and Design. Contact

  • IPCom.at: IPCom.at, located in Vienna/Austria is specialized on VoIP consulting. We perform VoIP security audits, were we hack your SIP infrastructure and give you advices how to secure your installation. We are familiar with major open source products (Asterisk, kamailio/openser/opensips/...) but also hack commercials systems too. Of course you can consult as also during design phase of your SIP infrastrucuture to avoid security issues at all.

  • Nextgen, Inc., located in Japan offers SIP/VoIP security consulting service covering from SIP phones to overall IMS/UC Systems, for VoIP vendors to Mobile operators. Our standard security test scenario has over 4 million cases including robustness testing to sophisticated attacks based on our daily research.And the scenario will be customized per customer's environment. Nextgen has consulted to many major carriers with over 200 SIP entities since 2007. Please CONTACT: contact "at"nextgen.co.jp (please replace "atmark")

  • NGSSoftware Security consultants with expertise in voice security. NGS provide a variety of security services such as infrastructure assessments, source code reviews, zero knowledge penetration tests and application assessments. NGS also conduct research and publish papers and presentations on security issues.

  • Tactical VoIP Independent security consultants offering contract VoIP security audit, secure design, and forensic investigation services. Available World-wide, based in the USA and Asia. Currently serves Fortune 500, Government, Military, and Industrial clients.

  • The Tek, LLC The Tek LLC offers a wide range of IT Security Consulting Services including VoIP Security Consulting, penetration testing, network design, firewall design and much more. We services fortune 500 & 1000 clients as well as mid and small sized businesses. The Tek, LLC is a Colorado Corporation and has been servicing clients for over 10 years! Visit Our Website: http://thetek.net or call us at 877-4-TheTek

  • VoIP Security Training: VoIP Security training is the leader in VoIP security education for Government, Telecom, and Fortune 500 IT professionals. All courses are taught with both instruction and labs. Students are encouraged to to develop skills with hands on activities designed to build basic and advanced skills in ethical VoIP hacking, secure architecture and design, and custom VoIP attack creation. VST currently carries six(6) curriculums covering Open-Source VoIP Architecture, Enterprise VoIP Architecture and Migration, Introduction to VoIP Hacking, Intermediate VoIP Hacking, Comprehensive VoIP Security, and Advanced SIP/H.323 exploit development using TacVTK. Private courses and conference series available. Courses available worldwide. Trainers are available for security consultant services upon request. http://www.VoIPSecurityTraining.com

  • VoIP Fraud prevention and Security Services: VoipFraud.org is a free service minimizing financial losses due to unauthorized calls made via your Voip PBX system. We collect IP addresses of repeated failed attempts, notify of the abuse the upstream contact of the IP block and distribute the IP among all servers using our system. The operation is automatic and requires no user interaction. We also offer commercial service of securing, monitoring and managing your voip asterisk PBX system, as well as a fraud insurance service.

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